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Aurelia vs. Ipsum (Xylohem)

Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:01 am
by Light-Witch
It was a cold December morning, and school was canceled due to the windchill being below zero, but the young redhead scrambling to get ready was unaware of that due to oversleeping. Lysandra was aware of how much time she had left until her eighteenth birthday, and the fact that it was less than three weeks did nothing to help her case. "Grandma, where's my Participation in Government textbook? Last I knew, it was on my desk, but hopefully Mariana (she stopped calling her mom after eighth grade) didn't take it again like last time." Her voice rang out loud, and that was when she heard a thud that told her that the woman who gave birth to her was up. "Shut up Mari, I don't want to hear it!" Deny, deny, deny: the woman's favorite tactic to use. If was then that Lucinda calmly walked in with the textbook, explained that it was left on the dining room table, and showed her that school was closed. "Thanks grandma, and is it okay if I try to go over to Mal's house so I can get away from the woman society wants me to call mom?" Lucinda calmly nodded before Lysa picked up her phone to text Malakh to see if he was aware that school was out due to the weather.

To Mal: Snow day today, is it possible to hang out at your place so I can get out of the house?

While Lysandra was getting ready, Lucinda walked into Mariana's room to find her binding the books that were meant for her to pass down, and it was one that was going to be hard for a newbie to unbind it. "Your obsession with protecting Lysa will be your undoing, and if you're not careful, it'll be hers as well. Malakh can help her, but the more you try to 'protect' her, the more at risk she'll become." The two of them have been at odds with each other for as long as Mariana was alive, and it was clear that there was a hint of hostility in her voice after she had locked away the young girl's powers. "I want her to have a normal life like the one you denied me, and it's your fault she hates me mother." The elderly woman shook her head before snapping her fingers to undo the binding that was taking place. "It was how you said being with Roland was for her own protection that made her hate you, and she has to start training soon before the Ipsum Caecus appears." It was at that moment when the two of them locked eyes, and Mari was furious while her mother remained calm and collected. "She's not the Aurelia Magnum, and as far as the world is concerned, she never will be." The coldness in her voice at the possibility of Lysa being the Aurelia Magnum was enough to freeze the air between them if she could manipulate water, but Luce remained strong. "You don't know about the seven powers she developed as a child, and the Aurelia Magnum has seven powers. You locked them away before she could develop them completely, and if she loses to the Ipsum Caecus, the only one to blame will be you Mariana." It was at this point that Lysa was completely ready to go, and the only thing she was waiting on was a text back from Mal if he was up by this point.

From Luce: Get Lysa out of the house, her mother's not in the best of moods, and I'd rather the two of them stay apart for the time being.

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Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:32 am
by Xylohem
The sounds of rock shook Malakh awake as he fell from his chair. Looking to where he had fallen asleep on his desk, he quickly took his phone with one hand and lifted his chair back into its normal position with his other. Scanning his feed he found the text from his best friend and read it with quick eyes. Though his phone erupted once again with music that spooked him enough to make the object fly from his grip. Lunging at the now falling fragile technology he barely caught it at the tips of his fingers. Standing slowly he brushed the pain from his body as a knock could be heard. "Are you alright in there hun?" Reading through Old Lady Silver's message, Malakh nodded and opened his door.

Standing before him was his mother. Her tattered red hair held hints of grey though she had desperately attempted to hide them every day. She wore her mud painted jeans with a casual yellow sweater to match. "I'm fine mom, promise. Just had to catch my phone." A concerned look came from her emerald eyes and he shook his head to try and relieve her of her fear. "But I do, have a question though..." Giving him a puzzled glance, Malakh's mother listened to his plea and sighed. But when he showed her the message from the town visionary, she looked at him with both worry and an expectant glance. "If you hurt that girl..." Raising his hands in his defense, Malakh desperately tried to stave off his mother's ideas of what the two might have been up to since they met. "No magic, I know the deal. And be respectful, I know."

Once more his phone vibrated and sung out with rock and roll. Looking at his phone, he noticed a new text from one of his bandmates and quickly dismissed the message. Turning his phone on silent his mother nodded her head and turned her back to his room muttering about his choice to join a band in the first place. He knew she enjoyed classical music, but the draw of a good beat and bass line was more his style. Pulling up his text messages he quickly sent a message to Lysa.

To Lysa: Yeah, it is completely possible. Want me to pick you up? I'm not sure how my dad's car will fare but I can try to go and get you.

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Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:06 am
by Light-Witch
Lysandra was smiling as she saw that Malakh was willing to not only let her come over again, but he was going to give her a ride as well. She had decided to do a simple braid in the time between when she texted him and he replied, and she could hear that her 'mother' and grandmother were fighting again. They never got along for as long as she could remember, and it got worse after she was attacked at six before coming to a head when she was attacked again at ten. With the other guys who managed to get past her scar, she wouldn't normally do anything different that could reveal her scar, but with her best friend..things were different with him. He had been there since the beginning, and he never did anything to hurt her like Mariana did. Mal even knew that Lysa lost her dad when she was two, and his response was accepting despite other kids looking at her like she was speaking Latin before realizing that it was offered in school.

To Mal: Yeah, and besides, I like your dad's car. It's a classic, and your parents like me. Still have the same old drama going on like usual?

Lysandra knew that Malakh had a girlfriend in the past, and while she had been happy about him dating, it was that same day that she had locked herself in her room and cried while playing the piano. She refused to come out when Mariana asked what was wrong, but when Lucinda knocked and said she had one of her smoothies that tasted like cookie dough, she opened the door and explained to her what was going on. He was none the wiser, and yet something was off when he broke up with her. It was like he dated her for the sake of dating her, but she was upset about the breakup. "Grandma, can I talk to you for a second?" They finally stopped fighting, and she smiled warmly before sitting down on the couch with her. "Is it about Malakh?" The look on her face was enough to let her know that she was right, and it was enough to let her give Lysa a hug as she spoke.

"I want to tell him while I'm over at his house, but he just seems so busy lately with everything he has going on. His parents like me, but I don't know why I feel hesitant to tell him I want to be more than friends with him." Luce had already managed to make a smoothie before arguing with Mariana, and she led her to the kitchen so she could get her a thermos full to take with her. "You have Silvers in your blood, and besides, the Sheli family has been close to ours since the time of Christ. You're a Silvers woman, and you're stronger than anyone I've ever met. Besides, do you still want to change your name to Lysandra Silvers when you turn eighteen?" It wasn't a surprise that she wanted to change her name, and she handed her the metallic red thermos that she filled with a smoothie. What she didn't know was that the "smoothies" were really potions, and the cookie dough flavored one had a side effect that was unknowingly wearing away the block faster than normal. It also was the run of the mill mood booster, but she didn't know that due to Mari saying that any involvement with magic after the block would get her taken away from them. Lysandra was unique, and while she had admitted that Malakh made her feel normal, she was much stronger than he was. Yet would they mix their lines for the first time, or would they be cursed to be separated like many of their ancestors had in the past?

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Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:52 am
by Xylohem
Sending a text back to his band's chat group, Malakh prepared a spot on his calendar for a band performance. Before he finished imputing the data into his calendar his phone vibrated. Scanning the message he got back from Lysandra, he went to his window and checked outside. The snow continued to fall upon the grass and cement relentlessly. Sounds of scraping and snowblowers echoed around the neighborhood, deafening most communications. Glancing at his driveway Malakh watched his father desperately shovel a new inch layer of snow that had recently drifted to the end of its trail. It was at times like these Malakh wished he had different magic. Control over water wasn't too common, but in times like this, it would be incredibly useful.

To Lysa: Drama is life Lysa. And considering my dad worships his Cadillac, there will be problems. Give me a nice summer day and a bullet bike, I would love it.

After sending his response, Malakh realized he had to coax his father into letting him borrow his car in the bone-chilling weather. His father would be fine letting him drive it during Spring and Summer, but he was always cautious when it came to bad weather days. Taking another glance at his father from his window, Malakh said a quick prayer to whatever God, or Gods, would listen. "Please for the love of everything, just let my dad be lenient with the car today." Taking a quick moment to gather himself and brush out the ruffles in his hair from his recent 'bed head.' Malakh also decided to clean himself up quickly for the day and put on a new set of dark gothic clothing.

As he brushed his new shirt down on his form a trail of darkness seemed to wave at him. His eyes shot at the movement and quickly he took a step back. Glancing about the room the shadows remained still, though it didn't stop his heart from racing in fear. After taking a few moment to compose himself, Malakh dashed from his room and went to coax his father into taking the car to pick up Lysandra. But as he made his way down from his room and into the kitchen his mother pointed to a spot on the counter. There sat the keys to the 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville, his father's pride and joy. Scooping up the keys with one hand, the young man kissed his mother's cheek and dashed into the opened garage.

To Lysa: Fyi, on the way. Wish me luck!

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Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:00 am
by Light-Witch
(A brief view into the fading block due to Mariana's Empathy sealing her powers away. These will get more noticeable as time goes on, but it's going to be a bit before anyone will notice besides her.)

It wasn't that long of a wait for Lysandra when it came to getting picked up, especially considering that they only lived a few blocks away from each other. When the weather was good, they could either walk or bike to the other person's house, but it was days like today when a vehicle was necessary. Thankfully Malakh had his dad's car, and he was careful driver even when the weather was good. The Deville was his father's pride and joy, and she was lucky enough to be in their good graces as a Silvers that nobody else had the pleasure of getting a ride in it with him. They even knew that she had a voice that rivaled Amy Lee of Evanescence, but she still struggled with the desire to show it off. Lysa had stage fright unless she felt comfortable with showing off her talents, and the only ones that she really felt comfortable showing her talents to happened to be Mal and his bandmates...though her best friend had yet to allow her to hear them perform.

To Mal: Drive safely, and I knew you'd get the car. See you in a few Mal.

Lysandra had a keyboard stashed at Malakh's house for safekeeping, and it was also at his house that she kept her gear for sparring. Mariana would've likely hidden it on her like she had many times prior, and yet she kept denying hiding them. Yet while she gazed into the partial reflection in the window pane, she thought she saw the light grow brighter for a second before going back to normal, but it was too fleeting to be noticed easily. It's just a... trick of the light. A real trick unlike the ones I noticed before. She quickly dismissed it, but in reality, the first of her powers to begin to wreak havoc before she gained control of it was her photomancy, and her grandmother said that had she been normal, it would've been her only power. Her best friend had only been made aware of her powers when the older student had attacked her, but thanks to the block, she never found out about her powers, or that having seven powers made her the Aurelia Magnum. Lysa now began to feel as if something was missing from her life, and she was going to ask her grandmother about it when her mom wasn't around so she could get some real answers about what could be missing from her life. Maybe it was Mal staying her friend, maybe it was something else, but she wanted to know the truth...even if it would shatter her world by returning to light had her mother not taken efforts to keep it hidden from her.

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Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:01 am
by Xylohem
Pulling the vehicle slowly out of the driveway and past the blocks to Lysandra's house a call rang out on his phone. The hum of his phone didn't distract Malakh as he actually cursed at his phone. "You stupid shit thing, don't do this while I'm driving damn it..." Pulling around to the front of the Silvers' home, Malakh parked the car and checked his phone. The first text was from his band group, an urgent message about playing times being pushed forward. Pride and nervousness flushed through his body as he asked to clarify the time. After answering their message Malakh found the message from Lysa. With a smile, he looked at the snow-covered grass outside of her house.

To Lysa: Here I am, not gonna honk and disturb the neighbors.

Once again his phone shook and the message came back loud and clear from his bandmates. "Dude, the stage is open for us in half an hour! Get your ass here now!!" Urgency took his mind as the location they were to play in was a small and simple concert hall nearly twenty minutes away from his house. The 'Grande Theatre' was a hot spot for bands to play and work back to back, often competing against each other for 'band supremacy' and bragging rights. But from the messages and scheduling, there was only going to be Malakh's band playing. Flight of the Amaranth Wolves was becoming more famous due to their recent covers online, but Malakh never expected that they would pull center stage alone. Shooting a response to his friends, Malakh needed to send a text to Lysa as well.

To Lysa: Hey, uh, short notice. Do you want to see my friends and listen to some music at the Grande Theatre?

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Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:55 pm
by Light-Witch
Lysandra was just about to run outside when Malakh made the offer to have her go to the Grand Theatre with him, and she was always up for listening to music. She knew his band was very popular, but he was hesitant to even allow her to listen to his band's music. Maybe he was afraid she wouldn't like his music, but he knew by this point that she liked rock music, and she heard people say that they were great. From the way things sounded, this was likely the only chance in a long time that she was going to hear them. Instead of replying to his text, she just walked calmly outside with her thermos in her hand, and rushed to get in once she opened the door. "Hey, and I didn't get the chance to reply before heading out, but I'll go with you to the Grand Theatre. Anything you want to do after?" Lysa had her slate eyes focused on the road as she spoke, but she turned her gaze towards Mal as she offered him a bit of her smoothie to him.

"Grandma made this, and she knows that I like this kind because it tastes like cookie dough. Want some before you have to perform?" It was a habit for Lysandra to offer Malakh what she was drinking if he didn't have something, and it was something that solidified their friendship. She couldn't remember why her mom had been furious at her before she had reported her ex-stepfather, but at the same time, she knew it had something to do with the first attack. She did something in retaliation, but her mind had blocked it due to the trauma. At least that was what her mom wanted her to believe. "Mari's getting worse when it comes to being overprotective, and grandma's trying to talk her into letting me stay over for the first time in years. At least when I turn eighteen, I'll be free from many of her rules." She tapped her hand against her window, and it was out of the corner of her eye that she saw the snow collect around where her hand touched the glass. What the...? Lysa hadn't even realized that it was going on, and due to them driving, Mal hadn't noticed it.

Twice in one day... am I going insane or something? It felt that way, but if she knew the truth, then she might go insane due to the news.

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Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:48 pm
by Xylohem
Taking the thermos, he smelled the concoction within and took a sip of the smoothie. Malakh noticed the hints of what could be referred to as 'cookie dough' and smirked. "I may just take this all for myself, it's so good!" He teased as he placed the thermos in-between the two of them when she was settled into the car. Using another neighbor's driveway, he did a U-turn and began to drive toward his home. "I have to grab my gear, but afterward we have two options. First is hang out with the band, or second is going to hang out at my house." It wouldn't take them long to drive at all but he kept his eyes focused on the road ahead. With all of the snow, Malakh was driving with extreme caution making sure his father's favorite vehicle wouldn't get ruined. "Well, Mari's made mistakes. You can't fully hold it against her since she wants to protect you. She just hasn't found the right way to do so yet." His voice was kind and considerate as he spoke to Lysandra.

Malakh knew Lysandra was strong and could take care of herself, he had even seen her do so with a bully years ago. So he knew she was fully capable, though he understood why her mother was so protective. Magic and abilities could be dangerous. Plus a natural reaction to something new was to often run or fight against it. Eventually, the car found it's way into the driveway of Malakh's house. "Keep the car running, I just got to grab my bass and amp." Giving Lysa a smile, he parked the car and got out. Dashing into his home, Malakh found his mother making hot chocolate in the kitchen. Quickly he told her what the plan for the day was, to which she smiled her sweet ruby smile and nodded for him to grab his things. As Malakh was retrieving his gear his mother came out to the car with a small orange Gott cooler. Going and placing the seemingly full drink holder in the trunk of the car, she made her way to Lysandra's window. It was a little difficult to hear the woman as she tried to tell Lysa that the cooler was full of hot chocolate for her and the band.

On his way back to the car, Malakh found his father holding out a small stack of to-go coffee cups. "Go on, you better be quick or your mother is going to chat Lysandra's ears off." With a grateful smile, Malakh hugged his father, took the cups with a free finger and managed to make his way outside. As soon as her son could be seen, Malakh's mother quickly went to help him put his things into the trunk of the car. "You need to learn that you cant take multiple trips." She lectured him quickly, to which he hugged her and closed the trunk of the Deville. "Yes, yes. After I learn that my room needs to be cleaned better, promise." Rolling her eyes at his teasing tone, Malakh smirked and dived into the driver seat of the car. As he began to pull out of the driveway, his father came out to wave at Lysandra with his mother. Not long later, the two were off towards the Grande Theatre. "I can't say I'm not nervous," Malakh muttered under his breath. He had intended to say this a bit louder, though it seemed his throat stole the strength behind the words, making it obvious how nervous he was that Lysa was going to watch him perform.

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Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:55 pm
by Light-Witch
Lysandra loved how Malakh's parents had made the effort over the years to make her feel accepted, and he was right about Mari. Though her thoughts did wander back to the attack before he spoke again, the thoughts from that day crossed her mind again as she remembered what she had told her grandmother before the officers got to her. I didn't have the strength to fight back. It's as if I was blocked from doing so... Her eyes returned to the driver's side as she detected anxiety in his voice, and it was upon hearing it that she held his hand for a second. "You're going to be great, and I know it from the times I heard you practicing growing up. The band has to be as good as you are." She meant it, and yet she knew that she was dressed for going to a rock concert. Her shirt and pants were both night colored, her boots have a gothic design, and her jacket was leather with a lace pattern on the inside. Lysa had managed to smile at him, and now holding his hand was different this time. Before, it was just for comfort, but now... Mal appeared to be different with his reactions to some of the things they did growing up.

By the time they had arrived at the Grand Theatre, Lysandra was dreading getting out because of the cold. She had been lanky her whole life, and lanky people never got along with the cold. "I can grab the drinks, and I'd rather hang out with you. I'll hang out with you and your bandmates another day, but today is just us." Her voice remained light, but the thoughts that crossed her mind were far from that. She was never allowed to be alone with a guy after the incident with her ex-stepfather, but the only exception to that rule was Malakh. Mari never liked her being alone with a guy, but she would always try to get her alone with a girl despite the first attacker being a girl. "Let's go." Lysa had quickly gotten everything, and now she was waiting on Mal to get his equipment ready before they could head inside.

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Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:02 am
by Xylohem
The touch of Lysandra's hand sent shockwaves up Malakh's arm and he nearly forgot about driving entirely. Though he quickly returned his focus to the drive and gave her a sweet smile. She had always been so kind when he needed it, and this was indeed one of those moments. As his nerves raced, Malakh kept a hold of her kind words to him as they seemed to calm his heart from racing. Finally arriving at the Grande Theatre he nodded to Lysa and swiftly went to take his items from the trunk. When she took the cooler of hot chocolate he closed the trunk and went to the door of the Theatre as quickly as he could with her by his side. A smile played on his lips as a rush of anticipation seemed to fill his mind. Ushering Lysa inside, Malakh looked into the large space. Hundreds of different people stood, holding themselves in a chaotic line to enter the true theater where Flight of the Amaranth Wolves would play.

As the pair moved toward the line to bypass it, a trio of dark and gothic dressed people advanced on them. A grateful expression took to Malakh's lips as he saw his bandmates. The two men and one woman quickly welcomed Malakh, teasing him about his tardiness. "Geez man, we thought you might've crashed on your way here." Said Drew, the lead guitarist. "No way, have you seen this loser drive? He's like an old man driving on the highway. Taking the speed limit and dividing by five." Retorted Vanessa, the drummer, as she gave a warm smile to Lysandra. "Just stow it guys, we have ten minutes and we need to make sure he is set." Jason, the lead singer of the group, stood tall and quickly patted Malakh on his shoulder. Vanessa began to help Lysandra move the cooler to a far side door away from the crowd with Drew, Jason, and Malakh drawing up the rear to make sure the two girls were okay carrying such a hefty load.

The band knew Lysa well, mostly from Malakh when he needed help figuring out what to do when Lysa was sad and down. Though they didn't know all the information, due to Malakh keeping Lysandra's deepest fears and pains confidential, they did care about both of them. Each of them was also an Aurelia and Aurelius. Often they used their different magic to improve the performance, mostly through Jason. As Jason had the rare ability to change from male to female, which permitted the band to use his great voice in nearly every song. Though a rare few were sung by either Vanessa or Drew, Malakh kept his name off the list of singers. Vanessa's magic was much more subtle, as her words were magically enhanced. The ability to lie was human, but to tell the most insane lie and have the principal believe you and do nothing, that was a magic Malakh had never heard of. But Drew, like Malakh, never really used his powers during the shows. Unless they needed a shocking ending. Electricity sprung from his fingers, only when he wanted it too, and even a few times at some shows. Though Vanessa's charm-like magic calmed the audience always beforehand.