Lost You Twice [Reserved Harley]

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Re: Lost You Twice [Reserved Harley]

Post by Queen Harley » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:37 pm

"Who else could I be confusing you with?" Zachary asked quietly with a tilt of his head as he turned his gaze to her. "I only have like two friends. And one of them doesn't even live here, Peach," he reminded her, leaning back into the couch and looking at his hands like they were the most interesting thing at that moment until his cat was nudging into his hands for attention. He was happy with his small, small group of friends, it made him comfortable. But the reminder that he really, truly only had Danni here and not Blake too was a little bit of a harsh one. Maybe he should take up Elliott's offer of meeting his friends. He'd swore up and down that Mae, Chad and Renae were good people but...Zachary still had a very high anxiety and it made him nervous. He turned to Danni once more with a small smile. "Um...we're watching your favorite Disney movie. I...figured it would cheer you up."

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Re: Lost You Twice [Reserved Harley]

Post by Icy » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:25 am

"Hm? Your crush isn't your friend?" Danni teased, getting comfortable in her spot on the couch. Their movie nights ran long so she wanted to settle in, that way she wouldn't move around too much and distract from what they were watching. She bit her lip as she picked at a small scab on the back of her left hand from when she fell the other day during practice, her thoughts on his statement. He didn't have a lot friends just like her, but she knew that she was often too busy to properly hang out with him as she used to. It wouldn't surprise her if he one day chose to replace her for other friends, he was shy sure but it could happen at some point. Maybe he would grow tired of her dancing taking up all her time or something. These were the kind of thoughts she knew she shouldn't be having right now, but worrying was her thing. "Oh, Finding Dory?" She asked innocently, ignoring her unhappy thoughts. Danni was a bit of a child at heart, she loved animated movies and Finding Dory was one of her favorites. It didn't focus on romance like many other Disney movies seemed to do and she appreciated that for obvious reasons. Besides, Dory was just too adorable...but if Zachary were to ever tell anyone that she did have a secret girly side he was sure to regret it as she was sure he knew very well. Danni wasn't exactly a tom boy, but she was a bit tough on the outside. "We should watch your favorite movie after this. Make it fair."

On the other side of town stood a drunken Bailey outside of a well known club. She smelled of liquor, swaying on her feet as she stared at her phone as if trying to figure out how it worked. Yeah she wasn't the brightest when drunk, but she was easy to anger and she was steadily reaching that point. It had been maybe forty-five minutes since she texted Connor telling him to come get her and yet he wasn't anywhere to be seen. Why was that? That wasn't a question she could answer herself for the time being, she barely even knew her last name. Or was it her first name? She didn't actually care, but she was starting to wish that she had forced him to come to the party with her. He didn't know her friends that well, but he would've stayed sober and she would've been home soaking in a warm bath by now. To Connor: Where the HELL are you? It's freezing out here! Get here NOW. She texted him, her words nearly unintelligible. Her dark brown eyes kept blurring and she couldn't properly see her screen, plus her fingers were like icicles. It wasn't even that cold out here, but she was wearing a tube top and a skirt that barely covered her pale rear end so she had no one to blame but herself. Not that she would take the blame. "Damn it where is he."

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