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Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:26 pm
by UmbraSight
“Ah!” Ayane breathed, bringing her hands together in a short clap. Takami had picked up a cup! Wait, no that didn't sound right. Takami has picked up a cup of tea with a piece of cloth! A piece of magic cloth, no less. How cute! Oh, maybe that would make for a nice little painting? Something to do tonight.

“They’re very cool Takami-Chan, how much weight can they pick up?” Ayane asked, a little smile curling her lips lightly as she reached out with a finger to poke the ribbon holding the cup up. “Ah, must be nice being able to lay in bed and have the ribbons reach whatever you need.” She added, almost wistfully.

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Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:52 am
by Someguy500
The silk, unusually soft and smooth to the touch, slowly floated back into position after Ayane nudged it while Takami kept quiet at her personal space being invaded so quickly. "It really depends if I can get an audience or not, but if I'm alone.." She considered for a moment. "It'd be about as much as I can lift." She would have loved to tell her that it became rougher where it gripped something, but she was quickly beginning to wonder what her senior's reaction could be besides muted amusement.

"Ah, must be nice being able to lay in bed and have the ribbons reach whatever you need," Ayane added nonchalantly, to which Takami giggled like it was a joke. "Yes, I suppose it would, wouldn't it?" She hung there, almost as if waiting for a response.


Before the silence could get to anyone, Beady-eyes spoke again. "Well, if that's all, we should be heading out to finalize Mikawa-san's registration and enrollment. Unless there's anything else Fujisawa-san would like to add?"

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Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:33 pm
by UmbraSight
"Oh, is it time already?” Ayane asked, looking back at the two managers. It felt like they had just started the meeting, but she supposed the power demos had taken some time to get through. Her new partner at least seemed like she was a nice girl, so that was all to the good.

“Well, I think we’ve had a great start with today's introductions,” Fujisawa said with a smile of two parts calculation and one part warmth. She glanced down at a watch on her wrist. “Tomorrow is Thursday, correct? Shimizu-San, you might want to take Mikawa-San to the supplementary classes tomorrow and show her the ropes.”
“Ah, ok” Ayane yawned. “We can meet up outside of the lunchroom.”

“Perfect.” Fujisawa said, “if either of you would like any snacks for the road, please take anything you would like from the table.”


At the start of class, the page had been blank ready for notes, however by the time the bell rang for the end of class the page that should have been covered by notes was instead coated in unfinished trees. A page full of disappointment. Something about them looked wrong, but Ayane wasn't exactly certain what it was, perhaps the texture of the bark? Or maybe it the way the branches jutted out from the trunk? The leaves? With a slump of her shoulders and a feeling of utmost defeat, Ayane closed her notebook and pushed it into a paint stained rectangular shoulder pack.

She resolved to spend some more time on it after the supplementary classes.

Right, thinking of supplementary classesshe needed to go to the lunchroom to pick up Takami. It would be bad if she forgot to do that.

With a yawn Ayane slung her pack on to her right shoulder, she followed her class out of the door.

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Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:08 am
by Someguy500

Orientation and had ended for today with the tour across New Kyoto Academy. Sitting in the cafeteria, Takami grumbled under her breath at the thought of going through the papers she was handed. Instead, she thought about the Academy building.

It was a right wonder, that much was certain. The dormitory Takami had spent the night in was decorated in dark wood, familiar in tone and feel if not quite in locale and scale. Only across the street was the Academy building itself, wrapped in beautiful murals and at first glance looking more like a shopping center than a place for education. A shuttle train from the dormitory took a bridge overlooking the pristine road below. Indoors, New Kyoto Academy was almost completely decked out in marble and glass, a statement of retro-modernism that no doubt cost a fortune. Takami was told the building could survive any attack, magical or not.

The bell shook her from her daydream just as she was getting to the courtyard. Lunchtime, right? Supplementary classes had ended, and it didn't take long for her to identify Ayane among the rest of the students coming along the hall. Giving a small wave, Takami went over and smiled.

"How are you today? Shimizu-san."

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Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:06 pm
by UmbraSight
“How are you today? Shimizu-san.” A familiar voice called as an equally familiar face worked its way through the flow of students. She raised a hand and a sleepy sort of smile curled her lips.

“Hullo, Mikawa-chan,” Ayane said, drowsily. She lifted a paint-speckled hand to her mouth as she yawned before running her fingers across her eyes. “S’time for lunch already huh?” She finished, perhaps sounding a modicum more awake or maybe that was little more than the trick of the ear. She let her arm fall back down to her side, as she dipped her head in the direction of the lunchroom.

“You ready for your first combat class?” Ayane asked, “don't worry too much, t’new girls, they usually let you go a class or two to get a feel for it before pushing you off the deep end. Oh. Before I forget, we’ll only be having a half-lunch today, you can take it before or after the class.”

Ayane shrugged, once more lifting a hand as she yawned.

“I like to take it after, but I’ll let you choose which you want to do.”

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Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 2:38 am
by Someguy500
Well, when she put it like that, it wasn't a tough decision at all.

"Then it's decided! We'll have it before lunch, then." Her first class, she could hardly wait! Takami had already gone through the basics at home, of course she was ready. As she held her heart and turned to walk towards the training block, she waited for Ayane a while. "Which room are we using, d'you know?"


"Uh, I mean, mind telling me?" She corrected herself, hardly skipping a beat.

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Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 12:37 am
by UmbraSight
“S’ok, sounds good.” Ayane said. “The walk isn’t too far, we’re inside in the urban gym today. I think.” Ayane said, flicking a finger towards the end of the hall starting to walk with all the energy of a particularly unconcerned sloth.

“We have three different rooms we float between, though I guess two of them aren’t really rooms, a gym in the west wing of the school, the outdoor sparring area, and room W104. If you ever don’t know where to go, the schedule is always posted outside of room 104.” Ayane continued as they turned left at the end of the hall. “Oh uh, this hall will mostly have second or third years in it, because not many first years get a contract. But you’re a magical girl now, so don’t be nervous or anything.”

Ayane shrugged as they passed through a pair of open double doors, “do you have any other questions before we get there?”

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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:36 pm
by Someguy500
"But you're a Magical Girl now, so don't be nervous or anything."

She wasn't just nervous, she was brimming with excitement. Soon it'd be time for the maestro to shine! For a moment, Takami's polite smile deepened into something more genuine, and she found herself picking at something under her nails in anticipation.

"Do you have any other questions before we get there?"

She had tons of questions! What would they be doing? How would the gym be like? How big was it, anyway? What did Ayane mean by urban gym?

"No, I'm fine!" The younger Magical Girl chirped. She followed along, impatiently matching her senior's, um, relaxed pace. She wouldn't show it, hopefully. Her fingers twiddled and twitched as they kept themselves busy. She said something, to fill the space. "The city really is amazing, huh. It hasn't been long, but I'm already registered and employed..." Trailing off, she reminded herself to write back to her parents. Oh, they'd be proud as allgetout, wouldn't they? "I'm sure it's great living here all your life, huh, senpai."

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Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:28 pm
by UmbraSight
“Huh? Oh, uh. Yeah, it’s a really nice place to live.” Ayane said with a slow nod. “Though, I haven’t really lived anywhere else so my opinion might be a little biased.” A quick chuckle escaped her lips as she paused outside a pair of doors. “But it’s a beautiful city, and a lot of nice people live here, so I’m sure you’ll love it here.”

She reached out and grabbed hold of a door handle before looking back at Takami. “So, this is the urban gym, this is where we practice for combat within the city or residential areas.” Ayane paused for a moment, her brow crinkling before she finally shrugged. “It’s a little big.” She offered up with a shrug before pushing the door open.

A staircase lead down into what seemed to be a large auditorium, though size was somewhat hard to gauge due to several, mock skyscrapers which filled the middle of the space. Around them were buildings of many different shapes and sizes, ranging from downsized warehouses and office buildings to homes with lawns. At the base of the stairs a group of fifteen or so girls stood facing a woman with a clipboard. With a yawn and a motion for Takami to follow, Ayane started down the stairs.

“Most of it is magic, they have a lot of different girls they call in when they want to change the layout.” Ayane said. She lifted a hand as she reached the base of the stairs. “Hullo.” Ayane said.

“Oh, you walked fast today, and is this our transfer? Welcome welcome! Please introduce yourself to the class.” The woman with the clipboard said with a smile.

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Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:19 pm
by Someguy500
Takami was still impressed by the gym, but she managed to keep it to herself this time, at least. What a place, though! Walking around this underground replica of a city was so much different from viewing pictures and reading descriptions. The live exercise ground in Nagoya was nothing compared to this. And standing there before it was...

"...And this is our transfer? Welcome welcome! Please introduce yourself to the class."

No time to dream now! Make a good impression! Takami bowed, a gesture which wasn't as common as it used to be, and kept her smile on. "I'm Takami Mikawa. Good to meet you all." It was practiced to look natural and sincere; the only person close enough to notice her knees tremble slightly was Ayane, and Takami prayed that she wasn't paying attention to her.