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Forbidden [Reserved Dreams]

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 8:05 pm
by Icy
Celeste sat at the long mirror as a maidservant braided two side sections of her waist length, blush pink hair into two braids. Her eyes were closed and she looked peaceful, a bit excited and maybe curious. She had no specific thought in her mind though she was a bit nervous about tonight. It was the Night of Peace and this would the first time she would be attending it. Her Advisor had advised her that she had to behave well, not make it obvious who she was, and to not be too curious about the other party that would also be attending. In other words she couldn't draw attention to herself for though this was a time of peace they couldn't say if someone wouldn't make an attempt on her life or not. The Princess was a staple, an important figure and if she were to die then all hope for Heaven would be lost. It was a lot of pressure to put on one girl's shoulders to say the least and she would be sure to not fail her people. Unfortunately she was a rather curious girl, it couldn't be helped.

"Head up please," she heard the maidservant say as the woman pulled the two braids back, pinning them in a crown like fashion around the crown of her head. Curls of pink cascaded down her back and she wondered what else the woman had in store for her head. The light haired girl was wonderful with hairstyles and looks so she knew it wouldn't look unflattering, but she could go a hot overboard at times if one left her. Especially seeing as Celeste did have quite long hair, her father wouldn't let her cut it and she had no problem with that for cutting it would make her impure. At least that was how the story goes. Some angels were lucky, their hair never grew, and she supposed she should be lucky that her hair didn't grow any faster than it did...but of course she was only distracting herself from her own nerves by thinking of other such frivolous things that didn't matter at this time.

A soft sigh left her lips as she opened her taffy colored eyes and looked in the mirror, being drawn to the reflection of her Advisor who stood quietly in the corner of the room. She was on alert as always, but she seemed relaxed enough although it was always difficult for Celeste to read her expression completely. Was she nervous as well? Worried that despite the truce someone would hurt her? Celeste couldn't say she was worried about that, a Night of Peace had never been disturbed before so why now? She was putting too much thought into this, deciding to wave her thoughts away as she let the maidservant finish her work.

In a room on the other side of the large, castle-like mansion stood a tall, brooding figure leaning against the grey wall as he waited for the Prince to finish dressing for the night. He couldn't say he was happy about it, he so much prefered staying in the comfort of their Kingdom, but he was loyal to his side and so he was here to be with them. Well that and to keep an eye on the troublemaker that was the Prince. They were Demons so it sort of came with the title, but they both knew well that mixing demons and angels in one room could always lead to trouble, even if it was meant to be a calm time. Needless to say he didn't trust the angels, they were too kind...too nice. No one should ever be that happy all the time, it was on the verge of creepy.


Clyde shook his head and glanced over to the dark curtain where the Prince would be changing, tilting his head to the side only slightly. "Are you almost done in there? They're waiting." He muttered though in reality he didn't care how long they were left waiting and not that it mattered in the end anyway. No one would know who the Prince was, he would just be another man wearing a mask and attending a party. That was why he supposed so many liked the idea of it however, the anonymity of it all and being able to have fun without having to look over one's shoulder all the time. It was still nonsense, but he spoke no ill will against it for it was his King and Queen who agreed to this entire thing many a lifetimes ago. Far before he even existed. At least it was only night every five thousand years, he wasn't sure he'd survive if it was more frequent.

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Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:52 am
by DreamsandReality
Amira Blanc stood patiently in the corner of the room with her hands clasped behind her. Her long, pale-lavender hair was tied back in black ribbons, cascading down the back of the silver dress decorated in black lace. It was one of her fonder dresses and something simple enough to not draw attention. The Night of Peace was something to celebrate and cherish certainly, but it was also the last thing on her mind. Her thoughts rested solely on that of the blush-haired, young lady sitting before her. No one dared break the truce of this night, but there was a first time for everything. Blanc, would not allow anything to happen to the Princess for it was her sole duty to protect her. She had a fondness for the girl; seeing as she helped raise her, train her, guide her, anything that was needed to ensure the survival of Heaven’s hope.

“How are you feeling?” She inquired for what seemed like the hundredth time, concerned for Celeste’s well-being. A small part of her wished the Princess would claim to be ill and then she would be excused from attending the party, it would make keeping her safe a lot less stressful of a responsibility. The intentions were to keep her identity a secret but there was always a chance to uncover who Celeste really was, especially with the sly demons lurking around. All of them ready to pounce on a chance to ruin whatever shred of peace there was. Distasteful creatures they were but Amira would push her opinions to the side, as they all did come every five thousand years. “If you are not well enough to go…” she began a small smile slipped across her lips, it was one of those rare ones that she shared only with the Princess.

“Dearest advisor, you’re so impatient…truth be told the amount of work that has to go into this event is ridiculous!” A voice spoke up from behind the dark curtain. The fabric rustled, and a raven-haired figure poked his head out. “Just about done,” he reassured his Advisor with whom he so often messed with and mocked but all in good humor. Although never in the presence of anyone but himself and Clyde, they had to maintain a professional and proper appearance to everyone else. Then again, Clyde seemed serious all the time.

Alastair Noir disappeared behind the curtain again and finished dressing himself, always preferring to do everything himself. He tugged lightly at the black coat that was draped over the bright red dress shirt and white vest. He looked himself over in the mirror and combed his fingers through his wavy hair, taking a deep breath.

The Night of Peace certainly piqued his interest while simultaneously it meant little to him. There was training still to be done, things to do, the Night of Peace just seemed to take a lot of time out of those plans. He understood its importance of course but there were also a lot of other things he would rather be doing. Perhaps playing an instrument or two if there was no training to be done, though those times were rare. His thoughts were swirling and he smiled a little to himself, a night off might be good for him.

Noir came around the curtain once he was satisfied his suit was in proper shape, giving a dramatic wave of his hands. “Well? Is this good?” he inquired, gazing steadily at the dark and brooding figure that rested against the stone-gray walls. It was a genuine question, after all, he wasn’t sure what was expected of him to wear. He was instructed to wear nothing that would immediately scream ‘Prince’ the moment someone looked at him. There was something about that that irked him, he was proud of his title and wish to bare it at all times. Yet, there were safety concerns of course and thus his identity would remain quiet. He wouldn’t argue against that; besides it could be fun being anonymous for a night. I have no idea what to expect… he thought gazing at his advisor, trying to sort out some questions he could perhaps ask about what to expect from the evening’s events.

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Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:59 am
by Icy
Celeste's attention was drawn once more to Amira as her gentle voice filled the room, a tiny smile fluttering across her own pale lips in return. So she was worried, although that shouldn't surprise her much seeing as this wasn't the first time she's asked that question of her this day. It was a big deal she supposed, but she just wished to have fun and enjoy herself for once. Her day was usually so full and busy what with training to be done and lessons to be learned that she liked the idea of having a night off. Just that morning she had a quick training session, her limbs were still a tad bit sore. They never did go easy on her, but then again they weren't meant to for no enemy in a real battle would. Demons, from what she's been told, were awfully violent creatures who did not cease until their enemy fall dead. Seeing as she's never spoken to one herself she would just have to take her teachers at their word, even if it did feel terrible to think so negatively of them.

"I'm fine Amira, perhaps a little nervous...but really. You worry far too much." She replied with a soft voice. Amira had no reason to be concerned to the point that she was likely making herself ill. Celeste did know how to behave, she wouldn't risk exposing herself out there. Besides, she would probably be too nervous to dance let alone hold a conversation with anybody. Although she would have to dance wouldn't she, she couldn't just stand there all night right...? How did one act at events like this? Did everyone participate or were there those who just simply didn't? So many questions and yet she was nervous to ask them in fear Amira would take it as her being too afraid and force her to return home to their world. It was important for her to experience this, she wanted to be here. "I will keep to myself, I can do that." Celeste wasn't a social butterfly so it should be fairly easy to be invisible. Some would likely ask her to dance, but she was assuming those situations would be rare.

With the flick of the nose and a roll of an eye, Clyde glanced at the head that poked out from behind the curtain. He was used to these shenanigans but still chose to pretend to get overly annoyed by them like he used to when the child first learned to talk. Children were often annoying, but Alistair had brought a whole new level to it back in those days. Or perhaps he felt that way because he was the one raising him and thus became the brunt of most of his jokes and tricks. Lucky was he that those days were gone and though Alistair still gave him a hard time it wasn't as constant. "Impatient? Not at all. I don't wish to be here, the human world is so boring." Clyde replied with an irritated tone, glancing around as if expecting a human to suddenly appear in the room. They were like insects; never ceased talking as an insect never ceased buzzing, and he had absolutely zero tolerance for things he found to be so aggravating. Even if they did not have to deal with them tonight it was bad enough that they were still in their world. Why did the Night of Peace have to be in the Human world if all places? Even ground or something... That was what was ridiculous to him.

To Clyde there were more important things to get done. Some of the demons lately had been sneaking off to the human world to cause careless havoc, why did this take precedence over making sure they knew their place? His opinion mattered little when it came to this he knew and he supposed he should get over it at some point. He had the right to complain to himself though, that would never change.

"Yeah, sure, you look great." Clyde sighed exasperatedly, rubbing at his eyes as he forced himself to relax. Taking such a tone with the Prince was never alright. He took a deep breath and looked at Alistair, carefully looking him over to make sure nothing overtly called out 'Prince.' The suit looked more or less like something every other male wore to the ball, no one would be able to tell him apart from anyone else attending which was what they were going for. Only his aura would give away what he was, but the masks they would be wearing would protect their identities. Two sat on a small table by a long mirror in the far corner of the room, one was Alistair's and the other was his own. His was plain for the most part aside from a single deep purple gem that rest next to the left eye. A way for Alistair to tell who he was in case something should happen. "You look just fine. Quite overdressed I'd say, but of course I'm not used to seeing you in such wear." He smirked, as if teasing him almost.

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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:10 am
by DreamsandReality
Amira Blanc gazed at Celeste closely as if inspecting for anything off, not entirely sure if she should take the Princess for her word. Despite her own distaste for the event, she knew the Princess was rather looking forward to it. It was an event they couldn’t avoid though, but they have been preparing for anything and everything. Celeste’s training has been intense and persistent, she was ready. Nothing should happen to break the peace, but one had to always be on their guard.

“It is only natural to be nervous just as it is for me to be worried,” The Angel replied, a light smile trickled across her lips. “Is there anything in particular you are nervous for?” she questioned, hoping to put the girl’s mind at ease. It was Amira’s job to worry, Celeste shouldn’t have to worry over anything tonight. That was to be left to the herself and the other Angels who have been attending these gatherings for many a time. Though it was no secret that some Angels enjoyed these gatherings more than others, Amira was not one of them.

The advisor dipped her head a little and approached the Princess, clasping her hands neatly in front of her. “That is always the best plan of action, you never know who is resting behind the masks,” she agreed. This was another point that had been brought up to Celeste numerous times. That she had to be extra careful because with the masks, everyone was a stranger. Amira would be wearing a simple white mask with a gold vine running up one side, that way Celeste would be able to identify her should the occasion arise. As an Advisor, Blanc would have to keep an eye on Celeste but not make it obvious either. If anyone noticed her keeping close attention on Celeste they could use process of elimination to figure out who rested behind the mask.

The Prince Noir rolled his eyes a little and gave a small tug at his sleeves, “Well we aren’t participating in the human world. We are merely visiting it and having a party to celebrate…peace or something rather,” he replied with a dismissive way of his hand. Truth be told he didn’t think of the meaning behind this night much, even if it was important. Like his Advisor, he knew there were more important things they could be doing. This was a night they couldn’t pass up and he was about to make the best of it. Besides, he always enjoyed a little dance every now and then. Secretly, he imagined there would be music and the thought thrilled him.

Alastair looked down at his outfit to examine it over once more, deciding to take Clyde’s word for it even if he sounded a little exasperated by it. He glanced at his Advisor with the last remark and scowled at him, though a grin split across his lips. “Well my apologies, wearing these kinds of outfits during training doesn’t seem entirely appropriate does it?” He retorted with the same joking tone. Though Clyde wasn’t wrong either, he did feel overdressed but for an occasion such as this it seemed fitting. He turned towards the masks in the corner of the room and tilted his head a little, feeling his stomach twist itself into knots. Nervous? For what… he silently scolded himself. “Right…so we just put on the masks and no one can tell who we are?” he glanced over at Clyde to confirm, even though he knew this to be true.

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Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:04 pm
by Icy
The maidservant stepped away from Celeste, signaling that she was done with her hair. Celeste dipped her head out of gratitude and slowly stood to her feet, gently smoothing out the gown that she wore. It was fairly simple, nothing overly fancy for she wouldn't want anyone being able to tell it was her simply from what she wore. Although she didn't exactly wear anything even this fancy while home, it was difficult to during training. Everything would get ruined. A sigh left her pink lips as she turned towards the oversized mirror on the wall, observing the soft, white fabric. The dress was modest with a sweetheart neckline and a delicate lace overlay that flowed beautifully down the length of the gown. It was too beautiful for her to wear she felt, but she didn't voice this as she turned to her advisor whom moved closer to her. "Do I look alright?" She asked as that was one of her concerns. Was she overdressed? There were plenty of gowns that were far more extravagant than this but she still couldn't be too sure. The things she wore had been chosen for her so she would assume they were fine, but seeing as she's never attended an event like this she was concerned. Amira had told her many stories and, well, Celeste did have quite the imagination at times. She knew tonight would most likely be nothing like what she's imagined.

"There is much to be nervous about tonight, Amira." Celeste murmured quietly, her right knuckle held to her bottom lip. It wasn't every day that she entered a room and was unable to name every face in the room. As Amira said eveyone would be a stranger to her for tonight and she wasn't used to that. Then there were the Demons themselves. Although she held no judgements towards them like her fellow Angels did they still made her nervous. They wanted her just as the Angels wanted the Demon Prince. Both were a key for the others' goals. She supposed the Demons were just as nervous of the Angels due to this, but she had faith in her people. None would try anything tonight, but she couldn't say she had the same faith in the Demons. Mostly because she didn't know them and she knew she would never be allowed to know them aside from on a battlefield. This wasn't the time for those sort of thoughts however, she could forget about her lessons for a little while. "A mask may hide the face, but the eyes will not be safe." The windows of the soul, if someone wished to harm someone else the eyes would show it. "I have faith that all will be fine. I am not that graceful of a dancer anyway."

"That is bad enough." Clyde scowled, thinking of the many scrolls he probably had waiting on his desk. The life of the Princes' Advisor wasn't all fun and games, he did much more than simply watch the boy. He had an interest in ancient history and lore so he was often asked to try and translate any scrolls the Demons happened across in their journeys. Then there was all the paperwork he had to fill out, it was a migraine and a half but he did it without, that much, complaint. Only the Prince knew how much he did complain as he was the one the Prince mostly complained to as well. It was a fair trade off. Thus why he had no reservations about discussing his distaste for the human world within this room where no one else could hear him. Once he left that door however he would be on his utmost best behavior. He had a Prince to keep an eye on after all, who knew what kind of trouble he would get into tonight.

Clyde returned his attention to the Prince, an amusing smirk on his thin lips. "Ah, no. I suppose it wouldn't be appropriate. Your normal attire gets ruined enough as it is during training and we wouldn't want to ruin such nice clothing daily. You're expensive to care for already." He chuckled. In the land of Demons they had their own seamstresses and the like, but they still had to pay them something for their time. Alistair went through clothes so quickly but it wasn't just because of his training, the boy had grown quite remarkably over the years. He used to be nothing more than a small sprout and now he was more like a towering beanstalk. Maybe one day he would even be taller than his father if he wasn't already, they didn't see the King and Queen often so it was possible.

"Yes the masks will seal our identities. I'll be close by but I'll not hover like usual. We cannot make the Angels suspicious in any way. Despite what this night means they are still the enemy and you will not know friend from foe outside of this room." That was the dangerous part about these nights, the masks withheld the identities of every being here so they couldn't afford to trust a single one. Yet this was why their own masks were just slightly different from the others, they needed to know where the other was for the safety of the Prince. "Be careful when we are out there. Do not bring attention to yourself, do you understand?" Clyde had lectured him about this night many times over the past year, but another reminder couldn't hurt.

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Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 4:56 am
by DreamsandReality
The overly-fussy advisor looked over Celeste’s hair and gown, tilting her head a little to examine it closely. Nothing about it screamed royalty which was exactly what they needed. She did look stunning though and for a moment Amira was caught up in nostalgia. She had watched the young Princess grow up into a fine young lady, finally old enough to attend her first Night of Peace. She cleared her throat softly and brushed back her own hair, smiling faintly as she pushed these thoughts aside. She needed a clear head going into this. “You look just fine,” Amira reassured Celeste. Blanc gave a small wave of her hand “Simple, elegant, and it’ll blend right in with the crowd.”
Amira watched the young Princess and reached over to take one of her hands, cupping it between hers. “Hmm there is, but just know I will be right there. You need only call my name and I will come to your aid,” she explained “However, I think you’ll be just fine. No one has broken the vow of peace on this night ever since it was formed.” The Angels would never commit such an act, but Amira Blanc did not believe the Demons were above doing so. It was frustrating she wouldn’t be able to tell who was who, but merely keep an eye out for anything suspicious. “Then keep those gems guarded and let no one peer too deeply,” Amira made a flourishing gesture towards Celeste’s eyes. She laughed softly but the humor was brief, she had to maintain her composure always. Yet her eyes betrayed her, the windows of her soul glimmered with humor. “Perhaps after tonight we ought to give you some dance lessons.” It wasn’t a bad idea, though it would be interesting fitting in another class to Celeste’s already busy schedule. Dancing was a good stress reliever, a pleasant skill to have, perhaps it would do the Princess good. That is a discussion for another time, she chided herself and gave Celeste’s hand a reassuring squeeze.

Alistair scowled at Clyde but a grin split across his rosy lips, flicking a strand of hair back from his face. “I don’t choose to be expensive,” he said with a mock-defensiveness. He turned back to the masks and picked his up gingerly, examining it up close. He ran his thumb across the smooth surface, taking in a deep breath to ease his nerves. They were subtle nerves. A cold chill down the spine, his gut flopping around, but nothing too distracting. It was only natural to be nervous, especially since the identities of everyone but his Advisor would be hidden. He had faith all would go well though. He turned back towards Clyde and smirked faintly, waving one hand dismissively while the other grasped the mask. “Relax, Clyde. I’m always careful.” That statement alone was almost enough to crack him up laughing, he kept his bearing though. Despite the many, many nights of being reminded of how dangerous this was and how careful he had to be; it was a serious matter. He was a jokester sure, but he was also a Prince who had enough sense to be serious when the time called for it. “Is it time to go?” he asked, not sure whether he was eager or simply desired to get it over with.

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Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:55 pm
by Icy
Celeste smiled in turn, feeling less nervous about what she wore now that her Advisor kindly reassured her. Had it been anyone else she wasn't entirely sure that she would believe them. Not the best thing to say, but she had so much faith in her. Amira had after all raised her for the most part, since she was nothing more than an infant. She had guided her when she was lost, lent her her shoulder when she was sad or afraid, treated her wounds whenever she fell or somehow injured herself as most children do. Her Advisor had been more her parent than her parents, but she understood and accepted that her mother and father were quite busy. They kept everything in working order and their distance kept her safe, or so they said in one of the many letters they had sent her over the years. They might not often be around, but they made sure to let her know they were still there and watching over her. "Good, I wouldn't wish to stick out..." In a good or a bad way.
Slowly she lowered the hand she held to her lips, but soon found it in Amira's grasp. The Advisor was once more trying to reassure her, this time about the ball itself. Celeste wasn't too worried, or at least she tried her best to not show that it made her slightly uneasy. Nothing given away to give her an excuse to drag her away and claim she was sick or unready. For such a long time she had dreamed about attending the Night of Peace, now that she was here she would not allow anything to keep her from it. "I am not afraid, Amira. I know you will be nearby should I need you. That alone is enough to keep me from being afraid." She said calmly, feeling as if it were her turn to reassure the woman in front of her. It may not be obvious, but she just knew it was there. Worry. Amira always worried about her in some way or another and it was something that Celeste appreciated. "Gems? If my eyes were gems I don't think I would be able to see then." A small bit of laughter escaped her as she freed herself from Amira and wandered over to the desk that held her mask, picking it up as if it were the most delicate thing. It was simple, white with lace over it to match her gown. Beautiful. "Yet another lesson? Do I even have the room to fit it in?" Her days were already quite full, it seemed crazy to try and fit in something else but her schedule was already crazy so she also didn't see it as impossible to fit dancing in there somewhere. What kind of princess would she be if she didn't at least try? Not a very good one in her opinion. "I suppose we can figure that out it almost time?"

The dark-haired Advisor raised an eyebrow, amused at the young Prince's reaction. "I don't know about that. It seems you try extra hard to be expensive." He mused, glancing at the door as the faintest sound of music drifted through the thick wood. The musicians must've finally gotten all set up, and he was sure the music tonight would be played by both Demons and Angels as always. It was always so exquisite, not that he would admit to liking the music...not even to the Prince himself. Ever. His dark gaze returned to Alistair as he spoke once more, telling him to relax. Clyde did suppose he often came off as uptight, but he only worried for the Prince and his safety. If anything should happen to him it would be on his head, the King and Queen wouldn't be forgiving. "Yes I know, but this night is like no other and your parents will kill me if you get yourself into trouble. I rather enjoy being alive. Even if you are a pain in my side sometimes." Another joke, but this one held a note of seriousness under it. This night wasn't to be taken lightly, even if it was meant for peace and nothing has happened before. One never knew what could happen. "The music has started, but there is no rush to get out there if you are not ready yet. This is a big night for you." Clyde would prefer it if he didn't want to go out there right away, but he wouldn't stop him if he did.

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Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 4:37 am
by DreamsandReality
Amira offered a small smile “No, I’m afraid sticking out at this event is a bad thing. There’s always the celebrations at home for you to get all dressed up though,” she reminded the Princess gently. Certainly, the balls back home were far more grand and enjoyable, the few times they could attend anyways. It was at those, surrounded by the people they knew and could trust, that standing out was key to making a good impression. Especially as the future leader of your people. Miss Blanc gazed at Celeste closely, searching for any signs of distress or of anything wrong. Yet the Princess kept her composure well, she didn’t seem all too worried. That was okay though, it was the Advisor’s job to worry, not the Princess. She was to enjoy her day off from work. Amira couldn’t help but feel concerned, there were too many ways for this to go horribly wrong.
“That is good to hear, very good,” Amira replied gently, letting out a soft breath. It reassured the Advisor if only a little. She laughed quietly, covering her mouth to stifle the sound, shaking her head at the Princess’s comment. She spread her fingers over the silky fabric of her own dress, smoothing out the small wrinkles that formed in the fabric. “Hmm we may have to rearrange a few things to fit it into the schedule…but if it is something you would be interested in we could make it happen,” she held her hands open as if offering a proposition. Amira looked towards the door briefly before striding over to the desk to pick up her mask, holding it carefully in her hands. “We can start heading out,” she answered simply. A more serious and strict tone of voice coming to play, her face falling expressionless. A habit she formed whenever she had to go out and face anyone other than Celeste.

The Prince Noir grinned a little at this and merely shrugged in return. His gaze followed Clyde’s and he peered at the door, the sound of music reaching his ears. He could feel his heart ache a little, a deep urge within him to seek out the source of the music. He couldn’t hear it well enough to decide whether it was good or not, but he was excited to let the sound fill his heart and soul. Alistair’s attention returned to his Advisor and he smirked, marking a small ‘x’ over his chest. “Cross my heart I’ll be careful, I rather like having you around. Even if you drive me crazy,” he replied with the same joking manner. That was about the closest he ever got to admitting he enjoyed Clyde’s company. Despite Alistair’s light-hearted mood, deep down he knew the dangers. He was just never one to express his true feelings and thoughts, especially if they were negative ones. He preferred to wear a mask around all but Clyde, it was better that others didn’t know what he was thinking or feeling. Clyde knew him too well, he would be able to see through any mask he threw up. Alistair raised his mask a little “I suppose I am as ready as I will ever be,” he replied simply. It was a big night, and he could feel the beginnings of butterflies in his gut.

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Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:34 pm
by Icy
The balls at home were quite fancy, but not quite as exciting as this one. This was something she wouldn't dare point out Celeste nodded, turning the mask over in her hands as she glanced at the door. There was nothing to be worried about. The evening would go smoothly, without incident, and after she would go home and perhaps write about her night in her jounral. Tomorrow things would go back to normal and she would be able to move around freely, and of course return to her abundance of classes. Maybe even a new one. Learning to dance did sound like a lot of fun. By no means was she a terrible dancer, but she hadn't stuck with any form of lesson since she was a child. Thinking it more important to learn to defend her people and know their history. Now that she was here she was second guessing that decision... "Perhaps. We will see once we are back home." She replied, taking in deep breaths to keep her nerves calm. After another moment she swept it away and held the mask up to her face to secure it into place. Once that was done she looked to her Advisor, a patient gleam in her eye. That is what she had to see her as now now that she had that serious look on her face, as her protector and not a friend, and even though Celeste was to show her independence tonight she knew Amira wouldn't be happy if she left the room first. Something about keeping an eye out for danger. Who knew if someone was lurking out in that beautiful marble hallway, she had doubts but one never knew.
"I am ready as I will ever be. After you, Advisor." A tiny smile, amusement, she really couldn't help herself but once she hit that door she would behave. Just as she always did back at home.

Clyde didn't say another word on the subject though he did feel relief that the Prince at least liked him enough to keep him alive. Some days he wasn't so sure. His parents had in fact made sure that he wouldn't mess up with their darling child but things did happen from time to time. Yet he swept these thoughts away as he donned the blackened mask and with it his more usual serious expression. The norm when it came to facing anyone aside from the Prince, they didn't get to see his other side and they never will. That would ruin his reputation and he really did enjoy being known as the 'Scary' Advisor to the Prince as some have taken to calling him. He didn't mind it one bit for it made it easier to keep them all in line. Sometimes. "Put your mask on, count to ten than leave this room. All will go fine." Clyde muttered before moving to the door with a swift gait. Sure Demons and Angels alike did wander about this Mansion in groups but Alistair needed to learn independence if he was to one day take over. He could not baby him forever.
The hall itself seemed to be in order as he stepped out into it, his cautious gaze travelling to every corner there was as he moved towards where he knew the grand staircase would be. It was quite the sight as the rest of the mansion was, from the marble interior to the victorian antiques that littered every bit of this place. If he had time he would study all these objects but he did not unfortunately. Yet no feature quite matched that of the grand hall on the ground floor with its towering stormy grey marble walls that seemed to go on for miles, decorated in gold and silver tapestries, the wide paned window that opened up onto a marvelous balcony and a midnight blue rug made of the best material out there befitting of any king or queen. Then there were the many victorian crystal chandeliers hanging throught the large space, perfect lighting for the classical music that he could now perfectly hear knowing the musicians would be sat upon a small stage on the far side of the room. There wasn't a single thing he disliked about the grand hall and it was large enough to give both sides plenty of room. Yet he would not be allowed to enjoy the room itself tonight, the Prince was his main priority now which was fine with him. He's enjoyed plenty of balls before this. With that in mind he glanced back to make sure Alistair had left the room they had been in before he descended the staircase, hearing the many others before seeing them. This was going to be a long night.

Re: Forbidden [Reserved Dreams]

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:00 am
by DreamsandReality
Amira secured the mask to her face and turned with a flourish to examine Celeste, looking her over one last time for anything that might jump out at her as ‘Princess’. Once she was satisfied with the results she offered the faintest of smiles and gave a small bow of her head. “Leave precisely ten seconds after me,” she said briefly and turned swiftly towards the door. She strode across the room and opened the door quietly, slipping out into the hall. She needed to make sure the path to the celebration was clear and safe. Also, they couldn’t be seen arriving to the party together. They couldn’t give anyone even the impression that they might know each other. That would give away both of their identities on the spot and they simply could not have that. This would be the first night among many more to come, where Celeste had to show she could handle things on her own. She had to start spreading her wings to fly, so-to-speak. Amira took a deep breath to steady her own nerves, though her face revealed nothing. She walked down the hallway swiftly but took in every detail as she did. Her heels clicking softly against the floor, the tail end of her dress trailing just behind her. It truly was a stunning marble interior, something she never thought the humans capable of creating. Perhaps they weren’t so tasteless and ungifted as she originally thought. She let this thought linger for only a moment before returning her thoughts to the task at hand. She made her way towards the grand staircase, finding the hallways suitably empty of anyone else. The gray marble walls glinted in the soft lighting, the tapestries still and elegant. Amira reached the staircase and quickly glided down the steps, running her hand along the smooth railing. Here we go…

Alistair placed the mask on his face and offered a small smirk “Of course, everything will go smoothly,” he replied simply. He did find his Advisor’s seriousness reassuring at times, he felt like the rock in his life. The person who kept him in check when the world seemed a little crazy. Yet as he watched Clyde leave the room he felt a small chill pass over him. He would have to prove to Clyde and to himself that he would be able to handle things on his own, be independent. Yet that seemed a little scary now that he was faced with this task. He frowned and let the thoughts roll off him, he needed to be focused tonight. Despite being allowed to relax a little tonight, he still preferred to never let his guard down. He examined himself in the mirror, touching the mask with pale, delicate fingers, before he swiftly turned to the door. He waited the exact ten seconds before he exited the room, letting the door close softly behind him. He peered around the hall for a moment before walking down the hall. He caught a brief glimpse of Clyde at the end just before he disappeared down the staircase. With a casual swiftness he headed for the stairs, taking a deep breath. Everything will go fine…