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Re: [RP][Annasiel] Doki-Doki Channel!

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:07 am
by UmbraSight

“... the fall of Paris in mid-2013 lead to the mass migration of refugees to a military camp set into the old fortifications of the Maginot Line. This operation is seen as one of the last major offensives before the appearance of witches, the technical and logistical achievements surpassed only by the reclamation of Paris in late-2019. Though few live in the city today…”

Aki wriggled in her seat as the teacher lectured on, the page of her notebook long filled by a few short scratchings of notes that were above a mass of doodles all competing of space. The large Grimm-wolf-thing in the middle was winning! Though portions of its leg were actually just dates, but that was fine! A leg is a leg. Her eyes found themselves flicking to the clock again, but the stubborn minute hand was still so far away from the 10! It should have moved some since she looked last! Right? Maybe the clock was slow today!

Why was class taking so long today? If class just ended then she and Leo could play!

Overhead the speakers played three light tones, and Aki’s ears perked. A stern woman’s voice spoke, “Would Akane Okami and Leonora Midas please come to the front office, you have visitors.” Aki quirked her head to one side as all eyes on the room turned towards her, and she looked to the teacher. Mr Mazaki gave her a nod.

“Remember to do your reading tonight.” He said as Akane sprung to her feet. He held up a hand as she started towards the door. “Okami-san, don’t forget your bags.” He said, causing Akane to quickly turn in place and scoop up her shoulder bag.

“Thank you!” She said cheerfully as she hurried out the door.

Re: [RP][Annasiel] Doki-Doki Channel!

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:37 am
by Annasiel

Math. Math, math, math, math, math. It was a messy, stupid thing, full of boring symbols with little meaning besides the meaning they were intended to have. They had a song, just like all other things, but their song wasn't some intricate sculpture of impressions. It was a single, blank note of irreconcilable boredom.

"As you can see, this problem demonstrates a standard form equation. To properly convert it to quadratic, you must first..."

Leo yawned. At least Miss Yuko didn't try to make it interesting. That might have annoyed the girl, instead of just boring her. No, her teacher sung the note in the way it was meant to be sung -- in a monotonous voice bordering on deadpan sarcastic. Leo made little show of concealing her disinterest, leaning back in her chair and opening a book about a much more interesting subject. A foundation on aesthetic philosophy far outweighed the entertainment value of simple math. Where math was logic in its most mundane, philosophy elevated it to a new level, taking the drab notes and laying them out into a veritable symphony.

“Would Akane Okami and Leonora Midas please come to the front office, you have visitors.”

Leo stood bolt upright with a startled yelp, knocking her chair over backwards. Frantically, she glanced around at the other students, all of which were looking at her with mild curiosity.

"It was not me!" she exclaimed. "Someone else made of painting in library wall! Not me, no no!"

The class stared back blankly, Miss Yuko raised a eyebrow, and Leo cowed, bowing her head and scurrying quickly out of the classroom. Far too late, she realized she'd left her book back on her desk. Frustration poked at her thoughts for a moment. Who did her classmates think they were, making her leave in a hurry like that? Bad people, that's who. They made her forget the book she was reading! She made a mental note to go back and retrieve it when they weren't staring at her with their fire eyes.

The frustration was quickly shoved aside at the sight of her best friend.

"Aki!" she called, running over to fall in pace beside. "Hihi. I did not make painting on library wall."

Re: [RP][Annasiel] Doki-Doki Channel!

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:16 am
by UmbraSight
“Leo!! Hi! Did something happen in the library?” Akane said, with a bounce in the step as her best friend rushed over to walk with her. That's right they were both being called to the front office, that means that they would walk together to go see their visitors! What sort of visitors did they have though? She didn’t often get visitors during school! Or at all, really. Or get her name called over the speakers. The more she thought of it the weirder it all seemed! So many new things all at once!! Oh! They helped chase off a scary Grimm a few days ago, maybe they were getting a reward because of that! That would be nice!

“So what do you think we’re getting called to the office for? They almost never call anyone to the office if they aren’t with the DDC! Maybe this is about the Grimm we fought yesterday! There was that really weird and scary guy too! Maybe they want to know something about him?? Do you think it could be something else? I can’t think of any other reason that they would call both of us at once? What do you think Leo?” Aki chittered away happily as she bounced down the hallway towards the main office, all thoughts of a poor innocent library wall lost.