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Re: A Good Time to be Bad [RP]

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:43 pm
by Pronoia
Athena raised her eye brows in surprise as Afterthought promoted her as the one to lead the team not that Athena failed to believe she herself was qualified for the task but rather that the employer would actually hand over virtually total control " for the vote of confidence, I will operate to best of my abilities to ensure a successful mission" Athena replied back with as much humility she could muster towards Afterthought before becoming silent. There was a lot on Athena's mind and she did feel some guilt for her previous behaviour which now seemed almost overreactive then Tyria appeared beside her issuing an apology.

Oh my god what is wrong with me?
Athena's inner anger was now replaced with an almost nauseating guilt and she quickly tried to make things right before it got worst "no no please don't appologize, I thought you were being sarcastic about my plan being good" Athena whispered back to Tyria but did not give eye contact "but I'm not sure what you refer to by interest, either way if it's okay with you could we talk about this in private. I got a lot on my mind right now"

Re: A Good Time to be Bad [RP]

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:58 am
by LunaHawk
(Seeing as people are generally leaning towards moving forward, I will do so =))


Now that it seemed as if most of the critical questions had been answered Afterthought turned to forming the teams. Tyria, Athena and Marcus were assigned to take the entrance and secure the museum. They would be the initial strike team, Afterthought gave to herself the job of ensuring an escape route and placed Vadim and their late arrival with pink skin with the critical job of ensuring any new arrivals on scene would be cut down in the street. The task might not hold the most immediate glory, but it was unquestionable and obvious that the forces that would respond to the attack would be...significant. They would be the gate keepers.

It only took Afterthought a matter of hours to acquire the items described by Athena, though the explosives turned out to be unusual brass cylinders with glass tubing. Emergency vehicles were acquired but uniforms to get in were unnecessary. The museum was, after all, open to the public.

Afterthought kicked back on a park bench near the museum, quietly playing a small vial between her fingers while speaking to the team quietly through their com system. "Go when you're ready Athena. Vadim and pink girl who never told me her name, are you in position?" It was a nice day out and she lowered her goggles into place, placing her blue-shift lens over her right eye as she kept an eye on the tourists and other traffic. The museum itself was a monumental building of white stone and golden front doors. Beyond lie all manner of displays and interactive exhibits about the Age of Heroes. Children flocked to the museum like locusts to a field and their parents dutifully took them through the facility, their memories of that time influenced less by the comic flair for the dramatic of children and more by the harsh reality of a less peaceful age.

Afterthought smiled to herself. It's payback time. Their goal here wasn't to hurt the children or their parents, though in truth Afterthought didn't care about their lives at all and if any were killed, so be it. Their goal was to destroy equipment and demolish as much of the actual structure and interior of the building as they could, a symbolic strike that would also rob the world of the very same equipment necessary to deal with her and her little band. She glanced at the museum entrance, her eyes lingering for a moment on a statue of a famous hero at the front entrance. She tried to remember his name and ultimately shrugged.

"Someone take out that stupid statue while you're at it." She said after a moment.

Today, the world was about to change.

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Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:25 am
by FakeSkrillex
"Na pozitsii" A heavy Russian accent spoke suddenly into the earpiece.

He had let the others figure out the plan, he knew what he was, a loaded gun just waiting to be fired at whoever was unlucky enough to be in his way. And his position worked for that. Standard guard with the... thing... that had come through the roof earlier. It wasn't necessary though, Vadim could hold this position on his own, but he simply did as he was told.

He stood propped up against a wall across the street from the museum smoking a cigarette. A guitar case propped up next to him holding his rifle, it tended to draw less attention to him when he was in public. The area seemed peaceful enough right now, some guards on duty but nothing major. No one would really expect an attack on somewhere like this, no point in it. Unless you want to send a message to the world that heroes aren't real, that is. And Vadim was all for that.

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Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:12 pm
by Pronoia
Athena was clad in black tactical equipment neck to toe a massive change from her usual conspicuous attire, she adjusted a rubber mask of a fox she wore which while almost cartoonish looking was still a high quality mask. "Equipment check" Athena spoke through her ear pierce by pressing her index and middle finger together sternly against a portion of the rubber mask, after this she dropped to a knee and reviewed her dangerous payload that was stored in a military style backpack. Everything was in order and Athena stood back up while equipping the tactical backpack "All units this is Mother Fox, a reminder that typical emergency response times are eleven minutes, based on where this area is located at it might be as soon as eight. I highly recommend we be finished with this mission by the seven minute mark to make our withdrawal less difficult"

Athena pulled her hand away from the orange rubber that shielded her identity and glanced towards Tyria before speaking to her softly "I...have a few requests before I issue the order to commence the operation, first would be if you could assist my mobility by using your teleportation to get me to the designated areas as well as get me out of here once we're done, second request would be if you can stay behind me until I have aquired the enemy aggro" Athena made a fist with one of her gloved hands and tapped it repeatedly against her own onyx armor vest "I'll owe you and will make sure to repay it"

With that said and done Athena gestured for Tyria to follow her out of the obscurity of their original position and out into public view, Athena pressed fingers against her comm once more "All units, commence operation Henhouse" she moved her hand to dip into the pockets of her pants and pulled out a lighter and with the other hand pulled out a pipe bomb, she lit the fused and tossed it at the statue Afterthought referenced.


"Target destroyed, stay alert!" Athena commented outloud as she unsheated one of her two pistols and wielded it with both hands for better accuracy.

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Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:19 pm
by illirica
There were a few hours down time between the mission proposal and the time to meet to execute the plan, and Tyria used them as well as she could. Usually she liked a little more time than that, but she could manage with a few hours. She had teleported back to her apartment and deposited the kitten on the carpet with a neon mouse, which the kitten promptly decided was a mortal enemy and attacked in full force. Tyria watched for half a moment, then smiled and stripped out of her clothes and got into the shower, grabbing a bottle of dye from the cabinet. She didn't have time for bleach, so it was a dark walnut color, washed into her hair quickly and then blown dry and pulled into a quick knot for the moment.

Her wardrobe was filled with quite a good selection of clothes, and she put on a couple pairs of underpants, dropping a little crocheted sack between the two. Binder was next - her mother had taught her to wind a silk cloth around her breasts, but the modern inventions were so much simpler. It really was interesting what people could come up with in pursuit of themselves. She added a bit of padded cloth around her middle to confuse the definition of her waist, then slipped into black pants, black shoes, and a fitted T-shirt.

Cosmetics were next, adhesive across her chin and cheeks and a light dusting of trimmed hair to give the impression of a five-o'-clock shadow, then foundation and concealer, bronzer and highlighter, redefining her jawline and the shape of her neck and wrists. She added a gray button-up shirt and a black tie, clipped down neatly with a tie-pin and a couple stitches for good measure, and tied her hair back in a distinctive queue.

The face in the mirror was Trevor Kane, as described by the ID card she added to her pocket inside a wallet with some spare cash. A pistol in a shoulder holster completed the outfit - no sense carrying concealed when the night would be full of explosions. She decided she was satisfied with herself-as-Trevor, and went down to change the water in the kitten's dish and set out some dry food. "Be good, Stitch," she admonished, leaving the kitten to grapple with its foe and vanishing into the night.

She returned to where the others were, an entirely different person, popping in next to Athena with a whispered "Boo" to let her make of that what she would and let the rest of them sort it out before they got going. It didn't take long, most of them having made their own preparations as well. Apparently the green-haired girl had decided to be a red rubber fox. It was... not an improvement, but Tyria/Trevor decided she'd just have to make the best of it. After all, they couldn't all be masters of disguise. Some of them had to find their alter egos at discount Halloween stores.
Athena pulled her hand away from the orange rubber that shielded her identity and glanced towards Tyria before speaking to her softly "I...have a few requests before I issue the order to commence the operation, first would be if you could assist my mobility by using your teleportation to get me to the designated areas as well as get me out of here once we're done, second request would be if you can stay behind me until I have aquired the enemy aggro" Athena made a fist with one of her gloved hands and tapped it repeatedly against her own onyx armor vest "I'll owe you and will make sure to repay it"
"First one's free," Tyria told her, with a smile, "But only the first one. I'm not running a ferry service. I can only teleport others on contact, so I'll have to be touching you if you want a lift. I can get you in fine. And... I'll get you out because I like you."

When the time came to move, she reached out and took Athena's hand, gently peeling back the glove to expose a patch of skin at her wrist and laying two fingers on the area. Because she was a professional, she mostly refrained from adding in a little impudent caress, and then they were gone, reappearing later. Tyria didn't try the same flirtation on the other end - it was all business in enemy territory. She let go and flickered out of existence again, appearing behind Athena as instructed, pulling her own weapon and putting her back to the other woman, guarding the opposing direction.

"Let's make this happen."

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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:35 am
by Kaija21
FakeSkrillex wrote:
Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:25 am
"It's Jezebelle, but you can call me Boomerang"

She answered the unasked question. Standing atop the building that her partner had been leaning on, the pink neer-do-well, watched the streets with a bird's eye view. Despite her elevated perch, she carried no gun, bombs or even a throwable weapon to lob down on any law enforcement that might come to intervene. One might think that her current position would only delay her ability to combat armed forces when the action started, but being up there would actually make it easier for her to put a dent in their numbers when the time came.

For now, she would simply wait quietly and her position to catch sight of threats in the distance long before they arrived and watch her partner's back.

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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:19 am
by Orph
"You know, you all seem to think we're some kinda military unit. What with the code-names and shit. Why do we need extra code-names, again? We already use our villain-names for just about everything."

Marksman was sitting on a rooftop, not far from the target building. He held a sniper rifle in his hands, peering down the scope at the rest of the group.

"I wouldn't worry about cops or capes, though. You all do your thing, I'll keep them busy from up here."
"After all, I am the Man that Never Misses."

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:48 am
by LunaHawk
And so it began, with a bang. The statue crumbled and flew apart, pieces of it struck nearby civilians unfortunate enough to be in their path and bodies crumpled along with the debris. There were security guards at the entrance but they were little better than rent a cops, one of them simply fled deeper into the building, yelling and shouting some incoherent as he panicked. The other guard came rushing for them, his pistol leveled as he attempted to take a shot at the woman who had thrown the bomb.

Civilians scattered in mass hysteria and on her bench Afterthought smirked. The museum was already in-acting its idiotic active shooter protocols. People would be ushered into rooms and told to shelter in place, at least the people who were not freaking out and running in ever conceivable direction. The predictability of the protocol disgusted her.

The two snipers would immediately have work to do as two more guards came rushing out of the museum and, perhaps surprisingly, guards from other buildings nearby came out to respond to the explosion. In total six guards were now actively moving towards the assault team, pistols raised, warnings shouted on frightened lips. The little rent a cops shouted at the assault team to drop their weapons and get down, right up until the museum officer fired a bullet straight for Athena's pretty face. The others prepared to open fire as well. The opening little portion of their play had begun but there was much left to do.

Afterthought turned on a radio and listened to the news broadcast. She glanced at her overwrought chronometer and smiled a little. Average emergency response time was eleven minutes, but she predicted a different kind of response in a shorter amount of time. She expected some sort of misguided hero or two to arise from within the museum and one or two from outside of it as well, just as soon as they proved the silly rent a cops were no match for them. She glanced in the direction of her snipers and smiled a little, it was an almost imperceptible gesture meant to tell them to open fire when ready.

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:11 pm
by Pronoia
"I won't let you down sister" Athena uttered her response to Tyria in a poised manner while tilting her head down to further emphasize her level of reassurance but the words selected were not something Athena normally used in a conversation with someone however this was because Athena had taken notice of her associates rather warm demeanor towards her and wanted to in a way return the sentiment.

The armed guards arrived no more than a moment later after she made her statement and they issued a series of loud almost incoherent commands towards Athena before opening fire, instead of evading Athena spread her arms outwards in an attempt to shield Tyria who where she last remembered was next to her back "I'll take left!" the teal haired nineteen year old shouted from behind her mask as barrages of pistol fire struck a yellow shimmering shield that projected one millimeter outwards from Athena's body. Athena had exceptional perception but she did not have eyes behind her head to know if Tyria was in the same place so she held her own position while getting shot at repeatedly for a total of three seconds before she finally returned to her previous composure and took aim to counter fire, with duelist like speed she executed two of the six guards shooting at her with perfect headshots Shields holding ninety nine percent Athena paused from her shooting spree despite her enemies not giving the liberty of a break where's Trevor? the tactician ceased her shooting and began rapidly pacing closer to the guards with gun pointed at them.

Athena's goal to coerce her shooters to focus their attention as much as possible to give her allies openings to attack at the cost of her own safety a risk but one Athena was sure her personal shield could handle.

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:23 pm
by FakeSkrillex
The force of the explosion was impressive to Vadim. Windows shattered, car alarms started going off, and all around him people ran for cover while he stood and watched. He took a long drag from the cigarette before flicking it away and moving to a firing position.

With one fluid motion Vadim grabbed his case and flicked it open with a satisfying click. Revealing his weapon inside of a fitted foam case on the inside. He grabbed his rifle and readied a round, looking towards his two 'teammates' standing at the center of it all.

Being put on the ground gave him easy access to any ground units coming up the streets but not much when it came to hitting the museum guards. He could easily see three near, was her name Tyra? Whatever. He inhaled sharply and exhaled with a slow release, squeezing the trigger as he did and sending a bullet right through the back of one of the guards skulls. His next shot was for the man to the right of his original target, he fired again and ripped a hole through the mans upper body, sending both falling to the ground mere seconds apart from each other.

As he went for his third shot he heard shot from his left, it whizzed just past Vadim and shattered the back window of a car just past him. He looked at the source, a shaking security guard with a shocked look on his face. His uniform suggested that he was just working at one of the stores near the museum when the explosion went off and decided to be a hero. Poor guy.

Vadim stood and grabbed his sidearm, aiming at the man as he fired two more desperate shots, one passed over Vadim's shoulder while the second hit him square in the chest, just to be met with an unsatisfying tink as it hit the armor lying under Vadim's skin. He shook his head and shot the man right between the eyes, snapping his head back as he fell to the ground with a thud.

The rest of the guards were up to the sniper on the rooftops, Vadim was waiting for his prey to show its face on the ground.