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Star Wars - The Old Republic RP

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:52 pm
by Dead_Inside
It is a period of Cold War. Sith and Jedi moving across the Galaxy, looking for any and all Force Sensitives to bolster their Ranks. Petty skirmishes and random battles rage across all Worlds. Turmoil engulfs both Factions. Amongst these Factions, word has spread across the Galaxy of a Sith and her Acolyte going to every planet within the Universe in search of Datacrons and Holocrons. Breaking away from the Empire and Sith Council to pursue knowledge

Darth Sunder.

She seems to be hoarding them but no one truly knows why. All that is certain is she is dangerous to all those who wish to stop her and is becoming more and more powerful with each Artifact she acquires. She knows the Republic and the Empire have sent Operatives to stop her but will they really succeed??
And stop her from becoming the most powerful being in the Galaxy??.......


Location: Coruscant – Ruins of A Jedi Temple through the Works

Two figures stand in the destroyed courtyard of the ruined Jedi Temple, not far from them lay the bodies of three Jedi Guardians still smoking from the battle they had engaged in. One of the figures, shrouded in black robes with crimson chest armor, sash and gloves moves up the stairs towards the barricaded door to the Lost Assembly Vault. Two extinguished lightsabers rest at the figure's hips as they move towards the door. Not far from this figure stands a Chiss female covered in ebon robes, her glowing red eyes watching the other silently. The figure in the unmistakable armor of Revan presses their ear to the door as the Chiss wraps her lightsaber whip onto the hook on her hip.

“What do you hear?”, the Chiss asks, looking back to the other.

The figure at the door turns to her, the red and antiqued metal of Revan's mask clearly visible.

“Multiple Jedi inside. Seems they know we were coming.”, says the obviously female voice tinged with robotic flare.

The Chiss sighs softly and folds her arms.

“Why can't this ever be easy? I fail to see the humor in this.”, she says softly to the other.

“You worry too much. Whether they knew we were coming or not, they won't stop me. I will have the Datacrons and if they wish to throw their lives away trying to stop me, that is their prerogative. And of course I see humor in this because whomever their spy is, the fool has led them to their death.”, says the other, moving back from the door a bit before turning back towards it.

She plants her feet as she raises her hands at her sides, a loud hiss starting to emanate from her as a shroud of black shadow surrounds her, the ground under her rumbling. The Chiss looks around easily.

“Ten minutes before the next patrol, My Lord.”, she says, looking back to the other.

There is a moment of silence as the Sith concentrates, a rippling orb of Force appearing in front of her and radiating with power.

“Prepare your weapons, this blast will only take out half of them”, she says.

A moment later, she moves her hands towards the barricaded door and there is a thunderous explosion as Force Destruction hits the barricaded door and destroys it in a shower of stone and rubble.

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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:16 pm
by AnimeFanV2
Location: Harrower Dreadnought Oblivion, Hoth System

The bridge was silent as the crew watched him enter the room. No one wanted to risk receiving the Sith's anger afterall. Darth Necre walked towards the captain, taking note of the crew's reactions as he walked past. Some were fearful, other's focused on their work, and a few were curious why he was there. The captain was a mix of the three, not knowing why they were there but also afraid to question the sith. Necre mentally shrugged, their feelings didn't matter as long as they followed orders. As he reached the command console, he could see their through the central monitor. A lone Republic cruiser was orbiting the planet Hoth, unaware of their presence.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:09 am
by Dead_Inside
The Sith walked through the dust, her two lightsabers igniting brightly as she ignored the coughing of the remaining people in the Vault.

“Like Ewoks in a tree.”, she said, raising her hand.

The first Jedi in her sight yelped in surprise as she was lifted from the ground easily by the Sith's Force Lift, then she yelped again as she was sent flying the length of the entrance to slam into the thick stone wall with a bone crunching thud. Two blasters fired from the dust at the Sith. The Chiss appeared in front of her, using her dual edged lightsaber to deflect the blasts back at the two Smugglers that had fired them, each dodging the blast with a loud gasp. She yelled angrily and launched herself at them, easily slicing one across his front and kicking him back hard. There were three loud pops as three of his ribs snapped from the fierce kick. The Sith laughed but quickly looked up as she felt a strong presence in front of her. A moment later, a large boulder flew at her through the dust. She moved quickly, using Force Speed to side step the large rock as it hit the ground behind her with a large boom.

“Well, well......look who thought to show up to try and stop me. I'm surprised to see you, Jona.”, the Sith cooed, her tone humored and condescending.

A yellow lightsaber ignited as a male Twilek stepped forward. He stood two inches taller than the Sith, his skin blue with brown markings which was stark against his white robes, his brown eyes falling upon her.

“Arlandra-”, he began, his voice strong and loud.

“Darth Sunder.”, The Sith corrected him calmly.

“Whatever you call yourself now, I can't let you have the Datacrons you came here for.”, he said.

“Let me? You can't let me have them?”, Arlandra laughed.

The Chiss had tangled the second Smuggler in her arms, the glowing hot blade of her lightsaber to his throat. She watched the exchange between her Master and the Jedi with mild annoyance.

“If you and your Acolyte leave now, we can forget this ever happened.”, Jona said, planning his feet and raising his lightsaber to point it at Arlandra.

“How sentimental. You ran away from the Empire and came to the Jedi. Did they accept you with open arms? Welcome you to their side? Do they know how many of their kind you cut down in the name of the Emperor?”, she laughed, standing calmly.

Jona sighed.

“There is good in you, Arlandra, you know this is a battle you can't win.”, Jona said, starting to center himself.

Arlanda laughed.

“I know it's a battle that you don't want. You're afraid, Jona. I sense it....I taste it. I have no quarrel with you or your Padawan hiding at the other end of this hallway. However, if you get in my way I will cut you down and make her watch, then I will break her before I take those Datacrons. Do you want that on your hands? Her breaking??”, she giggled softly.

Jona grit his teeth.

“You care for the girl? I know you do. She's just as afraid as you are. I have no fear. But I will not leave empty handed.”, Arlandra said, raising her free hand to make a cutting motion across her throat.

There was a strangled yelp as the Chiss used her lightsaber to cut off the head of the Smuggler in her arms, dropping his body to the ground. Jona glanced at her quickly before looked back at Arlandra, the death of the Smuggler clearly making him angry.

“What will it be, Jona? A battle you can't possibly win or you and the girl live to fight another day?”, Arlandra asked, her hand raised to Jona in a calm manner, waiting for his decision calmly.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:16 pm
by AnimeFanV2
" Commence the attack and prepare boarding pods." Necre said. The crew rushed to battle stations as they got within range of the enemy ship. He made his way to the boarding pod launch bay and entered a pod along with several troopers. The pod launched as soon as the two ships were close enough. Necre could see the blasts from each ship hitting each other. Thankfully the Oblivion had already damaged the cruisers engines, keeping it from leaving. The pod finally reached the cruiser and attached itself to it. Another minute passed as Necre waited for it to open and let the troopers go first. They thundered down the hall and started engaging Republic forces. As he exited the pod, Necre made his way to the ship's cargo bay. While traveling through the ship, he could hear the sounds of other pods boarding the ship and more fighting. He could sense his objective somewhere in the Cargo bay as he entered the area. The room was empty except for him and a few crates. He swiftly started going through the crates until he found what he was looking for. In the crate were two Holocrons, scavenged from an old shipwreck.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:11 pm
by Dead_Inside
Arlandra deflected the lightsaber swipe and raised her hand, a hard Force Push sending the Jedi skidding back three feet. Arlandra looked over at the Chiss.

“Danny. Kill the Padawan.”, she said.

“NO!”, Jona screamed and moved to go after Arlandra’s Acolyte.

Arlandra laughed and launched herself forward easily tackling Jona to the ground as the Chiss rushed down the hallway. He reached back socking Arlandra hard in the mask, a loud, metallic clank heard and Arlandra grunting in surprise. Jona hurried to his feet, racing after the Chiss. Danny laughed, raising her hand and using Force Pull on a large boulder laying against the wall. She turned quickly, using Force Push to send it flying at Jona. Arlandra stood, pulling the mask from her face as she raised her hand to wipe at the blood dripping from her nose. She looked down a moment at the crimson slickness as she heard a loud boom from down the hallway. She narrowed her eyes and raced after Jona and Danny. Danny giggled, jumping over Jona as he launched himself forward to try and tackle her. She Force Pushed herself up from the ground, flipping over him, unfurling her lightsaber whip from her belt and lashing it out at him. Jona grunted as the whip struck him in the back, the searing burn hitting him hard and making him stumble. Danny hovered in the air using Force Fly to stay just out of Jona’s reach, grinning at him. Jona looked up at her, his eyes widening just slightly.

“…i-impossible…”, he gaped.

Dani laughed. Jona didn’t see Arlandra as she ran to him, one of her lightsabers impaling him, the sound of his flesh burning loud as the blade protruded from his back. He grunted as the pain shot through him, his eyes looking down at Arlandra. She smiled up at him, blood still dripping from her nose.

“Nothing is impossible when you pursue knowledge.”, Arlandra purred darkly, her eyes glowing a pure black.

Jona grabbed her hand, trying to pull her saber out of him, the scorching heat of the blade burning into his core but he realized he wasn’t able to budge her. Arlandra grinned, bringing her other hand to his shoulder and igniting a hard Force Lightening into him. Jona screamed in pain. Arlandra grinned coldly.

“Get the Padawan. Cripple her and bring her here. It appears Jona needs to be taught a lesson.”, Arlandra growled, never taking her eyes off of the Jedi nor stopping the Lightening.

Danny purred and looked up the hallway, seeing the Jedi’s Padawan start towards them at the sound of Jona’s screams. Her lightsaber was shaking in her hand. Danny grinned and flew towards her, landing easily three feet from Jona and Arlandra. The Padawan was a young Human female, her own robes a soft beige as her teal colored lightsaber blade lit the area around her. Her long purple hair was pulled back into a bun, her blue eyes showing her deep fear.

“Hello, kitten. This is going to hurt.”, Danny said, black shadow engulfing her free hand.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:58 pm
by AnimeFanV2
As he gazed at the holocrons, Necre's comlink received a message from the imperial forces on board. Apparently a group consisting of a few jedi and republic soldiers was heading towards him. Sighing, he grabbed the Holocrons and made his way to the ship's hanger, meeting up with imperial forces on the way. They entered the area and moved towards a dropship cautiously. It was possible there may be guards in the hangar bay. They were proved right as the sounds of lightsabers igniting came from around them. Three jedi dropped down from a nearby catwalk, ready to stop them. Pointing to some of the soldiers, Necre said " Prepare that ship." . He gave the holocrons to one of the soldiers and moved towards the Jedi without drawing his weapon. Once he got close enough, they began to circle him like predators, waiting for him to draw his lightsaber. Rolling his eyes, Necre simply force choked two of them and blasted the third into a wall and then blasted them with lightning. After the first two were dealt with, Necre began walking towards the last jedi, who was struggling to get up. Once he got close enough, he stretched out his hand and began force draining the Jedi, causing them to shake in pain for a few moments before dropping to the ground. Satisfied, Necre returned to the now online dropships and boarded, along with the rest of the imperial troopers and the holocrons. The dropships rose and flew out of the cruiser's hangar and towards the Oblivion. As they landed in the Oblivion, medics came over to check any of the wounded. Shortly after, the Oblivion finally destroyed the republic cruiser now that he and the troopers had left. Necre retrieved the holocrons and moved to the elevator, only stopping to inform the captain to enter hyperspace and head towards the Abrion Sector, and that Necre would be in his personal quarters. A few minutes later and Necre began to examine the holocrons in his room.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:10 am
by Dead_Inside
Arlandra stood over Jona as the pained screams of his Padawan faded to just whimpers and crying, she kept him planted, her lightsaber at his throat and her hand pointed down. Jona grunted, a hard Force Push keeping him planted to the ground and immobile. After a moment, Danny dragged the severely injured Padawan over towards Arlandra and Jona, dropping her to the ground. The Padawans knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders and back had been systematically crushed and she was in extreme pain. Tears welled in Jona's eyes as he watched his Padawan be brutalized, his teeth gritted tightly.

“You.....BITCH!”, he screamed at Arlandra or Danny, he was so angry that he wasn't sure whom he was yelling at at this point.

Arlandra grinned and looked to Danny.

“The poor pup. She looks to be in so much pain. I can't imagine how it must feel. Danny, darling, ease her mind.”, Arlandra grinned coldly.

Danny smirked and turned to the Padawan, using the Force to cause the young woman to levitate in front of her. She turned to her, Danny's eyes going full black as she concentrated and reached her hand out towards the Padawan. The Padawan whimpered softly as Danny opened her mouth, a black mist starting to billow from her mouth. The Padawan opened her mouth to scream but her voice was a mere whisper as her screams from before had destroyed her vocal cords. To Arlandra and Jona, Danny was staring at the girl with black eyes, the Padawan gasping and trying to scream as panic set in. Jona struggled more.

“No! Mya! What are you doing to her?!”, he demanded.

Arlandra looked down at him, clearly amused.

“My Acolyte and I have achieved the ability to utilize multiple Force Powers at once. She is currently entering your Padawan's mind and destroying it. I have decided to let the young one live but your interference means there must be reparations.”, Arlandra grinned.

Jona's eyes widened as he watched. The Padawan started to convulse a strong seizure taking hold of her as Danny used both Force Insanity and Force Plague on her brain. After a moment, Human's blue eyes started to go cloudy.

NO!! Please, Arlandra! Stop!”, Jona pleaded, a sob in his tone.

Danny stopped then, dropping the Padawan's unmoving body to the ground. A pained sob escaped Jona as the connection he and his Padawan shared severed with the feeling of a sharp snap. Arlandra released her Force Push upon Jona's form and moved towards the end of the hallway where the Vault lay open. Jona, his legs not working after his battle with Arlandra, turned onto his side and pulled himself towards Mya's limp form. Danny cocked an eyebrow and smirked as she watched.

“Come along, Danny.”, Arlandra called.

Danny turned and followed Arlandra to retrieve their prize in the Vault.

A Datacron of Ancient Jedi Knowledge and a Datacron of Forbidden Jedi Knowledge.

Danny opened her mouth to question as she listened to Jona's sobs, the Jedi hugging the limp, battered, broken but still breathing body of his Padawan.

“No, Danny, we won't kill them. The Padawan is nothing more than a husk now and Jona is broken because of it.”, Arlandra said coldly.

“He will come back and try to kill you, My Lord.”, Danny offered.

“And then, he will join his Padawan in the grips of insanity. The lesson here, Danothra, is that you sow fear through breaking the will of those that think they are invincible, not by murder. Yes, Jona will come after us but he will know that next time I won't be as merciful. As ones that have no fear of death, we will be feared.”, Arlandra says softly to Danny as she moves to the two glowing Holocrons.

“But do you not view us invincible?”, Danny asked.

Arlandra picked up the two Holocrons and turned to her Acolyte, smiling.

“No. I view us as powerful. When you think you are invincible, you get cocky, you make mistakes. You fail because of your ego. Remember that.”, she said, her glowing eyes regarding the Chiss for a moment.

Danny grinned and bowed deeply.

“I understand, My Lord.”, she purred affectionately.

Arlandra nodded and moved towards the exit, Holocrons firmly in her possession.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 4:11 am
by AnimeFanV2
While the ship was in hyperspace, Necre had nothing to do except for studying the holocrons. It didn't matter whether they were jedi or Sith, any knowledge from either would be useful. Anything taught by the Light could be mirrored by the Dark, just with a different purpose. The first Holocron turned out to be a Sith one, it's purpose to teach how to hide one's presence in the Force from others. Necre smiled as he studied the technique, no doubt it would be useful against his enemies but was disappointed by the lack of any other knowledge. He turned to the other one and noticed it was another Sith holocron. This one seemed to contain much more knowledge than the last, consisting of several Sith techniques as well as an altered version of a Jedi one. Necre continued to learn from the holocrons as the ship was getting close to the end of their hyperspace journey. After they accomplished their objective in the Abrion sector, they would head back to the Imperial fleet and await new orders.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:14 pm
by Dead_Inside
As soon as Arlandra and Danny entered her ship, there was a light flashing in the console in the Loading Bay. She furrowed her brows and moved to it, handing Danny the two Holocrons. They had landed in a sector of the planet that was pretty deserted so they didn’t have to worry about the Jedi finding them. She pressed her finger to the button under the small light to listen to the message that was left for her.

“I don’t have long, I only have a moment or two before we will be out of range in the Abrion Sector. Darth Necre has acquired two of the Holocrons you are after. He’s taken them to his Chamber and may be studying them. I will include the programmed coordinates and the ship indentification under with this message.”, a hushed voice said, then the message ended.

Arlandra grit her teeth and growled softly. Danny stood behind her, an eyebrow raised.

“Darth Necre?”, she asked.

Arlandra huffed softly and turned to her Acolyte.

“I’ve heard of him, joined the Council not long after I left I believe. A former Jedi if I remember properly.”, she growled, turning and heading into the Fury-class Interceptor.

Danny watched her go and sighed, she already could feel that Arlandra was angry. She followed, entering the Hull of the ship and setting the Datacrons on a shelf. Arlandra fumed as she stood in the middle of the Hull, a black and crimson aura seething around her. Danny sighed.

“My Lord, calm yourself.”, she said easily.

Arlandra turned and looked back at her Acolyte. Danny tilted her head slightly and looked back at her, her glowing red eyes calm.

“So another Sith has two Holocrons. And??? We simply go get them.”, Danny said.

“It’s not that simple, Danny. You know how much I dislike dealing other Sith. It’s like fighting family to the death. I'm hoping this Sith will see logic and will just give them to me with no battle.”, Arlandra said with a sigh forcing herself to calm.

Danny looked at her, frowning.

“It’s because of what happened to me, isn’t it?”, she asked softly.

Arlandra looked at Danny, for a moment heartbreak flashing across her face. Danny moved to her and gently wrapped her in a hug.

“I know you still blame yourself but you shouldn’t. It was my own arrogance that for me killed. And you know you are the exception within the Empire, you aren't about murder, death and conquering. You are about expanding your knowledge. I can almost guarantee this Darth Necre isn't going to give up those Holocrons without a fight.”, Danny said.

Slowly, Arlandra wrapped her arms around her adopted daughter, sighing deeply. After a moment, she quickly released her and moved away going towards the bridge to get them underway.

“I won’t make the same mistake twice.”, Arlandra said as she moved through the corridor to the bridge.

A pang stabbed at Danny's heart, she knew Arlandra would die to protect her. But she wondered if she would allow that to happen. Arlandra was her Guardian as well as her Master and Teacher, Danny wasn’t sure she would not give her life again to protect her.

As Arlandra entered the bridge, she moved to a console being the Captain's chair and retrieved the information her Informant had sent and quickly put it into the Interceptor's navigation system. A moment later, there was a tone to signal confirmation as the consoles all blinked to life. She looked at the distance between where she currently was and the blip that was where the ship the other Sith was on would be, in her mind she calculated they could intercept the ship within the hour. She pressed a button, the information filtering into the nav system as the ship started up, lifting from the ground. She sighed deeply as they started to take off. She was far too emotional. She would need to study those Datacrons and then meditate to prepare herself for this "meeting".

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:26 pm
by AnimeFanV2
The Oblivion erupted out of hyperspace into the Abrion Sector. The ship started makings its way towards the planet Scarif. Necre felt the ship's movement and knew they had arrived in the system. Thankfully the captain already knew his orders for this part of the mission, and Necre could spend more time learning from the holocrons. Through one of the monitors, he could see the Oblivion meeting with an arriving Imperial convoy, and joining it. Their current mission was to just meet up with the convoy and escort it through the sector. With how slow the convoy moved, Necre knew this would take quite a while, possibly a few days if they ran into any trouble. So far the sensors had not detected any nearby ships besides the convoy but that could change at any moment.