The Superhero Academy

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Tue May 22, 2018 8:31 pm

Iris, Staff Lounge

Sitting across from the headmaster Iris took a sip from her cup as she looked out the window at the training students. Normally with the position of her classroom and the gym she'd have to use her X-ray vision to see the students train. It was nice to be able to able to watch without using her powers, but knowing why they were training there and so hard almost made her wish she didn't have the view. When circuit looked over to her and asked if the students were ready she paused a moment before sighing and responding.

"To be honest, I'm not even sure I'm ready. Maybe we never will be. But they're all good kids. They'll figure it out, if they have to..."

Iris then took another quick sip of her drink before speaking again. "Do you really think it'll come down to war?"


Carnivore, Courtyard Training

Still a bit too wild for standard self defense training carnivore was with Ruben, training with his powers. At his command the beast man ran on all fours towards the side of the school, deftly avoiding students as he went. When he reached the school he quickly jumped onto the wall and began to scale it as quickly and carefully as possible as to not damage it. Though it cost him some time he managed to reach the top without damaging the building too much. The beast man then swiftly returned, practically diving off the building as he did.

"" He asked between heavy breaths as he stopped next to his one time hunting partner.


Max and Max, Academy Halls

After the multiple attacks on the school the teachers insisted students patrol the halls along with academy security. Something about having students do it preparing them for future...but max figured it was just extra security the school didn't have to pay for. To that end max and his duplication ability were drafted early on, and now 4 pairs of maxes were patrolling various corners of the school.

"How much longer is our patrol?" One max said to the other as they turned a corner and started down a long, abandoned hall. The other quickly pulled out his phone and checked the time. "Not too much longer. A few more passes and we should be done." "I'm pretty sure you said that last time I asked." "Well it's still true. Come on, let's circle around to the cafeteria again, maybe grab something to eat." "Sounds good to me. I'll call it in."

The second max then grabbed the walkie talkie given to him by pyro and brought it to his mouth "Pyro this is max 1&2, all clear so far, we're heading for the cafeteria. Over."


The Immortal, Seeker Meeting

"As a matter of fact I do..."

The immortal said as he stood up. He quickly looked over the present seekers, the small number worrying him slightly. So many simply disappeared recently, leaving the seekers a shell of their former selves. However they still had some heavy hitters, if lead correctly they could still cause some damage, and that's what he intended to do.

"The way I see it we have two options. Either we withdraw and rebuild strength from the shadows, or use a bit of deception and cripple the heroes leadership by drawing that trusting fool Steele into a trap."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by BlondieBoy » Tue May 22, 2018 11:19 pm

Seeker Meeting

Vinny sat on a table in the Meeting Room, taking in everything that was going on around him. He knew that numbers were down. They were certainly down a lot more than the last time he sat in a meeting room over a year ago.

Ah well...He had finished preparing his new deck of cards. After setting up an entire wall during their escape, his card numbers had completely dwindled and he was forced to spend the last week applying his magic to a new deck.

"Look Immortal, I give you all due respect for a man in your position. But for me personally retreat is not an option. The only way forward is a plan like you proposed, crippling the heroes leadership. I will not run away with my tail between my legs when there's still strong heroes left to fight."

Vinny hopped off the table and stood tall. He looked around the room at the Seeker's number. But it wasn't an assessment of their individual strength or the numbers they still had. No, it was a challenge to those who may have been looking at him.

Go ahead and run away, see if you can still be called a seeker after that.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by FeatherBlood » Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:32 pm

Victor, Seeker Meeting

Victor was silent as the Seeker meeting started, not being his normal crazy self at the moment. He sat at the lower half of the meeting table, hunched over slightly in his chair and staring at the ground. To those around him it would most likely appear he wasn't listening to the meeting, however any means to try confirm whether this is true or not would not work. The only movement he made was when he raised his head slightly to look at Vinny as he spoke his views on the war and what he wanted. Apart from that Victor stayed silent and waited for the meeting to finish.

Ruben, Courtyard Training

Ruben glanced down at the stopwatch he held in his hand, watching the time tick by before looking back up at Carnivore. Since Ruben had volunteered to continue helping the Academy due to the increase of recent attacks, he had been assigned as an assistant teacher helping out with the students in controlling their powers. In this occasion he was helping out with the beat man Carnivore as the student practice controlling his beast senses and mastering his abilities. A clipboard rested on the arm which held the stopwatch, which was pushed against his stomach to keep it steady. Ruben did this so that he had a free hand which he would use to write down information onto the paper held within the clipboard. Ruben watched as Carnivore scaled the side of the school building before diving off the top back down to ground level and returning to him.

When Carnivore returned to Ruben he stopped the stopwatch and scribbled down two times, the first was how quickly he got to the top of the school, the second was how quickly he got there and back. Ruben gave an impressed nod after finishing writing and put the stopwatch away before looking to the panting Carnivore. "Impressive Carnivore, you certainly have good speed and climbing capabilities. In my personal opinion you have certainly come along since the last I've seen you, not that it is that much since it's only been a week. Still, even a weeks training can be a big difference. Now before we take a break..." Ruben walked towards Carnivore as he spoke, lowering the arm that held the clipboard to his side. When Ruben walked pasted Carnivore, he didn't continue walking. Instead Ruben spin round very quickly, bringing his leg up in a roundhouse kick aiming for Carnivore's face.

Angela, Courtyard Training

Angela was panting to herself as she stood before her opponent, catching her breath in the brief moment of rest she had. Angela was currently participating in Scorpio's self-defence class and Angela's fight partner was giving her a bit of trouble. Her opponent had withstood every attack Angela had let out, unmoving to her assault. Although they had barely moved and hardly attacked back they were a tough foe, one with a solid defence. Angela took a deep breath as she prepared herself for one final attack, one move that would hopefully end her opponent. She gripped her hand into a fist and swung forward with all her might in a clumsy punch, however her fist connected with her target giving her a slight sense of joy. Angela felt her knuckles sink into the soft material around the base of the stomach, cushioning the blow of her punch. The training dummy Angela was fighting against only shivered slightly at the force of the punch, yet remained unmoving.

Angela stood there for a moment with her fist still pressed against the training dummy, panting as she regained her energy. She then straightened up
and sighed to herself as her unseeing eyes looked at the dummy she was using. "I'm getting nowhere with this... I suck at hand to hand combat." She felt a hand against her neck and looked to see one of her spirits perched on her shoulder, whispering words of comfort into her ear. "Thanks, but I just don't think I'm cut out to fight with my fists. I guess all I can do is channel the powers you grant me into our realm to fight." Looking around, Angela could sense some of her other spirit companions returning to her, causing a small smile to her lips. "I guess... I could maybe try again..." Angela raised her fists in a readying manner as she prepared another attempt against her difficult opponent of a training dummy.

Nightshade, Seeker Meeting

Nightshade couldn't help but yawn as the meeting of the Seekers began, as much as Nightshade would rather be somewhere else. However as a Prophet he knew he had to attend, so he would give the others the benefit of the doubt and just grin and bear it, not that he grinned much. Nightshade sat near the head of the table, swinging back on his chair and resting his feet on the table, crossed over. He was staring at the ceiling as the meeting proceeded, listening to The Immortal as he laid out the plan. Things were going as boring as ever until suddenly one of the Seekers he couldn't care about, Nightshade recalled his name might've been Vinny, stood up and spoke out at the meeting. This got Nightshade to look down and look at the man as he spoke out about his opinion at the meeting. Probably a bad idea speaking out like that, but heck whatever. Once the Seeker had finished speaking Nightshade raised one hand to catch people's attention, to his annoyance. "If you really need one, I suppose an army of undead could act as a decent distraction." From the sleeve of the arm which Nightshade held in the air, the head of a bone snake stuck out, looking around at those gathered around the table with empty sockets.

Stinger, Resistance Headquarters

Stinger was perched on a windowsill looking out at the dull scenery that was visible from the Resistance HQ. It was a week after the Rebellion assault on the factory which had taken an unexpected turn as heroes from the Academy had intercepted the attack, which had lead to their leader Eve being severely damaged. Behind Stinger sitting next to the window sat a man with an open book in one hand, with his other hand resting on the arm of the chair so he could rest his head on his fist. The man's name was Aleah, a sort of voluntary host for Stinger who works alongside him and the Resistance despite being human. How Aleah came to be a host for Stinger is a bit of an odd story, during the first year of Stinger's existence. Aleah is a scientist and entomologist, interested in the study of superpowers and insects, as well as being one of the first people who Stinger possessed. Since Stinger was still new to the world and his powers, after he tried to flee from Aleah after possessing him he was captured. Luckily, Aleah was interested in Stinger and wanted to study him rather then kill him. In the end this caused the two to strike a deal with each other, Aleah could study Stinger in return Stinger could use his body as a host and learn form him, so long as he didn't get Aleah killed.

Currently the two partners were just idly sitting around the Resistance HQ, waiting out the day. If nothing happened soon Stinger would decide to head out and do some more observing of the city.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Gecko » Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:48 am

Addison, Seeker Meeting

As Darkness spoke, Addison gave a small shudder. The sound of his voice gave her the chills; it was a sound that she never got used to. She sat at one of the tables near the other remaining Seekers, but still stayed a fair distance from them. Some, she still didn't trust fully. Others were simply annoying. However, in the end, she did kind of consider them as a family. Addison sat with her arms on the table and her head rested on them, half-listening to the conversation happening. She was a tad bit sidetracked by the questions about her time with the heroes, but she didn't stay that way for long.

The Immortal stood and gave two options to take, Addison fancying the latter. At this point, everything just needed to end. The young Seeker just wanted the heroes to be gone. Vinny stood and gave his thoughts on the situation. A smirk snaked its way to her lips as he sat down, shaking her head some before glancing at Nightshade as he offered his services as a distraction. It would make sense, the Academy would have to turn their attention away and the Seekers could strike while they were turned away. Addison wasn't so sure that it would really wor, though. Perhaps it was because every other plan they've had so far pretty much failed in some aspect. Addison gave an audible sigh and rubbed her eye with the back of her hand. Ugh, meetings were such a pain.


Richard sat in his seat as though he was a bored child in church. He sunk down until the back of his head was on the back of the chair and his chin was pressed to his chest, his arms crossed. A meeting was rather boring. Did they even help? Fuck, who knew anymore. He listened to what everyone said, but he formulated a plan in his own mind. Infiltrate the Heroes, eh? There was one such plan that was so crazy it might work. Is everyone done talking? Ugh, finally. Not talking was such a bore.

"What if, and hear me out on this one, we send someone to the Academy as a student or an ally? Maybe say they've turned away from the Seekers, that they've realized they're 'wrong' and that it's time for change. Eh?! I think it would work, but that's just little ol' me."

The Prophet could hear Addison groan in annoyance from the opposite end of the table and rolled his eyes. Why were kids such brats? It was so rude. He asked himself why parents were so bad at their jobs, but paused mid-thought and chuckled. That was a dumb question. He waited criticism on his plan.

Patrick, A Classroom

As the class droned on for what seemed like forever, Patrick sat amongst the other students with a small marker in hand. On his opposite arm, he drew a symbol for fire, making tweaks in it to look cool for the hell of it. Once he'd finished, it cane out as a pretty decent-looking temporary tattoo down his forearm. Quickly, he ran his fingers through his hair and raised his hand. "May I use the restroom, please?"

The teacher nodded, demanding the boy to make it snappy. Patrick scrambled out of the desk and made his way out of the room with haste. Instead of heading to the bathroom, he made his way to an empty classroom and locked the door behind him. Standing inside, he faced the other end of the room and extended his arm. With some concentration, a column of flame shot out of the palm of his left hand, just as he predicated. A smile of accomplishment formed on his lips as he looked down at his hand. It worked. He did have another idea, but it would have to wait. At least he knew this one worked. Not caring much for the strategy class he was previously in, Patrick began to practice with the newfound ability he possessed. All he needed now was a needle, some ink, and a how-to video online.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Wint » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:21 pm

How will the Seekers track us? Will they know of our involvement? He was only supposed to pass out; maybe we could've interrogated him.
Anim was twisting a screwdriver at Nimona's, trying to manually repair what he could to help her get back up faster.
"Perhaps we should lay low for now. I've heard good news from those we were able to save, several are willing to join our cause, though they will all require extensive psychiatric care or anything else we could afford to help them get their lives back on track."
A dirty rag was draped over his shoulder as a couple of sparks lit up around the area he was working on. "Sorry about that."
As useful as PTSD-ridden soldiers can be, it's hardly treating them humanely, which should be one of the main tenets of the Resistance. I fear it might be running out.
"That's the problem..." He muttered under his breath as he grabbed the rag and absorbed some sort of fluid, though Anim was hardly an expert. He couldn't allow morale to drop by letting people see their leader in such poor shape.
"And you?" He asked, as he cleaned away grit that gathered from the explosion around the parts that came apart. "Are you alright?"

They chatted for what felt like forever, before Anim decided to check in on the rest of the team. He would need to see Lucas as well, soon.
"Let me know if you need anything. If it's too serious for your own self-repair, I could call in one of the men who might have more experience than I. If... you'd like, of course."
He set up a mental link so she could contact him, and then turned to leave. He glanced at her bed one last time before he closed the door behind him, setting the smelly oil-stained rag in a pile of several pieces of cloth that were taken to be washed, and with that taken care of, he began examining the situation.

He would have to do her job as well for the time being.
That involved checking up on everyone and seeing that their tasks were in order, and proceeded to the infirmary.
. . .

From there, there wasn't much left to do, other than make some house calls.
One of which was of a certain insect that was able to help. He didn't deserve to be in such a disgraceful incident...

He knocked on the door thrice before opening it.
"St- Ah, Aleah, I was unaware that you were here. Please excuse my intrusion."
Standing outside of the room to avoid being impolite, he explained himself.
"I wanted to see how you were doing. Is everything alright?"
He coughed once, to break any tension that could've possibly been made, before adding.
"Since Nimona is currently out of commission, I'm making rounds to make sure no one is lacking anything, so I just wanted to see if you were fine.

What happened at the factory was... less than perfect."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Glyphto » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:15 pm


Wheezing from exhaustion, Tsugutoshi repeated the move he had been practicing with the grace of a wounded ox. He well knew he was overdoing it - it hadn't even been 15 minutes since he started the routine and he already brought himself nearly to the point of collapsing - but he had his back against a figurative wall.

Some hero material you are! he scoffed at himself internally, giving the training mannequin an angry punch. He underestimated the wood's sturdiness and, cursing under his nose and massaging his knuckles, decided it might be a good opportunity to take a short break.

He glanced to his left, where other students were practising. The numbers weren't exactly breathtaking, and he could see only a handful of familiar faces. Perhaps it was to be expected with alternative, non-combat-oriented courses' being offered parallelly, but part of Tsugutoshi wanted others to take to heart the lesson from the previous week.

The memory was still fresh, even though the wounds had already closed. It couldn't be described as anything but an utter failure. To give himself and Max some credit, their opponent was a bona fide villain - him and two other escapees. It was a miracle no one got killed during the whole thing. He didn't remember much of it, though - something like cards thrown all over the courtyard, then complete darkness. When he came to, he was already recovering in the infirmary, and he vaguely heard the nurse mention something about reattaching some fingers. Either way, he still had a full set the last time he checked.

He snapped out of that self-pitying flashback and noticed a familiar face. Despite having spent an extraordinary amount of time in the infirmary already, Tsugutoshi could take pride in successfully memorising the names of a large part of the staff and the students. Angela, then, seemed to be giving it all she got to obliterate her dummy opponent. The sight was quite admirable, and yet it left the boy sort of depressed. He simply couldn’t shake off the feeling that, despite her condition and most likely zero experience in combat of any kind - whether on the attacking or receiving end - her punches were somehow more effective than his own.

In all fairness, it had been a while since he last powered up. Fighting a dummy ensured that no sparring partner of his would pass out from energy loss, but doing so left him in no fighting condition. He was skin and bones, virtually no muscle. Self-defense moves not requiring physical strength were his best bet, so he did his hardest trying to etch them into his body. In an actual fight, a few seconds of skinship with an opponent would be enough; he could easily punch through concrete when powered-up, so fancy fighting wouldn't be needed since that point on.

For the time being however, he couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag - quite literally. He sighed and gave his training dummy an analytical look, wondering if he could somehow suplex it.

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Monika » Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:01 pm

Aura walked through the hall, completely lost. The place was huge, and she hadn't been there for over a week, so she still had no idea on where anything was. Now that she thought about it, she couldn't even remember what she was supposed to be doing or where she was supposed to be going. The realization bothered her, but she already didn't remember her past beyond her name, so she guessed something was just wrong with her memory.

She sighed heavily and ran her hand through her hair slightly, looking around. "So now what am I going to do?" she asked to no one in particular.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Raum » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:40 pm

(Is this still open?)

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Monika » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:41 pm

*you would need to look for the request thread*
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Jasmine » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:31 pm

Cassidy slowly opened her eyes, everything was really blurry and her body was aching. She couldn't really remember what happened or where she was. She looked around a bit, but had a hard time seeing since everything was still blurred. She sniffed the air and frowned softly, it smelled like a horrible, kind of like a dumpster. Cassidy tried to sit up, but it was very hard for her to maneuver around. It felt like she had broken a thing or two. She growled before forcing herself to sit up and looked behind her to see what she was laying on. An old looking car, her body had left a huge dent in it and the glass was shattered. "How did I get here?" She mumbled before looking around once more, her vision was slowly coming back to her once more.

The last thing Cassidy remembered was being at the park with Wolfie, and now she was here. Wait.... Where was Wolfie? She slowly slide off of the car and fell onto the floor, her legs were a bit weak. She frowned and sat on the floor for awhile, looking down at her body. Her clothes were completely ripped and bloodied, but how long was she there for? It felt like she had been sleeping for months and just woke up all of the sudden. Cas placed her hands on the floor and pushed herself off the ground before slowly limping away from the car, wanting to go back. She wasn't sure where it was, but she remembered certain smells so she knew she'd be able to find her way back somehow.

Cassidy's body felt like it was burning, she didn't know if it has the scars she already had getting worse or if something else had hurt her. After awhile, her legs gave up on her and she collapsed to the floor. "Come on, I can make it." She knew she would make it there if she pushed herself or called for help, but she couldn't shift because she was far too weak. Cas had a feeling that Wolfie would still be able to recognize her and know she's not a threat. She might have seemed older, but she still looked a bit similar and had the same smell as before. Cassidy slowly started to crawl. She was determined to get back before she either died out there or whatever it was inside of her took over.

Ethan had already found another hiding place for him and Storm. He wasn't sure what to do and felt like her was slowly losing his mind. He didn't know if Cassidy was still alive or not, and ot felt like he was losing Storm. The last he even saw Cassidy was when the two were busy trying to kill each other. They were on the same time, but seemed like they wanted each other dead, which was odd to him. Sure, even villains tried to kill each other, but Storm and Cassidy normally got a long and had never fought before. Now the two wanted each other dead, but for what? Ethan looked over at Storm, who was still unconscious before deciding to at least check on Cassidy. He quietly shifted into a bird before flying out of the hole in the roof, flying over yo where he last saw Cas. Once he was there, he shifted back and walked over to the car. The dent was still there, but Cassidy was nowhere to be found.

Ethan looked around before looking down at the ground, there was a trail of blood. He chuckled softly before shifting back into a bird and flying back. That mean that Cas was probably still alive and kicking. The blood seemed fresh so he wasn't overly worried about her. He just had to make sure that storm would also wake back up. He shifted back to normal once more before walking over to Storm and sitting besides her.

Ciri slowly opened her eyes and frowned slightly when she noticed that she was looking at a white ceiling. What the hell? She looked around and noticed she had needles and tubes in her. What the hell happened? She quickly sat up and ripped everything out of her before tossing it to the side, then moved over to the edge of the bed. She tried to stand up, but quickly fell to the floor. Ciri looked back at her leg and noticed it had a cast on it. She shook her head before trying to crawl out of the room, not wanting to be there any longer. She wanted to know what had happened and what was going on.


Grayson was walking around with Johanna and looking around, wondering what they were even doing. They had been watching the people who seem to be heroes for awhile. He sighed softly as he followed her, a lollipop in his mouth. They were pretty close to where the school was. Johanna suddenly stopped and looked around, hearing something. She frowned slightly before following the sounds. Gray watched Johanna with a confused expression on his face before jogging after her. "Where are ya going? I thought we had something to do." He sighed when she didn't answer her. Soon after, he could hear what she was able to hear. It sounded like someone coughing or choking. Grayson jogged past Johanna and looked down at the ground, seeing a beat up girl on the floor.

"Holy fuck." Gray mumbled under his breath before bending down, checking her pulse. He carefully picked her up and put her over his shoulder before standing up. "Let's take her over to the school, they probably have someone who can help her." He started to walk over to the school with the strange looking girl. Johanna frowned and followed Grayson. "She doesn't seem human."
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