Super Century [Open]

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Re: Super Century [Open]

Post by Quirbles » Fri May 25, 2018 2:44 pm

Jiménez gave a low hiss as the super-soldier tried to fill his ears with nationalist lies. Americans— so complacent in their subordination, so... willing to sacrifice their lives for an entity that couldn't care less about them. The eagle's words only served to cloy the doctor, furthering the moral ground between the two fighters as Jiménez's mind turned again to thoughts of his family. Grace, the one person who still placed trust in him. Cristián, a boy who would have to face the same grueling deterioration that Héctor had, if not sooner. He fought and lost everything he had for them— nobody else. And he would keep it that way.

The doctor let out a coarse laugh, mocking the soldier's empty promises.

"You don't understand, do you? I would be bringing myself back to the same place that made me into the monster I am now. Your government is the same one that cast me out." Jiménez growled, his confidence returning as the embedded brass cartridges fell from his body to the sidewalk below. Pain faded from his wounds as a clear mind came to him. His wounds were fully healing, now, and it showed in his demeanor.

"We do not see eye to eye, águila, as there is no way to do so. Your promises mean as much to me as your bullets." The Scarlet Demon stated, the wound upon his head finally stitching shut.

"As I said before, you will have to take me to D.C. by force."

Six tendrils erupted from Jiménez's back as he shot up to a standing position, aided in his maneuver by two of the spontaneously generated limbs. The remaining four jutted towards the super-soldier, splitting into pairs of two in order to disable the winged device upon his back.

The mutated doctor sprinted forward, following the tendrils' path towards his target while utilizing the hardened flesh upon his limbs to protect him from the brunt of damage. There was an unspeakable risk in charging the soldier, but it needed to occur if Jiménez was to escape without pursuit. The doctor aimed low, ducking towards the man's legs in an effort to slash them open and impede his range of movement.

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Re: Super Century [Open]

Post by illirica » Fri May 25, 2018 5:38 pm

He took her hand, which surprised her.

Capacitor glanced down at the mechanical hand that held hers, tilting her hand slightly within his grasp to get a better look at it. She had to admit she was sorely tempted to give him a shock, like a 4th grader with a hidden buzzer, but she didn't want to risk frying the circuits. The Thundermachine really was a beautiful piece of work.

The man inside... well, he was a piece of work, too, but in a different sort of way. She let his hand go, before he could decide he was going to pretend he was holding hers. He'd come right back with that request, although at least this time he'd made it in person and not by proxy. She put her hands out for a moment and recalled her armor array, plates sliding back into place over her body. She left the helm pieces down, though. She wasn't really in any danger, and it looked better on camera.

"We can certainly discuss this further," she said, reassuringly. "You can leave the suit in one of the government bunkers if you'll be more comfortable. I assure you our Research and Development teams will make sure it's expertly cared for while you're out."

The odds of his going for that one were pretty low... but then again, she'd thought there was no way he'd go for the first offer, either. Teja wondered, briefly, if she could leave him with the R&D team and take the suit out to dinner. The conversation would probably be better. "My schedule isn't really my own these days," she said, on the dinner subject. "There might be a meeting." She turned a little, her eyes following the trajectory that Odin had taken into the sky. Virtue had wanted to meet with him, that evening. She'd been intended to shepherd. Now, though... "There might not," she admitted, with more concern. She hadn't liked the idea of Virtue meeting with Odin, to be certain, but she liked the current situation even less. At least with the original plan, she knew where one of the players stood.

When it came down to it, the problem was that she really did not want to go to dinner with him, and she especially did not want to give whatever 'analysts' were out there anything more to speculate on with respect to her love life, or lack thereof. It was really infuriating - if she'd been a man, they'd have been speculating about her technology and possible armaments. And other metas wouldn't come up and address her as Miss. "I don't know if I like you enough for dinner," she decided, spoken a lot more casually than she wanted her tone to be, but there was a hint of a smile there anyway. For the cameras, of course. Certainly not for him. "I'd love to see X-Tech's labs some time, though," she added, sweetly. She could be nice, if she wanted. "You could even give me a tour. I might put up with you for that long, if it were interesting enough."

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Re: Super Century [Open]

Post by Thundermachine » Sun May 27, 2018 7:28 pm

He gave her a small laugh, plated shoulders bouncing slightly. She'd almost gotten him to hand over the machine.

"I don't think your boys could get me out of this suit without breaking it. It takes a special touch," he said, looking briefly over at the civilians. The bloody remains of the Iron Curtain's prisoner had stained the grass an ugly red, but the cameras seemed to be focused upwards on the heroes. Funny how that usually seemed to happen.

"Come by our New York location. Call beforehand and I'll meet you in the lobby," he continued, giving her a thumbs-up. There were only so many ways to emote in the armor, after all.

"I've got a plane to catch. Till next time, Captain," he finished, craning his neck upwards before lifting off into the sky, luminous force-tubes on the bottoms of his boots propelling him higher and higher until he became little more than a dot. The jet he'd arrived in had been circling the area, and within minutes, he was back in the bay headed North.

He kept Ground Control muted, satisfied with the job he'd accomplished alone.

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Re: Super Century [Open]

Post by illirica » Mon May 28, 2018 2:25 am

Freedom Brigade Military Adjunct Base, Washington, Briefing Room 8C

"Well, that was a clusterfuck of epic proportions on all possible levels."

Teja sat down in a chair and leaned back, picking up the mug of industrial strength solvent that someone on the base thought was coffee, and staring into its murky depths as if it might somehow become less distasteful. Teja rather liked coffee, in the general sense, but 'briefing room coffee' was an entirely different beast. One that spent most of its time rolling around in shit. She braced herself, and took a drink anyway. It slithered down her throat like a tepid nightcrawler, and she grimaced and replaced the cup on the table. Blech. She wondered, idly, if they had better coffee over at X-Tech. Probably not.

No one argued with her statement, which was troubling all on its own. Odin and the Red Tsar had teamed up, and reports were coming in of destruction at one of Russia's gulags already. Teja didn't like it, but it was well out of her jurisdiction, and the government wasn't going to send her to Russia when they weren't even at war yet.

That dangling 'yet' at the end of her thoughts, she found ominous. Not for the first time, she wished Darryl were here. He was usually a cool head in a crisis - even if they didn't work together constantly, it was often enough that she trusted him. He was off with the Jimenez issue, though, and no one was going to bother him until he'd had a chance to get that under wraps.

The current situation... she'd done what she could with it. That didn't mean that she was happy with the outcome, though.

And in a way, even the Russia situation was better than the Internet situation right now. Apparently her little chat with Thundermachine had gotten some of the bloggers all riled up over their potential relationship. Apparently there were memes. She wondered what they'd decided to call it. "Capacitor" and "Thundermachine" were hard to blend. She'd come up with "Tejter Thots," which was the reason for her current self-inflicted institutional java torment session. Hopefully no one else thought of that one.

The funny thing was that at the end, he'd been almost polite. Still an arrogant, self-serving prick, of course... but almost a polite one. She sighed, aloud this time. "We really could use a look inside X-Tech," she admitted, following the train of her thoughts. She was going to have to go over there and play nice. She was getting very tired of playing nice. Sometimes, she just wanted someone to shoot at. Days like today, she wasn't even very particular about who it was.

No one argued with that statement either. She'd been hoping someone might. There was silence for a moment, then, quietly, "We can get you over there tomorrow, in the morning." It was pretty much a given that the planned meeting was postponed at this point, given that Virtue was still working on the Jimenez case and Odin had decided to become BFFs with the Red Tsar. Teja nodded assent, she didn't really want to push it for the evening, either. Maybe tomorrow would be a different sort of day.

Unfortunately, it still seemed like it was going to involve Thundermachine.

The meeting dwindled, to a close, and at some point someone thought to dismiss her.

Freedom Brigade Military Adjunct Base, Washington, Apartment of Teja Docesznik
Teja walked over to the side of the room, stepping on a specially designed platform and grabbing a metal bar, pushing charge out into the circuit system. A secondary capacitor, kind of like herself, it would hold her charge until she was ready for it. She let go after a moment, then opened a panel on the wall in the hallway, shutting off the circuit breaker to the bathroom. A few candles and a box of matches were on the vanity; she lit the candles and turned the shower on, letting it get hot before stepping in. Sometimes she missed showering like a normal person, but water conducted electricity far too well.

She really missed swimming. It had been something she'd enjoyed, when she was younger, but she couldn't risk being in a pool with other people these days. She would still swim if it were empty, but it wasn't the same. She could control her powers well enough, really, but doing stupid risky things just wasn't advisable. It was better to be safe. Even if that meant not swimming, and taking showers by candlelight. She gave herself eleven minutes, because it had been that sort of day, and stepped out and dried off before reactivating the circuit breaker.

Dinner was accomplished in the form of a deconstructed sandwich, which was apparently trendy these days and had nothing to do with the fact that Teja couldn't be bothered to put it together. She washed the dishes and sat down and pretended to read for twenty minutes before realizing that she had no idea what she'd just been reading, then shaking her head and deciding she was just going to go to bed. The bedroom, like the rest of the apartment, was quiet. There was a stand of plants in the window, most of them of the variety that were difficult to kill. Teja tended to be away for a while on short notice. She slipped into bed, velcroing a bracelet attached to a set of wires around one wrist before closing her eyes. Her charge stayed steady, slowly increasing throughout the night while she slept.

X-Tech Laboratories, New York
"You sure about this?" The voice was in her earpiece, and Teja privately wondered why they were asking now, when she was already in a car outside the lab. Probably because it was too late to back out.
"Of course I'm sure. Thundermachine has presented us with a brilliant opportunity to bring X-Tech into the Freedom Brigade's fold."

"...Save the bullshit for the media, Capacitor."

Teja smiled. "Of course, sir." She opened the door and stepped out into the morning sunshine, then walked up to the X-Tech door to announce herself. Let's see if X-Tech thinks Carter Jove is half as important as he obviously does.

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Re: Super Century [Open]

Post by Chevron » Mon May 28, 2018 5:16 am

The doctor was truly trying the patience of an otherwise patient man with his inability to fully grasp the situation. Did he not understand the extent the Freedom Brigade would go to protect the lives of the innocent; did he not understand the extent that Virtue himself would go to ensure his kids could walk to school feeling safe. Virtue had no more to say since the being in front of him said it best, they didn't see eye to eye.

Six tendrils shot forward from the Doctors back but, this time Virtue wouldn't fall for any tricks. The thing about his wings was that they functioned as more than just a device for him to move through the air like a bird. Four thick strands of crimson skin encircled him with their business ends aimed at his wings. He quickly shifted his weight like a boxer performing a dance. His shield swatting away two of the crimson strands while the other two audibly tore through the metal on the left side of his glider pack. His heads up display gave him all kinds of warnings about the damage to both his left wing and his left booster. Both of which he ignored, a soldier was trained to make the most out of any situation and to make any necessary sacrifices.

The doctors body moved low like a lion striking at the legs of its prey but, unlike the wilderness Darryl had years of training and experience in how to specifically kick a predators crimson ass. His right wing ejected, his lip muscles clenched, and with a high pitched whistle the metal wing flexed and slammed into the ground looking to sever the Doctors hands. At the same moment Virtue engaged his right booster sending himself spinning upwards before landing on the ground. It was a maneuver that kept him from being crippled for the rest of his life but, sadly left a small gap for the beast to escape. He was just counting on luck to stop that from happening.

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