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Re: [One] Shackles ( The-Saint)

Post by Jex » Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:13 am

Agent Ersa was stationed in the security room of the movie theaters . “ Yes . Playback from the time frame of 10 minutes ago , we’re looking for a specific person “ she said in a stern voice. As soon as she caught glispe of Val exiting the bathroom her heart dropped seeing who she was with at the movies , Wayne. Wayne?…no.. that can’t be Wayne she told herself but the footage was no lie as she watched as they headed for the back exit doors. She quickly put her finger to her ear piece “ I need all units to converge on the back entrance!” She yelled exiting the security room “ Our suspect is accompanied by one of our agents . We need them both apprehend now !” She yelled as she headed out the back exit a few minutes behind them.

Wayne was a bit confused about what was going on , the look in Val’s eyes as well as her body language he could tell she was running from something or someone. “Really ? “ he asked her looking with concern as he held her by her arms. He puts a hand to her forehead trying to feel for a fever “ Your not burning up at all.. “ his face looked more serious now. “ Whats really going on? “ he asked as he released her. Over her shoulder he noticed a black van turning towards their direction , he already knew what was going on . Dammit Ersa .. right now ? he thought as he took quick action grabbing Val’s hand heading for the Downtown Park which was swarming with crowds of people everywhere for them to blend in “ Ill take you home “ he stated as he fast paced through the park with her. Agent Ersa caught them from afar entering the park as she reaches for her headset “ Theyre onto us ! , I need units in the park now !” She yelled as she began to jog up her pace trying to not lose sight of them.

Wayne’s worse fear was happening , not only is his life now on the line but now he doesn’t have time to clear Val’s name in any of this . A little carnivals was taking place in the center of the park with rides , adults and children running everywhere. Without warning Wayne pulls them into a Photo Booth pretending they were going in to take pictures but sits Val down as he kneels in front of her eye to eye “ Okay Val… I need to know whats going on ? , please.. I need to know now. No more lies..no more games” he reaches behind his back pocket to reveal his F.B.I. badge unfortunately “ Im not here to arrest you.. Im here to save you “ the look in his eyes hopefully told her he wasnt trying to set her up or mislead her.
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