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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Shinigami » Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:07 am

Circuit, staff lounge

Circuit sighs in response to the question, still looking down at the students. They were much too young for this. Many of them had just arrived here, and had yet to fully gain control of their powers. It was a disturbing situation, and he had just received word of the reinforcements yesterday. Apparently, there had been a delay. Finally, he looks back to Iris.

"I'm not sure, to be honest. I knew they were a powerful group, but I didn't know they were that strong." He stands and walks over to a table, pouring himself a cup of coffee. He then turns around and takes a sip, leaning on the table. He still had a few more minutes before he had to get back to work.

"The backup should be here in a few hours. Hopefully this all turns out to be just a little scare."

Scorpio, training grounds

"Keep it up! Perfect it!" Scorpio shouts, standing in front of a group of students and observing as they practiced their forms (a set series of movements in a particular fighting style). Should their powers fail, they had to be able to fight. That's why he pushed for it to be a requirement that the students pass his class before they could graduate. His gaze passes over Angela, who had taken to practicing against a dummy. Not the best performance he'd seen, but still admirable. He begins walking toward her.

"You know, Angela..." he begins with a chuckle. "I've told you before that it helps when you practice against a moving opponent. Seeing as you're blind, you have to rely on your other senses; particularly, hearing and smell. Touch, too, can play an important role in combat." With that, he slides his foot across the ground towards hers.

Darkness, meeting room

Darkness sits patiently, first listening to Immortal, then hearing the resulting commentary and Richard's suggestion. He tilts his head and sighs. It was fine to tell them. His mouths open, and the alien voice spews forth again.

"I have already done that, Richard. My spy somehow attracted the attention of a certain individual whom I shall not mention," he says, rubbing his chin in thought, "and was attacked by said individual for some reason. It must have been the disguise." With this, his eye glares momentarily at Vinny before shifting back to Immortal.

"As for your idea, what do you have in mind? Do note that Cold Steele is much stronger than you might think. If he were that easy to take out, I'd have already done it myself."

Nurse, academy infirmary

Hearing a thump coming from one of the rooms, the nurse rushes in to see what happened. Seeing it was yet another rebellious patient, she shakes her head and walks up to her. She leans down and reaches forward to lift her up, sighing as she does.

"I don't understand what's up with you kids and your hatred of hospitals."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:51 pm

Iris, teachers lounge.


Iris replied before taking another drink and looking down at the training again. She couldn't help but imagine how these students she taught for years in full fledged warfare. She didn't like the thought at all...but feared it would soon become a reality. As she imagined this a new question popped into her head, and she turned to look at her boss as she asked

"Circuit...if the worse happens, what will happen to us? Will we be expected to join the students on the front lines? Stay here and become a military academy? Do we even get to choose?"


Carnivore, Training grounds

Instincts quickly took over as Ruben attempted to kick the beast man in his face. Without thinking he jumped back, narrowly avoiding the foot. Once he landed he quickly leap forward, claws out, and put all his weight into tackling Ruben down to the ground. Now on top of his former hunting partner he roared, and raised his clawed hand up...then stopped. The inner beast called for blood...demanded it...but he fought the urge.

Slowly the beast man let go of ruben and crawled off of him. He glanced around and saw other students staring at him....Judging him....Fear in their eyes. He growled softly and breathed deeply before uttering an angry apology.


Max and Max, Academy halls

Having their snack run approved the two maxes immediately made a b line for the cafeteria. The two were already counting the change out for the vending machine when they found Aura wandering the halls. Though they were never formally introduced max had heard of the new girl and her poor memory. He could only assume this was her.

The two maxes quickly looked at each other and nodded with a grin before looking back at the girl. She hadn't yet seen them as they came up from behind they decided to mess with her a little. The pair called out in unison.

"Excuse us...can we help you?"


The Immortal, Seeker Meeting

"This is true. Steele is a difficult man to kill, but no man can stand against the whole of the Seekers of truth. I propose we 'accept' his call for peace talks. Insist that he come alone, proof of his good intentions, and we simply ambush him. It's so simple and obvious the trusting fool will never see it coming."

The immortal looked over the crowd as he spoke, gauging their reactions. It was not his most elegant plan he ever produced but he figured it would do. Of course the more bloodthirsty would like his plan but he was more interested were the replies of the smarter members.

"Should one of his associates decide to join him we could use Nightshades undead to keep them busy. But most of us will need to be facing Steele. Overwhelm and overcome."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Gecko » Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:08 am

Addison, Seeker Meeting

After Richard gave his idea about having a spy and Darkness revealing that the plan had failed, Addison looked at Vinny. Did it have something to do with when he was being interrogated? Her brow furrowed in thought as she tried to go back to that moment and remember what was said when Vinny was brought by her cell, but the memory was kind of blurry. It wasn't exactly a moment that stood out. She figured that he was probably a spy or something. Why else would Darkness give him that look?

As the meeting dragged on, Addison found herself staring blankly at the ground and daydreaming as the older villains discussed plans, some in motion and others being made. She didn't particularly care for plans in the first place, hence the reason why she zoned out so quickly. In all honesty, she didn't understand how the Heroes hadn't already destroyed them. They weren't exactly the biggest force out there. Perhaps it was some sort of stupid hero code to not kill or something of the like.

The young villain was yanked out of her thoughts as the Immortal suggested a plan of attack to take out Steele. Knowing how powerful the man was, she was admittedly surprised by simple the plan was...and kind of disappointed. Addison always thought it would be something more spectacular for someone with such a status. She looked around to see if anyone would object.

Richard, Seeker Meeting

Baffled by the fact that he wasn't let in on the plan, Richard sat back down in his seat with a huff and a dramatic flair. He really thought that it was an original plan. Guess not. He looked back and forth around the room as people took turns speaking and going on about plans when he glanced at Addison. She always made fun of him for being different. Meh. She had no idea. God, he hated disrespectful little kids. Scoffing to himself, he turned his attention back to the meeting in time to hear their plan of attack on Steele. A maniacal grin grew on his lips.

"Uh, yes?! It's about time that goddamn man was put down!" Richard appeared to be way too eager about the whole thing, but by God, he really did hate that man. To be specific, he hated all of the top heroes with a strong passion. At least there was a good chance of this happening. Those guys won't know what hit them, and it felt good. It felt good to know they had the upper hand this time around, and they couldn't do jack shit about it if they wanted to. Richard felt like a small boy waiting for his Christmas gift.

Patrick, An Empty Classroom

Within the barren classroom, a light kept flashing on and off from within. Patrick sat at the teacher's desk with his feet resting upon it and his arm resting on the arm of the chair. The small cone of flame reflected off of his eyes as he continuously had it appear from his hand and extinguish it. The image was burning into his mind. It was pretty cool that it all worked out. He figured that if he could just tattoo this on his arm, it could stay there for a long, long time. The boy froze as he heard voices coming from outside. They didn't see his fire, did they? He got off of the desk and crouched down, listening attentively around him.

They didn't sound like teachers. Patrick traveled over to the room's window and peeked out, seeing twins and a girl that looked rather lost. He got up and opened the door, looking at the three with a small and awkward chuckle. "Hey...uh...need help?" He figured that if he was out of class this long, there was no point in returning now. The teacher would be furious at him either way, but at least now he could put some good use to the extra time. There wasn't much else he could do with his 'synthetic power' anyways.
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