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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by FeatherBlood » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:46 pm

When Knock Out entered the cell he would find Victor sitting on his bed, knees tucked in and arms wrapped around them. He was staring intensely and almost fearfully into nothing as his entire body shivered slightly, small amount of sweat tricked down his face. At the sound of the door and Knock Out, Victor looked up, his expression remaining the same. That was, until a second after he spotted the large man, then he started laughing. It started slow, but then climbed back into his usual insane laugh as he returned to normal his normal self. Victor stood up from his bed, his face twisting into a grin. "Ah, interrogations again, one of the only interesting things here. Please, do make things interesting again." He approached Knock Out, raising his hands together as if offering to be handcuffed. "So please, lead the way." He gave a sinister chuckle as his eyes met Knock Out, awaiting the man's reply. If the man just pushed him along and lead him out, Victor would just follow.

Ruben smiled back to Iris as she said she was glad to have Ruben around. He gave a small laugh and bowed to Iris in a sort of jokey manner. "Too long indeed. You should've called me over that time, I would've happily come at any time. But this time with the rise of Seeker activity, of course I would be here. Happy to help headmistress." He grinned in a joking way as he looked at Iris, finding it lightly weird calling her that even in a joking manner. "So, what do you require me to do now? I'm not used to the whole teaching business."

Angela just sighed as the young girl before her began to complain about what she was doing. Angela had been told this kind of behaviour was normal with children, however Angela still felt she was doing something wrong, as well as something different about Cassidy. She felt the young girl take her hand, so Angela helped Cassidy to her feet. It was then two things informed Angela of Carnivore's arrival. First her spirits, then Cassidy running away from her shouting for Wolfie. Angela just sighed to herself. I swear I nearly had a moment with her... She walked over to Carnivore, who now had Rhiannon with him. "Ah, Carnivore, I didn't see you there. What a nice surprise, how are you settling in?" When the spirits informed Angela that Rhiannon was doing puppy eyes at her, Angela just mentally sighed. I swear this girl has something against me... Wasn't she so cute looking and so young. Angela was about to object to the idea, but then had second thoughts about it. Angela just realised how little time she had had with herself ever since Rhiannon showed up, since she had to keep chasing the young girl about. She paused, then looked to Carnivore with a slight worried look. "Carnivore. Would you be alright looking after her alone for a bit? Of course I will come with you if you need to... I-I just realise how far behind on studies and more with having to chase her around." She tried to make it sound as passive and has little pleading as possible.

Nightshade didn't even move at the sound of Ethan entering the room. He could hear the other male and knew who it was, but still made no move from his upside down position on the sofa. There was a moments silence before Nightshade decided to speak. "What? So no reaction whatsoever? No surprise of how a boy just mysteriously appeared out of nowhere in your house not long after you went upstairs? No snarky comment? Not even an ounce of awe or surprise of a Prophet being here for no reason? Wow. You really are quite lame." The entire sentence was clearly sarcastic as the boy showed no interest with the Seeker boy. Nightshade just wanted some place quiet enough to play his game, and since the Seeker safe house had only two people about so far, he felt it fitting enough for now.

Stinger had just flown about for a while, just doing some wandering. He had been making his way towards the Resistance warehouse, but had decided to take a little detour to observe human action, despite how long it normally takes him to fly around the place being so small. He had nothing much to do, so he would may as well continue trying to learn the fullness of humans while seeing what those at the Resistance were doing. It didn't take Stinger that much longer to reach the warehouse and it was even easier to get in. All he had to do was fly through a window and fly on in. He buzzed pasted some of the people mulling around the Resistance base, some would hopefully recognise the unusual coloured wasp flying about the base.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Wint » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:12 am

Anim, within the tank

After horrible news of enslaved mutants reached its ears, The Rebellion was... troubled.
It was the kind of turmoil Anim could hush, but it was far too risky for a foolish emotion.

As they approached the area, Anim had a breather.
"How have you handled the news?" He asked, leaning against the wall beside Eve. The Rebellion fought for exactly this sort of situation.
"I have no objection against your cause, and I can relate to the stakes at hand."
He was not indifferent when the situation spoke of a loss of will, and a life of unwilling subservience.
"But don't you think the tank is overkill?"
Once Eve blasted a cannonball through the wall of the factory, everything shook. The building, the soldiers inside the tank... But they seemed prepared.
"What if you had hit one of the men we are trying to rescue?"

While the conversation would have been seen as a waste of time, Anim thought otherwise.
Not only could he dig dipper into Eve's emotions, but it bought him enough time to detect the majority of the minds inside. Those included the masters, the slaves and the Rebellion's men.
Although each thought was unique, patterns indicated certain certain people, and some of which Anim was familiar with, amongst the crew of their team. Not all, unfortunately. Anim was not quite the social type. At least not without a selection process.
Through those patterns he could follow some of their men. See what was going on.

Hope and yet despair...
These emotions could fit anyone.
But the intensities... The worries about oneself....
He could spot a few of the humans, and at once began leeching their energy.
Moments later, the connection was severed, as so we're their heads.
"Care to join?" He asked, smiling at the machine before heading inside, not wishing to make mistakes. Not now.

Mind after mind, he drained them enough for others to pick off.
But it wasn't enough.
Where is he, where is he, where is he?!...
Of course, it could've been a she.
Where is the one responsible for this abomination...
He knocked them aside, stronger through the defenses of his teammates.
Alone, he would be forced to act more cautiously.
He went up the stairs of the factory, determined to find the boss.

Lost in his thoughts, Anim almost failed to deflect an incoming attack, an axe straight to the head.
Without the proper focus and time to figure out who was who, everyone inside, perhaps even the little robot that could outside, felt a loss of their train of thought, feeling as though they were blasted in the brain with a strong fan.
He hit the attacker, and grabbed him by the neck, not minding the pressure.
The master did not speak.
"Who is in charge..."
Between the intervals of choking and coughing, the man was able to direct Anim, before he was held off the rail, not a fall that could kill him, but one which could cripple him.

"Catch." He said, dropping the man into one of the members. Whether he would be kind or merciless did not matter at the time.

Anim closed his eyes, hearing the ruckus downstairs, but nothing upstairs. He had to concentrate.
A thought. More mature, and concerned but not afraid. Willing, but more charismatic than cunning.

The man did not speak in front of the glowing man, nor did he show distress, which Anim would have detected.
"Whether you not thinking is a gift or a genetic defect pointing at how incompetent you are, you are not normal."
The man snickered, considering it a compliment.
"You and Darwin have a lot to discuss. But before I allow you to travel to him, you and I will have a little friendly talk."

What sounded like a mix of vomiting and screaming was reconnaissance.
It took longer than desired, but at the end, Anim left the morbidly calm building with a shell of what once was the boss of the operation.
It seemed they were freelance.
So close... if only they had a trail to follow, a way to shut down more of these corporations, as bad of a thought ss that was.
He left it to the less rational members, primarily nicknamed the Hounds, although it seemed demeaning to most, and so Anim kept that nickname in his head.
"Nothing. Old man's found a goldmine and decided to exploit it. Just moronic." He told the robot atop the tank, before going to join her.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Moddy » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:02 am

”Hmm… There’s not much I can really do about this…”
Ayden stared down at the carton of smashed eggs on the floor, twelve yolks separating from one another as they flowed down the alleyway. He scratched his head in disgruntlement, letting out over exaggerated groans. Those eggs were important to him… or, the french toast he could've made using the eggs were important to him.
He sucked his teeth, loud, pushing the carton up against the dirty brick wall with his foot. ”I don’t suppose you can pay me back for this, huh? Well, of course not. You tried to rob me not a minute ago.” Ayden switched his gaze over to the terrified homeless man, shaking in the corner whilst holding a rusted blade in his left hand. The knife had a hint of Ayden’s blood on its tip, and because of that it black mist rose from it, giving the blade a much more sinister appearance than what it really needed. ”The eggs are done for… beyond saving. But you… what to do with you?” Ayden inched closer to the bum, who held his out towards Ayden in response. He couldn’t help but to laugh, and touch the part of his neck where the bum hand tried to slash him. Dangerously close to an artery, man… No concern for my life. Just focused on taking my groceries. I almost died a second ago from a weak homeless man. Bastard.”
The smokey substance blew out of every one of his pores, completely clouding over Ayden’s appearance.
The ground tremored, and the sound of an explosion ripped Ayden’s attention away from the homeless man. ”Huh?” He turned towards the sound, starting to step away from the homeless man. ”Consider this a warning… Stop being a criminal.” Ayden said, before walking off towards the commotion.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Shinigami » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:25 am

Circuit and company, Alliance HQ.

After a few minutes, the elevator beeps, alerting Circuit and his group that they have finally reached their floor.

Circuit steps out first, leading the group into a large, square office. The walls are blue and spaced with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and the carpet is black in color. In the middle of the room is a large wooden desk, and sitting behind it is quite the spectacle of a man. He is tall, handsome, well-dressed, and... made entirely of metal. Including his pompadour hairstyle and expensive-looking suit.

The metallic man - Cold Steele - stands and walks around the desk, his metal feet resounding a series of dull thuds on the carpet as he walks, and greets his old partner with a vigorous handshake.

"Welcome back, Circuit!" he exclaims in a booming, deep voice. "It's been quite a while. And I see you've brought some guests; come, sit," he says to the group, gesturing to his desk. "I'm guessing you're here on business?"

"You know me well, Steele," Circuit replies. "The academy has suffered several attacks as of late; quite surprising, if you consider only the really powerful or really stupid consider such things," he says in a concerned tone. "I've come to request reinforcements for the academy. The Seekers have taken on some heavy hitters, it appears, and we're going to need the help of some experienced heroes if we're going to fight them back."

Steele contorts his face in a mixture of thought and concern, the movement making his face look as though it were made of a liquid, and then lets out a sigh. "It does appear that they've become rather brave; we've been having trouble with them in other cities as well, especially here in the capitol. Perhaps the time has finally come for us to declare war against them."

Meanwhile, back in Balem...

Darkness, Seeker training grounds.

"Not quite the reaction I wanted," Darkness says with mock disappointment. "I must be losing my touch."

He retracts his shadows and stands upright, staring at the Immortal with several red eyes. Finally diverting his attention, he walks up to a weapons rack and examines one of the swords that the Immortal had requested. Being about the same age, Darkness understands his longing for the old life... But also condemns him for his careless use of bodies, especially in a world where firearms are much too common. One stray bullet is all it takes to destroy a ring.

He draws the sword, a stiletto, and points it toward the Immortal. A wicked, jagged, and unnaturally wide grin spreads over his face as his slender form takes a dueling stance.

"I haven't learned anything, personally. But Cassidy has. Apparently, Short Circuit has left somewhere and taken Scorpio and some woman named Pyro with him," he says, lunging at his comrade.

Skyfire, Balem industrial district.

Hearing a loud explosion while on a routine Alliance patrol, an airborne hero swoops in for a closer look. Upon his arrival, his face immediately grows dark.

A tank? He thinks. A FUCKING TANK?! Where would anybody even GET one of those? Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he pulls out his smartphone and presses the speed dial for the Alliance's emergency line.

"This is Skyfire. We've got a serious problem in the warehouse district. It appears to be those resistance people again, and they have a tank this time... Yes, a tank... I know! That's what I said! ...Look, I'm gonna need someone who can punch through that armor. Contact the nearest dispatcher and have them send me some support. I'll keep them busy until then." With this, he hangs up and spreads his wings, pulling his goggles over his icy blue eyes as he does.

He swoops down towards the fray and beats his wings hard, unleashing a volley of razor-sharp feathers in their direction before climbing steeply and landing on top of the building.

"The hell do you think you're doing?! I know you guys are just looking to help the slavery issue, but don't you know there are legal ways to go about this?!" he yells down, his short, blonde hair blowing in the breeze. Mixed with his loose, white clothes, his appearance is quite close to that of an angel's.

The Academy.

Moments after Skyfire's call, the loudspeakers at both the Academy and the Alliance HQ speak up...

"All available units, we have a level three emergency in the Balem industrial district. I repeat - a level three emergency in the Balem industrial district.

The Bronco automobile factory is under siege by the terrorist group known as the Resistance. Their numbers have not yet been confirmed, but it has been confirmed that they have a tank under their command.

Units participating in this operation should exercise caution. Use of demolitions ordinances and/or destructive abilities is permitted."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Gecko » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:17 pm

The Academy

Addy growled softly to herself as Knock Out mocked her, slamming her fist into the door again just as an attempt to spite him. She crossed her arms and put the back of her head against the wall, listening to the commotion nearby. It was another day of attempted interrogation, of course. When were they going to bust out? The metal door creaked as Knock Out opened Victor's door. God, that sound grinded against her ears. It was so obnoxious.

Then Victor started to laugh. It grew louder and more insane before she could hear his muffled voice through the wall. Addy bit her lower lip as she retreated to the confines of her bed, sitting on it and holding her knees against her chest. Though there had been a promise that they would be freed, there was an impending thought of being forgotten that honestly scared her. She hated being scared, but being alone forever was something that crept into her mind.

Addy wanted to find a way out as soon as the opportunity arose.

Seeker Training Grounds

Richard sat in a seat with a rather bored expression on his face. His cheek rested on his hand while the rest of him was sprawled out on the rolling desk chair. He sat alone with nothing to do but think his strange thoughts. The man let out a long, exasperated sigh, ending with a groan. He wanted to do something. Sitting around was ridiculous. And boring. Definitely boring.

The Prophet stood up and stretched and cracked his knuckles. A crumpled figure lay on the ground before him. Another woman, this one not as pretty as the last. Looked like some soccer mom. Shame, really. He needed good specimen. Richard crouched down and lifted one of her arms like it was some gross diaper. She smelled.


Richard shook his head as he walked around the body and opened the door to the room he was in. It was a secluded area of the Grounds, one he asked to have. Not that he cared if they said yes or no. He'd take it either way. It was nice to have. Not much electricity going there, so it was rather dark. He didn't mind. Not much. It was nice to take a break from seeing his own carnage.

Richard walked out of his little area and stepped outside to get a breath of fresh air. He smiled and held his hands up towards the sky to feel the breeze, putting them down after a few seconds. How lovely!
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by nimona » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:51 pm

startled nimo jumped as she looked around before saying to tree girl "what the hell was that?" soon after it clicked in nimonas mind and a grin grew before she turned to the girl fully (noting how her title was tree girl) and asked "wait an explosion means a villain!, comon! lets go stop them! or do you just wanna stay here?"
ellie not sure how, but she gone from stuck under some books in a girls bag to locked in the janitors closet... just great.
"1 ..what news? you mean whats happening here? same as the rest. 2 no the tanks for breach and the "hero's" who will no doubt come after. and 3 i had some sneak in to make sure they stayed clear of the wall. and no we couldn't get them out, were lucky our operative even got in undetected" eve replied to anim after giving the commands happy that there ally, lent them both his services and his tank. a little after anim ran into the factory a hero came out just like she predicted and he most likely called in backup before making his little speech. eve yelled back "the legal way doesn't work! we've been waiting 3 YEARS on the lawsuit we placed against this place to finish up and they got away scott free, because "they technically haven't broken any laws". our only option was to take action. look as long as you don't stop us well leave you alone... since i know you have heart in the right place"

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:21 pm


"Well, Sir Ruben..." Iris said, giggling as she held the edges of her skirt and curtsied to her old friend. "...You were already helping at that seeker warehouse. But I'll keep you on speed dial for the next battle."

She couldn't help but feel a little weird at being called headmistress. Even though it was only a temporary position it was still a huge responsibility and pretty big leap from intro to superhuman law. Still, circuit trusted her with watching the school. If he thought she could do it, she wouldn't let him down.

"As for teaching, it's simple. Teach the kids how to fight, keep them from doing things they shouldn't, and keep them safe if the seekers attack again. You'll be fine. I just hope I'll be a good headmistress. I already saw one student duck out during the announcement..."


Max looked up and nodded as Tsugutoshi entered the room. In his many visits he often talked to the other freshmen. He was right, this wasn't his fault, wasn't really anyone's fault, but he still felt bad. He was glad Tsugutoshi visited with him...made these trips less awkward. They sat there for a while, silent, until Tsugutoshi mentioned patrols.

"I haven't paired with anyone yet. Technically I'm ten people so I usually go by myself...but I wouldn't mind hitting the streets with you. Where do you want to patrol?"


Carnivore braced himself for the high speed hug Rihanna gave him. He nearly fell back with the force of her hug. Carnivore grinned slightly as she rambled about what she wanted to do. He was still unsure why this little human liked him so much but he enjoyed it. Must children feared him and ran away screaming...hugs were a nice change of pace.

Before he could answer Angela asked him to watch her while she caught up on school work. While he wouldn't mind watching her he had set up to patrol his territory today. He wasn't sure if he should take a pup with him, so he asked.

"Can..but...I...patrol...park...later. should..take?"

Knock Out

"Oh things will get very interesting today, don't you worry. Today's the day our cameras are being repaired. We'll have a nice, private chat, or you'll trip on the stairs and loose a tooth or two..."

Knock out said as he slapped a pair of cuffs on the seekers wrists. He then violently grabbed him and threw him out of the cell, his strength sending the him flying. He crashed into the other guards, making them laugh as they caught him and started leading him towards the interrogation room. Knock out followed and stopped at Addy's cell, knocking in the cell to make sure she saw him.

"I'll be back for you Lockwood."

The guards brought Victor to the basement interrogation room and carefully removed and resecured his restraints to the table. They then left the room, leaving knock out and Victor completely alone. Knock out took a seat across from the seeker, a file on the table in front of him.

"Comfy Victor? Let's begin our talk..." Knock out said as he picked up the file. "First question. How do you feel about getting out of here?"


Ash was caught off guard as Rosa grabbed him and kissed him. He loved it when she did that, that's why he stuck around after all. Pulling himself together he quickly went over to Rosa and kneeled before her.

"I won't get caught, I promise. What's the surprise?"

The Immortal

"You've not lost your edge old friend...I'm just jaded with my old age."

The Immortal said as darkness looked over his sword collection. He loved his collection, it reminded him of simpler days. Back when he had his own body and ones place was hard earned through bloodshed and warfare. Today's world was so more complex. Killing has become impersonal and the strong either serve the weak or hide in the shadows. It was disgraceful in his eyes, and once the seekers were victorious the world would be put right again.

Darkness then grabbed one of his blades, turning towards the immortal and smiling. He got into a dueling stance, and the immortal did the same. A similar smile creep onto his lips as he heard the immortals news and repelled his lunging strike with his psychic blade.

"Excellent. Without their true leader now would be the time to strike." He said as he attempted a slash at darkness's shoulder.
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Kusacobe » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:07 am

Goosebumps quickly made their way to the surface of Haze's skin. This was it. Haze walked alongside the girl she'd just met out into the main hallway. It was time for patrols whether she was ready or not. Her mind and heart both raced at the thought of going out so soon to stop villains. She knew life wasn't some comic book where the hero always won, heroes died just like everyone else, but this was the school she chose which meant this was her job.
'Calm down Colton.'
It didn't take long for the two girls to retrieve the mandatory patrol jackets and head for the industrial district. The walk there was awkwardly quiet but strangely peaceful. It gave Haze time to take in everything she'd been told. The school had already been attacked before she got there and the bad guys still weren't backing down. Being a hero was a much bigger deal than Haze was comfortable admitting. Haze had always viewed this side of life as a game, something the government made up to entertain the public, but she was hella wrong.
"Uhm." Haze piped up," We haven't introduced ourselves yet, I'm Haze. Haze Colton."
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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Glyphto » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:09 pm

"I-is that okay?" Tsugutoshi asked in disbelief, lightening up. "Thanks, that really saves me a lot of trou- I mean, uh, everyone else seemed to have teamed up already, so I was worried I'd have to go alone or whatever..."

Yeah, right, he thought to himself. Truth was, he didn't have many opportunities to actually go and meet other students, especially with his recovery and the academy restoration still underway back then. Everyone seemed to be preoccupied with their own share of problems and getting in their way just to socialise didn't seem right in such a hectic period.

Maybe he was just being overwhelmed by the fact of attending a school for superhumans. Or maybe he was painfully shy. Either way, Max was one of the few souls he could strike up a casual conversation with at the moment, so he was glad everything seemed to be going the way he had intended.

"Anyway, if we're talking patrols, then how about Galsom District? You know, the one with shady-looking storefronts all around and dark alleys that are a surefire way to get beaten up. I mean..."

Tsugutoshi scratched the back of his head and paused for a bit. Sure, their job was eseentially peacekeeping and spotting potential danger, but heading straight into a place like that would virtually be asking for a fight. Which was what Tsugutoshi wouldn't mind doing if he was low on energy; according to him, after all, there was nothing like a good mugging to fill one's batteries. But now that he was a Hero-in-training, it seemed like a good moment to start considering what acts like these might do to his image.

"I mean, a round or two won't hurt, will it? We probably have nothing to worry about at this time of day anyway," he said, having decided to go along with his original suggestion in the end.

He stood up, giving Hanako's bed one last glance, and turned to Max again.

"So, shall we go get our jackets? I heard there were jackets"

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Re: The Superhero Academy

Post by Jasmine » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:22 pm


Ciri was still minding her own business, sitting in a tree. She was a bit bored because she still didn't know many people here and would keep to herself. She hadn't stolen anything in the longest time too, which she missed, along with her brother. This school was filled with boring people, yet she stayed.

Ciri heard someone talking to her and looked down at the girl before tilting her head slightly. "No, its not uncomfortable and I came up here to be alone. There's too many annoying people around and I gonna steer clear of them." She sighed softly before jumping out of the tree, landing on all four, like a cat would. She stood up straight, knowing this girl wouldn't just leave her be. "I'm basically an animal so trees don't really bother me."

Ciri turned her head when she heard a loud bang, looking in the direction it had came from. She frowned before looking back at the girl. "Fine, let's go." She heard the announcement and knew she would have to go anyway. If it was villains, maybe Ethan would be there. Ciri quickly ran in the direction of the explosion, thinking the girl would follow.


Cassidy looked up at Wolfie with a smile, she just knew that Angela would agree to let Wolfie take her. Everyone needed a break once in awhile and she would distract her from doing other important things. When she was with Carn, she was more well behaved and would stick close to him. That's probably why she trusted him the most. He was sweet to her and seemed to enjoy her company. Cas wanted to be honest with him, but had to get away from her first and figure out a way to do it. He was different from the other heroes and she liked that about him. While others might had found him frightening, she loved the way he was.

Cassidy giggled a bit when Angela said she hadn't seen him there. Of course she hadn't, she was blind. How would she? Her eyes did widden a bit when Angela asked if he could watch over her, which meant her plan was working! "I promise, I'll be good! I'll stick close to him!" She actually seemed happy when Angela asked Wolfie to take her while she did other things. They would both get a break from each other. Cas just didn't want the Darkness to find out that she told someone about who she really was and she didn't want him to attack her. She snapped out of it once she heard the announcement on the loudspeaker.


Ethan stood inside of the kitchen, putting things away with a slight frown on his face. First he had to deal with Storm being in a rage and now Nightshade was here? He sighed softly when he heard him talking before stopping what he was doing. He slowly walked out of the kicthen and looked over at him. "I'm so sorry, my king. I should have paid way more attention to you instead of someone about the have a rampage and deals with the weather. Could you ever forgive me? Also more shocking has happened rather than someone randomly appearing inside of a house. Sorry for not being that shocked." He chuckled softly before slowly walking over to one of the couch and plopping down on it.

"I was too distracted with Storm. So, where have you guys been? Ya know, we could have needed you while the heroes came and destroyed the place. The must have gotten new heroes or something." Ethan looked over at the window before frowning. He hasn't seen his sister in the longest time and hated that. He heard a loud bang and jumped slightly before standing up quickly.


Rosa smiled at Ash before setting the box down. "I don't want them catching you or anything or I'll have to murder everyone." She pulled down a seed packet, a bottle filled with green liquid and another one filled with pink dust. She sat them down before pulling down a little doll and plopped it down. "Don't forget your weapons either! The pink bottle is pheromones, be really careful with it. Its the same stuff I use, it should help you out great...." She stopped in the middle of her sentence when she heard a loud explosion. "You heard that, right?"


Grayson was sitting on top of a building with Johanna, not too far away from the factory. He heard loud rumbling sounds and wanted to check out what was happening. He smiled to himself as he watched a tank roll over to the factory and blew a hole in the wall. "Are those even humans?" He listened closer as the person or thing said to attack humans and frowned slightly, looking up at Johanna who had a frown on her face. Gray looked back at the factory and noticed another person there, they seemed to be working with the other person who made the hole. He slowly stood up and watched carefully with Johanna, who seemed like she wanted to leave. She hadn't said a word since they got there and hadn't even taken her mask off. Grayson was about to jump off and really check it out, but he decided to wait to see if anyone else would come to join the party.
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