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[One][Someguy] Doki-Doki Channel!

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:33 pm
by UmbraSight
The meeting room was nothing special beyond, four walls, one with windows which looked out at the city beyond, one with the double doors she had entered through, and posters of famous magical girls on posters all around the room. The table was a size too small for the room, clearly brought in just for this specific meeting, a rich red wood with a matching set of four chairs. A tea set rested in the middle of the table, along with four matching cups and an assortment of snacks. Going by smell, the tea would be floral and sweet, and going by sight, the snacks would be delicious.

With a yawn, Ayane leaned back in her chair, her yellow eyes listlessly examining the posters. Most of them were photographs, but the one next to the door was one of her paintings. The rank seven - no five - girl, the girl had asked for the portrait herself, so who would have Ayane been to have said no?

There was still something wrong with the shoulders.

Ayane yawned again, and stretched in her seat. Perhaps she should have dressed up for this? She wore her school uniform, but it was wrinkled, only half of her underblouse tucked into her skirt, dried paint blotted all over her blazer, several buttons undone or looped through the wrong holes. She could have sworn her buttons had been right this morning. The sounds of voices approaching drew Ayane’s attention away from her clothes and to the door. She draped her arm over the back of the chair, her eyes finding the doorknob as it turned and the door slid open.

“Please help yourself to the refreshments.” Ayane heard her manager say as the woman motioned another girl into the room. Her new partner.

With a yawn Ayane raised her hand. “Yo.” She said. Her manager looked at her, a frown creasing her lips.

“Yes, how about the two of you properly introduce yourselves?” The other manager said with a smile.

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Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:34 am
by Someguy500
Takami Mikawa could barely contain herself. The world went by so fast here! Here she was, being led by the hand to meet her partner at the Doki-Doki Channel, when it only felt like a few hours since she stepped off the train onto New Kyoto.

She had spent some time beforehand tidying herself; making sure her new uniform was perfect, her bangs didn't get in her eye, generally giving her restless hands something to do.

As she walked, she fantasized about what her senior would be like. Someone she would look up to, no doubt, but for what? Keeping a cool head in times of trouble? Swaying the audience on a whim? She almost squealed in anticipation when the door opened and she was motioned into the room.

The room was simple enough. A single window, and posters of Magical Girls around the room. A bit too big, honestly, judging from the smaller table in the middle. Sitting at it was, put simply, a right mess. Her blazer was dirty with paint, and her uniform was in bad shape, with wrinkles and creases all over it.

Before she could catch herself judging her partner, her manager piped up, "Yes, how about the two of you properly introduce yourselves?"

Takami was caught off guard and stammered a faint "Hm? O-oh, uh," before snapping back to the present, somewhat embarrassed at herself. She sat down opposite the paint-stained girl and put on a smile. "So, I'll be your partner from now on, then?" She paused. "I'm Takami Mikawa. I look forward to working with you."

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Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:34 pm
by UmbraSight
Even at a glance Ayane could tell her partner was a bundle of nerves as she entered into the room. Her body posture was tight, her brown eyes fluttering around the room attempting to take as much in as they could. The girl seemed almost uncertain when her eyes met Ayane’s yellow eyes. She watched as the girl moved to the empty seats, she too wore her school uniform, but it was well maintained. Not a stitch out of line. Maybe, Ayane found herself thinking, she should have dressed up some.

The younger girl took her seat across from Ayane, cleared her throat, before she finally spoke. “So, I'll be your partner from now on, then?" She paused, seeming to take a half-second to collect herself, "I'm Takami Mikawa. I look forward to working with you."

Ayane matched the smile Takami had sent her way.

“Hullo,” Ayane said, raising her left hand up, the tips of her fingers discolored. “I’m the Silver-Eyed Painter, Ayane Shimizu. I’m a two year veteran with the DDC, and I'll be your partner. I hope we have a good time together.” Ayane finished with a dip of her head.

“Well, now that, that is out of the way I am Fujisawa, Ayane’s mana-” Ayane’s manager started, before Ayane raised her hand up like she had a question.

“You don't mind the smell of paint right? They last girl they stuck with me didn't like paint.” Ayane said. The corner of Fujisawa’s lips twitched, but composure returned quick enough.

“Yes, I don't believe you two have been informed of your partner's powers yet. Ayane is an illusionist, the more realistic the painting the greater the effects.” Fujisawa said with a smooth smile. “And your powers were, cloth related, yes?” Fujisawa asked, her eyes flicking from Takami to the younger girl’s manager looking for confirmation. With a nod, she continued on.

“Also, while we are talking about powers, we requested this room so you two might give the other a quick demonstration, if you wouldn't mind.”

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Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 9:53 am
by Someguy500
The other girl's casual demeanor didn't help much in calming Takami's nerves, though the smile was more effective. She nodded in return to Ayane's introduction, and almost started responding to her manager's when the weirdest question came up.

"You don't mind the smell of paint, right? The last girl they stuck me with didn't like paint."

Shouldn't she have waited for a pause, or... nevermind. Regardless, she listenened with interest while Fujisawa explained, and spared a terse nod at the inquiry. Her eyes really lit up, though, when Fujisawa asked for a brief demonstration. Her back straightened ever-so-slightly, and she took in half a breath. Showtime.

"Oh, it'd be my pleasure," Takami said, as she stood up and theatrically held up an arm. As she did, ribbons and silk raced forth from every seam and pocket in her uniform, as well as from thin air around her. For a few seconds, she stood in a whirlwind of fabric before the last sheets twisted and knitted together into a headress resting on the right side of her head. Instead of her uniform, she was now in a black dress that went down to her knees, embroidered around the edges in white and gold. Without skipping a beat, she lowered her arm, and a band of silk flowed from thin air, coiling around her. "Oh right, also, I'm okay with paint," she smiled.

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Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 6:06 am
by UmbraSight
“That was really pretty.” Ayane said as Takami finished her demonstration. Fujisawa nodded approvingly at the display that the younger girl had given.

“Quite impressive given your age, you’ve clearly put plenty of effort and energy into practicing your transformation.” The manager said with a smile. Her gaze shifted to Ayane and she motioned the girl towards the empty space. “Well, you don't want to get shown up by a new girl right? Go show off your stuff!”

“‘Kay.” Ayane said with a yawn as she pushed herself up onto her feet. She paused as she stepped around the table to pluck up a cookie, and brush off the the back of her skirt. Her socks had suffered the same fate as her ill-buttoned shirt, the knee high sock on her left was pulled up, while the one of the right was a crumpled mass around her ankle.

Ayane popped the cookie into her mouth, and dusted crumbs off of her fingers. She stopped a fair distance away from Takami, still chewing as she squinted and held her thumb up as she judged the distance. With a satisfied nod, from the air around her hip, Ayane drew a paintbrush. It's wooden handle long and stained by paint, the bristles clean and soft.

“Mikawa-san, you probably don't want to move.” Ayane said, as she lifted her brush and swiped it in a diagonal line over her head. A mass of black, speckled with gold and silver pinpricks followed the bristles of her brush. Ayane dipped her head, as paint washed down from above. The thick black clung to her skin, raced down her figure until it reached her toes and pooled around her feet. The scar in the sky shivered, abstract clouds of paint colored the strange nightscape and a rain of colorful paint washed away the black which obscured her form.

Her uniform was gone, instead she wore a short pink kimono with a white ruffled skirt. On her right leg was a sock which reached to her calf and was tied with a measure of pink lace. Ayane reached down and there paced and he bristles of her brush into the pool of paint. As if drawn, the paint returned to the brush, which she tucked behind her right ear.

“Lovely, thank you girls!” Fujisawa said, bringing her hands together in a crisp clap. “If my colleague agrees, and you two girls would like, how about you show off a power or two? Just for a bit of fun.”

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Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:08 am
by Someguy500
The straight-backed young man who had been standing behind Takami nodded slightly in agreement. His beady, tired-looking eyes went to his client, who had been immersed in watching Ayane interestedly. "It'd be a good idea. Wouldn't it, Mikawa-san?"

Takami planted her hands on the table. Well, it wouldn't be much of a demonstration without powers, would it? She sighed in exaggerated feign disappointment. "I wanted to wait until my official debut, but I guess I can show a few tricks before then."

She stopped dead for a split second. She may have been passionate, but she had no idea where to start. "Though, I think you should go first, Shimizu...-san. After all, you're my senior, ain'tcha?"

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Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:24 am
by UmbraSight
“Though, I think you should go first, Shimizu...-san. After all, you're my senior, ain'tcha?” Takami said. Showcase her powers first? Ayane really couldn't think of any reason not to, and she was the veteran here after all. It wouldn't be right to make the new girl go first. Right? With a nod and a smile Ayane looked towards an empty piece of wall. Whitewash, no posters or markings. A waste of useful space. As for what Ayane should fill that piece of wall with… her smile shifted to a frown.

“Ok, my turn first then.” Ayane said, as she stepped over to the wall removing her paintbrush from behind her ear.

She started with four perfectly straight lines. Two short horizontal lines, one near the top, one near the floor, and two vertical lines connecting the horizontal. A rectangle in black paint. Ayane painted two smaller rectangles in the upper third of the first. And finally, a circled in the middle right of the large rectangle. Next color, she didn't need much for this, brown, gold, some black. Her hand flowed through the motions. Color spread, definition was given, grain to the wood, depth to the two windows.

And it wasn't long before the new door, a perfect replica of the one they had all walked through to enter the room, was finished. Ayane took a step back, and once more placed her paintbrush behind her ear. She turned to Takami and motioned towards the door.

“Want to try it out?”

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Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:57 pm
by Someguy500
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Takami had turned around and gotten a bit behind Ayane to get a better look at the door being painted, no, created in front of her eyes. By the time it was done, she could've sworn she could turn the handle and just walk right on through.

"Want to try it out?"

After stepping back, Ayane had turned to her and was motioning to the door. Was it a trick? Looking at it from different angles, Takami remembered her friends loved to tease anyone new for a little while (nothing serious, of course), after all. What if it was dangerous? She quickly disregarded the notion before she started getting hysterical. It was her Moment! She couldn't freeze up now!

"Yeah, of course!"

Takami reached out and grabbed the, reassuringly, solid doorknob and pushed it open. Behind it was another hallway, just like the one she came in through. Giving the hallway a second look, she realized it was the one she came through, actually.

Closing the door, Takami looked back at Ayane, expecting the older girl to look smug, or proud. Instead, she just looked tired. "It's quite a nice power, huh?" she said, partly to make her senior feel better.

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Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:58 pm
by UmbraSight
Ayane raised her hand to her lips to stifle a yawn while she watched Takame trying out the door. It wasn't really because she was bored with the whole affair, simply she was tired. What time had she gone to sleep last night? Fujisawa had made her set an alarm so she wouldn't miss this meeting by falling asleep after class. Still, it was nice at least that Takame seemed at least somewhat excited to test out the door to see if it actually worked.

Which it did, thankfully.

Wait, were they going to want her to put the wall back the way it was before? The very idea made her shoulders slump. Could she have painted a door on paper or something and had Takami open that? That suddenly seemed like a much better idea.

Too late now.

Takami turned away from the door and looked up at her, almost seeming expectant of some reaction but Ayane wasn't really certain what.

“It's quite a nice power, huh?” Taka I asked. Ayane reached up and scratched at a flake of dried paint on her cheek.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Ayane said. “Thanks Mikawa-san.”

“I know I always love to watch her in action.” Fujisawa piped in, with that smile on her lips that Ayane felt certain they taught in some manager class. “Do you have a thing or two you would like to show off as well, or would you like Shimizu to demonstrate a few other moves?”

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Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:16 am
by Someguy500
Takami was waiting on the offer while pretending to examine the painted door again. She turned to the two managers behind her.

"Of course, I'd love to!"

Saying this, the younger girl put her hands over her heart and breathed in slowly. As she exhaled, a soft blue band of silk emerged from a ripple in the air, to her right. She pushed her palms out, prompting the cloth to move with them. It reeled out a bit further over the table before Takami twisted her wrist over, curling the silk around a cup of tea and quickly bringing it into her hand, only spilling a drop or two.

Taking a sip, she smiled coyly. Of course, she couldn't let herself get upstaged so quickly in her career, did she?