The 13th Hour: Chapter One

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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One

Post by Someguy500 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:44 am

Hibiki ran closer in response to the greeting, her signature wide grin spreading across her face. "Yeah, let's go! I can't wait, we just gotta wait for everyone to get here, yeah?" Seeing the set of keys in the shortie's hand, she snatched for them with little regard for stuff like "personal space". "What do those keys open? Lemme see!"

Kaoru stopped short in her chase after her sister as she heard more voices behind her. It was Eiko's voice, she could tell. Turning around for a bit, she spotted three people headed towards her.


Towards her?! Aahhhh, no way... Kaoru turned back and ran toward her sister. She'd know how to deal with them, hopefully.
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