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Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:44 pm
by illirica
There didn't seem to be much point to standing around a hangar bay discussing fatalistic views of the universe - indeed, that was the proclivity of soldiers, not experts. Consequently, Karana was pleased when introductions were kept brief, although in some cases she felt they'd been a bit too brief. Some of her compatriots, it seemed, had little to say to the others. She would have to work on opening lines of communication, but for now she listened to everyone. Miss... Shade, Karana presumed, by the way Mr. Blackwell had named her - reading between the lines suggested she was not as standard human as she appeared, either heavily augmented or one of the humanic races of the universe. By the conversational drift, Karana thought it likely the latter. There were a few, often shapeshifter races, who preferred to adopt a form similar to those to whom they were speaking. She was rather curious what Miss Shade actually was, but with the look she still had in her eyes, she wasn't going to invite her for a tête-à-tête any time soon, if at all.

The pink haired woman spoke with an unexpectedly strong accent, not difficult to understand, but a bit of a surprise in a galactic environment where most people strove for neutral accents. If she had a language issue, it was in the flavorful nature of her vocabulary. It was, however, nothing Karana hadn't heard before. The amphibiod introduced himself with a good deal more politeness and attention to detail than most of the others, although Karana wasn't sure if 'Master Thief' was a memoir of arrogance or of a language barrier. He seemed polite enough, anyway. She wondered, idly, what he had stolen. Karana would have to speak with him at some point and discuss thievery. She wasn't against stealing in the slightest, so long as it was done properly, without leaving a trail. Karana wasn't particularly interested in the physical aspects of stealing, but she was exceptionally good with paperwork. If Mr. Werpet was intending to steal things, she thought it would be good to offer her services in preemptive accounts reconciliation.

The blonde girl seemed much more concerned with her mechanical counterparts than her interpersonal ones, quickly detaching herself to address her personal concerns over the handling of her equipment. Karana made a note of it, as it was likely that Miss Lionfang was a bit of a tinkerer - Karana would have to determine if she was the sort of tinkerer who was incredibly good at engineering, in which case she might be of assistance in some quiet off-record upgrades to Karana's own Equity, or if she was the sort of tinkerer who mostly took things apart to see what they had done, in which case Karana wanted her as far from Equity as possible.

Miss Lionfang preferred 'Viv,' and Mr. Blackwell preferred 'Morgan.' Informality seemed to be the predominant streak in the group, Karana noticed. She would have to mirror that for better cohesion. The Silwin was Chellis, and Karana was intrigued though not entirely surprised when Mr. Blackwell drew her aside to speak to her privately. The implication, of course, was that there was more going on than would be immediately apparent at the surface, and that a natural empath would pick up some of the undercurrent. Mr. Blackwell was intelligent to nip that one in the bud and make sure the stories were straightened out and keep Chellis from using her natural abilities for speculation.

The android - Karana thought it likely that's what he was, although cyborg was also a possibility - seemed the more abrasive type, with danger-seeking behaviors that led him to target the unstable-looking Shade, likely attempting to provoke a reaction. He would need to be carefully managed, lest his impolitic probes create dissonance. He'd started smoking a cigarette, which was a very strange habit for an android and a filthy one for anyone else. Karana disapproved the behavior with a mildly judgmental glance, but said nothing about it for the present time.

The group was herded into an elevator, in which they 'just so happened' to bump into the President of the Hub, by some coincidence taking exactly the same elevator at exactly the same time as the rest of the group. That little 'chance' encounter had no doubt been scripted well in advance, and Karana thought it likely he had been waiting within the elevator since they'd gotten on board, probably watching a recording of their initial disembarkment. He, too, seemed determined to be casual, although Karana thought the thanks for the service they were to provide was a bit off, riding the line between grateful and desperate. The Hub, perhaps, was not so perfectly stable as it would prefer to be thought of. She would have to shift a few stocks around.

Miss Lionfang seemed determined to make eager conversation, spilling inquiries one after another with little chance for more than cursory answers to trickle in. Karana deflected the one aimed at her with a polite smile and a calm, "I should certainly enjoy getting to know you better in a later setting, but I hardly think this is the arena for an airing of my personal vices. Let us say that determining them shall be left as an exercise to the enquirer for the time being."

It was not so long a ride, and the chime sounded as the elevator arrived at their destination, a conference room indistinguishable from the thousands of conference rooms Karana had been privy to in her lifetime. The President displayed himself in a seat, Karana took the opportunity to maneuver herself into the seat at his left, a silent bit of politics and power play, though she didn't address him directly, instead watching the rest of the team assemble, and glancing up at the opposing doors as they opened, revealing a blonde woman who addressed them as the ubiquitous Commander, and lay a file on the table.
"Before I begin, do you have any questions?"
Karana sat up in her seat, keeping her gaze on solely Commander Chernova, without the slightest look at the man beside her. "Is there a reason for Mr. President to have such a vested interest in this venture?" she asked, making it quite evident the question was asked of the Commander. The underlying inquiries, of course, was Why is he here? and Doesn't he have better things to be doing? and If this is a Black Ops mission, shouldn't he be distancing himself from it politically rather than sitting in on the meeting?, and, again, emphatically, Why is he here?

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Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 2:06 am
by Quirbles

Another match, scraped against the side of the compact box it was packaged in. The flame was raised to yet another cigarette, held for a moment to let it catch against the end of the butt, and quickly shaken out and dropped to the ground. The boxes of matches and cigarettes were both buried into a jacket pocket. Again. It was a process that was familiar, done but a few minutes ago in the same fashion, and Jax relished in the comfort that its routine brought. It was a calming mechanism, a wave of relief over his sullen mind. He closed his eyes for a second, breathing in a toxic tide of chemicals.

He'd started smoking a year or two after his activation, and it was his tick to smoke whenever something agitated him. Rather than suffer a second outlet of bloodlust, he contained it within the small package of tar-filled tubes in his pocket. It was common for him to go through an average of... about a pack a week, though the chemicals and materials within the cigarettes had no ill effect upon his health. No, he had no lungs to blacken; no gums to destroy; no teeth to yellow. Sure, the second-hand smoke given off was commonly brought up whenever somebody got pissed about his habit, but compared to the alternative? He was practically bathing in holy water.

So why smoke two cigarettes within the span of minutes? Well, he smoked to calm himself, and something had him really fuckin' un-calm. It was a very quick onset of paranoia, and he had that God-damn Silwin to thank for it.

It felt like probes, digging deep into his brain. Not even painful, but incredibly uncomfortable. He cocked his head to the side and narrowed his eyes at the intrusion, the sensation of various invisible tentacles curling around his head and sliding into his consciousness increasing in intensity as what felt like an eternity dragged on. He almost felt like reaching out, walking towards that damn empath and grabbing her skull—

Silence. Blissful silence, and the sensation of an unwanted guest dissipated.

J4X looked over to the Silwin in time to catch the tail-end of a head turn, most likely away from where he was in the hangar. He suspected it was tough for her to handle, staring at him like a fuckin' deer in headlights, and it was just a little less tough on him. He'd experienced similar treatment on Melbourne S9, though the Silwin on that shit-hole were much more upfront about their uninvited digging. Never could break in, though, no matter how hard they put their pretty little brains to it. He was just glad he managed to escape containment before they moved onto non-telepathic methods of breaching his skull.

Jax took a long drag off his second cigarette, staring at the Silwin for a moment longer than he should have before looking back at the ground. So much damn talking that at first glance, he would've guessed this was a fuckin' AA meeting. Not that he would've been out of place; he loved drinking alcohol as much as the next drunkard. The difference was that he had no bodily repercussions for doing so. Jax was a man who could handle his liquor, and he wondered if the regular John Wayne up in front of him could do the same. Perhaps a drinking contest was to be in order, should the opportunity present itself. Maybe Morgan was the "holier-than-thou abstinence" type, hell if he knew.

Another drag from the cigarette drew another wave of calm. The girl in shackles had rambled on about her eating habits again, hadn't she? Did she realize he couldn't give a fuck about her eating habits, or was she trying to defend her apparent status as a diabetic? More introductions, more talking, and he tuned it all out. Jax took another drag from the cigarette, tapping the ash gathering from the smoked remains on the front of the butt and watching the cloud fall slowly to the floor. He closed his eyes again, only to hear a flurry of footsteps and mumbled conversation. Opening his eyes in response, he was greeted with the sight of a moving crowd, finally. Morgan and the Silwin were off talking about private matters, matters that he didn't care about, so the Conscious lagged behind the group of his squad-mates and boarded the elevator along with everyone else. Two men he didn't recognize from the task-force were present, and one of them spoke up. This, he paid attention to. Jacob, President of the Hub.

The fuck?

Alarms rang off in J4X's mind. He'd done shady work for the corrupt politicians of Aurelius, and not once had any of them contacted him or the team he worked with directly. That was rule one: you send a grunt to relay important information, unless you want a scandal with your rival's blood on your hands. Even the dumbass dirtbags he worked for knew that basic tenet, so why was the most powerful man in the galaxy sharing an elevator with them like he was a fuckin' everyman? Did he want to commit political suicide?

The Conscious remained quiet, taking another drag off his cigarette as one of the women from the earlier crowd asked about his habit. He listened to her question and contemplated his response for a moment.

"I'm not A.I. You know that, right?"

Jax shook his head and took another drag, blowing a small plume of smoke into the cramped area of the elevator. President or not, it was his choice to get in the Goddamn elevator with everyone. The robot didn't exactly care who he offended at this point, given his criminal record. The elevator doors slowly opened and Jax stepped out, dropping his cigarette and treading over it with one fluid motion. Depending on how this meeting went, he'd be doing that all over again very soon.

Briefing was boring, set to the same tone as the last bout of introductions. A bunch of racist assholes had a big bomb, and were going to use said bomb if they weren't apprehended. A small smile spread over the robot's face at the thought. Hell, he'd kick a man's ass if the price was right. The human supremacy? Icing on the cake. If anything, it was incentive to savor the damage he caused. Jax only had so many outlets for emotion these days besides smoking and drinking.

"I got a question." Jax piped up, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall's support.

"Well, two, actually. I'm guessing that lethal force is cleared? Also, why the hell is he here," The robot asked, pointing to the President of the Hub for the latter part of his sentence, "if we're using it? I mean, getting a private group of contractors? I'm no politician, but I can tell you that it won't look good for you if your name's attached to covert casualties, lethal or non-lethal."

He didn't like the look or feel of this at all.

Yeah, probably gonna need another cigarette.

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Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 2:54 am
by LunaHawk
Haed was silent for most of the trip. She observed quietly, watched the movements and trepedations of the others but so long as she was starving, she had rather little to add. Of course Time Siphons were always starving, starvation was part of their makeup, they felt at all times on the verge of death for want of food. The difference here was that her temporal reserves were low and so Haed had no intention of drawing any attention to herself, her powers were presently limited, as was her ability to easily regenerate.

When she was approached in the elevator she shifted her starving gaze temporarily to the excitable woman that approached her, only for the guard to move her way. She considered the girl for a moment, she would make an excellent meal, if it weren't for everyone else in the elevator with her. At quick count she was fairly certain she could attack the majority without anyone noticing until it was too late, but she wasn't willing to risk it. Besides that, there was no more than an immediate future there. IF she killed everyone in the elevator her memory pane would partially repair and her powers would increase but she'd never manage to take on the entire ship, let alone the entire Hub when it decided to chase her down. So instead, she played the hand she was dealt.

Once ushered into the briefing room she again quietly observed everyone and moved through the room, behind the others, in silence. She watched and listened carefully to every word uttered and ultimately came to the table when the visual model of the reactor turned bomb was created. She crouched down in front of it during the demonstration, reaching out to almost touch it while the doctor spoke at length about its properties. Her eyes lit up.

The power of a star...

the power of a star...

the power of a star...

A star had a temporal line billions of years long, it would be enough to restore the vast majority of her memory pane, grant her drastically extended ranges and abilities. It was...tantalizing...perfect. A powerful Time Siphon could and sometimes did consume a true star out in the void but most couldn't get close enough, their ranges were limited and their temporal armor could only absorb so much. Even before she'd lost her temporal armor, Haed had never had that kind of least...not that she remembered. There were stories of course, old Time Siphon legends of the Days of Empire when Raeyn and the Circle of Nine held court over a vast empire. It was said that Raeyn herself could consume whole galaxies and had indeed done so. Haed shuddered at the thought.

She had seen Raeyn once on Cocytus, the Circle of Nine had gathered the moment she arrived almost on instinct. It was a level of power that had pushed Haed away just looking at it, it had actually hurt to visualize them. Most lesser Time Siphons such as herself gave them a wide berth because the level of power contained within the Circle of Nine was astronomical...but the level of power in Raeyn? Raeyn, the First Time Siphon, the oldest Time Siphon...fifty thousand years old by most estimates with the power to crush galaxies on a whim, the Second Siphon of the Circle of Nine, the Butcher of Skalathrax, the Parasite of Navidian, the Devourer of Andoro...the titles went on...and on...her name in some languages was a curse, in others enough to cause people to make holy marks with their hands. Out here no one had heard of her, they were far from Cocytus, so very far.

Haed felt shame that she had run from Cocytus when she had seen Raeyn, shame still that she was still afraid to go back. Raeyn could demolish her in an instant, the woman could travel in the space between time, the moments between heartbeats. She was the last person Haed wanted to piss off. Also the last person she wanted to be around, just in case Raeyn needed a snack.

That was of course the core of Haed's problem, she was a coward. She knew it too, she had no delusions that she was brave or even bold. She was afraid of her Time Siphon heritage as much as she was people who wanted to extinguish her existence. She saw the levels of power that some could attain, but had no confidence in attaining it herself. Here though...

Her eyes shown with anticipation. A star...within reach.

Then it hit her like a building dropped from the sky by a wrathful giant.

I'm their insurance policy.

Almost certainly, that was what he had said, beneath all the other layers of commentary and briefing. He could contain the bomb...almost certainly.

And if he couldn't...

Her eyes grew cold, the animal in her mind grinned. It adored being right.

She turned her gaze to the man giving the briefing...and to their commander.

"So, what's your backup plan if he can't contain it?" She left the question hanging in the air, her voice entirely neutral and devoid of her near certainty that she was the backup plan. She wanted to see if they had the guts to say it to her face.

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Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:16 am
by Poetic Ghost
A pair of the crew began to express their interest in the presence of President McConnelly, primarily due to the fact he was present in the company of contracted mercenaries for a off-the-books operation.

"Well..-" Chernova began.

President McConnelly took his feet off the table and stood up, making his presence even more pronounced in the room, not allowing Andromeda to speak a word. "If you must know, this is my Hub. Unlike my predecessors, I choose to intervene when terrorists threaten the Hub Alliance, something that I've worked very hard to maintain and strengthen." He answered, speaking his mind with patriotism and purpose. "Defense is something I take very serious... especially when these supremacists think they can reek havoc with little more than a media statement from me."

"These guys are fucking scumbags, Jax. Neither me or the media give a shit whether how you deal with them. I'd be called a hero if this got out, but sometimes you want to let your enemies think they can step on you, so you can laugh in their face when they figure out how fucked they are."

"And you know, I have the best PR department in the galaxy."

- - -

"So, what's your backup plan if he can't contain it?"

Borous was silent for a moment. "If by some tiny variable, I cannot contain the energy source, and my backup plan doesn't work, we've considered that letting you use your expertise to contain such energies... as the secondary backup plan."

Chernova gave Haed a very serious look. "This is a last resort option... in the event that the man who invented the technology cannot control it, you can deal with it."

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Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:22 am
by Myrn
Aw shite. She's only allowed to play around if she read the dang manual first. She guessed she could entertain the idea, even though she'd rather learn about her work piece by piece. Better get started on it now while she had the chance to. The faster she finished the more time she had for her soon to be babies. For the most part of the way, she had ignored everyone, only half listening and nodding along as if agreeing with what she heard. Lilith had only bothered to look around when she had stepped out of the elevator- wait she was in an elevator? Fuck. She perfectly zoned out whilst reading and now there were more people. Important people. And the top dog himself was here too. Not that she cared much about that fact. How much did she miss?

"Let's begin."

Oh, not much apparently. Lilith took a glance at the photos but did not sit. She didn't want to go breaking things already yet. So the plan was to get the quack to the bomb, protect said quack, disable the bomb, and if shite hits the fan, the crazy chick deals with it. Guess that covers it. Either or, whatever is dealt to her she'll take it head-on. Fuck, it was either death now or later to begin with. Seems legit.

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Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:12 pm
by Azra
"Nope have no idea what you are. Figured it's better to let you say it as much as possible." The blonde remarked brief and quick in response towards the mechanical figure. She didn't like reading a paper on people as that just never carried what Viv desired, it was doctored and written pretty. The files the military gave always said what the military wanted to say. For the most part however Viv tried to be quiet to listen and absorb information as opposed to allow herself distractions. Even if Doctor Borus had the kind of tattoos the blonde could briefly get lost in. Stars and aliens captured in murals that used flesh as a canvas.

Sons of Adam, name a lone sounded pretentious to the pilot. They had a Nova Mass Reactor, using that as a weapon said it all in the name. Given the probable size of the weapon Viv doubted it'd be anything grossly destructive in level, might not shatter a solar system or demolish a planet she theorized it would at least be an instrument of mass destruction to wherever it was used. A baseball sized scorch mark on a table was a nice teaser of what could possibly be a much larger catastrophic turn of events. It was also on Neo Vegas, which likely meant a wide array of authorities or criminals who'd want to jump in their way whatever they might do. The plan was a simple one leaving room to adapt and get inventive when needed, it still sounded like a rather risky business. Room for questions came up, and the first one didn't really resonate for Viv.

Why was the president here? Viv imagined it was to oversee an investment and human curiosity, was perhaps out of place but fair from what she could tell. Regardless rank demanded Viv stay her hands and thought and not bother questioning what the man did with his time and business. They questioned what amount of force was granted, that mattered to Viv. It clarified what limits were and the way it'd be answered would tell the kind of mindset of the operation. What was the backup plan was also a question posed to the crew, always a good thing to know Viv thought. Escort missions could go south rather easily and unlike in training missions or games there wasn't an ability to call for a simple do over.

Answers came and started out well for the pilot's taste he was there because they cared. The opposition was scum what came to them didn't matter to the employers. The chilling inmate of a companion was answered with herself being the backup plan. That caught the pilot off guard. "Firstly do we know what kind of defenses the Sons have? And secondly sir apologies" she started stern and uniform in her address to the official ranks before turning to the team member. "But how the shit do you plan to deal with it in that case? You don't exactly come off as a nuclear physicist. I was trained to try and know my crew like I should my vehicle, and you seem like the smuggler compartment nobody wants to share in the blueprints you know?" Viv was more curious then enraged but still that bit of information was far to off putting for her tastes. "That last resort touch doesn't help have confidence I might add."

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Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:28 am
by LunaHawk
Haed...giggled. She stood up and turned her full attention to the girl who seemed to think she could question her legitimacy as a backup plan. The cattle was irritating, all of them were though so long as she was too weak to enforce her own will. Instead of killing her or forcing her onto her knees, she was forced to smile convincingly. She hated it.

"Me? No I'm not a scientist. I'm...I'm the fire extinguisher." She grinned and pointedly did not elaborate. "You know, break glass in case of fire. That's me. That's why I'm here, because they needed a fire extinguisher on the off chance the brains over here can't undo the damage...because you always want to have a fire extinguisher, just in case someone sets the kitchen on fire and your sprinkler system doesn't work."

Haed reached out as if about to put her hand on the girl's shoulder but stopped herself. The temptation of contact in her current state would have been too much. "Do you see?" She licked her lips, teeth glinting in the artificial lighting of the room. "You're right about one thing though, I am the part no one wants to talk about, because then the government would have to make certain...admissions." "Know what I mean? Just remember, sometimes that smuggling compartment can save your life."

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:13 am
by Poetic Ghost
"Firstly do we know what kind of defenses the Sons have?"

"Military grade arms and munitions, possibly AMP Vehicles. All acquired through their leader, an ex-soldier by the name of Ezekiel Keyes.." Commander Chernova brought an image up onto a large monitor behind her desk. It was a photograph of a man in a military uniform, but he looked too rugged, too rebellious, too militant. "Keyes is the de-facto leader of the Sons of Adam. He has experience from years of serving in the United Human Colonial Military, but was discharged after a psych evaluation. He believes that all of Humanity is under attack from the other races..."

"This isn't a good image for anyone... he shows pictures of warzones where Human children have been killed, and then burns a foreign hospital to the ground." President McConnelly said, pinching his nose. "The Hub doesn't need division like this, it could bring us back to before the Hub Alliance," he spoke honestly. "We need him taken care of, I don't care what happens, but he can't be allowed to continue to disrupt the peace."

Commander Chernova took charge again. "That's all we have, Borous' informant will most likely have more information. Your ship is docked in the hanger."


- - -

Morgan led his crew back to the hanger, without President McConnelly. During their meeting, a freighter had docked. Once Morgan saw it, he sighed and spoke up. "A Helios Class cargo freighter? I can't believe the Brass couldn't get us a nicer ship.."

"Don't disrespect my Zoria..."

A voice boomed from behind the crew. As Morgan turned his head, his eyes caught glimpse of a massive woman, with tattoos and scars covering her biceps. A head of pink hair was cut into a stylish undercut, and slicked back by sweat. She was laying on her back against a bench, and in her arms was a torpedo. Almost the size of herself, and yet she was bench pressing this explosive with ease. "Just let me finish up my set..." She called, pushing out the last few reps in her workout. "498.. 499.. 500!" She exclaimed, and set the torpedo down next to the bench before grabbing a nearby waterbottle and towel. She walked towards the group, growing an inch with each step closer.

"The name is Captain Chayka Rhitanya Vasilivech... that's a mouthful, I know. Just call me Rhee. I'll show you onboard my ship..."

- - -

Despite the rough exterior, the ship was quite homey and comfortable inside. "This is the commons. The bathrooms are through the left hall, and quarters are to the right... problem is that I've only got a few rooms, so a few of you might need to share a room... oh! The workout room is down that way too.." She said, showing the crew to a set of six rooms, each with a bed and locker for personal items. Rhee continued through the ship, showing you to the cockpit, and the messhall. The ship wasn't huge, but there was enough room for the Nine Tailed Fox team.

"So, welcome aboard. I'm about to pull my girl out of this hanger, hope you've got all your stuff. We've moved your vehicles into the cargo bay below, it's a tight squeeze down there, but we made it fit." She said, wasting no time as she closed the airlock doors and waited for the bay to open so she could leave The Vanguard.

The liftoff and departure was smooth. The Captain knew her ship, and knew the way she walked. In a matter of minutes, you were in space, beginning a course to Vegas. "This is your captain speaking, please choose a room and settle in, I'm working to get the ship prepped for long haul, meaning you'll be spending the night on the luxurious Zoria, so if we knew where we were sleeping, that would be great.. Thank you!"

"And dinner is at 10! Hope you all like chili!"

Morgan stood in the middle of the commons room and spoke up. "Okay, we can take it easy for a bit before we make it to Vegas, so settle in and make sure you're ready for when we get there, alright?" With that, he shouldered his dufflebag and moved towards one of the rooms. "Oh, and two of you are going to have to share a room... I counted."

(Welcome aboard the Zoria! This is a great time for character interaction and fun in the story. The Zoria has a number of luxuries onboard, your captain has put together quite the ship. Among these luxuries are; a gambling table, fully stocked kitchen, cargo bay with enough tools to refit an army of AMP-Vs, a workout room with all sorts of weights and exercise equipment, a commons room with the latest in holographic entertainment, and a steam room... to name only a few!)

(As always, questions should be sent to me, please.)

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:50 pm
by Someguy500
Farris pretended not to get blown away when the freaking President of the Hub entered, since he was still half-sulking half-skulking indignantly from noone giving him a second look for his introduction. If he had pockets, he'd have stuffed his four-fingered hands into them. He did manage to keep more of a straight face; still surprised, but in a more neutral manner. It wasn't easy; when he dropped the spiel on beating these murderers, for a few rare moments, only one thought rang through Farris's mind.

"Fuck yeah, I'd vote for him."


Later, on the ship, his demeanor cooled down some from both the excitement and the disappointment of their introduction. Dipping into one of the rooms nearest to the games room, he hefted his rucksack and suitcase onto one of the mattresses with an utterance of the supreme argument to end all disputes of ownership, "Bagsies". His tone was the same one he had used while interrupting his own introduction, likely his normal voice. Odd for a supposed career criminal, but stereotypes didn't count for a lot nowadays anyway. He stepped out, almosy performing a flourish against his better judgement, and barely missed someone walking past.

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Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:54 am
by Myrn
The booming voice from behind was enough to give Lilith an icy chill, not from fear but rather from shock or surprise from the sudden volume. As she turned to find the owner of the voice, Lilith was greeted by quite the sight. The woman was large with impeccably toned muscles and alive or was it animated. Whatever the heck it was, she had it.

The similarly pink haired woman called herself Captain Chakya, no. Chakra, fuck. Chayka Retina, nope. Rhitnie, what? Retanya, uhh.. Rhitanya Vassel- oh fuck this. She'll just stick to Rhee.

= = =

The short tour was just that, short. Sweet. Lilith had eyed the others not too keen on sharing a room with any of them.. save for the metal can. Did she ever get its name? Even so, Lilith would prefer to keep what little privacy one could get aboard a ship. As Rhee finished speaking Lilith was quick to pick up her own duffel bag of personal belongings and sped walked out the door.

"Don't gotta tell me twice!"

Lilith was quick to grab the first single room she saw and nearly kicked the door in when she had tossed her bag to claim it as hers. That took care of that and she was free to do as she pleased. As she turned the corner some twirling twit damn near barged into her and barely missed.

"Oi! Watch where ye steppin twinkle toes." Lilith cared not she was in fact admonishing someone who eclipsed her in height. If anything it just made her all the more upset because she would have to watch out for some bumbling fool now.