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The 13th Hour: Chapter One

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:58 pm
by Poetic Ghost

Room A-22, Our Heavenly Host High School, Jusan, 4:30PM

It was such a strange thing. The note. You had found it taped to your locker at the end of your last class of the day. It may have been the only interesting, or unordinary thing that had happened in that day, since you had arrived in the morning and been shown your class schedule before you were shown to your class by a nice young girl who introduced herself as Toshiko Naito, a third year student. She showed you to your first class of the day, before giving you a friendly hug and welcoming you to Heavenly Host High.

Yoshiki felt that this impression was a bit different, but refreshing. He smiled, and thanked her before she left to show the other transfers to their first classes. One by one, she helped the new students to their classes, maintaining her welcoming and curious behavior each time. She would ask about their past school, and why they had moved to Jusan, always smiling and nodding for more information from the students. She was by no means prodding, with each question that was either declined or answered, she said thank you and politely asked another. She showed them to their lockers, giving them the combination on a sticky note with a doodle of a cat in the corner.

"Welcome to Heavenly Host, I hope you will like it here." She said truthfully, and as each of them left to their first class, she memorized their locker number for later.

Yoshiki's day had been quite mundane after meeting the girl. His classes went as followed; mathematics in the morning, foreign history, art, and finally English in the afternoon with Mr. Okawa. Each time he would enter the class, his teacher would ask him to introduce himself to his fellow students. "Hello, my name is Yoshiki Tatsuda, I grew up in Hinoiri, but I moved quite a bit. I hope we can all get along." He would say with a smile before taking his seat and beginning his work. But when he came into Okawa's class, Okawa called him to the front and posed a simple question; "Who are you, Tatsuda?"

"My name is Yoshiki, I lived in To-"

"No, no... I don't want to know about where you lived, or that you want to be our friend. I want to know who you are, Yoshiki. I already know your name and school records, I want to know who you really are." Okawa retorted, and looked up at Yoshiki quizzically from his wheelchair.

"Um.. well.. I don't know if.."

Okawa smiled politely. "Of course, I'm sorry for placing you in a bad position. I would like the class to write a self-assessment paper on themselves. I know the student named Yoshiki, but I want to know the real person underneath." Okawa added, turning to the class and directing Yoshiki to a seat in the front. "I think this is the start of something, Mr. Tatsuda."

He wrote his report, or part of it. Most of his class he sat and thought about himself, and what Okawa really wanted when he asked him to tell the class who he was. It would have been social suicide. After a moment, he decided to take his pencil to the paper and write what came to mind;

Hi, my name is Yoshiki, ever since I was a kid, I would wake up at midnight and see monsters outside my window, and I thought my parents were department store mannequins. I'm living alone, because my parents are very busy climbing the economic ladder in Tokyo, but they thought I should find new atmosphere on the coast. I'm not sure if I like it here just yet...

Yoshiki took his pencil off the paper and stared at his stream of consciousness before he took a deep sigh. For a moment, he looked out the window of Okawa's Room A-22 and looked at the afternoon sky. The sun had just been eclipsed by the buildings on the hills, as if it perched on the skyline. He smiled at it's beauty, and took a moment to analyze it. Yoshiki was the kind of person who believed that every moment was special, and that you could never truly experience something twice. He smiled, and took a picture in his mind.

It was beautiful.

Okawa didn't say another word to Yoshiki that day. A minute before dismissal, he called the class dismissed and left immediately. Yoshiki didn't think much of it, and quickly grabbed his bag and left for his locker. But once he got there, he found something quite odd. A sticky note was pinned to his locker with a message that read;

Do you feel apart? You believe you don't quite fit here. You feel as though you are an anomaly by default. You are an outsider, some might call you 'weird' or even 'outcast'. You see and experience things that other people don't, or won't believe. There is no reason to not believe you are special. You are perhaps one of the most interesting people in the world. Would you like to know why? Please come to Room A-22. You are not alone.

- A Friend

At first, he felt a bit unnerved. A mysterious note showing up on his locker, on his first day? He had barely said anything to anyone outside of the occasional "Yes I am new, my name is.." and other greetings. However, the room on the slip was Mr. Okawa's class. He felt a bit conflicted, but ultimately chose to make his way back to Room A-22...

- - -

You found a note with your name on it, literally. It had been placed somewhere intentionally for you to find it, whether it was on your locker, or in your book-bag, or on your desk before you left class, it was meant for you. It was written in neat, elegant hand writing. It read;

Do you feel apart? You believe you don't quite fit here. You feel as though you are an anomaly by default. You are an outsider, some might call you 'weird' or even 'outcast'. You see and experience things that other people don't, or won't believe. There is no reason to not believe you are special. You are perhaps one of the most interesting people in the world. Would you like to know why? Please come to Room A-22. You are not alone.

- A Friend

It seemed too aware to be true, but here it was right in front of you. You took a moment to ponder what your next series of actions would be...

Whatever you did, it would change your life.

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Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:58 pm
by Poetic Ghost

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- - -

The Major Arcana

Mortals may not know it, but almost all living things file into one of the 22 Major Arcana Trump cards. They do not predict any special ability or destiny, but instead explain the duality of all Humans.

1 - The Magician - Unknown
2 - The High Priestess - Sayuri Fujimoto
3 - The Empress - Kaoru Shirogane
4 - The Emperor - Hibiki Shirogane
5 - The Hierophant - Unknown
6 - The Lovers - Unknown
7 - The Chariot - Eiko Otsuka
8 - Strength - Lydia Bishop
9 - The Hermit - Miyako Harada
10 - Wheel of Fortune - Hayate Ishikawa
11 - Justice - Unknown
12 - The Hanged Man - Yoshiki Tatsuda
13 - Death - Unknown
14 - Temperance - Unknown
15 - The Devil - Unknown
16 - The Tower - Unknown
17 - The Star - Arishima, Harito
18 - The Moon - Taylor Nakusa Schneider
19 - The Sun - Unknown
20 - Judgement - Mr. Shinya Okawa
21 - The World - Unknown
22 - The Fool - Kiwako Takahashi

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Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:23 pm
by Svisttt
Do you feel apart? You believe you don't quite fit here. You feel as though you are an anomaly by default. You are an outsider, some might call you 'weird' or even 'outcast'. You see and experience things that other people don't, or won't believe. There is no reason to not believe you are special. You are perhaps one of the most interesting people in the world. Would you like to know why? Please come to Room A-22. You are not alone.

- A Friend

Over and over, Miyako read the little note again. All eighty-three words, over and over, played out again. Every word as jarring as they were comforting to her. Honest to God, she didn't even now how the note managed to slip its way onto the top of her new stack of textbooks. It would've been a shock to anyone, but a small part of her felt like it was meant to be there all along. As peculiar and mildly terrifying as it was, she couldn't take her eyes off the neat and oddly elegant scribblings. At first, she had dismissed the note as some "Haha, let's make fun of the new kid," kind of prank, but the more she read it, the less real that possibility became to her.

A-22... Miyako tried remembering where that was. She could barely even remember her locker number. She shrugged it off and dropped by her locker to put away her things, though she kept her sketchbook and her favorite pen and pencil in case she got too bored. If I'm staying here for a little awhile longer, I don't want to drag all this stuff around.

You are not alone.

More than anything, that part stuck with Miyako. It felt like there was a little bird stuck in her chest, fluttering away, trying to break free. Four words. Four words, with such a bittersweet meaning. She wasn't sure why, but tears welled up in her eyes every time she read them. Dumb Miyako...

With a few deep breaths to compose herself, Miyako slammed her locker shut and set off down the hall with a kind of confidence she always seemed to lack back at home.


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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:56 am
by Annasiel
Sayuri wandered down the halls of the school, crushed note tucked tightly in the palm of her clenched hand. It had been hidden in her backpack, somehow, and if not for the little corner sticking out beyond the zipper, she might have overlooked it entirely. Stopping and moving to the side to let a group of students pass - better to avoid than deal with the crowd - she again unfolded the paper, reading each line carefully a word at a time.

Do you feel apart? You believe you don't quite fit here. You feel as though you are an anomaly by default. You are an outsider, some might call you 'weird' or even 'outcast'. You see and experience things that other people don't, or won't believe. There is no reason to not believe you are special. You are perhaps one of the most interesting people in the world. Would you like to know why? Please come to Room A-22. You are not alone.

- A Friend

She had no idea what it was supposed to mean. She understood each of the words, and how they worked together in a sentence, but the actual meaning of the piece was bringing up a frustrating blank. Was it from Eiko? That was the only friend she knew, and was what she'd first thought, even though the things it said didn't sound like anything Eiko would write. If it were anyone else, then the intent was even vaguer. She didn't know anybody else here, and frankly, didn't feel the need to.

Eiko would know what it was for. Eiko knew things like that.

Humming under her breath to drown out the noise of chatting students and slamming doors, Sayuri hurried off to look for her friend, paper once more crumpled into a tight ball.

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:24 am
by Quirbles
A note. It was honestly funny how uncomfortable a tiny note got him, damn-near unbelievably so; but here he was, staring at a tiny sticky-note glued to his hand. He went over the writing again and again, brow furrowed, as if multiple read-throughs were going to reveal a piece of the Da Vinci Code hidden somewhere between the compact, hand-written lines. Hell, it was like he expected a new piece of text to appear below it all.Yeah, this is just a joke. You're an American so we'd thought we'd give you a lil' shit about being here.

The amount of stuff it got write was the most jarring to Miles. How the hell could anyone have known about the dreams? It's not like he kept a journal on it like a middle-school project. He didn't even tell his parents about the nightmares he had. And suddenly, some random note tacked to his locker had found out? It was hard to process. He had told nobody. Who would want to hear about some random-ass kid's dreams, anyway? Something was going on, and he didn't like it. It was, what, his first day? He was already singled out. Great.

Part of him wanted to just turn around and leave, not even consider going to the room and just go back to Mr. Okawa's house. Wasn't that far of a walk, he suspected; after all, the man was in a wheelchair. Unless he operated on some FDR-level machinery for his car, he guessed that a close proximity was what allowed the teacher to arrive here on time. Miles gave a quick look around and shut his locker, shaking his head.

"This is dumb, plain and simple." He muttered to himself, shrugging the backpack around his shoulders and moving to A-22. His locker was close, luckily, and he found himself closing in on it relatively quickly. Soon enough, the doorway was right in front of him. He debated going back and leaving.

Got nothing better to do.

Desmond sighed and stepped inside the doorway, entering the classroom.

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:02 am
by AnimuGirlVoiceLebi
Lydia showed up to school early as was requested of her and reported in so that she could get her schedule to begin her new school year. While walking the halls she tried her best to show her strength in such an unfamiliar environment, walking as regally as possible as if she were a queen among commoners. She greeted the teachers politely, but in a short almost cold manner. Eventually Lydia was introduced to a senior student, Toshiko Naito, who smiled and greeted her warmly while informing her that she was there to show her to her locker and first class. In response Lydia gave a small nod in greeting but otherwise kept her attention elsewhere.

As the two girls walked the halls Toshiko asked several questions in an attempt to learn more about Lydia, but instead of awnsering aloud Lydia was answering each and every question in her thoughts trying to coax herself to speak. It wasn't until they reached her classroom and was given a warm hug by Toshiko that Lydia finally gave a response. A loud slap echoed in the halls as Lydia stared at the girl who just hugged her, fear and discomfort appearing stongly on Lydia's face, 'Idiot why did you do that! She was so nice, no! Now she will hate me, why why why!' She looked at her hand briefly before running into the classroom and closing the door before anything could be said.

The rest of the day was quiet and uneventful for Lydia, she never saw the kind girl from the morning again. All day she could barely focus on what was going on in her classes, her mind racing with what she had done earlier. Lydia wanted to see her again so that she could apologize, but she could not get the courage to seek her out or even say the words she wished to say. She kept up her regal and cold persona as much as she could to keep others away, silently hoping that she didn't do what she did to someone else, but at the same time craving the comforting warmth that had hug possessed.

After school had ended Lydia returned to her locker internally kicking herself over and over for being such a coward and trying to run away without saying her apology or even just seeing Toshiko again. Just after picking up her shoes from inside the locker she saw a note under them which caused her to drop the shoes she just grabbed.

Do you feel apart? You believe you don't quite fit here. You feel as though you are an anomaly by default. You are an outsider, some might call you 'weird' or even 'outcast'. You see and experience things that other people don't, or won't believe. There is no reason to not believe you are special. You are perhaps one of the most interesting people in the world. Would you like to know why? Please come to Room A-22. You are not alone.

- A Friend

While reading this note Lydia felt like someone had looked at her in a way no one else she has known ever did, like she mattered. It scared her immensely. Despite this she felt so drawn in, as if it was something she could not just walk away from. Lydia looked back and forth between her shoes, the door, and the note torn between what to do. For what felt like an eternity she panicked internally before finally getting a sliver of resolution. She promptly put her shoes back into the locker, she had been to that room earlier in the day but did not recall much about what she did there or even what class took place in said room. After taking in a deep breath and trying to steel herself Lydia once again put on her strong persona, walking to the room A-22.

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:20 am
by UmbraSight
What a drag of a day.

“Why hello yes my name is Kiwako Takahashi, I’ll be in your care.” And repeat that five times. It was nice and all to get to meet all her new classmates, but did it really have to all be so dull? It was such a pain to have to just repeat herself like that over and over, but at least it was done now, and the classes themselves didn’t seem to bad. Not that classes ever really seemed like too much trouble anyway.

Whatever, class was over, school was done, and she was free to head on home. Which was nice, or it would have been nice if not for the blue sticky note attached to her shoe in the shoe locker. Which was an unexpected sort of bump in the road. The note was, well we’ve already seen it before haven’t we?

Someone who knew about the dreams? She had never really told many about them but, well, someone knew. Which made for a fun little mystery didn’t it? And there was one quick way to deal with mysteries, just go and face them. Head on.

So, with that and a freshly folded sticky note in her pocket, Kiwako began her trek to classroom A-22.

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:11 pm
by Azra
The dreams came that night as they so often did, the forest dark and haunting. As her feet travel down the weathered trail she can hear it, the sound of friends from before. Sound of people she thought cute or parties or other things that might seize her attention, this draw to go off the road and into the woods. And it was so hard not to, she could feel a sense of welcoming there that was otherwise denied. An itch though to the leg, a rise of hair on the back of the neck some force told her not to. After enough traversal as brush part eyes reluctantly fall on a corpse, a decaying thing. A dog to be precise seemingly devoured by an animal of similar size.

Don't stray off the path.

The voice rattles in her mind but isn't her own. A growl comes with it enough to send a chill down the spine, like when a friend of hers would drop an ice cube down her shirt but with a obvious more mallicious undertone to it in the current setting. The voice seemed wet, as if hungry for something. It was unnerving and with it Taylor knew to listen well to the warning. Stop listening to the shadows and trudge forward, up the hills and pass the sounds of jovial delights and of corpses that tried to warn her not to let curiosity win over. Her feet take her to a abandoned place, she can see it just a bit further and maybe she could understand what kept pulling her toward such a place. Why did she want to come here? It kept surfacing in her dreams and nightmares. They became one and the same and unending until she passed that gate that she never seemed to reach.

It's cold and the sounds are fading. Theres a howl of the wind only and the howl of something else to. The later of which unnerves the teen, she swears she's heard it before but that shes also never encountered it. Theres a compulsion to look to the moon, her neck hurts though as if she shouldn't do so yet. The glow it casts isn't right, the night sky is still a deep blue and the moon isn't full just keep going forward. And the icy touch of the iron bars find her hand, she's there just a bit more.

Can't do it can you?

That same voice and she knows it's right. Taylor didn't need convincing and yet she found such reassurance as eyes creeped from the shadows. They seem larger then any she has ever seen. The shine in them is bright like a summer moon. The way they narrow however is haunting, she wants to run. Want's to curl up in a ball. Maybe there's something to use, her eyes travel around the region but no stick or stone seems to stand out. Blue eyes dart in a panic and she steps back. Uneven footing though tells her she cant really run, its down hill she'd fall on her ass probably and even if she had more grace then that those eyes were of something that could outrun her. She hesitates and it steps near, she almost gets a look at it.


The alarm stirs her, the night comes to an end with the discomfort of sweat and a lingering fear. Bundle up her bedding and toss it at the pile of laundry in her closet. Let it never be known she still could be afraid of things in the dark. A drowsy teen fumbles to the bathroom a old man catching sight of the girl. He teased "you look like ass. Nightmares again?"

Her eyes narrow briefly peaking around the corner. "Good morning, fuck off please."

He rolls his eyes at her in a mockery of what any teenager tried to trade mark and then went back to cooking breakfast. Meanwhile Taylor grabbed a shower and then tossed on the school uniform. More awake she went to her room and rummaged through her sock drawer they were largely the same patterns a variety of skull themed, could be striped or with cross bones or some animal skull there was always a skull though. Uniforms were stupid though and while she could wear the tie like her father did daily and the uniform involved a skirt much to her liking it wasn't distinct enough. She needed longer socks, something that showed. Couldn't be all uniform damn it, finally she found it the perfect pair reaching half way up the legs, not quite to the knees those annoyed her most days. They went high enough however to add style to the ensemble. Sit down for breakfast, strawberry jam for her toast instead of grape. Bacon consumed last instead of first.

On the walk to her new school those small things stuck out some how. Why did she go against her routine today? She had walked these roads to the school the other day to know where the hell she was going. Things seemed to stick out more for some reason though, she noticed the car parked by a store that wasn't there the other two days. Could of just been a customer or other employee she initially told herself still she couldn''t place why she had noticed. Walk pass someones home, they were listening to a different station today. She'd bobbed her head to a few of those tracks the day before but now they weren't the same. Was she to blame? The unwelcome stranger, why did it stand out to her? Finally arrive to the campus and a hand touches a cold bar of a fence. Looking up and it feels familiar, she'd never been here and it didn't look like anywhere day or night she had been, yet felt like it had.

"Uh Taylor" the teen introduced herself in return as the day went on and one Toshiko Naito helped learn the place. "Just wanted something different I guess? A school is a school." Taylor didn't find her past much to tell about though she liked being questioned of having a direction in a conversation as she wasn't to sure where to go. "Uhm can I get mine with a wolf?" She asked Toshiko as the note was handed over with the doodle. After a brief moment of confusion a new note was provided with a smile and a hug to depart to another student to help.

Taylor found herself in Okawa's class and assignment came up a simple one in concept of "who are you?"

This arrested Taylor's thoughts though when she considered the assignment. Who was she? How should she answer? Should she tell how she felt like she was always unsure and lost, eager to jump at the possibilities others presented but never chasing her own? How she felt she was a failure, always going to the point where maybe with a bit more of a push she could become something but instead tucked her tail between her legs? Would it be better to lie? She shouldn't be a concern right? There was what ten other transfers today, why add to the burden? She vows to finish the paper tonight as homework she's not the only one rest of the day seems to go on by. Fitting in enough but never feeling like it reached far enough like she really belonged. Venture back to her locker and find a new note just for her.

The writing was better then Taylor's own the message though felt scattered. "Apart? What did I fail that bad to mask my insanity" she mused as she looked the note over. She did feel like an anomaly, but not quite an outsider either. There was this feeling from the moment she touched the gate that she belonged here she just didn't know here. She read the next line and she would of sworn she had heard the howling of the wind even though there was no breeze to be found inside. The message called her special and interesting that seemed a sugar coated lie, she did want to know why someone might say that though. So she goes to Room A-22. She finds her way to the room, and in doing so it wouldn't be all that surprising if someone crashed into her. For Taylor found herself simply standing at the door for the longest time, hesitating to go in. A gloved hand wound reach for the knob, just to fall back to her side. She'd hug her books and step back as if thinking of leaving, only to step back toward the door. The cycle repeating in an indecisive rotation.

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:55 pm
by Myrn
For the most part, the morning was as normal as Eiko thought it would be. Typical school atmosphere though a lot smaller in comparison to her previous school. She clearly stood out amongst her peers with her whopping height of 176cm. She could very well see over the heads of other students no problem with the occasional visual blockage from someone who trumped her height. At least this made it slightly easier for Sayuri to find her whenever they were apart. Speaking of, she should go look for her once she packed up her things. Just as she tossed her own bag over her shoulder, Eiko was met with a neatly folded note flying out of the bag's side pocket. A love note already? The school day had barely ended and the notes had started to trickle in, oh my~

Except, it wasn't a love note. at least, it was a strangely worded one... However, the more she read it, the more Eiko began to think it was some kind of invitation to a cult or something of the like. Was that girl from the morning in on this? She didn't recall giving out her name much save for her classes that day. It's certainly one way of recruiting members. Or she could have it all wrong. She would have to check it out later- was that Sayuri down the hall?

"Ah, Sayuri! There you are." Eiko had caught up to the humming girl and matched her pace. "Ready to go?"

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Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:34 am
by Poetic Ghost
A Friend...

That's how the message had been signed, but it was just an expression. He had no more friends, he had left them all back in Tokyo. All he had now was the memories, a cellphone full of photos, and their names. He could remember all of them. Ryuji, Chie, Takei. Yoshiki had shared good times with all of them, and thinking back on all the friends he had lost in the last few years of constantly moving. It was tiresome, he had little time to adjust after each move. Each time he had to find a new tribe of people, new friends.

'That's what I could really use right now, a friend..' He thought, looking back down at the blue note in his hand.

He was heading the right way to Okawa's room, he had been there only thirty minutes before now. The hallways were not as crowded as they had been a few minutes ago, as even in a smaller school like Heavenly Host, most students went straight for the exit once class was over. That meant there was a good chance that any students heading back towards A-Wing were...

Blue note...

Yoshiki spied the blue slip in the hands of a girl walking back towards Okawa's room. The more he thought about it, the less likely he thought it was another note like his own... but he decided to take a chance and speak.

"Excuse me? I'm not trying to be rude, but where did you get that note?" Yoshiki asked, still holding his own in his left hand. "Because, I found one just like it on my locker." He added, showing her the paper message-down. "It wouldn't have told you to go to Okawa's room, no?"