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Re: [RP]League of Assassins

Post by ShaFlow » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:27 am

Grand Oak Hotel

"Lets not get side tracked." Brushing pass William the aggressive woman began to unzip and strip herself of the leather jacket, throwing it on the burgundy sheets of the bed."Now then...Doctor Autumn was it?"She sat down on the bed side with both arms crossed taking a moment of thought.

" Capturing her was already part of my agenda, but I'm doing so for an entirely different reason. One that benefits me personally. Though that hypothesis of yours, it's very believable ." Cecilia hunched over unbuckling both boots before slowly rising up her upper body."What we need are a strategy to combat her Regalia as well as quickly apprehend her. I have my idea but I'm curious as to what you both may be thinking. " It would be interesting to see if at least one of her teammates had even an ounce of thought as herself. Cecilia doubted both of the men however Reaching over to the center of the bed she dragged over the long black case with her sniper rifle and PeaceKeeper stored safely.

"Carrison, you mind?" Resting the case on both knees, eyes darted over to him then at her boots a few times."I'll need to change based on the tactic we agree on. I brought a few extra outfits with me since this one wouldn't be efficient in a combat situation." Cecilia flipped the numerous silver buckles keeping her items contained. The black leather box opened revealing the ebony contraption as it glossed on the basic hotel lighting.
Downtown Piers
The hooded figure stared at Sorai. Crystal blue eyes from underneath analyzing his face before nodding silently. "You'll find Manchester, a member that will be briefing you at the Yachts base. Enter the captain's cabin then take the ladder leading downwards inside...he will be waiting." His body made minimal movement as his voice was distorted almost like a machine. His eyes were focused and determined watching the other members carefully.

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Re: [RP]League of Assassins

Post by cz_invazion » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:16 am

As maybe either a idea for the cause or for his teammates to let him have her regalia, Autumn pulled out two Face masks like his out of his pocket. "Well I'm not 100% certain these can stop her regalia but I do know they can stop mustard gas completely. So maybe as a go time situation you can put these on and not be affected by her serum." John said as he tossed one to both of his teammates. "But I will warn you, do not great these wet because any liquid that drips through and gets in you mouth, You WILL have a bad time. It might not kill you but the acid trip you'll go on will make you wish it did." As he finished he looked directly at Carrison. "And you peasant will only refer to me as my title, Dr. John Autumn. I do not have just one doctorate, not two, but three, three doctorates so I believe I have wl earned that title. And by the way I don't 'want' her regalia I just want to test it to see how I can prevent it so that we dont have another potential accident like this again." John said, lying straight through his teeth. He was most certainly going to try and combine his and her regalia to make a super serum but his team didn't need to know that right now. "as for plans I think I may have one. I just need to ask command a little question first." He said as he began texting on his phone. 'dear commandz lolz, dos teh target drink le alcoholz and if bae dose wats her fave drank? T. Hanks Bro.' he texted whole giggling to himself. "If command actually awnsers that I'm going to lose it. I'll explain after they do." Jhn finished.
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Re: [RP]League of Assassins

Post by Wint » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:08 pm

There was a certain upright curvature to his lip as Carrison heard Autumn's reply.
He glanced at a bottle of wine left in the room, shying away from the bypasser's eye, but shining brilliantly to any of those present.
He looked at the two. How long has it been since they have first met? He couldn't have been that old, could he?

Past the uncorking of the bottle, William shared a somewhat friendly glance with the Doctor, his face still fairly rigid, before replying to his comment.
"Whatever you say, old man."
He grabbed something stashed from within his suit. A small bag, transparent, carrying thick and juicy dark green leaves, a touch of rich purple petals, just for show.
He pressed both sides of the bag, as juice seemed to seep from within. He stopped, and the leaves seemed to consume it.
"Do you think she cares for wine or liquor?" He asked, before letting the juices drip into the contents of the glass he filled with the alcohol from the bottle, swirling it in his hand for a good stir before setting it back down.
The bag itself, with whatever was left, he set aside for whomever desired it.

Being given the mask by the Doctor, William first examined it. The precaution seemed quite irritating. A potential drug trip instead of mindless enslavement, however, wasn't too horrible considering the outcomes. So long as they play their cards right, putting the mask on wouldn't even be necessary. Although, it was good to have a means to defend themselves, although not undoubtedly foolproof.

Taking the mask was Carrison's thanks for it. He wasn't a big talker unless he had some liquid courage in him, at least not among friends. He was good at intimidation, but trying to revert from that position when surrounded by allies was not always the simplest of tasks.

It wasn't long before Armani had a say in the matter.
They haven't met for what felt like forever, but William knew that Cecilia's personal interests weren't always for her position within the League, but rather outside of it. She often works for monetary purposes, but not for the means of possessing large amounts of money, but rather utilizing it.

"There are two optimal routes of success, the way I see it. The one has her succumbing to us from the start, be it her own doing, which is.. unlikely, or through other means." He glanced at the glass that he has filled.

"Another would be incapacitate her, at least to the point of her being unable to use her serum, which is when we could rely on our brains and our brawn to defeat her." He looked at his accomplices. "That could be either done by quickly taking care of her before she has any time to respond, or taking care of the means of her activating her Regalia." There were, of course, other ways to neutralize the threat, however William decided not to share them based on how the other two seemed to wish to approach the situation.

"May I ask what was on your mind?" He asked, glancing at Cecilia, although with a quicker look. He preferred not to dwell on the possible subject, but it was a fair question nonetheless. He didn't want to see her.. disappointed. Not yet.

"Of course." He replied at the end, hearing Cecilia's request, turning to face the door.
Not wanting to make the situation uncomfortable, he decided to leave the room.
"207." He said, mentally glancing at John, before heading out to his room.
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