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Re: Faerie Games

Post by Afictionado » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:03 am

Posy was the first to see him, and called out with a gasp, "There he is! Hurry!" They had both raised their Facades, again, and looked completely human, but still odd with the glowing talismans. Without thinking, Posy ran out to the man, with a big smile on her face.
Her sister wasn't thrilled. She followed, calling after her, "Posy, wait! Stop!"
As they reached him, they both tried to speak at the same time,
"Mister, please, it's SOOOO important you come with us-"
"Posy, he's a cop, this complicates things-"
"Poppy, we'll worry about that later-"
"No, we need to keep him safe while we-"
"Let's just wake him up, and-"
The argument was halted, and they both looked up in the direction of a wolf-like howling.
It was Hoodie.
Poppy scowled up at him, "It's Damian."
Posy cringed, and cried out again as she moved to hide behind her sister and the cop.
Poppy grabbed his hand, and spoke in a commanding tone, not unlike a law enforcer. "We have to leave, NOW, or people will get hurt!"
At that moment, an inhuman roar rang out in the air, again- Denim was charging them, and looked different than before. He had something like tusks, rising from his lower jaw, his eyes glowed read, and his arms had become longer, and bigger, like a gorilla's arms. He lept into the air, higher than a human should be capable, intent on slamming them to the ground!


Cailet felt a tug at her pant-leg, a small creature had emerged from a shadow. Apparently she was being monitored, now. The small creature, a goblin, with pale green skin, needle teeth, large, floppy ears and beady red eyes spoke, "The Lady would be pleased if you caught this one for her. Owe you a favor, she would. And it could be fun, you know... Mortals know better than to trifle with, hahaha, Dragons!" It sneered at her as it arched an eyebrow, making a mock-thoughtful gesture of taking hold of it's chin.


As Julius headed toward the accident, a man in rags pushing a shopping cart full of things came huffing by, occasionally looking over his shoulder. As he passed, in a rasping voice he warned Julius, "Don't go that way, man! There's MONSTERS in the streets! They crashed a bus, and they're tearin' up the neighborhood! Run!" and just like that, he was back to pushing his cart as fast as he could in the opposite direction.
"Nah, the institute said they'd cut my funding if I did that again..."

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Re: Faerie Games

Post by illirica » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:40 pm

Oh, there was something going on here, after all. Well, that was exciting.

There was a movement beside her, then a little pull at her clothing. Cailet glanced down at the little goblin - no surprise she hadn't seen it before, goblins were quite excellent at remaining unseen until when they wanted someone to see them. The Lady, hm? That was interesting. More interesting was the offer on the table, though. Cailet considered, then added, prudently, "One named favor, of anything within her power of my choosing, at the time and place of my choosing." One didn't bargain lightly with the fae, after all, or the Lady would buy her a coffee and say the favor had been done.

Not that Cailet didn't appreciate a good mocha latte, but it was a bit light for taking on a... dragon? Well, that was certainly interesting. Dragons didn't show up particularly often, after all. She waited, patiently, for agreement to the negotiation of terms. She also knew better than to throw her terms out and go after the dragon. Even humans knew that, the bright ones anyway. "You did that on your own." What was that from? Oh, the animated movie with the blue djinn and the little monkey. The book had been better. More deaths.

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Re: Faerie Games

Post by Heilerkatze » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:27 pm

Almost bumping into the two girls running towards him, they came to halt, staying in front of him starting to talk with him, then with each other.
Seemingly focused so much on their, for raiyo very confusing, argument, that his words went into the air unheard.
At least they want to get away here too. Hope they... his train of thoughts were halted by a loud roar. He turned his head, seeing that big man again. less humanlike with the big tusks and that beastly roar. Raiyo was glad that he didn't choose to fight that ... thing ... before.
Well. thats complicating things! he thought, grabbing one arm of each girl, pulling them with him forcefully, hoping they would'nt try and resist in face of this dangerous guy.
I hate beeing in the defensive, i promise i will never leave my gun at the department again if i survive this day

His head hurting from thinking hard about where the next save bunker were. they could get in, wait for the, already hearable, reinforcements to appear. Letting the girls arms go, just around the next corner, as pulling would drain to much of the little rest of stamina he had left, he lead the way towards a little bunker just behind the colony of houses. While running he tried not to bomb the two womans with questions, yet again, hes a cop and asking stuff was his nature, so raiyo asked.
"Do you have ANY idea what is going on? If you do, i wouldn't mind to know!" looking over his shoulder as he asked, he couldn't see that weird tusked man anymore, leaving him a little more worried than if he would.
If he knows that i try to reach the bunker, it could be a trap and hes waiting somewhere.
worrying for their savety, he looked at the two girls, hoping they would give him any information he could work with.
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Re: Faerie Games

Post by jehan » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:19 pm

As the strange man passed Julius, the Changeling raised a delicate eyebrow at him. Monsters? What curious fellows these humans were. The promise of monsters only served as an incentive, really, because with monsters came the hopeful promise of beings like Julius. It was lonely, knowing so few people like him - there were others, he was sure of it, but the only thing he'd seen of them were the shimmering trails that it seemed only he could see, because none of the humans around him saw them - or perhaps they simply ignored them, too wrapped up in their daily business to pay enough regard to the fae.

Whichever it was, it still left Julius almost alone, and much though he tended towards solitude, this did not mean he wanted to be alone all the time. He wanted to know beings like himself, who could understand what it was like to be an outsider. As he neared the crash, he caught sight of that wonderfully familiar sense that there was someone non-human nearby; the trail was fading quickly but he hurried to catch up, his strides elongating to speed up without having to break into a run.

It didn't take long until he caught sight of a young woman and a goblin; Julius paused, ducking into the doorway of a shop to observe them, attempting to remain undetected if he could. It was always wise, he'd found, to gather as much information as possible before he tried to make contact. After all, one could rarely tell a Changeling's allegiance at a glance, and he would rather not associate himself with some of the more unsavoury types. It appeared - from what he could hear, which was not a huge amount from this distance - that there was some kind of deal going down. How wonderfully curious.

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