The Superhero Academy

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by BlondieBoy » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:32 am


Steady like a war drum, Vinny's heart beat. Too long he had been gone from the city. From the place that had made him, instead lending aid in other parts of the worlds. Not as a seeker or a hero, but as just another person. Well he certainly couldn't do that here with his reputation on the line...And he'd never pass up a fight like this.


He'd heard from a little birdie when he entered the city that Victor and Addy had been captured by the Academy. Two seekers...did he even remember them? Would they remember him? Perhaps no to both...But perhaps yes.

Vinny spent a few days getting his physical body back in fighting shape. Hardening his abs, toning his muscles, tanning his body. He had to look good when he fought otherwise people might think he'd been slacking off the past year.

He'd be sure not to get caught- If they were holding Victor and Addy, and if the two of them were seekers, then Vinny was damn sure there was something involved in weakening them constantly.


Vinny toed the line to the grounds. If he wanted to, if he were smart, he'd just wait for the inevitable orchestrated plan to break the two seekers out with minimal casualties.

"Where would be the fun in that though..."

Vinny pulled a grenade out from his pocket, and pulled the pin while holding the trigger down. Too late to go back now, no turning back means no regrets. Not that Vinny ever does have regrets, but if anybody asks, he certainly couldn't have swallowed the grenade.


He tosses the grenade forward into the courtyard, and as he waits for the initial explosion to go off he pulls out his deck of cards...51 in total. He counts them all in a matter of moments, through one initial shuffle. As he turns the cards over and bridges them once more, the grenade explodes and shakes the ground. The shockwave blows his red hair behind him, and he digs his heels into the ground so the force doesn't throw him back. He finishes his shuffle, and throws one card a few feet in front of him, sticking it to the ground. He throws another one a few inches in front of him and it freezes mid air. Both cards turn completely pink as they've activated.


"Now we wait for our fight..."

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Jasmine » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:54 am


Cassidy smiled happily when they both agreed that Carn would take her to the park and she was very excited. She didn't feel like staying inside of the school all day and she enjoyed being around Carn. "I can help you!" She clapped her hands with a giggle before waving to her, then grabbed Carn's hand. "Baii! I'll see you when we get back."

Cas skipped next to Wolfie, her hair bouncing as she did. She let go of his when he went to go grab his jacket and hummed a little song to herself. She followed him out the side entrance and looked up at him, then started to think for a moment. Where should they start? "We should go check on the duckies to make sure nobody messes with them meanly and I wanna feed them!" She took her little bag off her shoulders as they walked before opening it up, looking inside of it. Cas grabbed crackers out of her bag before zipping it back up and putting it over her shoulders once more. "You want one?" She opened the bag of crackers carefully, then took one out to offer it to him.


As Rosa was distracted with the explosion, she felt Ash kiss her once more and smiled. She turned her head towards him to watch him leave with a slight frown on her face. "You better be! I'll give you an hour, after that I'll be worried and come looking for you." She watched him leave before sighing softly, turning her head towards one of her guards. "That explosion sounded fishy, didn't it? Should we check it out, or wait for Ash?" Rosa sat down on one of the tables as she thought about it. She couldn't just sit here and just wait for him, where was the fun in that? Yet again, what if he came back sooner than she though or he was captured and she didn't realize because she was busy with something else?


Ethan chuckled a bit at what Nightshade said before shrugging lightly. "I'm just as surprised as you are, but you know you guys need me. I could have been with the heroes like Ciri is, but no. I'm here." He sighed and looked over at the stairs before nodding slowly."Yea, she's not too happy with that Wolf dude or whatever the hell it was. He left her a few 'gifts' and she's not too happy about that. I gotta check on her more often than you know."

Ethan sighed slightly before closing his eyes for a moment, sitting there in the awkward silentness. He heard his game ending and a sigh coming from him before he slowly opened his eyes. "They should be weaker by now, I've heard and seen them take on many attacks. This is a full time job." He joked with a small smile, but hated the fact that the heroes never took a day off. Had to be good 24/7 and not give it a break, why? "We're planning another attack on them?" He stopped for a moment when he heard glass breaking coming from upstairs and sat up quickly.


Ciri was a bit shocked when the girl started to run past her and grabbed her arm to pull her along, which she was uncomfortable with. It made her feel like she was a little kid or something, which she wasn't. She politely pulled her arm away from the girl as she ran beside her. She wanted to talk to her as they ran? Odd. "Its Ciri, my last name doesn't matter."

Ciri knew that she was getting closer to the explosion and shifted into medium sized dog before running faster to get there sooner. She wasn't the type of person who had small talk while working. She wanted to get the job done fast, not sit there and chat it up. Ciri saw the tank before shifting back into her normal form. Were they robots? She tilted her head, slightly confused.


Storm was still laying in her bed, staring at the ceiling with a frown on her face. She was still thinking about what happened that day and was still mad about it. She wasn't able to do anything about what happened for the longest because she had a hard time functioning correctly. All she was able to do was lay there and plot out everything she'd do to him. Storm had been waiting for the longest and didn't feel like doing it no longer. She forced herself to sit up, sliding off of her bed before flying out of her window. Storm was sick of laying there, unable to do anything, but that was gonna change today. She was gonna make that man beast pay for what he had done to her and enjoy every last minute of it.


Cassidy was a bit happy to be walking around with Wolfie, mainly because he wasn't as stuck up as the other people and was similar to her. He seemed to enjoy the attention that she would give him and enjoyed giving it to him. She looked down at the wet grass and stopped walking before bending down to pick a flower. It was a bit wet, but she didn't mind. She had always enjoyed the smell of wet grass, but never knew why. Cassidy opened her mouth to say something to Wolfie, but stopped when she sensed something, looking around. Everything seemed normal though. There were a few kids, playing on the small playground and parents with them. They were a bit close to the pound she wanted to go to with the duckies. Something wasn't right though. Then she thought about it for a moment. If she couldn't find the problem coming from the ground, maybe it was in the sky.
Grayson was wondering what all the people were doing down there and tried to lean a bit closer to listen to what they were saying. Johanna was behind him, holding him up by his shirt, making sure he wouldn't fall and die outta nowhere. Were those all bad guys or something? Then he noticed other people running up to the scene and frowned in confusion. "What do you think they're doing? Should we go to stop them or something? I mean, it looks like they're busting in or busting something out." "We should go before anyone notices us here."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by FeatherBlood » Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:39 pm

Victor tilted his head as Knock Out just glared at him, watching as the head of security lowered his files and spoke while standing. He just grinned as the man didn't seem to understand what Victor meant. When Knock Out walked behind Victor, the Seeker made no move to turn his body but did turn his head slightly so that he could partly see the larger man. The words Knock Out spoke caused Victor to grin widely and manically, his shoulders shaking slightly as he chuckled menacingly to himself as he continued to listen. However Victor said nothing until Knock Out sat back down and finished asking his question. Once the man had seated and spoke again, Victor just lent forward and met Knock Out's eyes with his own, his craziness visible behind his pupils. "Never thought I'd get offered freedom from the one interrogating me, how ironic. This is such a major plot twist! Hahahahahahhaha!" He rocked back in his chair laughing, before rocking forward to face his questioner again. "I can't make any promises, surely you can tell I'm untrustworthy, but the deal seems interesting enough. Kehehehehe." Victor lent further forward and tilted his head, grinning more. "As for your question I already answered it. I'm insane! In case you didn't get it the second time I'm insane about escaping!" He laughed again, leaning back in his chair and shrugging. "If you still don't accept that answer then I could just say it would be nice to get out of that empty cell and stupid chains."

Ruben nodded as Iris said she would show him the training room, before he followed his friend out of the hall and through the halls. As he was walking Ruben noticed Iris seemed distracted almost, well distracted enough to not notice the seemingly important announcement of an apparent attack that was currently happening to some warehouse. Ruben was going to mention it to Iris as the two walked down the halls, but the he got distracted by the occasional glances he got by the students, obviously those who were curious of the new stranger and why he was the one talking over for the new teaching role. Ruben noticed one of the students to be the one he had met at the Infirmary, so he gave the boy a wink of greeting as he walked pasted. Once he and Iris were out of earshot from the students, Ruben was about to mention the announcement to Iris when suddenly she called out to a running student in attempt to stop him from running. "He seems to be in a rush. Must be because of the announcement."

Angela gave a small smile as she waved to Carnivore and Rhianna as the two exited the hall to begin that... She couldn't particularly call it a patrol now that Rhianna was going, more like a friendly stroll. Angela stayed silent in the hall, smiling still as she looked at the door the two had exited. Her smile then dropped slightly as she rested one hand against her chin. It then went from resting on her chin to over her mouth. Then it went to nail biting. Angela's gaze seemed distant and worried as she bit hard on her nails without even realising, only to be knocked out of her trance but her concerned spirits. "Ah! S-Sorry guys I drifted off... I was... Concerned and thinking... I suddenly feel scared. Was it really a good idea sending them two off alone?" The spirits seemed to sigh before whispering words to her. "I-I know you mentioned it but... I..." She trailed off, looking crestfallen. She then looked up as her spirits continued to speak, comforting her. "You think they will be fine? I'm still concerned but... I should trust Carnivore! Thank you all. Maybe sending a spirit would've been a good idea after all but... I suppose I could get one to search for them in a bit."

It was at this point the announcement went off saying all that all students were to prepare for battle as a warehouse was under attack, snapping Angela out of her thoughts and back into reality. Angela looked around her, noticing she was the only one left in the hall and sighed to herself. Guess I should get moving... Angela slowly made her way out the hall, looking down as she walked. She was clearly in no rush, despite the troubles that were happening outside. Angela wouldn't be needed for that, she never was. Due to her condition Angela had commonly been set for reserve and kept off the front lines unless absolutely required. This lead her to presume she wouldn't be needed and that the situation would be handled perfectly fine without her. So she continued to walk down the corridors slowly and in no rush, drifting off into her thoughts again as her spirits guided her along.

Nightshade just shrugged from his upside down position as Ethan spoke, tilting his head slightly as he did. "True you could've, yet you fall with us. And is the defeat from one simple beast man really that crushing to her? I'm sure she's been through worse so I doubt it's something she requires to sulk this much about." He stayed silent as Ethan spoke more, before sighing. "Yeah, it's kinda dull sounding working full time. I would die if I had to work all the time." Nightshade gave a slight annoyed groan as he stretched his body upwards from his upside down position on the sofa. "Yeah. We plan to try wipe out the heroes while their strongest members are not around." Nightshade let out a yawn after he finished speaking. Shortly after the sound of shattering glass was heard which caused Ethan to sit up, while Nightshade lazily looked up. "Was that Storm?" Suddenly the sound of clacking caught the Prophet's attention, causing him to look up slightly. A snake slithered along the ground towards the Prophet, however the snake looked out of place. The snake had no skin, no muscles or nerves. The snake was dead and make entire of just bone, yet it still slithered towards Nightshade as it would if it where alive. The male stretched his arm towards the bone snake, granting it passage to slither up his arm underneath his sleeve. The clacking continued as the lump of the snake could be seen coiling up Nightshade's arm from within his shirt. The snakes head then popped his head out of the neck of Nightshade's shirt and stuck his head next to the Prophet's head. Nightshade listened. "Apparently there is an attack happening nearby at some warehouse, most people at the Superhero Academy seem to have been called out to assist. Also whether girl was spotted flying just above the house, broken window it seems."

Stinger wandered through the halls of the warehouse, making his way to the front of the building. He knew roughly which direction he was going, but apart from that he just had to follow his instincts. Luckily the body he possessed allowed him to blend in with the warehouse workers, meaning any of them just ran past him giving Stinger safe passage with little to no conflicts. Strangely enough even members of the Resistance seemed to have left Stinger alone which confused the insect. Most were too busy fighting to pay attention, but those who did notice him seemed to ignore him afterwards. The only thing Stinger could think of for a reason was Eve knew he was there and got everyone to leave him alone, somehow knowing which body he had possessed. Despite this confusion Stinger pressed on, aiming to meet up with the main forces of the Resistance.

It didn't take the insect possessed human long to find the front entrance of the warehouse, where the battle was thickest. Staying to the edge of the battle, Stinger peered out of the warehouse door, seeing a tank sitting there with Eve and another figure, who happened to be... Anim. Of course.
That's how people knew who I was. He must've sensed me in some way and pulled everyone away from me.
Stinger decided he may as well meet up with the main members of the Resistance, so he exited the warehouse and walked over to the tank. He knew he would be targeted since he looked exactly like a guard, because he sort of was one, but he knew he wouldn't get killed. Once he was close enough, the man stretched out his arms in greeting to Eve and Anim as he got closer. "I know you guys want to rescue other mutants and robots, but was a tank this big really necessary?"
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Wint » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:22 pm

Once the dangerous man went his way, Anim had to ensure that the connection was not too fierce.
Not that he could take him if he did sense it.
But now, his mind was once again set on the fight. Through his followers' minds he could deduce the situation each stood in, informing Eve with the more vital information "This seems to be going along rather nicely... although, a tad crudely."
Was direct confrontation truly the best way they could go about this? Anim had doubts.
However, while his mind began tearing away from Ayden, a certain fellow Rose to the occasion and brought his focus back, albeit sharply, potentially alerting the man, not that he would know what the sensation of subtle mental fatigue meant.
Stinger... That was who he had sensed.
Anim smiled at the presence of the mind-controlling being. How extraordinary.
"I do hope your man suffices? I'm sure there are many candidates here who deserve every bit of this whom you could utilize whichever way you'd like."
Anim smiled, aware of the slight tension in the air. The tank, the struggle, the confilict between the good, the bad and the grey.
"I do believe there was a simpler approach to this, however I cannot contradict the results."
But looking at the chaos, Anim's smile turned somewhat sour around its edges.
"An infiltration would be exquisite. Perhaps... a rebellion?" Anim continued, trying to ignore the word-play he made.
"Or perhaps turning everyone against each other? Or scaring them till they turn their own flesh around and run? I'm sure there could've been many ways to go about this.
"I'm sure you can assume who came up with this solution..." He added in private. "Although, I suppose we did gain the element of surprise."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by nimona » Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:40 pm

heyo, if you want to join the rp then ask shini, he's the GM

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Gecko » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:27 am

The Academy

Patrick heard the announcements overhead concerning the explosions. Looks like I've got a job to do. He grew excited at the thought of finally being able to prove how useful he really was on the field, seeing how his abilities were usually overlooked due to the whole time consumption issue. His mind began to escape him, but was brought to a grinding halt as Iris' sharp voice commanded him to stop running. Patrick whipped around and immediately began to try and find the words to explain the situation. Ugh, he was terrible at that. For the entirety of his life, Patrick was never the bad kid. Not on purpose, anyways. So whenever he found himself in a situation that made him look bad, he would fumble over his words to explain himself, and it kind of made him look stupid in the end.

"I heard...I heard, uh..."

Another explosion rumbled, this time sounding like it was from the school itself. It wasn't far off. Patrick suddenly found the words he was looking for.

"Explosion," he exclaimed as he dumbly pointed in the direction of the sound. It was new trouble, true that they didn't need right now. He opened his sketchbook and thumbed through the pages, looking for a certain sketch. "What do we do?!"

Academy Prison

Addy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, letting the air escape her lungs. She closed her eyes and listened quietly to her surroundings, waiting for the silence to engulf her mind. Instead, confusion flooded her mind as the sound of announcements blaring and people running about the area. What the hell was going on? Her eyes opened and she got off the cot to look at the door through the window, but felt the ground shake as an explosion ripped through the school, just close enough to make her ears faintly ring as she stumbled backwards, grabbing wildly for the edge of the cot to balance herself.

"What the fuck?!" Addy was audibly surprised by the event. Once she was able to properly steady herself, Addy went to the door window again to see what was going on. She grasped the edges and stood on her toes to look through.

"Hey, someone out there," Addy called questioningly. "Hello? What the hell is going on?!" She pounded on the door, half hoping that she'd at least annoy someone to the point where they'd check on her. With all her heart, she hoped it wasn't her father coming to get her. That would suck beyond relief. He was always pissing her off immensely. He was capable of pulling off stunts like this.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Shinigami » Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:47 am

Circuit and company, Alliance HQ

Assured that they would have reinforcements on the way, Circuit and his team thank Steele and bid him farewell, exiting into the elevator that they had used to access his office. Once back into the lobby, they stop and look among themselves. Pyro is the first to speak, her tone hushed.

"Okay, Circuit; what the hell is going on? War? Are we even ready for this?"

"I don't know," he replies with the same hushed whisper. "I hope so. And I hope the humans are ready for it, too. Quite frankly; they'll be the ones to suffer the most if we fail. That said, technology has advanced greatly since the first war; I'm pretty sure we can look forward to their assistance." Just then, his phone begins ringing. "Hello? ...Another explosion at the Academy?! Are you serious?!" he shouts, the others flinching at the sudden noise. "Get a security team on it! I'm on my way." With that, the three head out the front of the building and begin their journey back.

Darkness, Seeker training grounds.

"War room? Honestly, my comrade, catch up with the times!" Darkness says, laughing. It was more of a deep, raspy cackle; though a laugh nonetheless. "We're merely heading to my office. I have some people to contact. But do share your ideas." With this, he turns and heads for the exit. From his movements, one might just barely notice he was on edge. A possible hint at his plans. He pulls the door opens and walks out, groaning when the sunlight hits him. For a moment, one could see his pale skin before he ducks his way into the shade of the buildings.

Skyfire, Resistance attack site.

Skyfire ducks as she opens fire on him, the bullets bouncing off of the building. This robot is nuts! he thinks. That backup better arrive soon. And that telepath better not get in the way of me defending myself... With that, he launches another volley of feathers at the tank during a lull in the fire and takes off, circling it in a wide arc. He lands on the back of it, pounding on the top.

"Open up! What sort of nutjob opens fire on someone in mid conversation?!" he yells before noticing the two from before walking in as a third, apparently a guard, walking out and greeting them as though he were on their side. A double agent?
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:54 pm

Knock Out

Knockout grinned and nodded as Victor agreed to his little plan.

" hold still."

With that Knockout did exactly as he said he would and punched the crazy seeker in the face. It was at just the right angle at the jaw to definitely draw blood and then hit the power dampener around his neck. The damage was barely noticeable...but definitely enough to stop the dampener from working. As soon as the fist left victors face a knock came at the door.

Knockout looked over to a scared looking guard at the door. He quickly made his way over and opened it just enough to stick hid head out

"This better be good."
"Explosion in the courtyard sir. A few guards are already looking into it. Iris says someone is out there. We've already contacted circuit."
"I would have preferred you waited, but better safe than sorry I guess. Get X-ray, take the prisoner back to his cell, I'll look into the explosion personally."
"Yes sir!"

Knock out then closed the door and smirked, beginning to unhook Victor from his chains.

"Looks like someone came to rescue you. They'll be your diversion. You'll have your powers back in about...5 minutes. Grab that crazy bitch in the cell next to yours and get out. And for god's sake don't rip off that dampener here, it'll be evidence of tampering."

With that the two guards arrived and knock out handed the prisoner to them before leaving for the stairs. If all went to plan he'd be upstairs next to Iris when they broke out. Not the best alibi, but better than nothing.



Iris looked back towards the explosion, using her enhanced sight to see two odd things. The first was a new doll student stuck in a janitors closet, the second was a red head she didn't recognize standing near the explosion. Of course, guards quickly started towards the explosion, and Iris quickly stopped the nearest one as he passed and grabbed his radio.

"This is Iris...there is someone in the explosion area. Proceed with looks like we might have another seeker attack."

"Understood...We've already contacted Circuit and we're getting knock out now."

Iris grimaced a little at hearing they already told circuit. She hadn't been in charge for a week and already he was bring told she couldn't handle the job. She sighed and responded.

"Alright. I'm heading to the courtyard."

She then turned back to Ruben and Patrick. The two boys looked confused, naturally, looking to her for what to do. For a moment she was conflicted on sending a student into a potential battle, but quickly decided to give him a choice.

"Patrick, if you want to join us feel free but be careful. Heros know when to run. Ruben, you can either help me or get the students who don't want to fight to safety. Let's go."

With that Iris walked over to the janitors closet and opened it, Granting the doll her freedom.

"Ellie, Right? You want to help fight a bad guy?"



"Right." Said Max before an explosion echoed throughout the school. He looked back towards the explosions source, then back to his partner. He already saw the other students doing one of two things, running towards a safe zone or towards the explosion.

"Not again. Alright we have two choices. We can go help with that, which half these people will do, or we can go ahead to Galsom. I know it sounds kinda heartless but...too many cooks, you know?"




Carnivore said, taking one of the crackers and eating it quickly. Though he personally preferred meat he could handle the occasional cracker or vegetable, so long as he got meat later. It didn't take to terribly long for the odd pair to reach carnivores old stomping grounds. People looked at them and stared, but the jacket carnivore wore keep people from screaming or running up to protect the child by him.

It felt...good not needing to hide from people. To be able to patrol his territory out in the open. Yet for some reason, there was some deep primal instinct seemed to warn him of impending disaster. So as he watched Rhianna feed her ducks he looked around, his skin hardening to create armor. A low growl was barely audible, and carnivore thought about what to do with Rhianna should something happen.



Ash quickly made his way through the crowded streets and towards the superhero academy, already planning a path into the cells and out again. He turned invisible, stepped forward, and heard an explosion in the academy. Confused, he remained invisible but did not advance. He watched, waiting to see what happened and avoid the security heading to the explosion


The Immortal

"Oh...I plan on it. Lead the way."

The immortal said as he started to follow darkness outside, somewhat saddened they were not going to use his war room, but glad plans were being made. The walk from the training grounds to darkness's office was not far, but the sunlight made the journey a bit more perilous for darkness than himself. Such a terrible weakness for a villian, yet so easily circumnavigated in this day and age. Why he didn't just disappear like he normally does the immortal was unsure, but he enjoyed watching darkness navigate the sunlight.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Glyphto » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:26 pm

It was supposed to be so simple. Go to Galsom, blow off some steam, possibly even get shanked. That would do quite nicely for Tsugutoshi to get his mind off the events from last week. But since the very day he set his foot on the Academy’s grounds, he had learnt not to make plans or have too high expectations for anything. So he had to accept that apparently just about every villain in the vicinity became hellbent on razing the entire establishment to the ground.

A distraction was still a distraction, though, and this one didn’t require as much footwork. The only problem was, whoever had the guts to set off the explosion wasn’t likely to be a regular street punk. Nor would they be entering the lion’s den all alone. They’d have to be crazy otherwise.

"Not much of a choice here, to be honest," Tsugutoshi replied to Max. "Whatever scum of society might dwell in Galsom, I think that whatever’s happening right here and right now takes precedence. Although…"

He bit his lip. Yeah, what a great plan: head straight into the enemy’s position, presumably. And then what? Max had a point, too. Surely the Academy had personnel sufficient enough for handling emergency situations… Or did it? Weren’t the headmaster and several other teachers away?

Tsugutoshi groaned, scratching his head and trying to decide what to do.

"Okay, so… h-how about we make a round or two around the Academy’s perimeter first? You know, if that explosion was an attack, it might not be the only one. S-so, just for safety’s sake, we could check whether there’s anyone shady coming in… or out..."

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Shinigami » Sat May 19, 2018 7:48 am

The academy, one week later

One week has passed since the meeting with Cold Steele, the leader of the Hero's Alliance. Because of the circumstances, a large number of heroes have been rallied for the possibility of war; Balem and the surrounding cities are now under heavier patrol by fully-fledged heroes. The students are being briefed on the essentials of the situation. The civilians currently know nothing.

In an effort to prevent a large scale conflict, Steele is attempting to establish communications with the Seekers and make negotiations. So far, no progress has been made toward contacting them.


Circuit sits in a small plush chair in the staff lounge, looking out at the training grounds on the campus. The majority of the students are practicing self defense in Scorpio's class, while some of the others train their abilities. With a strained sigh, he looks over to Iris, who's class had yet to start.

"You think they're ready for something like this?" he asks, still nervous about Steele's mentioning of war. Hell; he didn't even know if he was ready for a war. All he knew is that there was a chance that his students could be in danger, and he didn't like it.

Meanwhile, in downtown Balem...


Darkness sits in the meeting room, in a high-backed leather office chair. He looks around the room, taking in the many subordinates around him. Nobody could easily tell where he was looking, of course, as he currently had no eyes with which to tell. Finally, his head whips toward the Immortal and a single large, globular eye opens in the center of his face. Below it, three small mouths open and begin speaking in unison; their tone neutral, their voices high pitched and almost alien.

"Immortal. Have you a plan? If so, please share. Otherwise, we shall proceed as normal."
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