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Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:42 am
by Myrn
Eiko immediately stopped the minute she felt Sayuri tense up. At first she thought it was because she was getting cold feet, but the one word that was shakily spoken revealed the one thing Eiko forgot to take. The violin.

In her defense, it wouldn't have fit in her already packed backpack. Eiko smiled and whisper shushed Sayuri, not because she was loud or anything, but to soothe her nerves as she re-entered her room. The violin was left forgotten in Sayuri's room right beside her bed. Now that she had what Sayuri needed they can leave without an issue.

Back in her room, Eiko gave the violin for Sayuri to hold before she was out the window again. This time she dropped the backpack first by the bushes and after getting Sayuri outside with her safely, she shut the window.

"Alright Sayuri, I'm going to get down first and then I'm going to catch you okay?" Eiko patted her head. "So I need you to be still as a statue like those stone dragons."

With that said, Eiko stood up and walked towards the edge that still had wall left next to it. She turned to face Sayuri keeping an eye on her before she dropped herself to a hanging position and kicked off the wall. Nothing fancy just a backflip onto the ground was done. Now to get Sayuri down, the true challenge of the night. She walked back over to the side Sayuri should be and donned the backpack as she passed it by. Eiko positioned herself where she'd guess Sayuri's drop would be.

"Okay, now it's your turn!"

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Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:22 pm
by Annasiel
When Eiko climbed back through the window, Sayuri sat down on the tiled roof, knees folded up to her chest. She was happy she'd taken her jacket. It was a chilly night outside, not quite cold, but enough to make one shiver. The stars were pretty, though. Randomly strewn across the sky. Impossible to count all of them (believe her, she'd tried before), yet all stuck inside a little tiny place.

All thoughts of stars were forgotten, though, when the crest of her violin case appeared through the window. She grabbed it in an instant, clutching it tightly to her chest. How could she have forgotten? She ran her fingers along the grooves of the faux-leather casing, and flicked one of the latches open and shut with a satisfying click. It was here now. That was all that mattered. Safe.

Sayuri listened closely to Eiko's instructions. Still as a stone dragon. The gar... garg... gargles. Those things, the ones that sat on top of fancy churches and old castles. She imagined her face plastered on a scary gargle, and again had to stifle a giggle. She'd make a terrible gargle.

At the sound of Eiko's cue, Sayuri scooted up to the edge - a long way down - teetering for a moment. She trusted Eiko, though, so she closed her eyes and stepped off, ignoring the pounding of her heart in her throat.


Strong arms wrapped around her, cushioning her fall, and lowered her to the ground.

"I didn't splat!"

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Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:04 pm
by Myrn
A moment or two passed and the sound of shingles clinking could be heard as Sayuri made her descent to the edge. Without so much as a warning, Sayuri dropped herself and Eiko was quick to catch her disregarding the pain the violin case had caused when it hit her square in the chest. She grit her teeth and coughed once before setting Sayuri down on her own two feet. God, it stung.

"Nope!" Eiko's voice was strained but another cough or two later and she was able to speak normally. "Let's go get the bag, hop the fence and then we're outta here, mission complete." Eiko grinned and held Sayuri's hand as she led her to where the bag had fallen and donned it once more. She was then up and over the fence while telling where Sayuri should place her feet. Once Sayuri was high enough, Eiko would hoist her up and pull her over the top with ease and hugged her rubbing her cheek against hers.

"Ahhh Sayuri~ You were the bestest little stone dragon princess to escape the dungeon!" She was positively overflowing with pride with how well they did in avoiding the cameras their parents had installed.

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Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:38 am
by Svisttt
Miyako groggily opened her eyes when her phone vibrated in accordance to the alarm she set just before she fell asleep, and for a brief moment she debated on just going back to sleep and forgetting all about this 13th hour stuff. There were plenty other poor sods who could put up with it, right? Then again, she had to go back to school with those people, and go back to Mr. Okawa's class. He'd said they weren't required to come, but Miyako didn't think she'd be able to face the little group from earlier ever again if she skipped out on going. She squinted against the phone's light and fumbled to get the damn thing to stop buzzing, and was about ready to throw it across the floor by the time she got it to quit.

She stayed in bed for another good few minutes, staring up at the ceiling and wondering what she was doing with her life. Her dad dragged her here for a fresh start, what was she about to do with it? Was she about to join a cult? Oh my god, I'm joining a cult, aren't I? That's what cults did, right? Make you feel all nice and special or whatever, and that's when things start to turn. Miyako forced herself to sit up with a little groan. She hadn't bothered to change into pajamas when she fell asleep- she knew she'd be getting up to leave tonight, so what was the point? That just gave her one less thing to do when she woke up. Miyako viewed a lot of things that way, thinking things like 'my teeth are going to rot one day anyway, why bother brushing them?'

Miyako dragged herself to her feet and began stumbling around the room, gathering together a few things she figured she'd take along. It wasn't very much- just her school bag, along with her sketchbook and a pack of gum she'd hastily stuffed into her back pocket. She took her phone too, but that tended to be a standard thing people dragged along with them.

Quietly, Miyako opened her door and glanced down the hall, as if she expected someone to be there. Her dad had gone to sleep ages ago, though. He'd come home later than usual today, much, much later. Miyako thought he'd seemed a bit off when he'd walked through the door- his speech was a bit slurred and his movements seemed a bit sluggish, but she tried not to worry too much. He was an adult and... and could take care of himself and make good decisions. She did her best to stay silent as she walked through the house, making it to the front door without much incident- except for when she'd nearly tripped over a stray cardboard box, but she chooses not to acknowledge such a thing ever happened. I'm the dorkiest ninja to ever live.

She fumbled with the lock for a moment before pushing the door open, gingerly shutting it behind her as she quickly slipped on her shoes, which had been lying there on the porch. Miyako glanced around to make sure no one else was nearby- she didn't think there would be with how late it was, but she couldn't help but feel on edge tonight. She wandered over to her horribly old bike and nudged the kickstand out of place before walking it over to the side of the road.

Miyako... generally knew where she was going as she began to pedal down the sidewalk, trusting herself enough to figure things out as she went. Eventually, she managed to get to school without crashing the bike or getting herself too lost, and at this point she knew it'd be too late to turn back and forget about all this. She set her bike up by the school's steps and checked her phone to see how much time she had to be inside, and if she remembered things correctly she still had a little while. Miyako sat down on the bottom step, wringing her hands as she waited for time to slowly pass.

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Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:55 pm
by Azra
Being used as a pillow and the warmth of being bunddled up close to someone with a jacket improvised blanket was not helping stay awake. The battle against sleep was one Taylor thought herself a champion of, between music games and sports who had time for rest? Her fierce nightly rival had one dastardly consistently reliable ploy however, an alligianxe born under the moon to plague the punk. That being the calculated corruption of the callously cruel creature dubbed comfort. Snuggled up and warm with a friend brought the dreaded plague of yawns and heavy eye lids. Her greatest weapon, music with the drums of War and sick guitar riffs had failed her. Disarmed by the notion of wanting to be polite and not bother a friend.

That was until a sound could be heard for a second paranoia came. What if it was the principal or something a teacher who forgot something and might rat them out? Or perhaps late cleaning staff, that's what janitors were for of course, but she had hung outside a college once with a friend and her older brother once. And ever sense then Taylor feared that such a crew might hold late night activity goers hostage, roped into vacuuming or some other super boring process. That was stupid though and soon though the lighting was miserable she figured she knew who was on the approach. And, and not seeing them great. Now Taylor probably would look like a bitch or cause a fright.

She tried to give a wake up nudge to Lydia but it didn't seem enough to move. Yelling was bad, rude and creepy. Whispering then? No also creepy and probably stalker like. She crossed her fingers and hoped a regular volume would do, "hey Miyako over here" she tried to wave from her spot against the wall. Which she immediately regretted imagining that in the limited light it probably looked like some writhing mass then a person.

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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:13 pm
by UmbraSight
Kiwako jerked to the right in her chair, and at the same time her character hit the ground, the crack of the sniper’s round passing just over head. She clicked her tongue, annoyed as she squirmed behind the cover of a rock. Ok, maybe this rifle didn’t quite have the range she thought it did and perhaps she had just given her position away, but on the bright side the sniper missed his shot.

So that was nice.

What was the best option, wait him out? He’d likely move on to other targets if she remained behind the rock. Or scoot to a different vantage point. Or —

With a click of her tongue and a tap of her thumb Kiwako’s character popped up. She aimed quick and squeezed down on the controller’s trigger, but to her left the alarm on her phone bleeped to life and Kiwako reflexively jerked. The sniper, with no such impediment landed his second shot. With a huff Kiwako plucked up her phone, switched off the alarm before doing the same to the console. A disappointing end to her streak, but she had places to be.

She rose to her feet, and pushed her phone back onto the pocket of her skirt. She stepped over to the door of her room and opened it enough to see across the hall, the room of her parents was already closed. All good there.

Kiwako flicked her room light off, slipped out the door and pressed it gently behind her. Her steps light, socked feet on carpet, she crept past her parent’s room and down an adjoining hall to the front of the house. Her heart fluttered in her chest, but she had done this plenty of time for water in the middle of the night and they had never gotten up then.

She crept next into the kitchen, and didn’t stop until she reached her shoes at the door leading into a garage. She knelt down slid a hand into her left shoe, and retrieved a key she had stowed there earlier before pulling her shoes on.

She paused a moment to listen to the house, she didn’t hear anyone coming. With a shrug, she placed a hand on the doorknob, and with a careful twist and gentle press, pushed it open. She stepped out into the garage, closing the door just as easily behind her before walking slowly in the dark room to a door in the back.

A flip of the locks, the same careful way of opening the door, and Kiwako was outside in the cool night air. She locked the door behind her, slipped the key into a pocket, and with a lungful of the air, started to jog around the house.

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:13 am
by Svisttt
"hey Miyako over here"

The pink haired girl jerked upright with a quiet little squeak of surprise. She hesitantly peered around, thinking she recognized the voice, but wasn't completely sure. Miyako eventually caught sight of... of... what? It was a wiggly thing. A spooky wiggly thing shrouded in darkness that knew her name.

She was always told not to accept candy from people in vans or other forms of vehicular transportation modules, and to stay away from strangers in general, but she'd been told nothing about spooky wiggly things that sprouted out of walls... Miyako used this excuse to justify her cautiously walking over to the writhing little thing, and as she got closer she realized it was an arm! A human arm! A person knew her name! She still couldn't see them very well, but was it that Taylor girl from earlier who really seemed to enjoy hugs? She was really the only one Miyako could recall telling her name to, except for maybe Yoshiki, but they hadn't talked very much.

With a little more bravery at the thought of it possibly just being Taylor, Miyako stepped a bit closer to the wall and peered around the corner. Two girls- and she was right! "T-Taylor! Your arm noodle scared me!" Miyako suddenly blurted, trying to keep her voice a whisper.

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:06 pm
by Wint
And so, he was alone.
Harito left, and Hayate was his own only company.
Eh, what was new?
He walked back home, both happy of the possible friendships that he had encountered that day, and sad that it all had to end. And terrified... knowing he will have to show up tonight.
Walking in, the house was dark. Heading inside to prepare lunch for himself.
The lights were lit, one by one as Hayate went around the house, first floor, second floor.

The oil sizzled as the meal cued its preparedness vocally, and so the pan was set.
Grabbing all the bits and pieces from all around the kitchen, and his lunch was finished.
Now he just had to sit in front of the TV in the living room, eat and finish his homework.

After a while, everything was done.
The dishes were clean, the work was done, and the TV began running for several hours, even when Hayate no longer looked at it.
He was afraid. What if his concerns about tonight would become true?

The air conditioning felt louder. The TV's inaudible static became deafening. Everything felt hazy, looked hazy.
Wiping his eyes, he carried with his day.


It was around 10 pm when they finally had dinner.
Holding back a smile from ear to ear, Hayate smiled politely. Softly.
This felt like forever...
Why did it have to end?

And hour later and his parents were fast asleep.
Problem was, they were fast asleep in front of the TV.

Perhaps the static could cover for his footsteps.
Or, it could keep them only sleeping lightly. He had to gamble...
The last light in the house went dark, and Hayate left with a small bag with water and a knife from the kitchen covered in some paper towels.
Just to be safe.

Not wanting to be late, Hayate quickly grabbed his bike and began to pedal.
The night was just as beautiful as day, but... quieter.
Darker, but calmer.
As the wheels turned, Hayate took his time, to be frank, enjoying bathing underneath the gorgeous moon's glow.
The normal, white moon. The one of purity rather than sickness.

Giving himself the pleasure he so desperately wanted, needed, he now proceeded to head straight for the school, but never neglected the wonderful sights of empty and yet bloodless streets.
The mesmerising melodies of absolutely nothing.

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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:24 pm
by Annasiel
"Bessest lil stone dragon violin princess!" Sayuri added, giggling gleefully and squirming away from Eiko. It was nice being coddled like a kid, sometimes, but she was a big girl now, and needed to put on a big girl facade of nonchalance. (This, of course, didn't apply to carrying and headpats. Those were a different thing altogether, and perfectly acceptable for big girls to receive).

Wriggling free from Eiko's clutches, Sayuri half-toppled, half-leaped to the ground, managing to land on one foot and just barely keep from stumbling. While her fine motor coordination was a step above her peers, the rest of her body still felt awkward, balances shifting and limbs moving like distant parts. For the most part, she managed to make it work, but she wasn't nimble or acrobatic in any sense of the word. No, that all went to Eiko.

Eiko was so cool.

"To the school?" Sayuri asked, reaching out for Eiko's hand. This, also, was non-applicable to the big girl dilemma. Hand holding was a basic tenament of safety, and as her parents insisted, big girls did hold others' hands.

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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:56 am
by Poetic Ghost

The 13th Hour Approaches...

Okawa's fingers drummed against the briefcase that sat in the center of his desk. "Once more, into the fray," he mumbled, slowly turning the tumblers on the lock that held the case shut. It had been a long time since he had opened the case, but he knew that the contents would never change, no matter who wielded it, it would not change.

His students would arrive soon, hopefully together, lest he had to repeat himself because of one late loner. Regardless, he was nervous, it had been such a long time since the last meeting of the Paranormal Club. But they were smart kids, they had some idea of what they would soon come to experience.

Once more, he checked his watch. With the hour approaching, he grabbed the case and made his way to the gymnasium.

- - -

Yoshiki made his way to the school, crossing under dim street lights. In a town such as this, there was little night life that disturbed the peace. It was refreshing, the peaceful quietness mixed with the comfortability of the buildings.

His attire had changed since he had last been out. His uniform was replaced by more hip 'street clothes' and he was not carrying his shoulder bag, instead only holding his wallet and phone in the pockets of his pants. Yoshiki rarely dressed like this, unless he was going to a function or on a date. But, he thought that tonight was enough of an occasion to warrant his outfit.

He walked to the back of the school, to the gym doors where Okawa had told them to meet. It appeared he was not the only one to arrive, although he had no way to open the door. Perhaps a classmate could find the key?

- - -

Naito parked in the empty lot outside of the high school. Her car was a small sedan, and was only slightly cluttered. She turned to the boy in her passenger seat and gave him a wide grin. "Well, this is as far as I go." She passed him a key with a keychain that read; 'Gym Doors.'
Naito extended her arms to the boy for a hug, but would understand if he declined. "Good luck, Arishima-kun."

((Sorry everyone. Summertime has been kind of hectic for me, but I haven't lost interest in this. Here we go into the second act of this RP, the actual 13th Hour. I've had some thought, and I have plans for this RP and the kind of things you are going to encounter in this RP. Note, you are meeting at the gymnasium doors to get into the school.))