A New World?

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Re: A New World?

Post by TheNerdyHobbit » Wed May 15, 2019 4:22 pm

Roy was taken aback by the woman's aggression. They probably shouldn't have, but they had never been great with people. Purely physical phenomena made far more sense to them. Didn't she see what they were trying to do? They would never actually do anything to harm the child. She was so young, it make them sit to think of this person using her as a hostage. But it could all be a bluff. Roy was just trying to determine if it was real.
Mengele's words were like fire in their veins. They hated that person, whomever they were. They wanted to break Roy, to stamp out any bit of hope they had. Roy would never let anyone know, but it was starting to work. They couldn't see any way out of this. They felt a bit of the panic that they'd been suppressing rise in their chest.
No. They wouldn't give up yet. There had to be a way, even if there wasn't, they had to believe there was. They turned back to the woman holding them to the wall. She was close, very close. Roy turned away from the camera.
"I was just trying to help, I wouldn't..." Roy whispered, barely moving their lips and speaking so quietly they could just hear themselves. They hoped beyond hope that the camera's could not pick it up, but they had to risk it, they couldn't be fighting amongst themselves.

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Re: A New World?

Post by Serenitynightowl » Wed May 15, 2019 7:16 pm

Violet's glare at the camera hardened as she stood up, grabbing a chair and debated on chucking it at a camera in the room before dragging it with her out the door. Turning the handle, she kicked the door open as she dragged the chair out with her as her powers slowly started to do their work.

The chair was too big for her to shift at the moment, let alone get the whole molecular structure to even attempt such a thing, but that didn't stop her from trying to understand the objects make-up in her grasp as fast as she could. Watching the two against the wall, she rolled her eyes at their idiotcy and looked to the door, the ceiling, then down the hall. How far was the hall? Were there any other doors? What about the ceiling? How many cameras, what about vents?

"How hypocritical of you to say. At first you say you're not a monster, and yet you're threatening to kill her?" She pipes up, voice calm with a cold bite as she glares at the camera. "You're quite pathetic, arn't you? You weren't willing to show your face and ask us to participate, but rather drug and kidnap us when we're most vunerable. Now you threaten a child's life, for what reason? For us to fight one another? Is that what you want? A blood bath between us? To show how dangerois a metahuman can be" She questioned, anger starting to lace and replace the coldness that was once there.


Arisa was silent for the most part as she stayed under the thin blanket. It took a while before she started to hear what was actually being said. Metahuman Education Project...? ... They spoke as if others have been in our situation, before... "W-We're all going to die anyways, arn't we...? Unless the r-r-remaining Metahumans are still here, no one has ma-made it out, have they? ... I-If they did, there would of been s-some word, or at least a rumor on the project being con-con-conducted like so..." Arisa murmured as she sat up, eyes drifting down to her hands. Her thumbs started to twiddle around themselves once she let her fingers intertwine with eachother.

She took a moment before bundling the blanket around her to try and keep warm, though her thoughts were elsewhere as she half-listened to whatever sparred that ramble. "A-A-Are there other me-metahumans h-here than u-u-us?"she asked, the stutter worsening as she tried to raise her voice a bit. It wasn't out of nervousness, but rather uncertainty and discomfort.
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Re: A New World?

Post by Tanakalian » Wed May 15, 2019 9:02 pm

Brendan didn’t move, he had noticed, upon waking up, that he was still wearing the clothes he had put on after finishing service, the casual tracksuit bottom and sweater he always wore for cleaning the kitchen. The more the drugs wore off, the better his powers started working. He had unlocked all his internal doors, the ones that he had kept closed for so many years and the thoughts of at least 8 other people flooded in. And although he could hear the voice of Mengele, he wasn’t all too certain there were thoughts with it.

Surprisingly enough, the first thoughts he picked up, where that of the little girl, meaning she had to be in the mentioned room 2. Even with Brendan not moving, the reasonably happy thoughts of the little girl were very powerful and it made him wonder if her mom knew the girl could be a metahuman as well. But he wouldn’t let anyone know that the girl might be one, most certainly not that Mengele-character. He felt an immediate liking for the girl’s mother, Ailyn. The way she had stood up for her daughter was adorable, but in the same breath Brendan had an immediate disliking for that Roy-girl. Who would name their daughter Roy, what kind of stupid name was that.

Going through the thoughts of the others, even with counting the little girl, he was the only male and by far the oldest. All the others were girls. And according to Mengele, the one thing they shared was some sort of power. But Brendan knew that he was the only one, for certain, with powers of the mind. Maybe, but that was a big uncertainty, the little girl had them as well, and if there would be a moment in the nights to come, Brendan would seek out the girl in dreamland. He was adamant that Mengele didn’t have any powers, nor his accomplices, but he had no idea how many there were. Scattered thoughts of coffee, dinner and women on the out filled and left his brain. He discarded those thoughts as not important. As for Mengele, it could well be that the control-room, the one with the microphone was in ways protected from his thought processes and mind-invasion.

What he had gathered was that there were 9 test-subjects, himself, Ailyn and that weird one called Roy, which would leave six others, all of whom had made themselves heard, either by speech or by thought. A feeling crept up to him of not belonging here, although he knew that a guy like Mengele, whether or not that was his real name, would make a mistake. It was a crazy bunch of nine, the ones in the three rooms. There was one more girl, woman more, that stood out. And while he had no idea what she looked like, the thought she had of realizing piercings had been taken out, made Brendan wary of her. As a chef, running a very successful restaurant, things like piercings and visible tattoos were strictly forbidden. Hidden tattoos, covered by normal clothing he would allow, reluctantly, he wasn’t a fan of them, but visible tattoos and especially piercings? He had had a few people, male and female, applying for jobs at his restaurant, who he, upon the applicants entering for the interview, point-blank had refused. Hygiene was one of the most important pylons of any restaurant In growing older, he had understood less and less of modern day youth, couldn’t they understand what it took to be working in a restaurant?

He took the decision, there and then, not to mix with the others, unless required in tests, he rolled to his side, facing the wall, pretending to be asleep. There were more pressing matters in his own mind, to get out of the test-facility as soon as possible, and in his mind, for the moment, he would count on only one of the other eight, Ailyn.

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Re: A New World?

Post by Dani Fulton » Thu May 16, 2019 9:49 am


Evelyn could hear movement below her bunk. She assumed it was another one who had been taken, she wondered if there were more. More slowly coming to their senses in other rooms identical to this one. Like some creepy psychology experiment from the 1960s or 1970s.
Evelyn opened her mouth to answer the multitude of questions but before she had a chance a voice came over the speakers.
In her life there had been many people who had sent shivers down her spine, even paralysed her (almost), so much so she thought that nothing could faze her anymore. But this… this voice… had a sense of enjoyment but also purpose. The worst combination anyone can have.
The door clicked open, a women with a strong Scottish accent started shouting.
Evelyn could hear quiet stuttered murmuring from the bunk below. She jumped down and looked her in the eye.
“I don’t know. But we can all get through this together.”
She spoke calmly and quietly. Sensing that not many people spoke to her like an actual human being most of her life. If she was being honest with herself if it wasn’t for the Taylors she’d of been exactly like the girl sitting before.
“I’m Evelyn by the way”
She put her hand out to be shaken.


The tinny voice echoed through Sam’s sore head. She rubbed her forehead and temples trying to soothe it. Finally the headache began to subside. She figured it was the drug that person over the intercom was talking about.
Her moody bunkmate hastily made her way to the corridor, dragging the chair behind her.
Now being able to get up she made her way to the door. Glancing out to the hall she saw someone doing something to a camera, behind them a Strawberry blonde woman.
The wondered where the other meta’s this Menegale character talked about.
Before stepping into the hallway she turned back to the other girl sitting opposite her bed.
“you coming?”
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Re: A New World?

Post by Serenitynightowl » Thu May 16, 2019 2:52 pm

Arisa flinched at the sudden appearance of a figure, scooting back in the bed slightly. She listened silently before glancing to the offered hand, hesitating for a moment before slowly reaching out to take their hand, offering a weak grip and barely a shake, only for her hand to sneak back into the blanket she held around her. "... Arisa..." She mumbled as her eyes drifted back down. She fiddled with the blanket a bit, looking to the side, then back up to Evelyn with a small smile that was clearly forced.

"We'll all get through this together", huh...? ... Will we, really? Even if others before haven't? The thought crossed her mind, causing the small smile to fade. "H-How long do y-you think we-we-we'll be here?" She asked softly, trying to return eye contact, eyes fluttering up half way to look, only to drop back down to her lap.
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Re: A New World?

Post by Maxx » Tue May 21, 2019 12:07 pm

Surveillance Room

Mengele was finding the subjects…. Well, rather hilarious. They found it amusing to see everyone's reactions. Every time, the reactions were different. Mengele would have liked to respond to everyone's individual reactions, but first, a more pressing matter.

“My dear Violet,” the electronic voice said. “I don't want any of you to fight each other. In fact, quite the opposite. It would be absolutely marvellous if you all got on with each other. Every previous group of subjects have fought amongst themselves, which has hindered my research quite a bit.

I merely threatened Iona because I know her mother would hate for anything to happen to the girl. I abhor death; there is far too much of it in this world. If I could have conducted my research without any death, I would have. Unfortunately, giving the slightest bit of power to absolute ignoramuses seems to give them reason to think they can do whatever they want.

But that's beside the point.”

Mengele took a pause, to collect their thoughts. They needed to address everything important before anything else could happen.

“Firstly, Ailyn, please release Roy. As amusing as it is to watch, a fight between you two is not what is needed right now.”

Through the camera, they watched the Scotswoman let go of Roy and step away.

“Arisa, you need not worry about how long you will be here for, or about dying. The duration of your stay depends on how my research progresses. Which in turn depends on everyone's cooperation. And none of you should die here, as I have dispatched of those imbeciles that caused the deaths of previous subjects.”

Was that all? No, there was one other thing.

“Oh, and Nicole, I will be sending someone to fetch you within the next few hours, for something that will be beneficial to the both of us.”

That was everything, now.

“Close to Room 4 is a large kitchen, where you can all prepare food for yourselves. It's stocked with a wide variety of stuff, so there should be something for everyone there. I would suggest getting something to eat.”

And with that final statement, Mengele turned off the microphone and left the surveillance room, so that they could ready a room for a very important experiment.

Room 4 - Nikki

Nikki was going to answer the other girl, before Mengele had started talking again. And after the voice finished talking… She was very curious. What could Mengele do that would be beneficial to both of them? Whatever it was, Nikki was thinking that maybe, Mengele wasn't really that bad a person. They seemed to be alright.

That was just what she thought anyway.

Nikki got off of the bed, to go out into the hallway with the other girl. She was secretly hoping that she was going to head to the kitchen, because Nikki was hungry, but whatever. She would just go where the other person would go anyway.

Hallway - Ailyn

Ailyn was still fuming, but she had done as she had been told simply because she didn't want to risk her daughter getting harmed. She didn't care what Mengele had said, she obviously didn't trust the person who had freakin’ kidnapped her and her daughter.

When Mengele mentioned eating, Ailyn started wondering if Iona had been fed or not, as she herself couldn't get food to the little girl. If Mengele really didn't wish harm to her, Iona would have been fed. But Ailyn didn't trust a word that the bastard had said, and she had no way of knowing. Which was awful for her.
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