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Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:32 pm
by UmbraSight
“Get fitted for a new suit now? Might as well do it, as we are here anyway.” Maki said with a shrug as she entered into the elevator behind Eiki. It sounded as good a use of her afternoon as anything else, and would save them a trip later. First things first, however, they needed to get Eiki’s arm tended to. Oblivious to the uncertainty Eiki was studying the floor buttons with, Maki reached across her and tapped the one they needed. The button lit up, and the elevator gave a merry chirp as the doors slid closed with a smooth metallic whisper and began to rise.

“After that, we should get supper, I’m starving.”


Like a hunter savoring their triumph, Hunger turned back to look at the prostrate witch. These were the best the humans had to offer? Two of them at once and it had still been so deliciously easy. Bloodied teeth glittered between her lips as Hunger ambled over to her treat. The witch stirred as she approached, attempted to lift herself, try to crawl away. Hunger simply watched as the woman’s arms failed to find purchase against the floor, as the witch failed to raise up. A laugh escaped her lips as Hunger knelt next to her prey, a crooked interpretation of human laugh, like the Grimm understood only the concept of a laugh, but not how it is formed.

She grasped a handful of the woman’s hair, and with a yank, Hunger pulled the woman up to look into her eyes.

No fear, no passion, just, a dull acceptance stared back. Hunger frowned.

“You disappoint me little witch. But, at least you will be tasty.” Hunger purred. For a fleeting moment fear flashed in the woman’s eyes. “Time to die.” She breathed, and with a crack her jaw dislocated.

Behind her, wood splintered as the door suddenly swung inwards, crunching against the wall. Still holding the witch by her hair, Hunger spun in place towards the unwelcome intruder. A single woman strode into the room, her face read only content, her eyes showed only anger. Long blond hair, well defined musculature, eyes like iron. On her shoulders a blue jacket hung like a cape, her torso wrapped in white cloth, over her legs blue sweatpants closed with gray lace.

Hunger felt a jolt of… she wasn't certain what the emotion was, wasn't certain of the differences between exhilaration and fear. The rank one, come to kill her.


With a lurching giggle, Hunger release her grip on the hair of the other woman, and there was a dull thud followed by a groan as she hit the ground. Countess stared at her.

“Who are you?” She asked. Some unrecognizable feeling crawled up her spine, Hunger could feel her skin pricking.

“Hunger.” The Grimm replied, her eyes flickering with the same growing unease she felt.

“Where is Dice?” It was no question, it was a demand. There was little else in her voice.

“She tasted sweet. Like iron.” Hunger breathed. Countess stared for a long moment, scowled.

There was no warning. No shifting of weight. No tell.

One moment Countess was standing at the door, and the next moment she stood only scant foot away, a fist in motion. Hunger’s reaction was pure reflex. She raised her arms to block, felt the connection of the blow with her arm. Felt the bone give. With a hiss of surprise Hunger backpedaled, attempted to block another sudden attack. Felt another portion of the arm bone give. Pain was dull, a consistent growing throb. With a screech, Hunger lurched to her left, barely dodging another fist as it cut through the air, and slipped through the wall.

Above, a siren began to blare.

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Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:08 am
by ShadFlow
Back leaning against the smooth silver wall, as the elevator lifted itself up Eiki gave a big yawn. Her voice echoing around the corners of the enclosed metal box.She managed to stretch out a simple"Yeah" behind her yawn."All that running and slaying got my appetite up." She slowly stretched her neck to the left side of her neck for a short moment. Her free hand guided her head to the other side.With a cracking sound following, her head returned to its original position. With a roll of her shoulders, a deep breath escaped her lungs."Though I'm more concerned about my suit getting replaced since that's what people will use to identify myself-" the elevator stopped. This was not the desired floor.

As Eiki felt the elevator cease movement her gaze drifted towards the door. After the chirp, the doors slid open and in front stood a woman. Wearing a peculiar striped shirt with the number three embedded on both sides, stained with dirt and grass, with black pads on her elbows and knees; carrying a black and white soccer ball underneath her armpit. Odor strong of both grass and body spray. To Eiki it was nauseating as it quickly filled the elevator. On the womans face a bruise around an eye as well as some noticeable swelling, prominently made its mark on her face.

"Sorry if I smell bad heh. Just got back from practice. Need to check if I've got a concussion, heh. Mind if I ride with you?"

Just as Eiki was about to tell the woman off, the DDC alarms began to blare. Neither Eiki nor the woman, knew why. A drill of some sort? Fire? Earthquake? There were no tremors or any burning scents."Huh, well that's peculiar-"As the woman commented on the alarms her attention stirring off towards the flashing alarms Eiki acted quickly. Seeing an opportunity. Finger quickly jabbing the 'Door Close' button like a knife, the doors silently began to close. Once shut the elevator once more pulled off. A gasp came about gathering as much oxygen to her lungs as possible. Still the alarms going off suddenly was rather worrying.

What was going on in the building or outside? Or maybe she was being too paranoid...after all one could never be too careful.
Diva herself was surprised of Countesses speed and ability. As the mighty woman burst open the door, and attacked the Grimm all she could do was watch. It was clear that between hers and her new 'partners' abilities, there was a large gap."Yeah! That's right! Give it to it...her...thing." Diva cheered on Countess from the sidelines hoping to give moral support rather than any kind of combat support.Her tongue slipped out of her mouth like a little child."Bleh! That's what ya get for messin with the Doki Doki Channel top fifteen you stinkin Grimm! Hope ya learned your lesson!!!!" She was very confident that Countess could easily beat Hunger in the current state she was in.

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Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:26 pm
by UmbraSight
“Yea-” was all Maki managed to say before the alarms blared to life. Her eyes flicked up towards the speakers on the elevator’s ceiling, though she wasn't certain why. It wasn't like the speaker was going to tell her anything useful. By the time she looked back down, Eiki’s finger was jabbing the ‘close door’ button and the doors were smoothly sliding closed. Eiki drew in a deep breath like a diver who had finally broken the surface, which caused Maki to grin.

“It was just a little sweat, it wasn't going to kill you.” Maki said, with a roll of her shoulders to loosen building tension. She checked the buttons, they had a few seconds of travel left before they reached their destination. She clicked her tongue, before glancing over at Eiki. “We’re going to want to stay cautious, I don't think either of us are in any shape to help out much if a large fight is happening. Better to figure out what is happening and stay clear if we can't help.”

The elevator chirped happily, barely audible over the alarm as it passed another floor.


Countess pulled her hand back, fragments of plaster dropping from the newly formed hole in the wall. The creature -- the Grimm had skittered back towards the row of beds, eyes wide and glittering as it stared at her. Human shape, human voice, but the creature was anything but human. Countess turned towards the Grimm, brushing plaster dust off of her hand, and once more scowled.

“There is nowhere to run, Grimm.” Countess said. The Grimm lifted her broken arm, and smiled, a mouth full of pointed, jagged teeth.

“I need more. I must become stronger.” Hunger said, her voice a cracking rasp.

“You end here.” Countess pushed off her left heel, and like before the Grimm shifted her broken arm into a defensive posture. Countess swung a fist aimed for the center of Hunger’s mass. This time she would shatter the Grimm’s rib cage.

It almost caught Countess off guard.

Unlike most ambushes it hasn't been the Grimm who had given it away with some odd click towards one of its fellows. The warning had been avoidable, a shiver by the curtain as something within them stirred. Countess twisted in place, she barely brought her hand up in time to intercept the blow as the curtain burst open. Dice stood there, but her eyes were wrong. Lifeless. EmptyGrave’s power, she was certain.

“I need strength.” Hunger giggled, as a thrown piece of paper attached itself to Dice’s throat. Countess swore under her breath as she stepped backwards, accepting a blow to her forearm. A dull pain she could easily ignore. The Grimm continued to laugh as she backed against the wall and kept going.

“Diva! Next room before it escapes!” Countess called, catching Dice’s first with a crisp smack. The other woman was impossibly strong. Countess grit her teeth and pushed back. “I think it can use powers from those it eats. Be careful!”

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Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:28 am
by ShadFlow
With a roll of her eyes, Eiki's tongue slipped through her lips."Just because it won't kill me, doesn't mean I still would like it on me." A scoff came about as a response to Maki. The elevator began to slow, Eiki began checking the grubby bandages to see if they would hold. She had to be prepared for anything and everything. There was no telling if a Grimm was present in the building. In the state Eiki was in, combat had to be avoided. The elevator stopped motion and chirped a melodic hum."If it does turn out to be a Grimm-" the doors slowly slid open."Don't be surprised if I feed you to it, kay love?"
With an up in her voice she tried giving an innocent grin.

"On it boss!"

Diva exclaimed giving Countess a military style salute before dashing off into the hallway to the next room. The door had been shut however unlocked. Rather than like a normal individual, she burst the door open with a shoulder bash. The door swung open, the room was dark, all lights had been shut off. It was only partially lit by the light entering in from the hallway with a caste of Divas shadow in the center. Flicking the light switch, she sucked her teeth."Of all the times to be broken!"

Trying to look pass the darkness was difficult. Taking a small step forward she could feel Hungers gaze beaming. Goosebumps covered Divas body as she took another step inside further into the dark room."I-I'm warning you! If you think you'll be able to eat me, you're underestimating moi!"Jittery, afraid. If what Countess said was true, then she couldn't just be reckless. She already managed to eat up two of the top fifteen. Being the third was definitely not on today's agenda.

A few more steps in and the intense feeling became stronger. Eyes glancing at every corner possible.She was almost at the end of the light that was able to get into the room. Walking into the darkness wasn't the smartest thing to do, as she could easily walk into the mouth of Hunger.

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Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 1:30 am
by UmbraSight
"Eyepatch, if you don't want to get eaten, you better be able to outrun me.” Maki said, her own tongue slipping between her lips as the doors finished opening and the elevator chirped. Maki didn't move immediately, she remained in the threshold looking down an empty hallway and the warning lights flashed red and white while the alarm growled on. No immediate dangers, no Grimm scampering out of an ajar door to try to gobble her up. Maki stepped out of the elevator rolling her shoulders and receiving a satisfying pop from between her shoulder blades.

She motioned for Eiki to stick close with a quick movement of her fingers before she started down the hallway, keeping her movements steady and slow. No point in rushing into an ambush.

“We just need to get to the doctor, so we glance into rooms and keep moving. You take the left side and I'll take the right?” Maki whispered, her voice barely rising above the alarm as she motioned to either side of the hallway. “We just don't want a Grimm catching us off guard from behind.”


The bundle of wires Hunger had torn out of the ceiling buzzed, a pained electric hum as electricity attempted to find its way to the now dead lights. She leaned against the wall to the left of the door, in a well of darkness the light leaking through the doorway did not reach. The witch crept in, slow and uncertain, the fear which drifted off her smelt of copper.

"I-I'm warning you! If you think you'll be able to eat me, you're underestimating moi!"

A crooked smile twisted her lips and Hunger stepped out of the shadow she hid within. She moved almost silently across the carpeted floor, a whisper of movement, almost undetectable against the howl of the alarm. She moved back to the far side of the room, where the darkness collected into uneven masses which wiggled and wavered.

Little witch, little witch, trembling in the dark. Don't you know what you face will eat you all up? Hunger cooed, her voice loud enough to carry, quiet enough to remain directionless. Little witch, little witch, your friend sent you to die. I'm going to chew you up, and your lover, she will cry.

With a push of her foot, Hunger kicked over a chair, and backed away, a quick as she dared.

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Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 2:57 am
by ShadFlow
"That is assuming there is a Grimm prowling the shadows of the hall." Eiki followed behind Maki's footsteps. Coming across the first door to the left side of the hallway. Hand taking a hold of the knob turning it slowly, the door was opened. The room was empty. Not a single soul present."Okay so this one's empty." Eiki proceeded on forth. The next few rooms after were the same exact emptiness. There was no sign of any recent activity that Eiki could point out. "Hey Mak-Chop. I don't think there are any Grimm here. Maybe we came late to the party and it's already been dealt with?" Next to the last room she checked a hallway branched from their own.

Gazing down, she was sure to see an open doorway. And the feint sound of voices echoed through."Oi, I'm gonna go down this way. Don't mind the sounds of me possibly being eaten alive." Slowly she began to walk towards the room Countess confronted Hunger and was battling the clone of Dice.

Just the sound of Hungers voice brought a chill to Diva. Simply running away was the first thought to come across her mind. However she then thought about the long term consequences of fleeing from Hunger. Ripper! might get upset and start calling her mean things! Like...a coward! "No anything but that!" Her panic from fear of Rippers! opinion made her shake harder. Diva would much rather be at home either sleeping or watching television. No she just had to get paired with one of the most hard working witches in all of DDC. As icing on the cake, the Grimm that they all had become aware of decided to make an appearance.

Her fists clenched. Taking a deep focused breath. Diva stepped into the darkness where hunger lurked."If you think I'm guillble enough then why don't you show yourself?" She shouted into the darkness glancing in every direction unaware of when or where the Grimm will attack. She was vulnerable at almost every angle, blindly but slowly she walked further.

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Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 2:09 am
by UmbraSight
Maki’s side of the hallway offered up no different results than Eiki’s. A series of empty rooms with not a lick of Grimm activity. She reached the end of the hall at the same time as Eiki, and Maki felt almost surprised that they hadn't come under attack yet. Just the tension talking she knew, the building was tall, what were the chances that there would be a Grimm attack in the very heart of the DDC? Sure Grimm could appear anywhere, but even so how likely was it they appeared on this floor?

Still she was on edge as she turned down the other hall. Almost jumped when Eiki suddenly spoke.

“Oi, I'm gonna go down this way. Don't mind the sounds of me possibly being eaten alive." The other woman said. Maki chuckled sheepishly.

“Well Eyepatch, the doctor’s office should be that way, so if something does bite your arm off, you can get it sewn back on.” Maki call as she slid down her half of the hall. From a room with a partially ajar door, Maki could have sworn she heard voices.

So, she readied herself.


Hunger suppressed an urge to laugh as the witch moved further into the room. Blind. Scared. Edging further into a room. A soft little lamb, ready for consumption. How delicious the thought. As the woman moved forward, Hunger crept up on her left side. Take her down, eat her, leave.

Easy enough.

Still, Hunger couldn't help to play with her food some. The fear was just too sweet.

Little witch, little witch, stumbling in the dark. I can see you well my dear, and your future seems so stark. Hunger cooed. The bones of her arm was still shattered, so Hunger lifted her leg. She swept it low, aiming for Diva’s ankles to knock the woman off her feet. Behind a door swung open, and in the edge of her vision Hunger could see a familiar face. The fire witch from earlier. Hunger could feel her mouth watering as the witch threw a ball of flame into the room.

Diva could see her kick coming, but Hunger doubted she would have time to react.


Countess caught a high kick from Dice meant for her head on her forearm. A dull pain, and Countess was impressed that the clone could cause her to feel that much. The clone Dice’s arm however showed the damage from the kick. Discolored skin, bruised flesh, probably fractured bone as well. Not that the clone showed any discomfort from the wounds. It just kept fighting.

Countess pushed hard against the foot, knocking Dice off balance. She stepped close, her right fist flying up for an uppercut to Dice’s chin. The clone shifted, just in time to turn the punch into a glancing blow to the cheekbone. Dice stepped back, once more putting a measure of space between them and Countess pressed the advance, this time she punched low, catching Dice in the gut and doubling the clone over. Countess moved to bring an elbow down onto the back of Dice’s head, when the woman lurched forward into a sudden tackle.

Countess stumbled back, struggling to keep her balance as Dice pounded her fist into the flesh below Countess’s ribs.

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Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:13 am
by ShadFlow

From the lit room there were shadows of movement, Eiki managed to spot on the floor. Walking forward the sounds of activity became clearer, allowing Eiki's curiosity to spike.She noticed before entering that there had been no door, and what was left were the metallic brass hinges. Puzzled as to why, Eiki slowly peered inside the room. "Hello?" Greeted by the sight of Countess being tackled by Dices Clone she froze. Unaware completely of the context of the situation she wasn't sure if any of them were the doctor. There was a part of Eiki that wanted to watch and see the brawl out. The other side of her wanted to intervene because her arm wouldn't be getting any better...

Such a dilemma!

Tensely biting her lip, she sighed. Entering the room, instead of dashing to break the two up, Eiki grabbed a sealed pack of cotton swabs and chucked it at Dice. There was a chance of her a getting hurt worse if she got close. With one hand on her side, the stance was similar to that of the nagging mother!

"Oi! The hell are you two doing? This is supposed to be a place of medicine! Take it out side!"

Diva was able to see Hungers sweep at the blinking last moment but her ankles were already caught by then. Stumbling she fell straight onto her back. With a loud grunt and a wince Divas body went limp. Her face showed great discomfort, her hand reached upwards as she tried to lift her body up. The impact left Diva dazed. Her head was spinning unable to do anything for the moment.

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Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:54 am
by UmbraSight
Countess grunted with the impact of each blow. She didn't flinch much, yet she also didn't do much to hide her growing grimace. She twisted her body, shifted the focus of the blows away from the softer flesh of her gut to her ribs. That was what bone was for, after all. To protect the meat. Countess also couldn't tell if the counter was taking any toll on the clone, most things would be starting to show fatigue from their self-inflicted injuries, but this clone seemed to only care about causing as much damage as it could. Did it even feel pain?

She needed to break the grapple fast before the damage had a chance to build too much.

Then, a pack of cotton swabs bounced off clone Dice’s head.

Both Countess and the clone looked towards the door, and there stood a woman whose stance was every bit that of a nagging mother scolding two unruly children.

"Oi! The hell are you two doing? This is supposed to be a place of medicine! Take it outside!” The woman called. There was a momentarily stunned silence. Countess recovered first. She brought her right arm up fast, hitting the soft flesh under Dice’s head with her fist and causing the clone to stagger back.

“Eyepatch! This thing was made by the Grimm. We need to kill it fast!” Countess called, bringing her hands up in a classic boxer’s pose.


At attempt at interference or not, the witch went down all the same as the puff of fire died. Hunger moved quickly while the human was still stunned, with her good arm, Hunger grasped a handful of the clothing around Diva’s neck and hefted the woman up onto her feet. She spun the woman around, with her good arm she pressed a sharpened fingernail against the soft skin of the witch’s neck, and she used her broken arm to hold the woman close. There was a burning pain from the bone, but it was a meaningless feeling.

“Oh little fire witch, come to help? Stay far far away, or I'll slit this one’s thoat.” Hunger purred. “And it would be a waste to kill something so soft and tasty.”

The newcomer remained at the door, her body silhouetted by the light of the hallway. Her face unreadable.

“You have to three to leave. One.”

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Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:49 am
by ShadFlow
There was a minor pause from Eiki. Due to the fact that this woman she had never met before(or even can slightly recognize) referred to her as the nickname Maki bestowed. Was 'Eyepatch' some type of trending name going around the DDC or something? Taking a good look at the clone of Dice she couldn't tell at first. With some concentration at investigating the figure, she was finally able to see it. It was all in its eyes. She hesitated to join Countess, concerned about her injured arm. Biting her bottom lip, Eiki's senses told her to retreat.

However if there was a Grimm that needed to be dealt with and it was in the general area, then she couldn't. It was her job as a witch to purge it. Eiki walked to the side of Countess turning to her body towards the clone."Kind of hurting at the moment, so don't be surprised if I bail..." A spark appeared from the womans fingers. Gaze narrowing onto the clone waiting either for it, or Countess to make a move.

Diva felt her body being lifted up from off the ground, however the world around was spinning. Brought up to her feet, there was a small sting about her neck. While not able to tell what exactly was pressed on her skin it was definitely sharp. Diva was unable to fight back. All she could muster were groans of dizziness. Hunger had the opportunity to finish off Diva right there and then. So why didn't she? Right there had been another witch in the doorway...but exactly who? Their silhouette was unidentifiable, including their voice. Stumbling slightly Diva's head was beginning to clear up as the spinning gradually ceased. It was only a matter of time...