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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:25 am
by DMLyJa
Twang… Twang…. Twang….

Her bowstring would ring out in the area after she was able to free her arrows. One landing in the other shoulder of the archer, another in the thigh of the one who had threatened Magnus and the final one into the back of the woman on top of him currently. Her breathing was shaky as she reached for another arrow and and turned to the other two again. Her arrow rattled against her bow as she twisted between the two.

She didn’t focus long after the arrow pierced the woman's back to really know what other results could have occurred before she secured the other two. She waited for just a moment before she calls out to her friend, her voice trembling gently.


She knew she had made a mistake earlier, one that could have been more costly than she had imagined. Scolding herself internally, she took a slow breath to calm herself. The rattling sound from her bow stopped, her throat clearing as she spread her legs out in a more appropriate stance to pivot between the two others, Magnus and the spear woman over her right shoulder.

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:02 pm
by TheDarkOne
The leader on top of him let out a soft gasp of air when she fell limp against him, Magnus narrowly managing to push her arms aside so the dagger didn't bury itself in his chest. Trapped under the woman and slightly winded, Magnus remained motionless, breathing heavily until he heard Anniyah speak him name. After a deep breath, he heaved the body of the leader off him and rolling away from underneath her. As he rose to his feet, he lifted the weapon he had disarmed from the leader and looked over at Anniyah. "Thank you" he muttered, turning back to the remaining two bandits. The archer rested against the tree, holding her shoulder in pain but not removing the arrow Anniyah shot at her for fear of making things worse. The spearwoman remained unconscious, meaning the skirmish was more or less over.

Moving away from his friend and towards the archer, he watched her hands come up and begin to stammer something about mercy but Magnus simply sheathed his blade before rushing forward. Pinning her against the tree, Magnus ripped the arrow out, causing the bandit to let out a yelp of pain, before slamming his hand against the wound, his sleeves rolled up into a ball. Lifting his leg, he recovered his dagger from his boot and cut off his sleeve, before pressing her hand against the sleeve against the wound, now soaked with blood. "Hold" he ordered, before heading over to his nearby pack that had some contents spilled across the ground. Putting them back in, he took out a roll of gauze and cut off a strip, moving back to the injured archer and beginning to wrap it around, pinning the ball of clothing to the wound.

"Your name?" Magnus asked her, not lifting his eyes to look at her
" is your lucky day it seems" Magnus continued, tighting the gauze to finish off "Take your time, then get your friend home. If we meet again, we won't be a merciful. Get out of this life, try another trade"

Moving away from the bewildered Farris, Magnus recovered his things before moving back towards Anniyah. "Thank you, again. You saved my life" he said earnestly, giving her a warm smile before winking "Guess that makes you a hero now, after saying no one from the village ever amounted to anything". As he waited for her to gather her own things, he turned to see the archer fall beside her friend, trying to stir her away from Magnus strike. Calling over to her, he said "Farris! One more thing, just down the path?". His call seemed to startle the young woman, who seemed shaken after what the just went though. She nodded, and he waved his thanks.

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Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:41 am
by DMLyJa
Anniyah heard his 'thank you' when he rose and released a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. Her wide eyes fell to the archer as she watched Magnus rush upon her quickly. The sound of the arrow being pulled free, though sounded the same as removing arrows from the animals she hunted, still caused an unnerving feeling to rise in her stomach as it was followed by the cry of the bandit. Still she stayed with her bow at the ready.

Part of her wondered where her companion was going in the next few moments as he reached for the dagger. Not that she would nor could disagree if he wanted to gain his restitution with more blood. They did after all try to kill him. But as he took the more noble path in her mind, a small smile would flutter across her face.

Her bow holding steady as she takes in his stern words and firm actions to assist in the stopping of the bandits blood flow, she found herself ever more intrigued by her friend. Even the parting wisdom he offered seemed to inspire the dark hearted foe, Farris.

Anniyah's breath caught as he rose with his belongings and addressed her now. Lowering her bow to her side, a blush would crawl across her face before she looked shyly away. Her rose colored bottom lip found itself caught between her teeth before she bent down to pick up her own bag and sling it over her shoulder. Taking a few steps, she glances back as Magnus called for Farris again.

She turned back to take continue down the path, bow in one hand and the arrow in her other. Anniyah would cast her eyes towards Magnus now and then as she walked beside him now, finding this to be a suitable pace and position. A small chuckle would escape her before she would nudge Magnus softly with her arm.

"Now we are going to have to get you a new shirt...and did you see how big her eyes were? Like big as ceremonial dinner plates I swear!"

Her own eyes would turn to him now, her fathers teachings come to the forefront of her mind. She looked him.over as casually as she could, looking for any injuries he may have, though, she doubted it would be anything serious. Shaking her head, she raises a hand to her temple, a single digit scratching it gently.

"I could really use that drink now..."

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Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:49 pm
by TheDarkOne
Magnus stumbled to the side slightly off the path, when she nudged, hoping back beside her in a few seconds when she started to talk. She seemed excitable, thrilled even to have done what they just had. True, the girl had looked terrified, but Anniyah had just buried an arrow in her shoulder and she was outnumbered. Still, he couldn't bring himself to kill her. While the leader had decided to take it upon herself to kill him, Farris had just kept watch over events and hadn't harmed them. The less blood on his hands the better, he just hoped the woman took the advice to heart and got out of the business. The mention of the drink did bring Magnus back from his thoughts. The day was growing old, while he had hoped to arrive there just after sundown it would now be much later that they would be walking in darkness. "Well you beat pick up the pace, the drinks are on me tonight" Magnus said, giving her a light nudge in return before pointing down in front of them. Just at a bend in the path, another one branched off in a different direction. Breaking into a light jog, he made his way down the new path, taunting her to follow him.

They walked for hours, eventually having to guess what way the path twisted and turned in darkness, but finally they emerged from the woods. The forest path widened to form a road, dipping down a hill before flattening out into rolling fields. The moon bright above them cast light over the grass and crops that moved in the breeze. Just a while down the road at the height of a small hill, was a small wooden building, made up of a smaller entrance and then a larger building, with warm light shining out through. With their day almost over, Magnus forced himself forward for one last push. He was physically tired, perhaps jogging a short while to save time wasn't quite worth it, might have even lost them time in the long run. When they finally reached the inn, Magnus pushed the door open and they were immediately hit by the warm glow of the fireplace. The small entrance area had a small bar with several kegs of mead, ale and beer, and darted around the room was several tables for the patrons. It was fairly busy, several tables were filled with travellers enjoying their own respite and building up their tab. Making his way over to the bar, Magnus leapt against it.

"Evening. Two rooms please" Magnus said, holding up two fingers to the innskeeper. Washing a mug, he made his way over to speak to him. "There's two rooms available for the night, one in the building and one behind in the barn loft. Who wants what?". Turning to look at Anniyah, Magnus spoke up "I'll take the loft, and two meads please". Sliding across the gold, more or less draining his funds that he left with, he rested against the bar sideways to talk to Anniyah "Well that's it sorted now, we're even" he said, settling down into a bar stool while he waited for his drinks.

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Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:29 pm
by DMLyJa
Anniyah chuckled as she watched him begin to jog off and she followed behind him in suit. She kept her eyes on where he was when she wasn’t glancing side to side to be certain this time of any other threats coming out of the wood work. The lesson had been learned quickly this time. Slowing to a walk now and then, she stopped for a moment to stare at the building for a moment, a moment of hesitation in her heart before she shakes her head and clears it from her. Lacing her bow over her shoulder, she slides the arrow back in her quiver before sprinting after Magnus.

Pushing her hair back over her shoulder, she looked up at Magnus as she walked into the Inn, her eyes taking in everything before them, particularly the fireplace itself. She followed Magnus to the bar and took up a stool quickly. She couldn’t help but observe the travelers and their mannerisms before focusing back to Magnus’ answer to the room situation and the order for mead. She seemed to perk up a bit at the mention of the sweet beverage, a smile playing on her lips until she peers up at him as he sits.

“Well…thats only until the next time…It will be simply a game of back and forth, yes?” She pulled her bag off her shoulder and set it, the quiver to be by her feet and the bow to rest against the bar. She began to look around at the setting they had placed themselves in. The nervousness fluttered deep within her chest but being here with Magnus seemed to calm her nerves now. Her fingers move to untie the end of her braid and shook her hair out and pushed it behind her back gently, the chocolate locks tumbling in curls now.

“Besides…You still need a proper shirt..”

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:09 am
by TheDarkOne
"No, no. Consider it thanks for saving me today. That was impressive, the fastest shot this side of the forest" Magnus said jokingly as the innskeeper made his way towards them with two huge wooden mugs filled to the brim with mead, and he gave thanks. Lifting the mug up to his lips, he raised it in a cheers before he took a deep drink, refreshing himself after their journey today. It was cool, but not cold, but better than some of the warm mead that old man Murdoch gave out at some of the festivals back in the village. Resting his arm on the bar, he watched Anniyah let her hair down. Personally he thought she looked better, more at ease and relaxed. When she mentioned his shirt, he looked down to see the tattered and half-torn sleeve on his left, realising he looked like a hobo. While he did bring a spare, it was for more formal events and would be ruined by travelling.

"I suppose you are right, gods I look like a tramp..." he muttered in response, playing with the frayed ends of where he cut the sleeve off. Still, better to stop someone else bleeding. "We should be reaching the town tomorrow, hopefully we can get down to the market so I can buy another. Hopefully we can find some work too". As they spoke to one another, and inbetween swigs of honeyed mead, he looked around to see if there was anywhere better for then to sit. Spotting a free table next to the fireplace, he moved his head towards it before grabbing his bag and helping her with some of her equipment, bringing it over along with his drink before sinking into the wooden chair that gave a small creak in protest. Waiting for her to sit down, Magnus moved forwards, resting his elbows on the table and rested his head against his folded hands.

"So for a woman who is so sheltered, you can fairly shoot that bow. Where did you learn again?"

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:06 am
by DMLyJa
Taking the mug in both hands, Anniyah raises the mug towards him in turn before she takes enough of a drink for it not to spill at any sudden movement. She watched him do a self examination of himself, a chuckle escaping her before she takes another drink of the mead, the sweet mixture giving cause for an internal praise to the gods for the gift of mead itself.

She noted his gaze to the table before she gives an enthusiastic nod. External fire warmth always went well with internal liquid warmth in her book. Picking up her bow, she hitched it over her shoulder and used both hands to carry the mug as she followed behind Magnus as he assisted with her satchel and quiver.Setting the mug down, she pulls the chair out and sits down gently, the bow coming to rest against the table. She watched him move, her eyes taking in his posture before she takes a bit of a deeper drink from the mead. His question caused a bit of a pause in her movements before she clears her throat and folds her hands on the table. Her bright green eyes danced over her bow before she looked back at Magnus, a bit of a smile shining through.

“Well…I worked for a summer at Gunners…The Weapon Mark… And I took half pay for the summer and the rest of my pay he put to my bow and my first quiver and arrows…He gave me the basic idea of what to do…And the rest I figured out in the woods behind my parents home….”

She takes up the mug again and takes a deep drink, mostly to hide the blush but the liquid courage only brought it more to the surface. She bites her lip for a moment before she smiles a bit more.

“I had built these targets in the beginning and I was lucky to get the arrow to fly from my bow instead of just falling to the ground. Once I got the hang of the still targets, I started looking for live kills, small prey…Then it became my escape from all the tedious…” She paused and took another sip of the mead. “…you know…Woman's work…But before the bow…I practiced with a speak I make shifted…but never made it past target play with it..So…I’m better with a bow.”

She took in his features again, the way the fire played off his silver hair and highlighting the curves of his features. A coy smile played over her lips before she looks at the fire.

“So…how did you learn your skills? Like most of the men in the village?”

Her eyes would move back to his as the fire seems to dance in her emerald orbs, her lithe fingers circling around the top of her mug as she tilts her head in curiosity. Her chocolate locks tumble over her shoulder and cascades down her chest.

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:33 am
by TheDarkOne
"Yes pretty much, I trained along with the other lads from the village. Darren, Alex...even Oren. The armsman taught me how to use a sword and shield, the importance of positioning and how to work with allies" Magnus answered, thinking back to the days when he and the other lads would fight in the fields surrounding the town, training sometimes on the scarecrows that littered his mother's crop fields "We used to have little tournaments between us. Everyone would use the wooden pot lids from our houses as shields as well as sticks as our swords.

"For hours we would train and strike at one another. My mother would scold me something fierce for all the cuts and bruises I came home with" Magnus added, chuckling away at the thought. Magnus looked down at his drink. The thought of his mother and of the times he would play and fight with his friends filled him with nostalgia and, despite having only left home a few days ago, he missed his home. His smile faded slightly, but he hid it by taking another drink of his mead and drumming his fingers round the edge of the mug "Although when I got older I couldn't really hang out with them all as much. Mother was getting old and needed some help around the farm. So I did what I could, got into town when all the chores had been complete. Had to make sure I didn't miss any classes however"

He was unsure if it was the nostalgia or the heat of the fire that was warming him, but this was the most relaxed he had felt in a long time. Taking another drink, he felt a grumble in his stomach and it dawned on him they still hadn't eaten. The night was growing late, and he only hoped they hadn't left it too long to order some food. Standing up, he put up one finger to excuse himself and left. He returned later with a few plates of bread, cheese and some cold chicken. Setting it down on the table, he proceeded to make himself something to eat, piling cheese and meat onto a slice of bread.

"Eat up, it's getting late and I'm sure you'd like a good night's sleep for once" Magnus said, tucking into the food. They would have to order some more drinks in abit, he had forgotten to pick them up at the bar when he was there. In between bites, he stole glances at Anniyah as she made her own food. She looked radiant in the glow of the fire, and Magnus was surprised he hasn't noticed her in any of their classes together. She would have been one of the prettiest girls in the village, and although he hasn't been close to Oren he was sure he would have bragged about being engaged to a woman like her. Still, she seemed like a great girl, and he was glad to be on this journey with her.

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:32 pm
by DMLyJa
A large smile crossed her face as she picks up a piece of cold chicken and tears smaller pieces off it before eating it. She had listened intently to his words, her eyes taking in the way his body language was while he had spoken to her. She noted a few things but opted to not point anything out, instead, she allowed herself to enjoy the chicken and the more importantly, the mead. Leaning back in her seat, she crosses her legs before picking the mug up with both her hands and takes a deep drink again.

“A good nights sleep would be most wonderful…” She smiled brightly as she chuckles a bit.

The mug comes to rest against her thighs and a finger moves to twirl a bit around the ends of her hair as she looks about. She noted a strange looking stuffed squirrel on the shelf above the fireplace. A strange look crossed her face at the animal before she shakes her head and looks back to Magnus.

“These place has…interesting decor…” Her tone filled with a polite sarcasm before she shakes her head, a smile fluttering back. With another drink of the mead, she sets the mug down on the table before she leans forward towards him.

“May I ask…how your hair is the shade it is? I am certain that has been asked of you many times over the years but I wish you would at least tell me one last time…” She picks up another piece of chicken and begins the tearing process again as she looks to him with a sense of hopeful expectancy. She had wondered about it for years but it wasn’t something a stranger was to approach him and blatantly ask.

She glances behind her as a few travelers started getting a bit louder before resuming her expectant gaze to Magnus. She enjoyed seeing him relaxed like this, which was surprisingly even more relaxed than he had seemed in the beginning of their journey together, which to her was already a new experience. She also felt more relaxed than she had, even before they had left they village, and she liked it…a lot. Taking up her mug, she finished the mead in it before setting the mug back down on the table.

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:35 pm
by TheDarkOne
As he finished off the last few bites off the food he made and brushed the crumbs from the table and onto the floor, his eyes perked up as she asked about his hair colour. It was often something spoken about back at the village, it was hardly a normal colour like her own. His answer had often changed over the year, from joking and playing it off to the complex and completely bullshit story he told those he wasn't too fond of, but wether it was them travelling together or the mead, he felt like he could trust her. Washing down some of his food with the last of his mead, he let out a refreshed sign before relaxing back in his chair.

"I don't rightly know to be honest with you, hardly something normal is it? Every time I asked my mother, she would say I took after my father" Magnus said, moving his hand back and forth as he gestured. Some of the last patrons began to leave and retire to their rooms meaning they were one of the last few remaining out and about. The fire itself was beginning to die down, and with no innskeeper in sight, Magnus tossed a few more logs onto it to keep it going from a pile next to the fireplace. Settling back into his chair, he continued his story "Where was I...ahh yes. Don't worry if you never saw him, even I haven't. My mother met him while out exploring the world herself all those years ago, she was actually pregnant with me when she returned."

"She hasn't told me too much about him, told me we shared our hair and olive skin colour and that the man was an adventurer. I have no idea what age he is, where he came from..." Magnus said, his train of thought detailing slightly as he lost himself in thought. His ramblings now certainly came from the mead, which must have been stronger than he thought because after draining the last of the mug his head was slightly light headed "Its one if the reasons I was so excited to see the world. Sure I wanted to see the world, map put what I can and just take it all in before I decide what to do with my life"

"But maybe...maybe I can find him on the road. If he is an adventurer there is a chance I could meet the man. Get to know him. I'd just like to know what he was like, since my mother won't tell me"