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Star Wars - The Old Republic RP - Chapter 2

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:38 am
by Dead_Inside
Darth Decimia paced the hallway outside of the Med-Bay on Darth Sunder’s fortified Fury-class Interceptor. Her ebon and crimson robes moved around her easily as she paced, her arms folded over her chest and an aura of black around her. She was clearly angry and emotional but paced silently. At the end of the hall, a lone Droid stood and watched this peculiar behavior with mild fascination. The yellow glowing eyes watched the Sith move for a few more moments before speaking.

“You seem agitated. Is it because of Master’s condition?”, asked the Droid, the newest upgrades to its system making its choice of speech alittle more fluid.

Decimia stopped and looked towards the freshly upgraded HK Unit, her eyes narrowed.

“Of course I am. It’s been nearly an hour.”, she snapped.

The Droid nodded unfazed by her irritation.

“It has actually been fifty five minutes and 35 seconds. But who’s counting?”, the Droid offered.

Decimia growled at the Assassin Droid, her eyes narrowed.

“Apparently you are. And why are you skulking in the hallway near the Med-Bay anyway? Weren’t you readying your weapons for our departure to Zakuul? She wishes to breech the Palace, get the others and the information then be back on the ship before they can recover.”, she said, glaring at the Droid.

The Droid simply nodded.

“I am ready and fully equipped. All Master has to do is give me the word and there will be maximum carnage and liquidation of meatbags. No need to worry, Master’s Student.”, The HK Unit says, his robotic voice heavy with glee at the thought of the impending battle to come.

“My name is Darth Decimia.”, she responded shortly.

The Droid tilted its head to the left a bit.

“I do not believe I said your name incorrectly.”, the Droid responded.

She opened her mouth to respond when the door to the Med-Bay opened and she turned quickly. Constance stood in the door way, looking at her. She furrowed her brow, seeing the look on Decimia’s face then looked towards the end of the hall that she was facing. A moment later, she smirked.

“Arguing with your ‘brother’ again?”, Constance asked.

Decimia growled slightly. She hated when Constance called the Droid that.

“How is the damage?”, she asked, deciding against yelling at Constance.

Constance opened her mouth but stopped when a voice behind her spoke instead.

“Your worry is appreciated, Decimia. But no needed. The ‘damage’ will be reversed in time but I am as strong as ever as no wound will keep me from my quest.”, Sunder’s voice said as she moved to Constance’s side to leave the room.

Decimia frowned at the sight of her. Those Jedi didn’t fight far at all! When they felt Sunder trying to severe their connection to the Force they started trying to kill her. But Sunder was able to fatally injure one while Darth Necre dealt with the other. It wasn’t until they started on their way to Zakuul to get back Mace and Raeve that Decimia noticed Sunder’s left eye and a rather vicious looking piece of metal embedded in her side. Sunder did an excellent job hiding the wounds from everyone and didn’t even appear to feel them. But Decimia and Constance panicked once on the ship and started working to fix the damage. Sunder moved past Constance and came to Decimia, her hand coming up to lightly touch Decimia’s cheek. Decimia’s eyes feel upon Sunder’s blind left eye and her heart shattered.

“Easy, Decimia. Channel that rage and concentrate it. You will need it for the battle to come.”, Sunder whispered to her, gently pulling her into a hug.
Decimia stiffened a moment but felt a surge of warmth and a pulse of Dark Energy course through her. She closed her eyes, feeding on the powerful rush of emotions and hatred, her head resting upon Sunder’s shoulder as she grasped her and held her.

“……mother….”, Decimia whispered, the overwhelming flood of Dark Energy setting her emotions on fire.

“Ssssssshhhh, I am fine. If a small thing like this were to hinder or kill me, I wouldn’t be who I am.”, Sunder said.

“Master? Are your upgrades completed?”, HK asked, now having moved closer to the three Humanoids.

Sunder looked at it and grinned.

“They are nearly complete, HK.”, she said to the Droid.

“Wonderful! Any upgrade to assist in the liquidation of meatbags is an upgrade worth having!”, the Droid quipped almost happily.

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 5:25 pm
by AnimeFanV2
Necre sat in his office observing the galaxy hologram as the others were discussing. Once Sunder and the others had left, he had called for a meeting. Holograms filled the room as members of their group joined the meeting. Necre recognized a few faces here and there. Some were Sith, others were jedi. Even a few bounty hunters were present. As the conversation started to move away from the subject, Necre stepped in. "Enough." This causes the members present to cease talking and listen. "The final artifacts have been located on Yavin 4, Dathomir, Ossus, Ach-to, and Khar Shian. They must be obtained before the Outlander defeats Zakuul and before Sunder learns of them. Send forces to retrieve all artifacts except for the one on Dathomir. I will retrieve that one myself." He said. The members present nodded and their holograms cut out one by one until only Necre was left. He shut off the galaxy map and left the room, headed towards his ship. Several of his guards followed him and they boarded the ship once they got to it. Necre immediately ordered the pilot to head towards Dathomir, then moved into his room.

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 8:46 pm
by LibbyM098
Location: Geonosis.

The screaming of cheering and whistling filled the air from hundreds of different races. They where all seated around a large gladiator styled pit and not one of them was quite about it.
From the rich to the poor all of them where gathered together to make more money that day.

As one of the gates swung open in the pit some prisoners stepped out welding their weapons of choose. The youngest of the ground of prisoners was only 12 years of age. The young boy was shaking with fear as he held tightly onto his sword he was given.
His father gently ruffled his 12 year old son's dark brown hair and whispered. "Today we will be freed."
The man looked remarkably like a one of the clones made on Kamino, it was quite possible that he was one. It was rare for a clone to desert his post, but that doesn't mean it never happened.

As the gates opposite the prisoners opened up nothing walked out from them. The crowd fell silent wondering who it would be that would take on these prisoners.
Then from out of the darkness, two light blue lights lit up the entrance.

Some of the prisoners moved back at the sight of the lights. How could of they captured a Jedi and made then kill for mone?. It didn't make sense.

As the figure slowly stepped out of the light she revealed herself to the whole crowd and they flew into a frenzy of cheering.

In the pit fights she had gained a name for herself, The Ghost. This nickname was given to her after her "manager" decide it was a good idea to dress her in everything white. A white hood covered her long platinum blonde hair. Her hypnotic blue eyes glared out at her next targets with no mercy in them. "Kill them. They're criminals. You are doing the galaxy a favor." She remembered her Manager's words as she started to walk across the pit to her targets.
Her slender body was wrapped in a fine, white dress that fell to her thighs and under that she wore white tights. Her boots where also a white leather.
Her pale skin also gave her the effect of a ghost although she was no ghost. She was very real and very ready to end these criminals lives.

The young boy held onto his father and dropped the sword he was holding. He new they where all about to be killed. Killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Killed for living.

Not long after that a great disturbance filled the force as the innocent died. One by one they tried to fight for they're one lives and one by one they fell to the hands of a woman... A Ghost.

Location: Kamino.

The young Kaminoan scientists glared at the footage of her father's murder. It had been 2 years since they put out the bounty for AS-098 and nothing. No bounty hunter had even paid any interest. It was time to make the price higher to gather more interest.
She opened the file of AS-098's wanted slip on it and changed the price from 50,000 credit to 90,000 credit.
The genetic mishaps needed to be eliminated from what it did. It needed to be gone once and for all.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:42 pm
by Dead_Inside
Sunder released Decimia and stepped towards the other end of the hallway to head towards the front of the ship. Constance watched her a moment and frowned.

"You need to rest. We will be getting to Zakuul shortly and the sutures in your side don't need to be aggravated.", Constance offered.

Sunder stopped and looked over her shoulder at Constance.

"I am fine. The wounds are not a major concern at this time, Connie. You know I have fought with far worse and this time is no different.", she responded.

"This time is different, Arlandra! Your internal wounds are still healing, you saw for yourself there is alot of internal bleeding still.", Constance said, her voice stern.

Sunder simply smiled and turned back around, heading towards the front of the ship again.

"You are a very educated Medic but you know I will not rest until this is dealt with. Computer?", Sunder said, still moving away.

"My Lord?", the Computer responded quickly.

"How long until we reach Zakuul?", Sunder asked.

"We will arrive within an hour.", the Computer responded.

Sunder nodded and turned out of the hallway, moving towards the bridge. Constance sighed deeply, Decimia looking at her, concern in her black eyes.

"She won't be happy until she is killed.", Constance sighed deeply.

"That's why we are here! To make sure Master achieves her goals with maximum carnage but is still alive to rule on afterwards.", Said the HK Droid before heading down the hallway back towards the Weapons Cache at the back of the ship.

Decimia looked from Constance to the Droid and back again. Constance sighed and began to massage her temples.

"She's not a machine. She is flesh and blood.", Constance huffed softly.

"On the plus side, she is one of the most powerful weapons in the Galaxy.", Decimia offered.

Constance looked up at her, her eyes hard and angry as she glared at Decimia.

"Well! I'll make sure that's etched on her fucking grave marker.", Constance snapped sharply.

Decimia sighed softly, her eyes turning towards the end of the hallway where Sunder had disappeared.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:07 pm
by AnimeFanV2
The ship emerged from hyperspace near Dathomir soon after leaving Tattooine. A short while later and the ship landed on Dathomir outside some ruins. Necre and his guards emerged from the ship and made their way into the ruins. A fog appeared and made it harder to see. Necre knew that their arrival had not gone unnoticed and gave the silent command to stop. He could sense the local inhabitants observing them, judging their reason to be here. The fog began to clear slightly and Necre knew thay had been given permission to enter. Ordering his guards to stay where they were, he proceeded into the ruins alone. A short while later and he found himself inside of an underground cave. Green and red light shined off the walls as he continued into the cave. Once he reached the end of the cave he saw what he had been searching for. An old holocron rested on a pillar of rock, surrounded by the ones who lived here. They saw him and slowly moved away from the artifact, knowing that they could not stop him. Necre ignored them and moved on towards the holocron, pulling it towards him with the force. Once it was in his hand, he left and returned the way he had come. Soon he found himself outside with his guards again and after a few minutes, they returned to the ship. Once they were onboard, Necre gave orders to head to the planet Scarif, then entered his room with the holocron. He immediately activated it and the room was filled by the power of the Dark side. After a few moments the energy formed into several ghost like figures, surrounding Necre.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:59 pm
by LibbyM098
Location: Zakuul.

The two twins stepped out from their fighter ship and both identical in looks and in the way they dressed.

Saros took a deep breath of the air and smiles to himself. It had been over five years since they had walked on their old training grounds.
He glanced over at his identical twin brother and nudged him with his elbow.
"You don't seem happy to be back."

Deimos looked over at his brother and shook his head. "There's a disturbance in the balance of the force here."
He continued to walk as he looked around at the people training.

Saros sighed and stopped his brother from walking by putting his hand on his shoulder. "There always has been here. We're more sensitive to the force so anytime someone changes from light to dark or dark to light in they're own growth in the force, we feel it. You know how strong the force is here."

Deimos nodded slightly and choose not to say anymore.

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:24 pm
by Dead_Inside
The Interceptor exited hyperspace and landed in a carefully scouted clearing in a forested area of Zakuul not far from the Palace. Dondra was already in her newly modified Armor, her robes enveloping her frame like a black cloud of mist. Decimia looked at her a moment, frowning slightly. Constance moved to the Loading Bay and opened the door easily.

"Master--", Decimia started.

Sunder looked towards her.

"I know. I feel it as well. No matter what, they are not to be killed. Is that understood?", she said, her voice robotic with the masks voice distortion.

Decimia frowned at her.

"I will try, My Lord. But your safety comes first.", Decimia said, her voice cold.

Sunder nodded and turned back to the open door, exiting the ship with Decimia, Constance and the HK unit. Once the door to the Loading Bay closed, the ship entered it's Lock Down Protocols, cloaking itself to make it invisible. As they moved through the trees, Constance looked at Decimia. Decimia walked silently but it was obvious she was anxious. Constance placed her hand upon Decimia's shoulder, causing the Chiss to look up at her. Constance raised her hand making sure they were behind Sunder and the Droid as she made a few quick motions with her fingers. Decimia's eyes widened for a moment and she looked towards Sunder's back then back at Constance. After a moment, she nodded. Constance nodded back, then lowered her hands and turned back to follow Sunder.


It wasn't long before they came to the Palace where the Eternal Empire was housed, exiting the Forest at the back of the massive building. Decimia looked up at the building, noticing how it seemed to stretch towards the Heavens.

"There!", Sunder said, pointing towards an opening at the base of the Palace.

It was unguarded and five meters from them. HK and Constance moved in front of Sunder, their weapons out and charged as they moved towards the entrance. Decimia took a deep breath and pulled her lightsabers from their holsters, holding them in her hands but they were extinguished until she needed them. They moved to the opening and entered. Decimia thought back on what Constance had said to her, this wasn't going to be easy and Sunder would more than likely be furious with them by the time this was over but if it had to be done, it had to be done. Sunder was more important than anything in the Galaxy to them and if killing Maven and Raeve was what it came down to, Decimia would do it and deal with the consequences later. She took a deep breath and prepared herself, pushing away her emotion and concern. It would be showtime soon. She needed to be ready when Constance gave the word. She moved into the opening behind Sunder, her eyes open and scanning for any threat as they moved into the Palace.

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:35 am
by AnimeFanV2
Necre was surprised as the figures slowly formed around him. While he knew who the holocron had belonged to, he certainly didn't expect the other figures to appear. Surrounding him were several ancient Sith lords from before the Empire had returned. They all rose their hands and dark side energy flowed from them into Necre along with the knowledge from the holocron. Necre fell to his knees as the power rushed through him. One by one the figures disappeared until there were none left. The holocron deactivated and shifted to a dull red glow as Necre struggled to stand. He looked at the holocron warily and locked it in the storage container near his bed. It would overwhelm any of the crew if they got to close to it and Necre didn't want to deal with that situation. He started to go for the door but stopped near the entrance. He held out his arm and a little force lightning started forming in his hand but suddenly it darkened to a blood red color. He smiled as he ended The lightning and left the room. The knowledge he had gained would be very useful. Necre moved close to the ship's departing room in preparation for when they arrived near Scarif.

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:48 am
by LibbyM098
Deimos sighed and ran a hand threw his hair. "Lets just talk to the Masters and then get out of here."
This place reminded him nothing but of pain. His brother did alright in the palace, but himself on the other hand he had been constantly beaten in the training ring untill he finally broke and started to use the force to in fighting. Now it was his strong point in hurting people and that was something he never wanted originally.

Saros walked into the palace with his brother and gave his half smile he had when he saw his old masters. He had missed them and had wanted to come back long before now.
He bowed slightly with his brother and knew that Deimos wouldn't do any of the talking.
"It's good to be home, Masters... but we are curious as to why we have been summoned back after all these years."

Deimos kept his head down and started to scan the aria with his force mind powers. He didn't like the feelings he has and he new something wasn't right.
As he looked down he could start seeing into the minds of others. It wasn't long till he came across a Constance and then wandered into the mind of someone he would soon regret...Decimia.

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Re: Star Wars - The Old Republic RP - Chapter 2

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:21 pm
by Dead_Inside
Sunder stood motionless for a moment as the sound of metal being destroyed echoed in the lower corridor, after a moment, the three boulders of metal that were the crushed Droids fell to the floor. She turned after a moment and looked back at Decimia, just as a chill raced down her Apprentice's spine. Someone knew she was here.

"I felt that too. They haven't sensed me but your emotional state has made you a beacon. You must calm or we will be found earlier then I wish!", Sunder said to her sharply.

Decimia nodded and closed her eyes using Dampen Presence to shroud herself from detection, calming her mind and spirit almost instantly. Sunder turned back towards Constance, who was watching them along with the HK Unit. Both of they dampening devices working to keep them virtually invisible.

"Quickly. We need the fastest route to their room. They are three floors up.", Sunder said to Constance.

Constance turned and looked at a lift not far from them, her eyebrows furrowed.

"I'm so uneasy about this. Aside from those three Droids, we haven't seen anyone.", Constance said, looking back at Sunder.

Sunder smiled under her mask.

"Yes. I know this is a trap. But what other choice do we have?", she said, moving towards the lift.

Decimia looked up, frowning deeply.

"My Lord--", she started.

"I will NOT leave them here!", Sunder said, opening the doors to the lift easily.

Decimia frowned more. This was a foolhardy venture and what's worse--Sunder knew it! Sunder turned to them.

"In.", she said.

HK and Constance moved quickly getting into the empty lift with Decimia right behind. Sunder entered after them, the doors closing. Sunder concentrated on the lift and a moment later it quickly moved to the third level of the Palace. At this point, she didn't really care about detection, she would tear this Palace apart if she had to. And everyone in it!


It took only minutes for them to reach the third level and as the doors opened, a deep foreboding feeling tore into Decimia. Unease settling in to her very bones. Sunder moved out of the lift first before Decimia even registered it. Sunder turned to the left and there was the sound of something being thrown. Constance was the first to move out of the lift, then she was immediately tackled to the floor by a flash of light blue. Seeing this, Decimia moved quickly, following the HK Unit out of the lift to see Constance on the floor, fighting Raeve. The blue skinned Twilek had two small vibro blades and was slashing at the Mandolarian feverishly. Constance raised her armored forearms to deflect the strikes. Decimia quickly raised her hand, Force Throwing Raeve across the hall to hit the wall with a loud thud. She turned looking for Sunder. Sunder stood silently behind Decimia, a blade through her shoulder and protruding through her back. She stood glaring at Mace. He was dressed in black robes, a dark, seething hatred in his glowing red eyes.

"Welcome to our new home, love.", he growled at Sunder, his voice as cold as his smile.

Sunder narrowed her eyes, ignoring the blood dripping down her front and back.

"Mace, this isn't a fight you will win.", Sunder growled.

Mace simply grinned.

"Submit to the Eternal Empire or there will be bloodshed.", Mace growled at her.

Sunder narrowed her eyes under her mask. Decimia turned back towards Constance and Raeve, as Raeve flew at her. Decimia raised her hand, sending a hard Force Push at her and sending her into the lift. Raeve hit the back wall of the lift with another hard thud and feel to the floor of it. Decimia growled, sending hard Force Lightening into the lift. Raeve screamed in pain as the Force Power slammed into her.