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Re: [One] Project Xin (Kali)

Post by Jex » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:11 am

The young child stared awkwardly at the abnormal looking female that smiled on her. Oddly enough Mysterica's presence calmed her down as she stood to her feet. She wiped her face before talking “ ..I’m sorry..” She apologized “ I thought..he was one of those ..things” she spoke softly as she eyed Roku from the corner of her view. Roku only stood looking a bit confused about what she meant.

“Things?..What things?” Roku repeated looking to Mysterica as if she had the answer. “Well… they have no name. People tend to call them the unknown .. space demons .. hell from the sky. Well at least whats left of us. I was out with my older brother scavenging for supplies. But those..things. They tracked us for 3 days before they caught up to us. My brother he… he distracted enough for me to get away . Told me to meet him here since yesterday and he still hasn’t showed up “ she frowned she looked up through a broken part of the ceiling , a large hole that shined the orange sky into the warehouse. Space Demons?.. No she couldn’t be talking about you could she ? Roku looked at Mysterica with a concerned expression.` Ofcourse Mysterica couldn’t have been responsible for this , that only means whatever was sounds more dangerous than the two of them.
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