The Superhero Academy

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by FeatherBlood » Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:53 pm

Victor couldn't help but snigger at Knock Out's statement while he felt the hand cuffs being slapped onto his wrists. "Oh, I'm sure they will be." He then felt himself being flung across the room as the temporary head of security used his powers to toss Victor like a rag doll into the other guards who caught him and dragged him off into the interrogation room. Once he was seated and strapped his restraints to the table the guards left and Knock Out had began to take his seat, Victor began fiddling with the restraints as Knock Out got his file ready, making himself more comfortable before being spoken to. Looking up, Victor grinned. "Oh very. I've been lookin forward to this." Victor lent forwards, placing his restrained hands onto the table. "How I feel? Well isn't it obvious!? Fucking insane!"

Ruben grinned back to Iris, glad he could be reunited with his old friend like this. "It was nothing, glad I could help. Even if I'm on speed dial, you still have my number anyway." He grinned jokingly, being his usual self. It was strange finding himself in a teacher position, but it was something he would have to get used to. He never really found himself good at teaching and was one of the reasons why he never really made the decision to become one in the first place. Yet he gave his assistance to the Academy, so he would help out. "Yeah, I've never been one for teaching but I'll see what I can do. Of course you will do a good job as headmistress Iris, I can tell. I believe some of the newer students are a little rebellious from what I gathered from the warehouse, so I doubt it's your fault." He looked about, noticing most people had left the halls now. "Shall we talk and walk now?"

Angela just sighed at Cassidy's reaction, still torn slightly that she couldn't get Rhiannon to like her after all her best efforts. At least Rhiannon was getting along with someone, even if it wasn't who Angela was fully hoping. Angela first looked to Rhiannon, clearly begging for her to go with Carnivore. Carnivore sounded like he was ok with it but only slightly concerned. Angela just rubbed her eyes and sighed to herself, feeling slightly tired. Angela then looked to Carnivore with a sweet smile. "So your going on patrol to the park? Well... I guess so long as none of the teachers find out you could take Rhiannon. Just look after her ok?"

Nightshade didn't react to Ethan's reply, keeping his focus on his game. "Wow, is this how you treat every leader you work under? I'm surprised you haven't been taken out by your superiors with an attitude like that. So Storm is here and angry? Great. So weather girl mad about being beaten by heroes? Great job." His tone showed little interest, yet he watched Ethan sit down from the corner of his eye. After Ethan had asked his questions Nightshade paused, remaining silent. Then his game let out a sound, one you would get when you got a game over. Sighing, Nightshade turned off his game and put it aside, still lying upside down on the sofa. He folded his arms and looked to Ethan. "Where have we been? Busy being your leaders. Good news is the heroes seem to be at their weakest right now, and Darkness is planning. It seems your attack has caused a stir up at the heroes's base, causing some of them to leave for reinforcements. With their strongest absent and the school weaker then ever, we are going to attack while the time is right... At least that was what I was told."

Stinger sighed to himself as he flew through the air towards a pillar of smoke, clearly annoyed at the whole situation. After he had returned to the Resistance base he had discovered Eve had attacked a factory without warning and caused a war to rescue robots and mutants. Stinger was on his way to assist. Of course Eve goes into all this violently... Guess I should at least stop her from killing everything. Stinger reached the factory currently under attack and snuck in through an open window. Guards and workers were running around panicked, clearly in a rush to fight off the attackers. Stringer descended from the window and onto a guard's shoulder who just so happened to run past. Alright, time to begin. Stinger crawled over to the back of the man's neck, before stabbing him with his stinger. The man staggered, falling under the control of Stinger. The man then collapsed into a shelf, unconscious as Stinger crawled into the man's skin. Two guards ran over to the man Stinger was on, noticing him unconscious. The guard staggered to his feet, before looking up. His eyes were an unnaturally vibrant purple, and a grin. The guard then headbutted the closest one, before spinning and punching the other square in the face. Both guards were sent flying back, unconscious. The guard, who just so happened to be Stinger, stretched his body, getting a feel for it. "Damn, already a fight." His voice wasn't exactly human sounding, almost sounding like a deep mixture of something, nor were his eyes. As the guard Stinger was controlling walked away, he blinked and his eyes turned a normal colour. "Let's go." His voice was also normal sounding, a still Stinger had as he walked off to assist in the fight in a human body.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Moddy » Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:58 pm

Now… What was Ayden looking at here?
Tanks weren’t something you could just walk into a dealership and purchase, trying to get them from the Underground Market was a hassle, and the chance that someone had just up and built a tank for the sole purpose of blowing open a building… Likely, stupid but likely.
Stuck in his own, murder addicted mind, Ayden didn’t know too much about some of the things that took place in Balem. So the building was foreign, this skirmish going on was confusing, and the two people yelling at each other back and forth were giving Ayden a headache.
Still, the boredom of inactivity the last few days had been eating away at Ayden, and in all honesty, he was looking for a bit of trouble.
”Uh… What…?” Ayden announced, coming around the tank. ”Are you two babbling about? Why are you shooting tanks? And why are there feathers all over the place?”
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Wint » Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:02 pm

Eve was confident in her actions. That was to be expected. She was always so headstrong, for a... robot. Not that she would hear of it. She would always be so furious when someone compared her to humans, while also being mad at the humans.
She was... an interesting sort.
"I hope you remember our main target. That would be the people harassing us as a whole, not the people trying to stop us. Our rivalry is with the darker side of the moon, not the lunar eclipse blocking it."
They came for a reason. To stop the enslavers. The heroes were just an obstacle and were mutants just the same. Perhaps blessed with their humanoid appearances, but that wasn't their fault.

"Just keep that in min-"
Another being has entered the perimeter, of the flying sort.
Anim listened to the man speak, as he shouted from up above.
Turning his head to Eve's, Anim tried to read her expression, if for once not just her mind.
How did it come to this? The humans' behavior and how appalled they were at them, and their rebuttal being so offensive.
But what they came to do was just. Stupid men, enslaving those defenseless. But it would be right to do just the same with human captives, would it not?
After hearing her reply, Anim took the opportunity to speak with the flying man.
Closing his eyes, Anim reached for him.
"These are bad men. Call off the attack."
"What do you wish to do with him?"
"I can hurt you. I do not wish to do so over a silly argument. Our quarrel is not with you, but the men you are defending. Leave them to us, or take whomever you require. This will a pointless misuse of both of our teams' supplies.
Please. Leave."

If only to frighten the lad, Anim scrambled his mind. Even if for only a moment, the effect was him losing concentration, causing his height to lessen, even if only slightly. The mind itself returned back to normal, but hopefully, he knew the repercussions.

Sensing a few more disturbances in the mental field around them, Anim decided to exit the vehicle.
But, what was that? A mind and another, becoming one. He was unsure what he was facing, but it was not human. At least, not a normal one.
"There is a guard on the third level, close to the eastern wall." Anim looked directly at Eve's screen, his eyes growing narrower.
"Do not harm him."
He sent the same message to the rest of the members of their rebellion. Unfortunately, this left him momentarily weaker.
If only to recharge his stamina, Anim decided to entertain the person outside the tank, replying to him.
"It is quite rude to eavesdrop. Hasn't your mother taught you that?" He said, acknowledging the irony without even looking to his partner.
"But so be it. I see..." He started, leaving the tank, confident in his skills.
"You are a familiar soul. Like many of our men, we seek redemption for the wrong deeds of others. However, where you find joy in harming the innocent, we only punish those deeming others to unnecessary suffering, so please, mind your words."
The man was unstable, yet oddly relaxed.
Anim pointed sharply at the building, looking straight at the man.
"The men inside this building have been enslaving mutants and inhumans, solely due to that fact. They enslaved them, and we wished to correct that error."
He stood firmly before him, unsure if he should be deemed an ally or an opponent.
Whatever he was, he was dangerous. Anim kept a silent hold on the man's mind. The man... named Ayden.
Not a thing was tampered with, but the connection was made in case an early escape would be required.
That, or a way to stop him before too late.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Gecko » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:33 pm

The Academy

Patrick sat with his back against the school wall and his marker in hand. His brow was furrowed in concentration as his marker carefully slid across the small sketchbook that lay in his hands. When he was finished, he capped the marker and pressed his middle finger and thumb to the page. Slowly, a shape came up off of the page, almost as if he was taking it carefully out of a box. A baseball came through the paper and Patrick carefully analyzed it. The stiches weren't perfect, but it looked like he finally got a perfect circle. The only problem would be doing it faster. Patrick was well aware of the fact that he could be very slow in battle if there was something they needed.

Patrick held the ball in his hand and threw it up in the air a few times before tossing it towards a tree. It thumped against the bark and bounced back in his direction, rolling just out of his reach. Patrick reached forward to grab it when there was a loud explosion, causing him to flinch. The boy got to his feet and looked in the direction of the disturbance as the ground rumbled from the aftershock. This city couldn't catch a break if it wanted to.

Unsure of what else to do, Patrick ran into the school to see what the teachers would tell them to do. He hoped he could help out somehow; he hated standing to the side while people needed help. Stuff like that happened enough as it was.


Addy glared at the door as Knock Out told her that he'd return. She didn't know if he could see her, nor did she particularly care, but she gave him the finger. Knowing that he was gone, Addy went back to her secluded position on the cot.

Seeker Training Grounds

Richard stuck his hands in his pockets and gave a sigh as he strolled towards the main building. It felt nice to be outside. Especially at night. No one could see him, and he found solace in the loneliness. Night was an old friend. Meh. He didn't like friends. Richard knew love all too well, but friends were pesky. It made sense to him, anyways. Friends are stupid. What was he going to do again?

With a shrug, Richard opened the door and walked inside, hearing the sounds of training going on. He made his way towards the others and gave a loud groan of boredom as he came across the other two in there. Richard didn't care who they were. He just needed entertainment. He slouched onto a railing and sulked, sticking his bottom lip out. It felt nice to act like a child. It certainly surprised others that weren't familiar with him when he used his powers on them.

"What is there to do," he whined to the other Prophets, "I'm entirely too bored. I did just finish a project, but I-"

He was cut off as a loud explosion rocked the ground. A smile appeared on his lips as he stumbled backwards. "Oh, nevermimd! I want to go see this." Richard fled down the stairs once more with a skip in his step.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Shinigami » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:09 am

Circuit and company, Alliance HQ.

Perhaps the time has finally come for us to declare war against them.

Circuit's face becomes more serious than usual at these words. A superhuman war. Such a thing hasn't been heard of in centuries; in fact, the only known hero that would even remember that time was sitting right in front of him. And he, of all people, was willing to suggest another one? Though, it was true... the Seekers weren't limited just to Kalmur. Reports have mentioned their presence in countries as far as Hakado. They were becoming a serious threat.

Circuit straightens up and looks to Steele. "If we do start another war, what are our chances of victory? What are the costs? There will be many innocent lives lost in the crossfire."

"I am well aware of the risks, Circuit," Steele replies, glaring at the younger hero. "But many more will be jeopardized if the Seekers take over. The entire planet will be jeopardized. I know their leader. He is a conniving fiend. It's likely his own comrades don't even know the full extent of his plans," he says, practically growling at the end. "I'll send reinforcements."

Darkness, Seeker training grounds.

"Not exactly," Darkness says, the blade of his saber whistling as he whips his arm around, blocking and parrying the Immortal's blade. He then throws his shadow outward, shoving him back. "As it turns out, he's got quite the interesting substitute taking his place. She's got some unusual ocular abilities." With this, he returns his sword to the rack and walks up to his fellow Prophet. "We have plans to make. Her powers will make infiltration difficult."

His head snaps to the side as a distant explosion strikes his ears. From the sound alone, Darkness identifies it as a model 87 light combat tank. He had been in quite a few wars in his younger days. Oh, the joys of being a fossil.

Skyfire, resistance attack site.

Just as he is about to reply to the robot, Skyfire is stunned by the sudden intrusion of someone else's voice in his head. He suddenly becomes dizzy, struggling to maintain his footing on the building - a psychic attack? The sensation subsides after a few moments, and he makes sure to step back from the edge. This was going to be difficult. He might have to try and negotiate this one down.

"I have no intentions on leaving. Nor do I plan to let you senselessly attack these civilians," he yells down to them. "And of course the lawsuit wouldn't go through; with all these attacks under your belt, they thought it was some sort of legal scam! But that doesn't mean it's impossible. You have to come clean before you can earn trust."

He then notices someone approaching the tank. At this distance, he can't positively identify him. Whoever he is, he must be a brave one. Or maybe just really stupid. Either way, he hopes he's on his side.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:18 am


"Huh? Oh...right...yes...uh...I'll lead you to the training rooms. This way."

Iris said, mentally cursing herself as she turned for getting so caught up in their conversation. She didn't even hear what the announcement was she was so fixated on talking to him. She had curtsied...oh dear Lord she front of everyone...she blushed as she thought about what the students and other teachers would say. She put that thought aside for the moment as she lead Ruben though the side door.

The hallway she lead him down was all but abandoned by now, quiet enough for her heels to make a distinctive click on the hard floors. The few remaining students were walking to their various classes or rummaging through their lockers, not really paying attention though a few students shot Ruben the occasional glance. Not wanting to add more to the rumor mill she keep quiet for a while until they passed. Once out of earshot she started to talk to Ruben again, but something caught her eye.

Coming in from outside and down an adjacent hall a student was running. She recognized him from a few years ago as Patrick Davis, a good kid that was always doodling in her class. As he reached audible range she quickly shouted "No running in the halls Patrick".


"Sounds good. And yes, there are jackets. Mine's in my locker, but you can get yours near the main entrance. I'll lead you there."

Max said as he stood up. He looked over to Hanako one final time and softly said "I'll see you tomorrow" before heading out the door and towards the front. He waited a little while for Tsugutoshi to say goodbye then lead him through the halls. As he stopped by his locker Iris and the new combat instructor Ruben passed by. He didn't really pay much attention to them, and after getting his jacket lead them to where he where he could get his own.

"Here we are. This will be your jacket for the year so try not to destroy it on our first patrol." Max said.



The beast man said, already thinking about how to get the little girl to the park unseen and his patrol with her. Her presence would heavily restrict the territory he could patrol, but hopefully

"Say...good...bye...Rhi..anna" Carnivore said, proud of himself for successfully saying that, before leading the little girl to his room. It was larger than most, allowing him to feel free instead of caged. He quickly grabbed his custom jacket and took Rhianna out a side entrance of the building.

"Where...should...we...start?" Carnivore asked her as the academy became smaller and smaller in the distance.

Knock Out

Knock Out glared at the seeker for a moment before lowering the file. It seemed subtly wasn't working. Still, Victor was the more stable of the two seekers...if this was going to work he'd be the one to do it with.

"I didn't ask how you felt in general, I don't care about that, I asked how you felt about escaping."

Knock Out said before standing up and walking behind Victor, checking the door window. As he ordered no guards were by the door, he and the seeker were completely alone. He then turned and stood right next to the seeker, staring him down as he spoke.

"Here's the deal Hellhiem. I'm gonna ruff you up a bit and 'accidentally' damage your power dampener, just enough so it's not noticeable but you get your powers back. You'll release miss Lockwood, go up the stairs, and escape through the first wall you see with a window. I'll keep the guards busy...but I can't promise you won't be followed..."

Knock Out proceeded to return to his chair, pushing the file off the table and onto the floor as he sat down.

"..All I ask is that If you don't kill anybody on the grounds. If you do I'll personally drag you back here and make you wish you we're never born. If they follow you off the grounds however...that's their own fault. Don't bother asking why I'm doing this...just answer my question. How do you feel about escaping?"


"I did...I'll check it out after finding the others." Ash said as he gathered Rosa's blessings. As she looked away at the explosion he quickly snuck in another kiss before heading to the hideout exit. "I'll be back before you know it." He said to her as he exited and started for the academy, already considering the best way to get inside.

The Immortal

The immortal was flung back by a shadow. He was prepared to continue their duel but darkness sheathed his blade, so he dissipated his own. A shame really, some of the immortals greatest ideas came mid battle, but he understood there was a time to duel and a time to plan. He quickly glanced over at the sound of a tank firing, then back to his superior.

"Ocular powers...I can think of a few seekers that might be able to get past that. Shall we retire to the war room then?"
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Moddy » Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:27 am

Ayden ticked, confronted about eavesdropping by some man that he wasn’t even talking to. ”The irony kinda hurts.” He muttered, but restraining himself from saying more. He was actually interested in knowing what was going on, though the snide comments coming with it were less than appreciated. Hey! Hey, listen. I don’t kill innocent people okay? I have some decency.” Ayden then pointed directly at the cut on his neck. ”See this? A homeless guy tried to rob me. And I didn’t even kill him! That’s mostly because whatever is going on here distracted me. But the fact that he’s alive is worth some points on my end, right?”
Ayden grunted and grinned at the man’s explanation of what the situation was. ”Enslavement… Have we ever done that? Why haven’t we done that? I haven’t seen any slaves. Hmmm…” Ayden was speaking more to himself than anyone. This we referring to his organization. We could use some slaves. Ayden thought. They really didn’t, The Seekers of Truth were capable enough without them. But whenever situations like these arose, Ayden always found himself making inarguable decisions for the entire alliance.
His intentions less than benevolent, Ayden circled around the tank, towards the hole blasted in the wall. ”I’m gonna uh… bad guys, yeah. Deserve to be put in a box. Free slaves… I just wanna see them for a second."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Glyphto » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:15 pm

Tsugutoshi finished saying his goodbyes to Hanako and followed Max to the main entrance. He felt refreshed the instant he stepped out of the infirmary. That was most probably his excitement about the whole patrol thing finding its outlet, but he made sure he didn't touch Max by accident anyway. He was still wearing his gloves, but they were like a second skin of his already, so it was actually quite easy for him to forget if they were on or not.

After a short stop by Max's locker, the two of them arrived at the entrance. Sure enough, the hall was flooded with students of all sorts. Guessing what year they were was easy: seniors like Max were already wearing their jackets and pretty much everything about them - from their upright postures to their confident voices - made them look like shining beacons to whom people turn for guidance. And they did, that is, the first-years who weren't queued up to get their own patrol jakcet from whom Tsugutoshi would come to call the "quartermaster". Passing by a group of freshmen flocked around a single upperclassman, Tsugutoshi walked to the end of the line, and after just a minute of two he was able to lay his hands on his very own patrol jacket.

It was a patrol jacket alright. Its colour palette in conjunction with several fluorescent elements ensured that the wearer would stand out like a fire in the middle of the night. It even had the academy's logo on it. Tsugutoshi nodded in appreciation of this little detail.

"A whole year in this thing, huh?" Tsugutoshi unfolded the jacket in front of Max, as though presenting it to him. "It doesn't look all that robust, if you ask me. Not that I'm saying something is actually going to HAPPEN on the first day of our patrol, but if - just if - I end up in a fight somehow..."

Tsugutoshi paused, frowning his face and struggling to remember how much he had spent on tailor services the previous month.

"Kevlar would be nice... Well, whatever, let's go then. I'm sure the Galsom District will welcome us with open arms, so let's not keep it waiting"

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by nimona » Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:07 am

"yeah! thats the spirit!" nimona yelled as she ran past the girl, grabbing her arm and pulling her along with her. "so whats your name?" nimona asked as she ran.
still in the janitor's closet... how long till someone gets her out?
eve turned to anim and nodded "of course, not the light side of the moon, not the lunar eclipse blocking the moon but the dark side." eve replied before looking over the battle again and giving tactical help, and stopping over eager troops when needed. noting anim's request eve gave him confirmation and made sure the troops stayed away. then she turned back to the flying hero and glared before replying "no the lawsuit did go through, they just were proven innocent due to a technicality on HOW they did... this to these mutants. but if your not going to leave then i guess i'm going have to stop you myself." eve then climbed down into the tank before aiming the guns at the hero and firing the machine guns.

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Wint » Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:47 pm

"Eve." Anim called, before turning his gaze back.
"Please don't attack the complicit while the responsible are of higher priority. And as for you,"
Anim turned back to the man, Ayden. The man whose every intention was opposing to their own.
"We will gladly appreciate your aid." He added, smiling while starting to tap into his psyche and draw some of his energy, intending to leech more and more until a struggle will not be possible.
His aid could be beneficial, but his true intention was grim, which was why he informed Eve of the information he has gained from him telepathically, while also ensuring that she will not strike until need be, to have the plan go according to plan as much as possible, with either another blood on their sleeve, or a prisoner.
This man could not be allowed to touch any of the prisoners. His aid would be in the fight alone until proven to be more of a hindrance than an ally, as his ideals were far more twisted than their own.
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