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Post by IronCurtain » Thu May 17, 2018 6:25 pm

The Iron Curtain exposed a truly monumentally joyous attitude when Odin approached him, as if he were seeing a hero of the old Union come back from the winter abroad in Finland. He visibly clapped his hands together, the resonating plates of old Soviet steel clamoring together in a mass showing of noise and his truly monstrous strength. No hydraulics assisted him, as his limbs were propelled merely by the power of his own muscles and frame.

He approached Odin, and Odin alone, ignoring most anything else in the situation.

"Ah, comrade, the things I can tell you about the Romonov twins. They were deserters of the Red Army back in the late 80's, in the Afghanistan campaign. But they didn't leave because of miscommunication with command," he leaned in closer.

"They left, otherwise they would be tried as war criminals," he sauntered back over to Sasha's corpse, and dragged it up by the arm. The repairs made to the head and neck area were quickly dissolved by another brutal showing of Dmitri's overall contempt for both the creature as well as the one who attempted to heal him.

Not only was the head removed again, but it was thoroughly pulverized in one hand. The fingers left baseball bat-circumference gouges in the meat and bone, squeezing the brain matter out of the bottom of the neck in a deluge of highly-pressurized blood and spinal fluid.

He looked at Capacitator with a passing glance, mildly warning her of continued interference before dropping the mangled cranium, if it could even be called that anymore. Sasha's body followed Dmitri's lumbering movements, the arm torn out of socket and dangling as well as any leash would.

"Over seventy counts of murder, fourteen of which were under the age of eighteen - the youngest being six. Over a hundred robberies, mostly unnamed convenience stores or homes. And almost thirty known reports of rape between them, most of those reports ending in another statistic for their murder charges," he lifted Sasha by the shoulder, grabbing him between the neck and hip in both hands.

"I would call this justice,"

And without any sort of subtlety in his actions, the Red Tsar pulled the corpse in half, fully bisecting it. No resistance from the augmented muscle. The bones that withstood hundreds of tons of force, the flesh that lifted it in full capacity falling away as mere tissue paper. All gone. Nothing to be salvaged.

Again, a passing glare towards Capacitator.

"There is yet one last Gulag in Russia, my friend. It houses prisoners from across the decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union, criminals that could never be contained otherwise. They eat the food of the people. They drink their water. They spend money on machines to keep them in place. It is a worthless system,"

The Iron Curtain gave a small laugh.

"But you have made things different. You rattled the cage. I like that. Let's make a song of it, so that it will be heard louder then what we can do alone."

He extended his hand.
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