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Re: A Tale of Two Kindgoms

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:09 am
by Quirkless Deku
The main ballroom was large and elaborate. It had a domed ceiling, a second story balcony that wrapped around the room, floor to ceiling glass windows, and dozens of shimmering chandeliers. The floor and walls were marble with ripples of gold throughout. The people now gathering in it were almost as elaborate in their displays of wealth.
And Sildor was tired. The last thing he wanted to see right now were more people, especially the people of the royal court, who were prone to vanity and gossip, all hidden behind a venire of perfect civility. That's what all of this was: a pretty and imposing fa├žade. So he donned his mask, literally and figuratively. He had honed the figurative one over the years so well that at times he almost forgot what was beneath it.
He took up his place on the chess board. He bowed and greeted the guests curtly. He showed no emotion as he took up his place on the throne next to his father.
Then he looked up and saw that the princess had arrived, dressed immaculately. The silk of her dress flowed like water over the curves of her body, her hair held up immaculately. He had to admit she was beautiful. The moment he recognized the thought, he forced it out of his brain. She meant nothing to him, he reminded himself. This was purely a diplomatic arrangement.
He greeted her as she and her family joined the royal family at the far end of the hall. His father rose to announce them, "Our treasured guests, we welcome you all here today to introduce the Princess Solros Elrora Reylar of Evrehon to our kingdom as the betrothed to our Crown Prince Sildor Lucion Aimur al Druin. With their coming union our kingdoms will be united and a new era of security and prosperity will arise. These two youths are the symbols of our bright futures," He said, giving a nod to Sildor.
Sildor gave a small bow. "May I have this dance?" He asked as the orchestra began playing their next piece.

Re: A Tale of Two Kindgoms

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:38 am
by ariagrey
Solros' nerves began to rise as her family entered the ballroom. Her eyes didn't know where to land in what she felt was chaos. So many people filled the room in nice dress and the decor was stunning, but it was all a bit overwhelming. The princess followed her family, like a school of fish, to the far end of the hall. It felt like all eyes were on her, but she tried to ignore it. Sol hardly recognized Prince Sildor when greeted. He cleans up well. she thought. Sol felt Aurora grow near, her sister's breath on her neck from behind.
"You are lucky indeed." She whispered.
Solros mentally rolled her eyes. Part of her would be glad when her family was gone. She was tired of hearing the criticism and how much her second eldest sister seem to envy her. If she could, she would tell Aurora to marry Sildor, to enjoy her life of solitude with strangers in a foreign land, but alas that would be impossible. Her family had a name to uphold and although all her sisters were beautiful, Solros knew there was a different beauty about her. She also knew she'd be lying if she said she wouldn't miss her family with all her heart.

The princess had hardly noticed the king speaking, lost in thought, until Prince Sildor turned to her and asked for a dance. Her green eyes blinked through the mask for a moment, wishing she could deny his request, but taking his hand anyway with a nod. The pair walked out into the middle of the room, the crowd forming a large circle around them. Sol's heart was racing, but she kept any indication of her fear from her face. Prince Sildor's serious, gold eyes, staring from beyond his mask made her all the more nervous. He was obviously confident and possibly too mature and serious, it was hard to imagine they'd have anything in common.

The Princess had been to many a dance, although different and she was never forced to dance with anyone. Her hand in his felt foriegn and his hand at her waist sent chills up her body, but she tried to grit her teeth and bare it. The orchestra sounded distant as she tried to recall the dance steps in her head to not look a fool in front of the whole kingdom. To her surprise, the two flowed across the dance floor in synch.

Re: A Tale of Two Kindgoms

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:00 am
by Quirkless Deku
They worked surprisingly well together, each responding to each other's lead as they danced a graceful waltz. Sildor found himself noticing Solros's soft sweet scent. She seemed nervous, but her movements were graceful. Other couples had begun to join the floor and attention was shifting away from them, so he attempted to make small conversation, though it was by no means his strong suit and he feared that his clumsiness showed.

"I take it you are fond of the sea?" He said as they stepped together.