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Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:26 am
by ariagrey
"Nightmare?" Lyra didn't have to look to know that Azriel was directing the question at her. She closed her eyes for a moment, nodding as she shed the blanket off her and began to twirl a lock of her hair around her finger. The cool morning air felt nice against her tan skin, a halfhearted relief to be back in reality. "I'm fine, your grace. We should get moving. The sooner the better." She fumbled with folding the blanket, storing it in a side pouch on Shadow.

Lyra went over to the beginnings of a narrow trail that slowly wound up the mountain. Her hand went up to the rock again, just over her heart. It was the moment of truth and she was terrified to what they would find up that mountain.

"This is the quickest path that I know. We will have to go one at a time. We should make it to the witch within two hours." She looked back at her companions as she spoke and began to slowly twist her curly, unruly locks into a loose side braid. "Hope is on that mountain."

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Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:55 am
by 12maori3
Azriel walked toward her, the pain in his jaw long forgotten. Surprisingly enough it had been a good wake up call for him since his exchange with Mor had lasted most of the night. He took on Lyra's appearance and was reminded once more that she had been thrown into this mess. She could have ran away like he had in the beginning, but she was willing to uphold her belief in doing good.

As she spoke Mor reached into the pouch and took out a two apples and dried meats and fruits. He fed the apple to his horse and gave one to Azriel to feed to shadow while he gave Lyra a portion of the dried food. "It's not much...actually kind of disgusting. But we need to have something in our stomachs." Azriel took only the dried meat since he had never grown out of his childhood phase of hating anything remotely healthy.

Azriel walked to the beginning edge of the mountain next to Lyra and touched it firmly, "We won't have to worry about the ground being too soft," he said with relief as Mor came and stood beside him also, "Last time we did something like this, we had to outrun a rock slide. Well, let's begin," he began walking up the path. Azriel let the man continue and turned to Lyra in response to what she had said earlier. "It very much is..."

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:15 am
by ariagrey
It was slow workings up the mountain. The three did it fairly silently. Lyra if went after Mor, so she could feel Azriel's eyes behind her the whole time. She wanted to say ssomething, anything to break the silence, but there wasn't anything to say. They were either on their way to be gravely disappointed or happily surprised and relieved. The 50/50 odds were almost unfair.

The vision of the haggered witch from her dream entered Lyra's mind, repeating the doomed fate of all. It was literally her worst nightmare if that was the conclusion to all if this fuss. She coulld only hope thus was all worth it for Azriel's sister's sake.

The two hours passed as she had predicted and the trio came to a summit. It wasn't the top of the mountain, but it was quite high up. Against the rising rock was an oval, green door. It seemed so out of place. There appeared to be some runes burned around the edges of the door and a small round window. "I think we've made it." Lyra breathed. She was almost frozen in place, afraid to go any further, but it must be done. She squeezed her hands into fists a few times and swiftly walked over to the door, giving a solid knock.

Lyra held her breath as she waited, the minutes going by feeling like hours. Then a figure moved within, the silhouette of a person shuffling gliding about, before opening the door. To Lyra's surprise it was no horrid, old witch that answere the door. It was a young woman, a beautiful young woman! Her hair was wavy golden rays of sun, reaching to her knees, her skin pale as milk, and her eyes a deep blue. She wore a deep purple gown, that hugged her in all the right places and flowed like water in all the others. "I've been waiting for you." Was all she said before blinking and turning, beckoning them into her home.

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:44 am
by 12maori3
Azriel thought long and hard as they climbed the mountain. He watched Lyra long and hard from behind as he tried to make up his mind. He already knew however: if this option with the witch didn't work, would he torture Lyra to get the stone from her? And now that she had it, would he be willing to kill her for it? He knew the answer, he was just unwilling to accept it yet. It all depended on what lay within a few distances. Whether they would leave more fortunate than they had been in all their lives, or leave more unfortunate than ever before.

Azriel did not feel tired. Despite staying up all night twice in a row, he felt no need for sleep either. Mor's silence during the long journey hinted his friend felt opposite. Azriel just could not sleep, could not rest, until he had his sister. The suspense of finally being able to rescue her kept him on an edge that couldn't be dulled by any amount of sleepless nights. Except maybe the witch herself.

Azriel hadn't known what to expect, but when the green door opened, he was thoroughly shocked. He had been about to ask Lyra whether she was alright, and if she needed a moment to herself before they entered. It was all gone as he beheld the witch. He didn't think she would be old and ugly, but he had never imagined her to be young and beautiful. Yet despite the beauty, Azriel kept his edge and remained cautious, knowing very well that looks could be deceiving. Mor, however, grinned and asked, "You have?" Though Azriel could see him step back, giving the king the chance to decide whether they would go inside or not. They had not come this far to turn back, so Azriel took a step inside and looked at the beautiful woman, "Then thank you for inviting us into your home." If a witch would play nice, he would play nice.

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Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:41 pm
by ariagrey
Lyra didn't know whether to be relieved, suspicious, or astounded at the woman before them. The way she moved was like she was floating, so elegant and nimble. Lyra watched as Azriel stepped inside and Mor followed close behind. She stood for a moment outside the door, looking in. They were only moments away from gettin answers. It was exciting and terryfing.

Lyra slowly stepped inside looking around at the witches layer. It was much neater that she expected. Maybe neat wasn't the word, it was organized. There were potion bottles everywhere, books stacked seemingly in preferred structure, and bundles of dried flowers and herbs everywhere. It had a very warm and welcoming feel, especially with the fire going in the fireplace. Lyra wondered how that even worked.

"My name is Sidonia. I saw you coming to speak to speak to me, so let us get on with it so that I may get back to work." She worked with a mortar and pestle, grinding away at some herbs.

Lyra looked to Azriel, her nerves trying to get the best of her, before clearing her throat. "I was wondering- we were wondering, if you could give us some information on a stone." Sidonia did not react to this, and so Lyra continued. "You see, my village, we protected this stone. It is said to have great power-"

"Where is it?" Sidonia interrupted, putting down the pestle. She quickly wiped her hands, narrowing her eyes at Lyra, before walking over and holding out her hand. "Let me see it." Her blue eyes were piercing, making Lyra feel vulnerable. "Don't pretend you do not have it, I can sense it on you."

Lyra licked her lips, again glancing at the King, and then reaching into her vest above her heart and pulling out the pouch. One of sedonias eyebrows raised, but she did not reach for the pouch, so Lyra dumped the stone in the palm of her hand as she had before. The witch breathed a laugh, her hand falling to her side and walking back to her work. "That stone is nothing." Was all she said.

"What do you mean?" Lyra's tone changed as she walked over to stand right in front of the table the witch was working at. "This stone could destroy mankind, how can you say it's nothing?" Lyra could feel her pitch growing angry, her breath becoming shallow with anger. Sidonia slammed both her hands into the table, squaring with Lyra. "I will only say this once. I like my privacy and I like being alone. I helped create that stone along with a group of others. Obviously whoever raised you didn't tell you the truth. That stone doesn't hold the power, it merely unlocks it." The room grew silent then, the tension building. "Give me your hand." Before Lyra could give her consent, Sidonia grasped the girls hand only to quickly push it away.

"I-its you." Lyra looked at the witch confused. "You're the vessel." Sidonia stared wide eyed at Lyra, her hands coming up as if to cradle Lyra's face, but never making contact. Lyra began to back away. "What are you talking about? You aren't making any sense." She could sense Azriel's presence in the room, the only comfort at the moment. Sidonia made her way over to Lyra once more, again moving like dancing water. "My child," she began, "you are the one who holds the power that they seek. The stone has unlocked it from within you."

Lyra's head began to spin and as did the room. Her hand reached for anything to keep her balance, finding the table and gripping it hard. "You're lying." Lyra whispered. "I have no reason to." Sidonia whispered back.

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Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:43 am
by 12maori3
Azriel hadn't sat down, and neither had Mor. They both watched Lyra, assuming she was the best candidate for handling this issue. When she looked at him, he have her a nod and watched her speak. Mor was observing the place while Azriel observed the witch, waiting for any sign that he should push Lyra out of harms way if need be.

When the witch asked for the stone Azriel went to stand beside Lyra, but still he said nothing. The witch didn't seem to want the stone for herself. As the information was revealed that the stone was nothing, that it only unlocks potential, he narrowed his eyes. But then he saw the expression on Lyra's face. He couldn't place it but he placed his hand on to her back for comfort, to remind her that he was here.

Azriel looked back at the witch, "Sidonia," he used her name, "You're saying the stone actually holds no power? Without Lyra, it might as well be useless?" He asked. This could really work in their favor.

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Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:01 pm
by ariagrey
Lyra felt Azriel's hand on the small of her back. Normally she might have jumped at the contact, but her head was still reeling from the news and so she leaned into it. Sidonia kept staring at Lyra as if she'd found her lost child.

"You are correct my King. Lyra was blessed by a star. She was brought to me as a babe, the star having killed her entire family and destroying her village and surrounding area. All except her." Sidonia's eyes almost seemed to sparkle. "The elders from a neighboring village wanted to subdue whatever curse or blessing the star had bestowed and so I, along with a group of witches, his away her powers within and created the stone." Sidonia then sighed and shook her head. "We attempted to get rid of the gift completely, however, nothing we tried worked. The stone was the only way to keep Lyra hidden. The elders made it their duty to protect it and to never tell Lyra of it origins."

Lyra was still in shock, her mouth felt dry and her body trembled. She couldn't find the words to say anything. "You must be careful child." Sidonia continued. "Although the power is not in the stone, it is still in you and can be used. You must not let anyone else know. The world of men craves power beyond anything else and will use it at whatever cost."

"How can they use it if it's in me?" Lyra finally found her voice. "If I have this power, am I not the owner of it?" She was beginning to feel angry again.

"Althought it is in you, others can simply use it. They only need to carry you." Sidonia gave a sad smile.

Lyra took a step back as if she'd been slapped in the face. "Marriage?"

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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:26 am
by 12maori3
Azriel listened very closelt to the witche's words and it all clicked for him. The stone was useless. If he exchanged it for his sister, no one besides the four people standing in the room wouls know it was truly useless. There would no chaos. Gani would take the stone because it was what he had asked for, and Azriel has delivered. Aa long as none of them said anything, no one would come after Lyra.

He felt himself relax a bit as he turned to Lyra and the full extent of hee situation hit him now. Her entire village had been destroyed before. And now this second one. All because if this power that was given to her, and the power than everybody seems to want.

Azriel's eyes narrowed when Sidonia spoke once more and told Lyra she could still be used for her power. With the mention of marriage Azriel quickly spoke again, "But no one besides the four of us here know the truth, is that right?" He asked. Mor wouldn't tell a soul anything if it would hurt another human being. Azriel the same. Lyra was our of the question. And it was left to the witch.

"And forgive me for asking, although you should understand why I ask, how do we know you tell the truth?" He was truly worried she might be lying and meant no disrespect.

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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:31 pm
by ariagrey
Sidonia look to Azriel now, nodding. "Correct young King. No one knows. However," she paused, looking back and forth between Lyra and Azriel, "I'm sure you can feel the power within her calling. As soon as she touched the stone, it was awakened. Other men will feel this too. The gift will always want to be used-"

"Bury it." Lyra's tone was serious yet quiet. "Why can't you bury it inside me as you did before? I don't want it and I surely don't want anyone else to use it. Cloak it, mask it, hell, make me forget! I'm begging you to do something." Lyra stepped forward, grabbing the witches hand, staring straight into her piercing blue eyes.

"I can not child. It took six witches, including myself, to trap it inside you before. I could not even attempt it now." Sidonia pulled her hand out of Lyra's and let it fall to her side. "It was never meant to be a permanent solution. It was meant to protect a baby. You are no longer a child, you are a woman. This is your battle now." The witch turned her gaze to the King, stepping in front of him. "I do not lie, your grace, the only proof I have is i know you feel it more strongly when you touch her."

The witch walked back over to her original position in front of the table and began grinding away again. "Now leave. I've said all there is to be said. I'd like to be alone again. I am no longer involved in this matter." The door they'd came in flew open, waiting for them to leave.

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Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:06 am
by 12maori3
Azriel stiffened when Sidonia pointed out that he felt more strongly when he touched her. He had just assumed it was the stone she had since it was on her. But he became speechless at that.

Even if he had solved the issue of how to get Bryn back, they were still faced with this. Lyra would be a walking power house. Anyone that comes within a few meters of her would be drawn to it. She would in very severe danger. Azriel was pulled out of his thoughts when Lyra asked Sidonia to bury it once more and blanched at the witche's reply.

When the door opened Azriel remained, still just a bit shocked by the witches words. No matter how kind, she was still a witch. Azriel steeled himself against Lyra's power and steered her toward the door though he know she may have wanted to stay. He let Mor leave first and then Lyra and he. He had walked out the door, but paused and looked back to ask, "Can she learn to keep it hidden herself? Or will it always be like this?" He asked.