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Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:27 am
by ShaFlow
Grand Oak Hotel

"Lets not get side tracked." Brushing pass William the aggressive woman began to unzip and strip herself of the leather jacket, throwing it on the burgundy sheets of the bed."Now then...Doctor Autumn was it?"She sat down on the bed side with both arms crossed taking a moment of thought.

" Capturing her was already part of my agenda, but I'm doing so for an entirely different reason. One that benefits me personally. Though that hypothesis of yours, it's very believable ." Cecilia hunched over unbuckling both boots before slowly rising up her upper body."What we need are a strategy to combat her Regalia as well as quickly apprehend her. I have my idea but I'm curious as to what you both may be thinking. " It would be interesting to see if at least one of her teammates had even an ounce of thought as herself. Cecilia doubted both of the men however Reaching over to the center of the bed she dragged over the long black case with her sniper rifle and PeaceKeeper stored safely.

"Carrison, you mind?" Resting the case on both knees, eyes darted over to him then at her boots a few times."I'll need to change based on the tactic we agree on. I brought a few extra outfits with me since this one wouldn't be efficient in a combat situation." Cecilia flipped the numerous silver buckles keeping her items contained. The black leather box opened revealing the ebony contraption as it glossed on the basic hotel lighting.
Downtown Piers
The hooded figure stared at Sorai. Crystal blue eyes from underneath analyzing his face before nodding silently. "You'll find Manchester, a member that will be briefing you at the Yachts base. Enter the captain's cabin then take the ladder leading downwards inside...he will be waiting." His body made minimal movement as his voice was distorted almost like a machine. His eyes were focused and determined watching the other members carefully.

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Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:16 am
by cz_invazion
As maybe either a idea for the cause or for his teammates to let him have her regalia, Autumn pulled out two Face masks like his out of his pocket. "Well I'm not 100% certain these can stop her regalia but I do know they can stop mustard gas completely. So maybe as a go time situation you can put these on and not be affected by her serum." John said as he tossed one to both of his teammates. "But I will warn you, do not great these wet because any liquid that drips through and gets in you mouth, You WILL have a bad time. It might not kill you but the acid trip you'll go on will make you wish it did." As he finished he looked directly at Carrison. "And you peasant will only refer to me as my title, Dr. John Autumn. I do not have just one doctorate, not two, but three, three doctorates so I believe I have wl earned that title. And by the way I don't 'want' her regalia I just want to test it to see how I can prevent it so that we dont have another potential accident like this again." John said, lying straight through his teeth. He was most certainly going to try and combine his and her regalia to make a super serum but his team didn't need to know that right now. "as for plans I think I may have one. I just need to ask command a little question first." He said as he began texting on his phone. 'dear commandz lolz, dos teh target drink le alcoholz and if bae dose wats her fave drank? T. Hanks Bro.' he texted whole giggling to himself. "If command actually awnsers that I'm going to lose it. I'll explain after they do." Jhn finished.

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Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:08 pm
by Wint
There was a certain upright curvature to his lip as Carrison heard Autumn's reply.
He glanced at a bottle of wine left in the room, shying away from the bypasser's eye, but shining brilliantly to any of those present.
He looked at the two. How long has it been since they have first met? He couldn't have been that old, could he?

Past the uncorking of the bottle, William shared a somewhat friendly glance with the Doctor, his face still fairly rigid, before replying to his comment.
"Whatever you say, old man."
He grabbed something stashed from within his suit. A small bag, transparent, carrying thick and juicy dark green leaves, a touch of rich purple petals, just for show.
He pressed both sides of the bag, as juice seemed to seep from within. He stopped, and the leaves seemed to consume it.
"Do you think she cares for wine or liquor?" He asked, before letting the juices drip into the contents of the glass he filled with the alcohol from the bottle, swirling it in his hand for a good stir before setting it back down.
The bag itself, with whatever was left, he set aside for whomever desired it.

Being given the mask by the Doctor, William first examined it. The precaution seemed quite irritating. A potential drug trip instead of mindless enslavement, however, wasn't too horrible considering the outcomes. So long as they play their cards right, putting the mask on wouldn't even be necessary. Although, it was good to have a means to defend themselves, although not undoubtedly foolproof.

Taking the mask was Carrison's thanks for it. He wasn't a big talker unless he had some liquid courage in him, at least not among friends. He was good at intimidation, but trying to revert from that position when surrounded by allies was not always the simplest of tasks.

It wasn't long before Armani had a say in the matter.
They haven't met for what felt like forever, but William knew that Cecilia's personal interests weren't always for her position within the League, but rather outside of it. She often works for monetary purposes, but not for the means of possessing large amounts of money, but rather utilizing it.

"There are two optimal routes of success, the way I see it. The one has her succumbing to us from the start, be it her own doing, which is.. unlikely, or through other means." He glanced at the glass that he has filled.

"Another would be incapacitate her, at least to the point of her being unable to use her serum, which is when we could rely on our brains and our brawn to defeat her." He looked at his accomplices. "That could be either done by quickly taking care of her before she has any time to respond, or taking care of the means of her activating her Regalia." There were, of course, other ways to neutralize the threat, however William decided not to share them based on how the other two seemed to wish to approach the situation.

"May I ask what was on your mind?" He asked, glancing at Cecilia, although with a quicker look. He preferred not to dwell on the possible subject, but it was a fair question nonetheless. He didn't want to see her.. disappointed. Not yet.

"Of course." He replied at the end, hearing Cecilia's request, turning to face the door.
Not wanting to make the situation uncomfortable, he decided to leave the room.
"207." He said, mentally glancing at John, before heading out to his room.

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Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:00 am
by Killian
ShaFlow wrote:
Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:27 am

Downtown Piers
The hooded figure stared at Sorai. Crystal blue eyes from underneath analyzing his face before nodding silently. "You'll find Manchester, a member that will be briefing you at the Yachts base. Enter the captain's cabin then take the ladder leading downwards inside...he will be waiting." His body made minimal movement as his voice was distorted almost like a machine. His eyes were focused and determined watching the other members carefully.
Manchester was not a name that Sorai was familiar with. Drawing his hands in his pockets he merely gave a nod. "Alright, thanks," he said really briefly in acknowledgement. Assuming that the other two ladies would have heard he bent his head while walking through theentrance to the yacht's base cabin.

As the hooded figure had said, there was a man waiting inside. "Manchester?" he asked, giving a polite nod. His voice was lower even inside the cabin, giving how quiet it was all around them. "I was told that you'd have the briefing information for Allister?"

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Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:23 pm
by cz_invazion

"Oh sorry, I shall step out as well." John said before covering his face to not see anything tth was not ment to he seen as he head for the door. Sadly as he head for the door 'bam' "HMMMPF" John said as he held his bloody nose from walking was into the corner of the wall. "Good damn son of a ...." He ranted as he walked out behind Carrison and closed the door. "So like I said i have a plan, I just need command to reply to see if it's viable.


"Well there you have it, Our lead.. we should head over there now before anyone sees us here with our thumbs up our asses ayy?" Julie's said before heading out into he dark. The location was a good some walking distance away and it was pitch black up until you were fairly close so lots of area to blend in. Personally Julie disliked anything like yachts, private docks, or anything like that but she kept that to herself. The cool sea air and the auroma of dead fish only fueld her her dislike and hatred of this place, maybe when they kill this bastard she can throw his corpse in the ocean, making him at least useful to something in nature with his life, Or at least what was his life. But that was far ahead in planning the task at hand was getting there and developing an actual plan with this informant. They had no clue on the yacht layout or numbers so recon was key.

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Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:20 am
by ShaFlow
Grand Oak Hotel

"God, men are such idiots. Can't wait until all of this over..." After John exited the room, Cecilia followed locking the door behind him. With an exhausted sigh she pulled off her shirt, revealing the crop top underneath. Cecilia's body was what to be expected of someone in her field of work. Her toned body covered from many scars and blemishes marking the amount of her experience. Some were cuts from either blades or glass, others possibly from bullets.
Going over to her suitcase, and opening it up there had been a wide arrange of clothing for Cecilia to change into; as well as a few other gadgets and items to help during the mission. A few minutes passed. Unlocking the door, the woman wore that of a Black-ops operative. A black turtle neck with a bullet resistant vest covering her torso, dark cargo pants.

"It's open!" She called out, putting on the last few pieces of equipment.

"Dr.Autumn, this line is used for serious inquiries and is expected to be used in a professional manner. Please remember that. As to answer your question she actually has a interest in a certain wine. I managed to trace a shipment over to the hotel, most likely from one of the guests or the target herself. It's a Red Wine that goes by 'Crimson Petal'. The shipment should be arriving at the hotel shortly...." The responding message had been received to only John.

The Docks
The yacht's interior had polished blue walls, with slick wooden floors that be could guessed was recently placed. A heavy aroma of pine and bleach filled every corridor inside; the scent seethed through the cracks of the windows and doors making them noticeable outside. Upon entering pass the drawbridge there were multiple doors one leading to different areas. A silver sign was placed above each door with black bold text identifying which area. "Bar.""Cabin.""Basement.""Bedroom.""Storage." One door however, had no sign and oddly no door handle either. Only a silver ring where one would normally be.

"You all have fun, I now have my own tasks to complete."

Slowly they turned and proceeded towards the shadows.By this time the docks were empty, not a single soul in sight.

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Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:47 pm
by Killian
For a split second, Sorai turned his head a fraction to watch the hooded figure as he walked away from the yacht. Then turning back towards the blue-walled corridor, he frowned. Was this this a sign of tardiness? While Sorai wasn't shouting, he was sure that his voice wasn't soft enough for him to miss it. Turning to the two ladies, he made a quick gesture towards the doors.

Even without using words, that would tell them enough of what he was thinking. Hopefully.

Going first towards the door that read "Cabin", he gave a knock, before twisting on the handle to open.

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Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:00 pm
by Wint
With Autumn in his tracks, Carrison entered room 207.
The traces of a fire were visible within the whispering fireplace, its once vitriolic sense of life extinguished by a much more apoplectic burning desire. One restless flame that wished to incinerate any remains of traitors. Or better yet, let them roast within it, like inside a brazen bull.
But, William knew that breaking protocols was not the most preferable line of action. But a traitor's integrity? Trustworthiness of someone so... apocryphal?
People were wrong about him. His passion was as clarion as the ring of a bell and as sharp as the blades he carries with him.
But he knew what some said, behind a smokescreen of ignorance. His job would never be over, and when it will, he'll make sure his name would be kept within every breath of every man or woman.
The League would not tolerate any mishaps, and neither could he.

"Tub's over there, if you wish to freshen up." He said, glancing at the doctor's face and gesturing with his eyes, not sharing any unwanted information through them.
Did the doctor seem tired, or did he manage to get on his nerves and William didn't dare admitting it?

As he waited for the lady to get ready, he glanced at John.
"What have you in store for the thief?" He asked, referring to their target.
Leaving with something so valuable and unique to the League... How could they not be prepared for it? For some sort of action as this one to occur years before?

He should use this time to relax.
Since the call... When was the last time he was called for a target? It was always.. different.
How long has it been? And why could he not take an objective point of view?
Was it her? Was it the both of them, both characters showing up to the same task as him?
HQ was either really concerned or really foolish, and that was heresy coming from him.

...he had to relax.

In the window given to him, William unlocked the terrace and stepped outside, wishing to freshen his mind and help himself cool down.
By him was a cigar, an expensive one which William remembered to the subtle marks of the way they were made for many of the pompous idiots he'd speak with.
Him? He didn't enjoy partaking in activities that made him ruin his own body. At least in a more careless than carefree way.
Did he, though?
...he did what he had to in order to avoid it. He allowed drinking.

He glanced at the bottle in his room. There were so many brands to remember, but from where he stood he couldn't quite see what it was.

But drinking on the job was a tad too much. At least if it wasn't necessary.
Would they need to blend in, though, or would they go on a frontal assault? Didn't seem quite assassin-like, though who knew what other recruits of the League did on their own missions..

When the time was right and Armani was ready, the two left the room, the terrace door closed and the room door locked.

"So, course of action?" he asked. "Your wardrobe is a bit conspicuous if we intend to avoid any unnecessary panic or... other unwanted results."

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Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:49 pm
by cz_invazion
John replied to the text 'thnx bae rawr XD' before he walked back in with Carrison "Ok, this is my absolutely brilliant plan, also if it works I am copyrighting the idea."
John said as he walked in. Quickly John went to the nightstand and threw everything off to clear it. "Alright, my plan our Target" John said as he put a die on the table. "And her guards." He said as he put two pieces of lint next to it. "Are eventually going to go to the bar to get some sort of victory drink. That is where we will strike." Much like before John put something on the table, unlike the other random trinkets. it was a perfectly made, hand painted, minifigure of himself. "I will play the role of the bartender. When she asks for her drink I will give her a easily identifiable posioned drink. When her gaurds 'escort me, out side you, Armani." John said as he placed a bullet down. "Will help me deal with the riff Raff outside. And Mr. Carrison," john placed a shot glass down. "Will assume my role as bartender, give a glass of wine with a drop JUST A SINGLE DROP! of my serum in it. Once she drinks it she will pass out and you will bring her in the back and we can evacuate her... And no one will be the wiser..." John said as he stood back proudly. John wiped his face and his sleeve was covered in blood. "I guess I should find a costume soon ayy? I got it..." John said as he ready his fist. "I'll just knock out a worker here and they won't know anything... Though they will probably have the worst time of their lives in their drug induced coma but, they won't die."

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Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:54 am
by ShaFlow
"Typical." Scoffing at Johns plan she placed the last pieces of equipment. Black polyester elbow guards with thick gloves."Your plan is terrible. It relies heavily on a piece of knowledge vital to its success..." Crossing both arms there was a look of disdain.

"...we have no way of pinpointing where she is exactly. Assuming she'll just walk into the bar is stupid and will probably just be a waste of resources and time."

Her face was stern, blended in with a bit of aggravation." It isn't viable since it relies too much on an assumption that has no evidence of supporting. She could easily just order a drink, or send a guard to get it. So here's my role..." Cracking both knuckles on each hand Cecilia made sure to place the rifle in the case. In the second bag she pulled out a few items. A screen, a handful of small earbuds and a USB Drive.

"...On the first floor somewhere is the Security Room, where there is access to all of the cameras inside and out of the building.Using this USB I can insert it and it will give me access to the cameras from the screen." Where Dr.Autumn placed his figurine she placed two of the earbuds."Using the screen I can keep watch inside and out from the building. Using the buds, I can tell you where she'll be, so you two can better coordinate. And just in case you fuck up, I'll be outside posted. If she manages to escape the building somehow I'll be ready to incapacitate her..."

Placing one bud into her ear, the other items were placed into the case before it was closed securely." Give me five minutes before you leave this room. That's all I'll need to set up...." Going onto the balcony she placed one leg over the edge.

"Don't fuck this up." Looking at both men with the usual expression, Cecilia swung her other leg over and dropped down. Landing in thick bushes that broke the fall in a patch of darkness that allowed flawless camouflage.

The door had been unlocked.

As it was opened, a pungent odor, like trash dash through the cracks. Inside the dark room a body lain still. Covered in multiple bullet holes from the torso downwards it was safe to say this person was dead. Wearing a white lab coat like a doctor he had a name tag placed noticeably on the left side of his chest. Though covered mostly in blood it was still led-gable. Robert E. Manchester. The informant that the group was supposed to meet with. Murdered in cold blood. He had to have been there for hours, maybe even a day at most. How did the murderers manage to get on the Yacht? How did they know who to go after and where they'd be? Most importantly...who was the murderer? Gripped tightly with every ounce of life that he had left, a yellow slip of paper.

On it read:"Blue Eyes.Down below."