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Ask Me About the First Ten Minutes of Infinity War
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Post by ShadFlow » Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:15 am

"Ugh! Why of all places, it had to be a bloody swamp?!"

Akaba screamed as loud as he possibly could. Unable to quell the undesired itching sensation of constant mosquito bites. Somewhere within the swampy marshes West of the Capitol city, a possible caravan had been spotted by scouts. Believing to be of human origin the kingdom wasted no time to dispatch a small batch to investigate. Sending out Ulysses Akaba, Zach Lucius Wyvern and Alexandra Drake with a handful of infantry and scouts whom know the area well.

"We spotted it last in this area and seemed to be going East? Maybe South?" One of the assigned scouts pointed in both directions."We weren't able to follow it during our rounds, night was approaching fast and we were out of supplies."

Akaba's arms crossed as the Scout began explaining to the group.

"So what do you both think we should do? East or South? The swamps not that large so we could possibly break off into two different groups if needed." His charming but warm gaze fell upon the two younger knights. He wasn't sure what to do really or how to approach the situation. Maybe Alex or Zach would have better insight then him.


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