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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:58 am
by Golden_
Jackie managed to freeze completely (like a bloody statue), as Chase reached for her glasses and gently pulled them off her nose. Her now blurry gaze shot forward, towards the boy who now bore her spectacles. "You'd need gallons of gel. Mr. Clark Kent has slightly less curls than you. With the most important one being right here..." She trailed off, drawing an invisible swirl on her forehead. "Which, you don't seem to have," the girl quipped knowingly. "Oh and, I'll have you know, Superman wouldn't point out that someone is blind. He'd help them. Carry them even. Or return their stolen glasses from the evil villain."


Much like Raj, Tobias noticed the centaurs sudden change in attitude. But unlike the Hufflepuff, who remained silent, the boy decided to address the undeniable shift. But not without lighting up his wand, As directed. "Oh yeah? So sorry for your loss. Were you close?" He asked innocently, keeping his gaze out towards the dark forest in front of him.

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Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:52 am
by Firex
Blade left the change rooms, trudging slowly up to the dining room before sitting down at the Slytherin table. Despite the odd smirk from a Ravenclaw or sympathetic comment from a member of his own house, Blade kept his head up in defiance, as if he wasn't ashamed of his recent performance. He reminded himself over and over that it was all John's fault, and soon, with a bit of planning, the whole school would know it.

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Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:07 pm
by Octavia
Tamara arrived at the kitchens pretty quickly, standing at the door as she began to answer Vincent’s question. “Well.. I suppose all you have to do is be kind to them! I don’t think many people treat them with respect, so they value when kinder students come through to see them!” She smiled, knowing that she was one of those ‘kinder’ students and the house elves didn’t mind her. “Well, anyways, you might as well meet them!” She opened the door, and held it for Vincent to enter first.


Flora kept the mouth shut after Firenze made a comment about where the last Professor was. She felt bad for him, and that he was basically forced to follow around a bunch of teenagers who could totally die at any moment. Tobias seemed to be poking the bear even more, trying to divulge into the details of the other centaur’s death. She walked along, scanning the entire forest around her for any details on the mystery vampire.

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Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 12:55 am
by AeronGrey
The black-winged predator was quiet and still as a shadow in the branches of the dark oak tree, and indeed he might have been mistaken for one, as he was perched as close to the trunk as possible. There he waited, patiently biding his time while far below a few Hogwarts students blathered on and on about their cute little problems and ideas, completely unaware of his presence.

Finally, when the perfect opportunity presented itself, the dark creature launched himself from his hiding spot, wings spread and claws bared and ready to attack the nearest prey. While Tamara held open the door for Vincent, Edgar swooped over the the boy's head and inside the kitchen. The raven would then perch on a high shelf and begin looking around the busy room for the best nummy tidbits to pick at. There was a mincemeat pie nearby which look particularly promising.

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Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 3:09 pm
by Golden_
To be completely honest, Vincent didn't exactly want to meet the house elves. He didn't want to try befriending them - after all, what on earth would they talk about? How they spent their days slaving away, making brunch for a couple hundred magical bitches? He could hardly befriend humans, let alone elves. But alas, the door was swung open by Tamara and he was forced to enter. No weakness could be shown.

Then something swooped over his head, visibly startling the boy. "Bloody hell!" He exclaimed, shooting his gaze upwards to identify the massive black bird, before reclaiming his composure. "What is this? A zoo?"

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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:57 am
by databaseoverload
Scrubbing the tank gave Dirk a lot to think about. Mostly the fact that as much as this sucked, he’d much rather do this than go to Paris for break. He never felt enough connection to these people anyway. He didn’t need to spend the whole break in the same house as them.

“Hey, any chance you can make this last all break?” Dirk tried to lighten the mood. This old man would probably ruin it. What a buzz kill. “You know, I didn’t even mean to skip your class. I fell asleep while writing an essay.” Well, trying to. He got two sentences in during the five hours he had been trying to write. “Sorry.” This last part was barely a whisper. He didn’t like to apologize, that was probably due to some deep seated daddy issue bullshit.


Jake thought about it for a moment, “It’s between care for magical creatures and herbology.” His face fell for a moment, R.I.P. Zelda, his beautiful plant daughter. “Herbology probably. What about yours?” He knew he should ask, it was only polite, even when mourning the loss of a loved one.