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Re: [RP]A Tale With No Heroes

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:55 pm
by Reznik
Looking at everyone he couldnt help but smile. This had been the first time he had been around a group this large since his home town of Ashwell had been destroyed. The thought alone killed him, the pang of hurt and turmoil clearly evident in his stance, his face, and his eyes, but he quickly pushed the memory aside.

He then looked at Cilla and nodded as he watched Cass go about talking about the pork chop.

"Yes please help yourself. I made too much for just me...Its been a long time since I had to cook for myself..." The haunted look plagued his face again and he quickly hid it again.

His attention then turned to Kayani, and shook his head, since she was closest to him he spoke just for her to hear, "You've got nothing to worry about here...So relax.."

Re: [RP]A Tale With No Heroes

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:12 pm
by Wint
This isn't working... The pig was feisty.
Luckily, Jeso was crafty.
"Gonna let go, hold him steady." He told the fellow grabber, before he started rummaging through his satchel.
"Where are you..." The liquids flew within the corked bottles, and the glasses tapped each other through the fabric.
"Presto!" He exclaimed, pulling out a teal clear wine, within a medium-sized bottle.
Though, he assumed at least the vast majority of the folks there would not know what exactly it was.

"Here we go..." He said, going for the front of the pig.
"Keep it steady." He said, the joy that was there moments before seemed to have slightly dissipated, as he focused on the task at hand.
"Just a sniff is all it should take..." He opened the bottle and placed it below the beast's snout.
The scent was strong up-close, though even the man holding the pig would probably have a hard time smelling it too, at least past the... odor of the mud-lover.
The rest should have been fine, though the pig, with its much smaller body... could not.
"Good relaxer. And for a beast his size... Should tucker him out."

The pig seemed to be more calm, almost collapsing under its own weight. But, almost.
Jeso corked the bottle and returned it to his bag, before turning to the Ash Elf and the rest.
"I wouldn't say that... Soren's lovely, and it's a safe haven to many, but it is in no way paradise. And here... Well, it's another bit within a bigger bit, only that this one is less occupied, you see? Or, at least was."
His eyes fixated on the cloaked girl.
"I apologize for departing so soon. Come to Salix's Sap. I'll give you a discount. Might help the morning jitters."

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Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:20 am
by Myrn
Ceres nodded as she ate and spoke with her mouthful. “Nice to meet ya Mr. Niro.” A big gulp and she had downed her 7th bowl, it was evident she had put a dent in the pot’s stew for sure. “Names Ceres, I track and hunt the bad guys but just for today I track and hunt delicious piggies.” It was then that others had begun to show up and not a moment too late, Ceres noticed a certain thief trying to steal her prized cutlet of a pork.

“Hey!” Ceres called out to the man dragging her pay away. “That’s my pig!” Her shout had effectively kept her from hearing any other conversation as her focus zeroed in on her porklet. Gotta keep your eyes on the prize as they say. Someone else had come to aide the man as Ceres scrambled to her feet. The squealing had died and the pig was put to rest and Ceres pounced the pig thief in a full body tackle with the assistance having a running start.

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Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:41 am
by ShaFlow
Whatever that substance was, the Snow-Elf used, it was effective. Some type of sedative that Cass just had to get his hands on. He paid no mind to the small screaming girl; figuring that she was probably the younger sister or kid of the rogue looking man. With not even a glance in her direction, and a dismissive wave.

"Hey you, what's that stu-"

Unprepared and given no time to brace the smaller girl managed to tackle Cass. All he could manage to muster was a weak cough as the two fell into the ground. The weight of her body and armor almost knocking the wind out of his lungs completely. Thankfully the forest floor was thick grass and rich soft soil. Otherwise the damage could have been much more severe!

Back on the floor Cassardis grabbed for whatever possible to try and pull her off. Something was grabbed, and as violently as possible, he pulled. All he could feel was it pop.

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Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:13 am
by Myrn
In the bodily mass of entangled limbs where graspy hands flew, Ceres stood her ground in maintaining the top position. The man flailed about until he had snagged something and pulled at it quite roughly. The straps that held her chest plate and pauldrons had come undone. It wasn’t until the loud clatter of metal on metal did she stop mid-straddle. She looked for the source and in that short moment of taking the time to process the situation, Ceres stared down at the man she tackled.

“Alright Mister Pervert. I’ll let you off the hook this time.” She had already pushed herself off of him and gathered up the armor he had undone and proceeded to act like nothing had happened between them. “I have much more-” Ceres began with difficulty in her attempt to move the now deadweight of a pig from its spot. “-important business elsewhere..” She finished with a grunt and a huff. She was losing daylight and her pigs!

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Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:53 pm
by Dapper
Kayani looked to the man at the campfire, whom seemed to try and calm her. ...Was he onto her? But how. Her ears were tightly roped to her--

"I'm not worried? Why should I be worried. Now you just sound suspicious, do you have ill intentions towards myself or these others?" she quickly blabbered out, turning the focus of the conversation and accusing him in turn. A part of it was nerves, a part of it was just her usual, 'cannot stop talking' mannerisms.

Even if the man were to not fall for her change of subject, she flicked her attention to the two pig-wrestlers. The elf seemed to approach the situation in quite the crafty way- it was the kind of solution she would use as well. She, herself, was more opposed to the hands-on approach the two others had displayed.

She smiled a little, thick dark lips curling up rather naturally. Perhaps, she wasn't as distant as she at first hand would seem. Though that smile faded a little as the male elf spoke of Soren's true nature. Not because of him saying those words, no, she was far too aware because of the passing of her late mother- but more and more she got the choking feeling they somehow sniffed her race out. But why? The robes? They were odd- yes. But she certainly had seen plenty humans traversing the deserts as well.

The woman snapped out of her thoughts when the male elf looked to her and spoke. She blinked and forced on a smile again, though it was badly acted.

"Ahah-... uhm. Salix's Sap? What is it and where is it? Some kind of a tavern? And... departing already? Was this not some sort of party going on, or some Soren ritual?"

Kayani's gaze flicked through all of the people, the campfire and then the pigs. It was... her best guess.

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Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:55 pm
by UmbraSight
“No ritual or party here, just a group of idiots.” Cilla said to the robed woman while she scooped a measure about of stew into a small bowl. She spooned out a chunk of meat and a slice of what seemed to be a wild onion, and gave it a cooling puff of air as her attention returned to Cass and his tackler. The short woman was getting up off of Cass, collecting her removed chestpiece as she went. How Cass could always find the structural weakness of any clothing or armor so quickly was always fascinating, so long as she wasn't on the receiving end of his nimble fingers.

She slipped the spoon between her lips and chewed as she ambled over to Cass. The stew was decent for something made in the forest, and hunger made for the best sort of seasoner anyway, so she wasn't going to complain about it anyway.

“You alright there?” She asked, offering her free hand to the prone man. “Looks like we have a rival, and it seems like she's better at wrestling pigs than we are.”

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Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:30 pm
by Wint
"Hehe, here we are."
It worked, and it seemed to draw the attention of the other man.
Jeso raised his head as the man started his question, but was shortly interrupted by a short woman in an encompassing getup. It was a woman as far as he could tell by the feminine figure.
"- WHAT THE H-..." He had no idea how to reply.

Remembering what she shouted moments before assaulting the man, Jeso's face turned a bleached red.
"Wait, that's your pig?..."
He looked at the man and then back at her.
"I thought it was his..."
"Why did you grab the pig if it wasn't yours..."
"...Are you a thief."

Though, whatever the man did seemed to disrupt the short woman's actions, as her armor seemed to fall off her body, a thing which she had to attend to.
Both interrupted and trying to exit the conversation and confrontation by himself, Jeso turned around, trying not to anger her by offering to help, even though he was still hungry and the pig was awfully heavy, as a pig normally is.
It was the Sand Elf from before.
She was nervous. It was understandable; many people were, depending on their situation.
But she seemed especially poor at hiding it.
Nevertheless, he ignored it, and tried his best... to ignore what seemed to be a short fuse, as the woman regained her train of thought.

"A tavern. Maybe you know it? Seems to be located rather close to the knights' quarters, but sort of in the middle. Roomy but not huge, got a bunch of drunk guys inside?" He laughed to himself.
"Anyway, it's just an invitation. Whenever you feel like it. You don't have to." He smiled at her, trying to reassure her.
Unless that was the issue...
Perhaps it was him, but she seemed like a set book example of a Sand Elf to him. Perhaps it was her scar that drew his attention enough to notice.
And perhaps it was the mix of her actions accompanied by her clothes, which although were both shared by many, were less common combined.

It seemed like a strange gathering, and the Sand Elf was curious enough to ask.
Nevertheless, as far as he could tell in his case, it was just luck that brought them together, for whatever if any purpose at all.

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Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:04 pm
by Dapper
"Idiots..." Kayani copied, letting out a short giggle before looking to each of the present people again.

Her guard was not down, but she couldn't help but think 'this wasn't too bad so far'. Well, if she conveniently forgot the encounter with the thugs just earlier. Luckily, Kayani was good at conveniently forgetting things.

When she turned back to her fellow elfkin, her lips spread to a bit more of a comfortable smile.
"Well, I don't really drink- so I don't visit them normally," she answered.
It wasn't hard to say that. It wasn't a lie, she just chose to leave out that she had never been here in many years. Her brown eyes appraised the elf a moment. Quite different from her people, that much was for certain. She'd not seen his kin visit their village, and thus she was quite surprised by his very light skin, and the tattoo running across his face.

"But, I can try to visit one sometime. Hopefully, it'll be better than the last experience I had in one!"

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Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:59 am
by ShaFlow
Stunned at the shadow of the girl on top of him Cass was internally conflicted. Whether to be upset that she managed to take him down...or comment on her endowment. Large. Succulent. No. He wasn't that kind of man!

"Pervert...?" Cass was confused at her accusation.

As the tiny woman freed him from subjugation of her body weight, he couldn't help but feel relieved. Snagging the piece that kept a part of her armor connected was lucky. It had always been like that. Fortune smiled upon him at his darkest hour. Taking a hold of Cilla's hand he slowly hoisted himself up. Sighing embarrassingly.

"Thanks, I'll let her go for now! Caught me off guard, that's all! Next time she won't be so lucky."Cassardis grinned.

For now he'd let the girl go but only this once. Since Cilla went through the trouble of putting down the stew--besides it did smell really good. All day the two have been active the least he could was not get them into trouble for a few minutes. Gently grasping the end of the spoon Cassardis pulled the spoon from elves mouth. Flicking it a few times to get off that remaining saliva. Scooping a small amount from the bowl Cass gave it a taste.

"Ah! This is actually really good! You sir have a talent!"

Referring to the rogue looking man covered in bandages Cass's eyes filled excitement. Food was food. In their situation, there was no use being picky. Casses gaze then drifted over to the two other elves as the one in robes seemed a bit anxious."Relax! No need to be so tense."