[RP] ALIENS: Revival

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Re: [RP] ALIENS: Revival

Post by Cr25pltro6 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:39 pm

Ant should be worried that his leader was stuck in a collapsing metal box, he should be worried that aliens from movies were planning on using his guts for redecorating, HELL! He should be worried about his leg that was steadily flowing out blood. But he wasn't. Tooooooooo many unicorns were flying around his head for him to care

Anthony gave a small chuckle as he heard Boris talk to the panel. After taking a deep breath to help him focus on talking, he said "damn, I wanna make a joke here about Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine, but I'm just focusing on the Pegasus flying over there"

After looking up from the B ranked horror movie scene that was his leg, ant said "you think I can still be handy to command Artie? Cause I sure as hell ain't leggy anymore! Hahaha"

Anthony frowned, and said in a mock serious voice "that's a lot of blood PFC, who told you to bleed like that without permission! You bleed when I tell you to bleed! Not a second before!" Giving a half-hearted salute to an imaginary drill Sargent, Anthony replied to himself "yes, sir!"

Looking over Artie's shoulder, ant yelled out "anybody seen the medic, commands gonna make my life hell if I don't stop this bleeding"

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Re: [RP] ALIENS: Revival

Post by Tr0llz0r » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:20 pm

"Anybody seen the medic?! Commands gonna make my life hell if I don't stop this bleeding!" Ant yelled, prompting Mack to come over. "Aye, someone called for a medic?" He said as he knelt next to Ant, observing the wound while removing his backpack. "Holy shit, this looks bad..." He said as he pulled out a tourniquet from his backpack. As he started staunching the bleeding, he pulled out a container of Quick Clot. After he applied it, he started to bandage the wound. That's a lot of blood Ant... You might need a transfusion later. But hey, if you live through this, I'll treat you to a drink. So don't die lad." He chuckled to himself as he noticed that Ant was partially delirious. "Ant? Ant!" Mack said, while snapping his fingers close to Ant's face. "Can ya hear me, lad?"

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Re: [RP] ALIENS: Revival

Post by TehMagicPudding » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:46 pm

With Ant handed off to a medic, Artie holstered his pistol and switched back to his rifle. His hands shook from the pain in his leg. He reloaded as he waited for Mack to finish up with Ant and treat his leg.
"Ant, why didn't you tell us this was where your mom lived?" Artie's voice was shaky with fear. "I think she was mad that I didn't call back."
Artie kept his rifle at the ready, waiting to turn any monster who tried to make a move for him into peppered steak.
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Re: [RP] ALIENS: Revival

Post by Quirbles » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:46 am

The wicking fire of the flamethrower cast inhuman shadows along the walls of the cargo complex as a cacophony of screeches augmented the dancing silhouettes around the squadron. Richmond kept the grip on his flame unit tight, finger poised over the trigger; should he even so much as twitch his hand, a jet of flames would erupt from the barrel.

But he would not let his fear get the best of him.

The three had made it to the elevator at a languid pace, Mason and Quentin keeping vigil as the PFC fiddled with the equipment aboard the platform. The wires of the elevator shook fiercely for a moment, prompting the Staff Sergeant to whirl around and take a step towards the platform. Another loud clash from above and he lurched towards Ramirez, the platform plummeting as Richmond failed in his attempted rescue. He fell a moment later, barely making it into the cabin of the elevator before the descending roof over the two soldiers scraped past the floor of the complex.


Richmond's momentum continued past the elevator's halted descent and ended up transferring into the thin grate that served as the floor of their suspended prison. Pain flared up in his arm and consistently pulsed throughout his shoulder and hand as the Staff Sergeant rose to his feet, looking up above and seeing nothing but darkness.

"Lucky my God-damned tank wasn't punctured. You good, Ramirez?" Richmond spoke, a fleeting tone of shakiness appearing within his voice before returning to his usual calm demeanor. He looked to his left arm, the one that has struck the floor, and grimaced.

"Dislocated. Ramirez, I need you to pull on my arm. Now."

His sentence was through gritted teeth, as the pain of his injury had crescendoed with full force; if they were to get out of here alive, then the PFC next to him needed to relocate for him.

"I'm keeping my arm steady, just pull downward. Quick."

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Re: [RP] ALIENS: Revival

Post by Cr25pltro6 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:23 am

Look at that pony, it looks so pretty and special. And that one over there, it looks just like my highschool sweetheart! Even as a pony, she looks beautiful! And from the looks of it, she was trying to kiss me! This is awesome. Anthony leaned forward and pursed his lips, when all of a sudden.

*Snap* *snap* *snap* the sound of finger snapping shook Anthony out of his stupor, his faded eyes snapped into focus as he stared at Artie, struggling to recall what was said. After a second, he responded sarcastically "Hahaha real funny techie." Than a smile popped on his face, as he pointed at Artie's foot "But I think my mom must have really liked you, considering she fucked a hole in your foot! Hahahahaha!"

However, before Artie could retort with a comeback, Anthony's eyes faded back into a foggy haze. Slowly turning back to the medic, a grin still plastered on his face, Ant said to Mack "don't worry medic, when we get back to that magical school bus in the sky we call a ship, the salesman will cover our drinks for many years to come"

Anthony lazily put his finger up to his lips and said in a loud wisper "shhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone! It's our little secret."

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Re: [RP] ALIENS: Revival

Post by cz_invazion » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:29 am

"Can you peoples be of the quiet, I am having difficult time talking to Mrs. Weyland." Boris said in a cold demeanor. He always found it rude for other people to try and talk over a important conversation, especially when said conversation meant handling the lives of these people. As Boris messed around with the wires, circuits, and connectors of the panels interior frame work he spoke softly to it. "Oh Mrs. Weyland, I can see people before us were rather rude no? How about after this mess I treat you to a tea time yes? It would be a nice change of pace for a woman of your extravagant age." He finished. Soon he managed to turn the litteral space rats nest of wires and junk to a neat and organized layout. "Now please Mrs. Weyland help us." He's begged as he hit the reset button.

Soon the elevator made a very loud and deep clunk followed by a screeching of gears and shafts so loud that Boris is even sure he saw the aliens flinch. "Whoops..." Boris added as he swapped a couple of wires around. He hit the reset button and with another loud but some what happier sounded clunk, the elevator raised up a bit and gave out a nice but still audible beep. "Okay the elevator is of done fixing let's move." He said a she climbed in to it.
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Re: [RP] ALIENS: Revival

Post by Bigfoun » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:07 am


“Sarge!” Ramirez cried as Quentin tumbled into the elevator. It was a risky move that could have gotten the seasoned soldier killed. Panic overcame the young PFC as he silently nodded to whatever came out of Quentin’s mouth. Snapping back in reality, Ramirez now realized that he had to assist his staff sergeant with the problem he faced. That arm of his had dislodged itself from its socket. But, that doesn’t sound as bad as being mauled by an extraterrestrial creature.

“Alright, alright…” He would grab ahold of Quentin’s arm firmly and begin to pull downwards as he gritted his teeth. Suddenly, an audible POP was heard causing Ramirez to flinch. “I think that should do it!”

The elevator began to slowly rise as a result of Boris’ magic with that glitchy control panel. Anyone who missed the elevator would no doubt be blasted to high-hell by that orbital strike that was bound to arrive in any second.

“Orbital strike inbound in sixty seconds, Echo!”a voice rang through everyone’s comm system. This complex would be leveled to ashes very soon.

Outside the elevator, the creatures slowly began to close in on their prey. They seemed a tad bit conservative as if they knew it would be risky to attack. Could a wild beast really adapt that easily?

“God, they better hurry.” Ramirez peered through the elevator’s doors, wondering who was still kicking. He gripped his pulse rifle and pointed it straight-ahead. If one of those creatures tried anything, they’d surely regret it. He hoped...
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Re: [RP] ALIENS: Revival

Post by Cr25pltro6 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:23 pm

"now, let us fly away! To the fairy princess of our dreams!" This proclamation was shouted just before Anthony tried to walk to the elevator. Emphasis on "tried".

Anthony, feeling light as a feather due to his recent blood loss, decided to run as fast as he could towards the elevator door. The initial burst of adrenaline that pumped through him covered him for most of the distance, however as he was almost there, his melted stick of a leg sent a burst of excruciating pain into his body, causing him to do a weird spin/fall thing across the floor.

Now, at the lip of the elevator doors, Anthony's eyes cleared and the mindless illusions that painted his mind suddenly vanished, leaving him to realize the situation around him

At least three of the aliens behind their team were getting more courageous, ant knew this because they were slowly inching their way towards them. Consider that with the fact that Their medic and injured techie were the closest thing near the feral pack of beasts. Now add to the situation that if they started shooting, EVERYONE, will get coated from head to toe in acid. Based off of all of that, Ant came to the completely logical conclusion that they were fucked up the ass with a sandpaper condom

However, in a flash of pure brilliance! Anthony remembered how the pyros fire display didn't cause an eruption of green goo, HE NEEDED TO TELL HIS TEAM THAT FIRE WAS THE ANSWER!

Anthony gathered the rest of his strength and reached into the elevator with his left hand and hit the pyros foot. Once he got his attention he said loud and proud, with what his delirious mind interrupted as genius, "FIRE IS GOOD! ALIENS BAD! MIX TWO IN BOWL, GET SURVIVOR CAKE!"

Anthony promptly fainted afterwards

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