[F} Masked, Il Secondo

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Re: [F} Masked, Il Secondo

Post by Snowskeeper » Wed Sep 16, 2020 9:01 pm

Oof; that wasn't the way humans were supposed to sound. When was the last time he'd used his voice properly? And the smell of him--like he hadn't been doing anything but eating and sleeping for the last week.

"You'll have to forgive me if I don't get much closer," Auditor sighed. "Wouldn't want to catch whatever it is you have."

She tossed the bottle underhand, aiming for his outstretched hand. If he missed catching it, it'd just end up on the grating, and the child-safe lid would keep its contents safe. If he flailed at it like a drowning child and sent it flying over the railing, well... That would suck. For him more so than for her, though she'd been hoping to keep her syringe on-hand in case she got saddled with another car accident victim.

"Rough day, then?" she prompted.


The wheezing of HazMat's mask, barely audible a moment before, grew suddenly louder as they stood from where they had been resting. Dressed all in sackcloth and rubber, and hunched over like an old, decrepit man, they seemed far more frail than they were. The yellow lenses glinted as they looked between Fate and Sulfur, betraying nothing of their thoughts on either.

"What things," they croaked. They knew the answer already, of course. Still, Sulfur would appreciate the opportunity to monologue, and it would give them more time to themself. The needles on their fingers clicked together as they considered their options. Amphetamines seemed the best choice for these early stages...
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Re: [F} Masked, Il Secondo

Post by UmbraSight » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:21 am

A cool breeze rolled off of Lake Michigan carrying with it a damp tang of evening, and the lights of Chicago were already burning bright against the sky gray clouds illuminated in the rays of the setting sun. Underfoot the old dock rocked with the sloshing of water as the yacht returned to the lake, and spongy wood shifted under fresh weight. Yume raised her arm and held her hand out before her, palm up. Water was here, after all, so there was no reason to strain when she didn’t need to. In the center of her palm, a crystal of ice seemed to sprout.

Yume drew in a lungful of air, a sharp chill to it, and the crystal began to rapidly expand like the shoots of a plant. Yume closed her hand around the crystal as it lengthened into a comfortable grip, on either end of this grip tow curved arms of a bow sprouted. With her off hand Yume pinched the string groove on the upper limb of her bow and drew her arm down, a thin string following the motion of her arm. She hooked the bowstring on the grove of the lower arm and drew the bowstring back to test it.

The gentle crinkle of ice, a pleasant hum as she released the string and it snapped back into place. With a faint nod Yume hooked the bow over her right shoulder. On her left hip a quiver and a bundle of arrows took shape. Now, to see if she could meet up with the cape she had seen touchdown. Yume walked to the end of the dock and was off at a jog.
*** *** *** Motion on the roof of a building ahead of her caused Yume to slow. Her hand moved to the bow on her shoulder as a figure leapt off the roof of the building. The person did a controlled flip, tight, well-practiced with no wasted motion, and Yume could feel a rush of heat as the other person landed on the ground. A woman a few years older, long curly hair with a strikingly red outfit and a face mask that covered her features, save for a smattering of freckles on exposed cheeks.


The other woman spoke coarsely, but the tone of her voice was the same as the one in the transmission had been. With a slight nod Yume removed her hand from her bow.

“I am Ice Princess, a Warden responding to a transmission sent by a cape known as Pyro.” Yume said, “I do hope that will be acceptable, having my kneecaps broken does not sound like a pleasant experience.”
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Re: [F} Masked, Il Secondo

Post by Wint » Sun Sep 20, 2020 3:20 pm

The wind outside was rather harsh; cold and fraught with silence.
The sky was equally silent as the encroaching lights of the night city fed on the visibility of that far above them.

It was some time now when last it felt how small it was.
Daddy wasn't a scholar or-- anything, really-- but in his hours of inebriation he'd sometimes tell of the mechanisms of the world.
Sully had a rich inventory of books to browse through, which helped to some extent. Gave context to the stillness and the smallness and insignificance.

The warehouse windows were small, advantageous to maintain cover but also leaving something to be desired. The wind hid outside. Whatever Sully was working on with the Warden girl kept it at bay. Only the other members brought life into the diminuendo of shadow work.

Sumac adjusted the flora guide it borrowed from Sully's collection along the steel beams, and with a hand on the larger of the vines, descended from the webbed bed of them along the joists kissing the ceiling.

It was.. quiet there, and others didn't need to be privy to its thoughts and whims. Maybe they were a little menacing, but Sully said they're safe enough.

Sully was hanging out with Fate and HazMat before he went on with his interrogations. Sumac liked them.
Fate was very friendly, and Sumac could help HazMat when they needed something from it so it felt useful enough to put its mind at ease.

Would it be acceptable to join in on an active conversation? I know Daddy never liked that.
But it was a big Op; if Sumac did well maybe it would make Sully happy.

Touching the ground, Sumac walked along the row of support beams leading to the active group. It made sure to walk quietly, to not disturb them, and when it reached its destination tugged on Sully's purple coat, standing on the tips of its toes and whispered "Is it okay if I join you? I think I can be of help. I can maybe.. strangle her or shove thorns under her nails or something..."
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Re: [F} Masked, Il Secondo

Post by HighVoltage » Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:00 pm

Fate had to keep herself from snorting as she saw the look on Sulfur's face as he turned to face her. Sure he probably meant it to be sarcastic and cocky, but it just came off painful. She actually did snort as he mentioned Witch being a special guest and she must be kept comfortable. Fortunately, she had swallowed her mouthful of Monster seconds before, so none of the precious caffeinated substance was sent spewing through her nostrils. "Whatever you say, greasy. Just remember that when you bring something for a date, it's usually something like flowers or wine. Water makes you look cheap." She tilted her head back, draining her second can in that hour before chucking it into a corner and reaching into the space behind her head, pulling out a cylinder of shadow that coalesced into yet another can of Monster.

She'd picked up a handy trick when messing around with storing and pulling her tarot cards. Turns out that she had space for a few decks in wherever it was that she kept them, and she could store other things in there that were about the same volume as a deck of tarot cards; energy drinks for instance. And wherever they went existed outside of reality, probably, resulting in an energy drink being stored there for months coming out just as cold as when it went in. She cracked open her now third can and took a few hearty gulps before using it to gesture at Sulfur. "And for the record, I'm pretty sure the brain-melting machine you've stuck in there with her probably isn't getting her any closer to liking you. Woman's intuition." She tapped her temple before turning herself so she was fully on the chaise, clearly indicating that unless he had a decent comeback, their conversation was finished.

Fate had to admit, she was mildly surprised to hear HazMat come into the picture. The wheezing from their mask always made it sound like they were in pain, and their hunched figure certainly didn't do much to help matters. As much as she despised most of these fuckers, she had a soft spot for the mutated bundle of rubber and rucksack. She knew what it was like to be unwanted, and based only on appearances, she guessed HazMat did as well. That or they had the most virtuous and loving parents imaginable. Highly unlikely, considering the position they now found themselves in. And speaking of fuckers, here came the Plant Whisperer. Fate didn't know how to feel about them, they were hard to get a read on. One of the only certain things was they acted a bit childlike and seemed to regard Sulfur as a father figure. And if there's on thing that Fate couldn't stand, it was children.

After hearing all the suggestions, Fate let out a groan. "Jesus, why are y'all so boring and unoriginal. I get that we're evil, we're villains, but c'mon try and be unique instead of just some cookie cutter sadists getting their kicks." She pulled out her deck, major arcana, and went to pull the top card, more out of force of habit than anything else. Her fingers were about to touch the deck when a voice crept up her spine.

Do it. One pull, that's all it takes.

Wisps of shadow seemed to emit from the deck for the briefest moment, that deceptively silky voice in her mind, feeling like someone lazily dragging a fingernail against her skull.

You said it yourself, you despise most of them. End this foolishness. It's been so long. Just one pull.

Fate let her hand light upon the deck before tilting it and shuffling it, letting the cards fall through her fingers. The sound and motion were familiar and soothing and calmed her nerves slightly, which had been pulled taut as a garrote wire. She knew the interaction had only taken a second or two, but prayed that nothing had been noticed by the other members.

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Re: [F} Masked, Il Secondo

Post by Trinity » Sun Sep 20, 2020 10:32 pm

Do my abilities help? Sarah thought... Her abilities, she was told they were referred to as Physical body transmogrification. But Sarah had absolutely no clue what that was supposed to really mean, and at the moment she didn't feel up to just repeating what she had been previously told. She felt like saying what was on her mind! So she did! "My abilities! I can modify my body a little bit to do different things! My favorite things are making armor plates and making spikey-spikes!"

Oh, those things Sarah could do, and those things were her favorites to be sure. But that wasn't her ability, it was only her ability so far as Sarah understood herself. Physical body transmogrification, an interesting term to call something that was nothing more than a monster. Smiling, Sarah followed TAZER as she neared the warehouses and told the girl to stay behind her. Stepping back, Sarah moved behind TAZER and kept up a great big grin plastered on her stupid-looking face.

Looking at the man standing inside the warehouse as TAZER introduced herself and asked a few questions, Sarah thought it would be best to prepare herself for a fight. What to use though? It took a minute for her to really grow a lot of spikes, so perhaps it would be better to get a spikey staff! Yes! Sarah was very good with fighting with staffs, especially spikey staffs! Opening up her mouth, Sarah reached down in with her arm. As she did so, a horrible 'squelching' noise erupted from her belly.

Pulling forth from her throat a massive spiked bone, no thicker than an inch in diameter, but nearly six feet long, Sarah prepared herself with her new weapon. How it fit inside her would be mind boggling to think about, unless, of course, she made the thing inside herself as she pulled it out. Strong and lightweight, the spikey bone staff was covered in small, sharp spurs and tipped with fine sharp points on each end. More like a javelin than a staff, but what did Sarah know?

She had her weapon and she was ready!
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