Hogwarts (1982) #5

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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by FlorenceRP » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:31 am

Nick seemed hurt by Raj's comment about Green being dangerous, but he was quickly distracted by the plant already growing in size. "He hasn't hurt anyone." He murmured the retort while carrying Green forward. The boy turned around to reply to Flora's question, but his words got stuck to his throat when Tobias jumped towards them. It took all of Nick's will to not let out a few swears in Russian.

"Raj, are you okay?" Nick dropped to his knees by Raj's side. In retrospect, it was probably a good idea he was on the ground and not on the way of the centaur that suddenly appeared through the forest.

One, two, three heartbeats. One, two, three steps from the creature. Nick lost the count of how long it took for him to reach Green as soon as his feet touched the plant, and then things started to move at full speed again.

He hasn't hurt anyone.

For a moment Nick was sure that somehow Green had poisoned the centaur, and that it was his fault. But then he saw the blood. His reflexive reaction was crawling forward towards the creature instead of backwards.

"W-we can still help him." Nick lied to himself quickly, turning to his friends.
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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by Chewable_tablets » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:59 am

Upon hearing Chase's statement of where Isara was, Noah's head sagged back into his chair. She was in the infirmary? Apparently, she was not feeling well for not being outside for so long. Well, that must not have been pleasant, but at least she would be fine soon. Looks like they'd be waiting here for a little while. His fellow Gryffindor then seemed to leave the common room towards the dorms for whatever reason. You know, at this point Noah was surprised Chase did not manage to convince someone to join him up in the dorms so far. If this whole sleepover things was still happening, it was pretty much a guarantee that he would by the end of the night. Hopefully Valerie was smart enough to realize that she shouldn't go in for a second round with Chase. Speaking of Val, the boy realized that she was being silent and staring at him in a rather strange way. Slightly confused, he wondered, "Uhhh, you alright, Val?"
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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by MidnightSky » Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:30 am

Ani looked between the tank and Johanna. "Are you sure that we shouldn't wait? Okay, we'll I guess you're right. We've done our part." She allowed Jo to pull her away from the door before she willingly walked with her friend to the common room. "I need to talk to my sister. Hopefully knock some sense into her or something."
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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by Firex » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:56 am

Blade's smirk promptly disappeared when Yuka stared at him like he was a ghost. He looked down, self-consciously frowning and wondered if the dark mark had suddenly tattooed itself onto him somehow, or maybe, he had actually turned into a ghost. But nope, there didn't seem to be anything wrong. "I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Slytherin's seeker. And captain," Blade answered with pride. That was when his luck ran out, and John came over to accuse him of spying. He turned to face the boy. "I've been observing just long enough to see that you've found a new player better than yourself," he said, unsure of whether he meant the insult or compliment more in that statement. "You're super lucky, because it means we might just smash you slightly less at the game."

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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by Golden_ » Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:04 am

The sharp bark of laughter that escaped Tobias' lips momentarily echoed through the dark woods, accompanied only by the occasional hoot, or swish of wind among the bare trees. Clearly, he was more than satisfied with the reactions he had gotten out of the Puff misfits. "Merelle, I'm positively trembling," he began to say, giving the girl a sly smirk.

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to continue on with the friendly banter, as a much more pressing and grave matter mowed through the group. Literally. He had to step out of the way to avoid becoming centaur roadkill.

As his gaze fell on the injured creature, he found it difficult to look away. There was a massive gash where the neck had been; exposing copious amounts of flesh and muscle to the outside world, while oozing a dark red substance. It was a bloody miracle the centaur was still able to speak.

Without a second thought, Tobias drew out his wand and stepped forward, leaning over the dying creature. "What was it? What did this to you?" He asked loudly, furrowing his brows intensely. Unlike Nick, he wasn't concerned with aiding the creature - the poor thing was too far gone.
But perhaps he'd be able to use his last few moments helping them (ahem, helping Dumbledore) find the culprit.
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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by Cloudy Miyu » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:48 am

Yuka visibly blushed, unsure exactly how to react to Blade's statement. She knew it was meant to nettle her captain, but she also felt the hidden undertone of a compliment, shrouded in the usual house versus house hostility, which was particularly sharp in Quiddich because of the sport's competitive nature.

The nervous girl looked to her captain, not exactly sure what to do from here and hoping his guidance would lead her next move. Whether it was simply continuing training, or not, she would rather her leader make the call. She didn't have the boldness to speak first.
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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by TurtleHammer » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:21 am

Avery's smile disappeared into a look of worry after Jackie had mentioned setting the poster on fire? What if something went terribly wrong? What if Avery messed up and they were crushed by a mountain of posters? What if Avery couldn't perform the spell at all?! He'd look like such a fool! He had been so confident!

A cheeky grin returned to Avery's lips. "If I do happen to cause some horrible disaster, you've gotta take half the blame, ya know." Avery joked as he reached into his robe and retrieved his wand. Avery didn't plan on waiting for an answer, he was just going to cast the spell. However, he couldn't remember whether the incantation was 'Geminio' or 'Glisseo'. He stood there awkwardly for a moment, trying desperately to recall any sort of text or information regarding the spell. After all, he didn't want to accidentally catch anything on fire...

After a uncomfortable pause, Avery looked back at his companion. "I can't remember what to say..." He admitted.

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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by carry_mknn » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:15 pm

“It’s been a pleasure working with you, Selwyn.” He said, dropping his weight at the couch. Andrew smiled, glad their little revenge was working. Now, all there was left to do was wait for the screams that would come from the girls’ dorm. “Oh and by breakfast time tomorrow, when the magic happens... let's make sure we both get the credit for this.” He said as a reminder. Andrew was thankful Beatrice had come up with the idea and the potion itself, but after she implied he was scared, he had to make it clear he wasn't.

The boy stretched his arm to get the book Beatrice was reading before and had left on the couch, and started going through the pages, out of pure curiosity. The smell of mold made him sneeze, and he gave up on the book, leaving it back aside. It wasn’t worth a small sneezing crisis.
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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by Octavia » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:15 pm

Flora rolled her eyes at Tobias as he shot back a snarky comment, and she turned around in time to see a centaur barreling down into the ground. Everything started to move too fast for the Hufflepuff’s mind, because she was so frozen in shock. By the time she snapped out of it, Nick was already on the ground and the centaur was clearly dead, or on the verge of death. “Tobias, his throat was ripped out! He won’t answer..” Tears streamed down her face. She didn’t know the centaur personally but mourned for him and the painful death.

“W-we have to find Dumbledore, now!” The girl started to speed off to the school, which was quite far from the forest. She didn’t wait for anyone else to follow her, assuming that if they did, they would catch up. Her head was spinning, but she knew that she had to find the headmaster, especially since the centaur sounded so urgent.
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Re: Hogwarts (1982) #5

Post by Trandafir » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:21 am

Raj watched as the centaur opened his mouth to speak again and respond to Tobias' question, but it turned out that Flora was correct. Whatever words he had meant to say got lost in the pool of blood spilled from the centaur's neck. The sight was terrifying, and Raj forced himself to look away, fighting the nauseous sensation in his stomach.

After perhaps a few seconds, the gasps for breath stopped. The centaur had died, but his lifeless hand still held a tight grasp to the boy's leg. "F-flora is right! We have to get out of here," the Hufflepuff boy said, trying to keep his dinner from leaving through his mouth and his hands from shaking, as he tried to peel the creature's fingers away from his anckle.


Beatrice's hazel eyes widened in surprise and a content smirk filled her lips upon hearing Andrew's words. "Didn't think you had that in you," the brunette teased, lifting her eyes to the common room's entrance when the door was pushed open.

Outside, Johanna nodded at what Anima had said even though she couldn't care less about the girl's sister. Sure, it was always better to keep someone from treason, but she didn't know much about the girl despite the fact that she had quite a few bad friendships.

When she pushed the door open, Johannawas surprised to find Andrew and Beatrice together, seemingly having a pleasant conversation. She narrowed her eyes at the boy and crossed her arms in front of her chest before speaking as calmly as she was able to manage. "Marlow. Can I have a moment of your time?"


The practice was already over, so John didn't have much more to complain. He frowned with Blade's words but kept himself from casting insults at the boy, turning to Yuka instead. "Don't stay out in the snow for too long. You might get a cold." After the warning, he left to put his broom back at the closet and headed back to the castle, leaving the two seekers and Cain behind.
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