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Re: [1x1] Sirens Call Tavern - RP -Closed

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:04 pm
by Uriel_of_Auror
"So you admit your defeat?" Uriel scoffed, "You admit that you're scared of facing me! Because you know that you don't hold any power here."

Uriel called her bluff, whether she knew about it or not. "You can't even fight me on even ground let alone take over a mortal body. You're pretty bad at your job. Pathetic even. You hold yourself all high and mighty, yet you still can't even beat Belia. I can feel her inside there. You haven't won and like a snake shedding its skin, you are vulnerable."

That face, it reminded him of Bastlu, it only pissed him off. "I'm not going anywhere with you and you're not going anywhere unless I say so! I told you to take me more seriously!"

Uriel stopped focusing on his own shield, he didn't feel the need to have it up at the moment. Instead he diverted his magic to a different barrier that stopped her in her tracks. It was less powerful than the one he normally puts over himself, this one was more of a soft barrier that had give and bounce to it. Like a stretchy invisible fabric blocking her path, anchored in space.

"Now will you accept my challenge, or will you continue to try and run away like the coward you are?" Uriel knew of strategic retreats, this was one of those. He also knew that poking the bear was the only option he had right now that would keep Belia and Isace here until he could figure something else out.

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Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:15 am
by DMLyJa
Isace rolled her eyes at his words before she smirks and holds her stance. her arms coming to cross over her gown covered chest. She looked from him to Rasbrent, who straightened his back under her gaze. Shifting her gaze to Faeed, Rasbrent followed the same line of sight. The three stare at each other for but a moment before she looks back to Uriel, her head tilting, allowing the two toned long locks to tumble over her shoulders.

"You think these childish words will get under my skin? Rile me up to "want" to fight you. Say what you will, but you should be wiser in your challenges to things you don't understand. It will get you killed one day... The fight you desire the fight already occurring within. And you think that your ready to fight me? Even without my full strength, which makes you cowardice in its own right. I will simply have to use what resources I have at my disposal...ALL the resources at my disposal...And who is to say that I cant have you injure your precious while you believe that it is me that is being hurt? So many factors you three have failed to consider...."

By three of course, she counted the two in front of her and the one within her. Isace stood within the block room with Belia before taking two steps towards the center where the black meets the white. Instead of crossing the divided line, her steps allowed the black to consume some of the white. Belias side of the cube growing smaller, she had taken two steps back. Her glowing green eyes watching the process before she get curious as to why she had ceased movement. Was she not allowed anymore steps, or was Belia ceasing it herself? What were the rules to this strange game she has found herself playing with Isace.

Her form stared at Uriel as a swirl of darkness consumes her some of the glowing green of her eye. The darkness spread to her eye as Isace took just a bit more control. She straightens her back as she takes two steps towards Uriel, her smirk growing a bit more.

"So...even if I went willingly with you...and you killed Rasbrent here....Your real battle will still have yet to begin....Because there is another waiting for my arrival...and he really hates when someone gets in the way...I cannot just release your precious...You can not destroy me...without destroying her...So tell me plainly. What do you want right now?"

Re: [1x1] Sirens Call Tavern - RP -Closed

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:00 pm
by Uriel_of_Auror
Uriel clenched his fist, but not nearly as hard as he clenched his jaw. At least she was taking him seriously, but she called his own bluff. He didn't even know what he was doing, but he tried to put on that facade. Clearly it wasn't good enough. He had no answer. He couldn't tell if she was lying, he didn't know anything about what to do. All he knows is that he wants to wipe that smug grin off her face. So...he swung at her. Just a fist to the face, he needn't cast a spell or really even put a lot of power into it. He just needed to get the frustration out and the only wall around was herself. There was something wrong though. Even if she would be caught off guard, the blow wouldn't connect.

Between the two of them stood a tremendously large figure who had appeared in a flash of light. In his hand was Uriel's fist caught in mid swing. His back, which faced Isace, bore two luminous angelic wings. Uriel looked up to him in shock, but his face was unseen. Veiled in a black void and white hood, his face was impossible to see. He spoke.

"Your anger will only lead to your doom here today. Let her go and find victory somewhere else." The voice rung with tremendous power shaking the very minds in which heard him.

This was an opportunity for Isace and even Rasbrent to escape should they take it. For this being struck fear into Uriel so deep that he couldn't help but fall to his knees. The dominant will of this being was irresistible. His name was never spoken, but you all knew it instantly. Raziel.

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Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:43 am
by DMLyJa
Isace watched Uriel clench his fist, her eyes shifting back to his face as his form tensed, his jaw tightening. Ah, the beauty of a spoiled child who couldn't have exactly what they wanted... when they wanted. Violence was hardly a new concept to her and it all began with the same tension exposed right here... right at this moment. Mortals and their need to get angry as things and people who do not comply with the exactness they require...they crave.

Her grin only grew as they locked eyes, his want to eliminate the grin only rising in these few seconds before his fist came to raise up. Faeed, who had been watching them with a blade to Rasbrents back, saw the strike about to begin, a shout escaping him as he pushed Rasbrent forward in an attempt to reach out to Uriel. What riddles Uriel hadn't caught in her twisted words, he had begun to pick up on, but he was cut short in his attempt to stall. The bright light that flashed between Uriel and Isace causing him to turn away for a moment, his eyes sensitive to its intensity before it fades. Isace and Rasbrent, both having to raise their hands to their faces to shield themselves from the beings overwhelming brightness before it subsides.

Isace's eyes shift to the creature who had appeared between Uriel and herself, the wings upon its back causing her to retreat quickly several steps. Her brows drew tightly before she shifts her gaze to Rasbrent. He moved quickly from his spot he had been standing for what seemed like forever now, to stand beside her. He places a hand on her back, his other on her arm as they took in this sudden being together. The words spoken from the rich voice caused the two to look at each other before turning away from the scene as Uriel dropped to his knees. They didn't scurry off in a running pace, but a hastened, brisk walk as they moved through the forested trees, into the darkness once more. Rasbrent and herself, each without a weapon, but far from defenseless.

Faeed's eyes take in this celestial like being, his form rigid as he watched the scene between Raziel and Uriel. His beloved sword slipped from his fingertips to land amoungst the grass and dirt below, no second thought to it as he stares at this creature. His elven heritage and history of past infractions all ran through his mind quickly before he came to kneel on a single knee and bowed his head in respect. Celestial beings were still sacred here, and whether or not Raziel held himself as such or would even claim it to be true, Faeed was compelled to show respect.

After all, how many tales of the winged pureness from above coming to smite the ones of ill intent must one read and be told before it becomes a pure reflex to embrace and allow what may come when a being of the Upper Planes finds it worthy of their time to come around. Should he be struck down....Should Uriel and he be struck down for their past and current would still be an honor to have it done by a creature who represented least in Faeeds mind.

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Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:44 pm
by Uriel_of_Auror
"You are brash and reckless," His voice ringed, "you will return with me to restore the unbalance your presence here has caused."

He didn't sound like one to be argued with at the moment. Uriel couldn't help but bow his own head, though terror forced this action over respect. He tried to speak, only broken words came out.

"I...plea....Raziel...Don'...Belia..." Uriel choked back words, his heart was pounding loud enough that he was sure they could hear it. It was as if Raziel could feel his fear. It was true, Raziel forced this fear upon Uriel as a way of subjugation. Faeed was lucky that this will wasn't extended to himself. Raziel turned his featureless head toward Faeed and spoke to him next.

"Faeed, how long has Uriel been with you? He is not supposed to be here. What brought you two together and why did you not return him?" Raziel was expecting answers, he wouldn't wait long or patiently. He knew his position of power over you two and used his place in the hierarchy as a way to keep order in the situation. Raziel, The God of Balance.

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Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:16 am
by DMLyJa
Faeed cast a side glance to Uriel before lowering his gaze back to the ground; though he had been spared, he wasn't about to push his luck. He wasn't quite certain about this man but there was a power in his mere presence. He took in the words that Raziel spoke to Uriel, his brows furrowing in confusion but still, didn't say anything yet. He was trained to keep himself in a certain mindset amoung those who demanded respect. Raziel, though, not only demanded it, but pulled it forth from the very core of living beings.

Uriels stammering had caught Faeed off guard for but a moment before he settled him in the category of youth, who knew no better the proper methods of dealing with those superior. Remembering even the way he had seen his behavior in regards to Lady Bastlu, let alone his attitude towards Faeed upon their first meeting. Then he felt the hair on the back of his neck rise as Raziels gaze shifts to him, his form tensing as he allowed the questions to course over his form and finally slither into his ears.

Taking the chance, but thinking that Raziel may find his efforts a favorable act, Faeed pushes off the ground to stand tall before him. His eyes move up Raziels robes before coming to the hooded blank face peering at him expectantly. His arms come to rest at his side before he takes a step closer to Uriel, hoping his presence may provide a calming effect to the young lad.

"Uriel has only been at my side since yester-evening. My men and myself seen Uriel run off with Belia, a Captain of our army. She had returned a few days earlier from being imprisoned, worse for wear. Both resided within Lady Bastlu’s walls and were held in high regard in our lands. As for the reason they ran off, I am uncertain but once we had caught up with them, a mild chaotic chance occurred before we all were attacked. During the attack Belia had been taken once more from our hands, Siegfried had arrived and we all had rested for most of the night as we attempted to figure out where to go from here.”

He couldn’t help but wonder if Siegfried hadn’t ran off, as he was under the assumption of, things currently may have ended differently. He certainly wouldn't be standing here making a testimonial to this being, Raziel. He clenched his fists a bit as he glanced to Uriel once more and then looked back towards Raziel with a steady gaze. This scene was certain to play out differently if he had to return to Lady Bastlu’s land again.

“Are you upset that I didn’t return him to the spiteful wench known as Bastlu? I believe he had a just reason for his decision and I support his need to find and rescue Belia. Of which…You had just allowed to depart... She is ill….with another within her. A prisoner in her own mind by an evil presence that apparently you care not about….Your focus is on Uriel…When he was simply challenging the being within to release his mission objective…For whatever rightful reason he had…Would you turn your back on one of your own men who needed you?”

He held his hands in front of him as he kneeled and took up his sword, sliding it back into its sheath as he stood back up to show he was not a threat, but in fact, a friendly caught up in the madness of all of this situation. Moving towards Uriel, he set his gloved hand upon Uriels shoulder as he looked up into the darkness that was a face.

*Uriel. I wont let her win…on her terms…* Belias voice rang clear as day through Uriels mind, a confidence behind her words that he hadn’t heard before.

“Uriel is a just man with a learning temper…Instead of punishing him…You should be assisting him. For one day….he will be a great man. I vowed on Elven Honor to protect Uriel…and that is what I intend to do….Don’t believe me…I’m sure you could ask Siegfried…” His words were spoken with true emotion and nothing else. It was precisely what he thought of Uriel.

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Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 4:36 am
by Uriel_of_Auror
"Before you speak any further out of place, mortal, know this. Uriel is more important than you could ever even comprehend within your mind. Tell me again how to deal with this situation and I will not hesitate to remind you of where you stand within the order of the universe." Raziel took Faeed's words and advancement as an act of defiance against him. He wouldn't let it pass unnoticed. "And do not speak to me of punishments, for I am Judgement. When law is broken, I absolve the innocent and condemn the guilty....What has upset me is not your inadequacy to follow orders from Bastlu, but your failure to return Uriel to his rightful place. It's apparent that you know not of his significance and so I cannot fault you fully for your incapability to make the right decision based on your given knowledge. Instead, I will ignore your ignorance in favor of letting you live....In Uriel's condition, he is not able to defeat Isace. He should not even be here challenging her in the first place. The balance of things has been thrown into chaos....Uriel must return to his rightful place. That should be your greatest priority right now, Faeed...."

Raziel pauses for a moment. The moment seems an eternity as Faeed can feel the dominant focus being applied to him. "However, you have vowed to protect Uriel and I will hold you to your oath."

Raziel returns focus onto Uriel, offering a previously crossed hand to him, "Stand Uriel."

Uriel listens and takes his hand, standing. His blood was pumping and his mind raced. Only Belia's voice could barely be heard over the constant fretting within Uriel's head. Finally Uriel spoke as normally as he could, his breath carried a shakiness akin to the sound a child would make after getting caught doing something they weren't supposed to. "Raziel. I don't know what you're talking about. Why am I so important? Why am I supposed to return? Where is it I belong? Please, if you have any answers..."

"Your mind is not ready and your soul is too weak." Raziel spoke clearly and with a hint of concern, "You will have to remain here until time comes that you are ready to learn the truth."

"What?!" Uriel blurted in response, "After all that, you're telling me I get nothing? No answers, no comfort, nothing? You keep telling me and Faeed that I need to get back, but you can't even tell me where it is I'm supposed to go or how to get there? What use are you anyways? What was the point of showing up if all you're going to do is create more question? You're supposed to be the one restoring order or whatever, but you've only brought chaos!"

Raziel did not take kindly to the outburst. "Even you, Uriel, will not challenge my position, nor tell me my place!"

"Oh you want a challenge? Then how about I challenge you since you let Isace off scot free! How about that?" Uriel was more than angry at this point. The bright beast from earlier had disappeared and Uriel stood straight up to Raziel. A newfound courage? Or maybe a newfound foolishness. Raziel however, seemed amused.

"Very well...your challenge will be accepted, under what terms?" Raziel laughed, something only slightly out of character for him.

"Your champion versus my champion. If I win, you have to tell me what I want to know, everything! If you win...then-" Uriel was cut off by Raziel.

"If my champion wins, then you will do as I say. You will remain here only long enough for the others and myself to find a way to return you to your rightful place." Raziel then turned to Faeed. "Faeed, do you as a witness accept these terms as fair?"

Uriel looked to Faeed as well. It seemed it was up to him to decide. It was a big responsibility determining the stipulations of this challenge between Uriel, a man Faeed had only just met, and Raziel, a living god of judgement.

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Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:11 am
by DMLyJa
Faeed had taken the brow beating and though he didn’t react on the exterior, he scowled within. His eyes simply took in Raziel, his jaw tense to restrain himself from speaking out of turn now. Eyes narrowed once more as he is told that Uriel was once again more important than he would know, he was after all nothing more than a mortal in Raziels eyes. Still, he held fast and in his place. As his vow was mentioned, he cringed inside at he felt the dominance bearing down on him, his eyes remaining on the ground as he clenched his fists.

As the attention turned to Uriel, he sighed deeply in a relief for himself and raised his eyes to observe the interaction between the two. As they continue on, his eyes pinging back and forth between the two, the tension grew into an awkward thickness. The direction of the tone and conversation had turned quickly and if he hadn’t been observing it as he was, he almost wouldn’t have believed it. Uriel was like a young man who was caught between child and adult, his behavior demonstrating just that, and yet, Faeed couldn’t help but smirk at the words they shared.

That was until the attention of both turned to him simultaneously. It was then that he stared between them for a moment as he contemplated both sides. Indeed, their character with him played into mind, but so did the balance of things. And something didn’t settle correctly with him about what was on the table.

“You wish me to witness this agreement, I certainly could attest to that but to ask me to declare the offerings of prize to be fair, I can not. Uriel challenges for information that you would indeed supply at a later time, but he wishes it sooner while you wish for him to provide a full physical and mental submission to your will, which..if based on what you demonstrate, he may very well end up doing…Perhaps once he has the knowledge…”

He shook his head as he clicked his tongue, his motive not personal nor of greed for himself. He made his judgement purely on the concept of fairness and balance. He looked Uriel over once before he looked back towards Raziel.

“Offer him more to create the balance you seek…Then…It will be fair and I will witness and accept these terms as fair.” He stared up at Raziel before he tilts his head to the side and awaited the decision of what he saw as two directions his words could lead them. Regardless of which would be chosen, he felt just in his own choice and was willing to take whatever Raziel dealt out for his perspective.

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Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 2:14 pm
by Uriel_of_Auror
"Then I will offer this in return as well-" This time Raziel was the one to be interrupted.

"What else I want in return is your help in saving Belia! You will answer my questions and you'll go with me to save her." Uriel demanded. His own will wasn't as powerful as Raziel's, but he tried to resist the fear placed within him.

Raziel was quiet for some time in contemplation. Not out of fear, but strategic thinking. "I accept. I don't fear losing, so these terms mean little to me. If I join you then I will ensure your safety until you can return, but if I win then I ensure that same goal over a longer period of time. This is balance. All these terms do is determine when events will transpire instead of simply which events will come to fruition. Faeed, you accept these as well?"

The question was rather rhetorical as both Uriel and Raziel expected the answer to be yes. In terms of fairness, the only unbalance seemed to be the levels of power between the two. Raziel clearly had the upper hand in that category, but could Uriel outsmart him? That would be determined later.

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Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:02 am
by DMLyJa
Faeed perked his eyebrow up before tilting his head, listening to the words they spoke but more focused on Raziels reactions, as well as Uriels. Honestly, he wasn’t certain who could win, given what each was wanting. Passion runs deep and has been proven many times in battles past to be an enhancement when one is in a situation unfavorable.

Faeed gave a nod to the two before moving towards a tree, his hands taking up a thick branch each before he pulls himself up. Coming to rest against a thick branch, he places his back against the trunk. His swords and sheaths dangle down on either side of him. He was intrigued to see where this would lead between the two of them.

“I attest to be a witness and declare the terms and winnings to be of a fair and balanced nature…Proceed.”