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Re: Redemption

Post by Annasiel » Wed May 16, 2018 7:02 am

Chellis' hand met nothing but air as Jax quickly withdrew, and she almost stumbled. At first, she seemed surprised, mouth hanging dumbly open, but that quickly shifted into... into what almost seemed to be hurt. Not the wincing from the pain of the static prior. A more emotional score, the face of someone only trying to help but turned away. She quickly pulled back into herself, eyes returning to the neutral stare, arms wrapping tight around her chest.

"Don't— touch me."

Then - Jax began to glow. Chellis stared. All along the length of his arms, the symbols, aforethought tattoos, shone with a dull crimson light. Pain and fear flashed across the Conscious' face. Did he not know what this was? Or did he know, and the prospect scared him? If the signs themselves hurt, was it a product of whatever had ailed him, or perhaps from catalyst stress, or perhaps...

No, no, no! This was not the time to postulate. Slipshod theories and thoughts aside, it was selfish to delve into curiosity when the poor thing seemed terrified beyond thought. Not just terrified, but sick!

"Can I..." Chellis began, but she no longer had his attention. His eyes were staring off into the distance behind her, focused on - she turned to trace their gaze - absolutely nothing. There was nothing over there, but for a table and the wall. She looked back to the man, concern (and a tinge of fear herself) evident on her taunt face. The buzzing was rising to a painful pitch again, but she did her best to ignore it, again reaching a hand out for comfort. She didn't have anything else to do. She didn't know what else she could do.

"For the first time in my life, I think I'm going to fucking vomit," Jax muttered, and he brushed past her in a causal hurry. She tracked him as he left the room, staring at the door even after he had departed. She'd done that too him. He'd seemed convinced it was her doing, and for all she knew, he was right. Some unknown creature that, for whatever reason, had a psychosomatic response to Silwin mirroring. She'd done it. She hurt him. She'd kept pressing and pressing and trying to help and only succeeded in making things worse and hurting him more and...

She... she...

God. What to do. What to think. This was unprecedented, unexpected, and the fact that under the horror at what she might have caused, morbid curiosity lurked, made it far more a bitter pill to stomach. If she had tear ducts, she would have cried, but instead merely stood with wide-eyes looking at the door. Waiting for Jax's return, perhaps. If anything else, just listening to her self-deprecating thoughts.

After a short while, the door swung open again. Chellis jumped. Jax approached her, seeming... calmer, perhaps... smiling fakely.

"Sorry about that. Upset stomach. Or... chest. Whatever I have."

His breath reeked. It smelled like alcohol, which was to be expected, but also tinged with the bitter tang of iron. She knew that smell. Fainter than it was on the breath of humans, but familiar all the same. Blood. He had thrown up blood. It was a studied stress response in various species, but also an indicator of things far more serious. Even if it were just a stress response, why was that the least bit okay?

"Is... is that wise?" Chellis replied, voice faint. Even lower than a whisper, the words rode soft breaths that strained ears to hear. "I hurt you, didn't I? I hurt you. I think it is best for me to keep my distance."

Before she even finished her sentence, she was already backing away.
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Re: Redemption

Post by LunaHawk » Wed May 16, 2018 12:53 pm

Haed gazed warily into the pot as if it's contents might suddenly leap out and assault her. If the appearance of "chili" was any indication she should be thankful her body only had a digestive system because the body she wore had had one. Food she ingested never survivied long enough for anything approaching digestion. She glanced at her erstwhile teacher and then back at the pot. She had seen stranger, but not much. The Time Siphon made what could be assumed an irritated noise, grabbed a bowl and filled it with the questionable paste.

"I should have never told you I could do this." She said. In pronounced description of her irritation she left the pot and the two standing around it and pulled out a chair from a table located in the center of the room. While the paranoid usually sat with their backs to walls the Time Siphon's temporal vision gave her functional three hundred and sixty degree vision and being in the center of the room maximized the radius of her temporal drain should she fall under attack.

She realized in that moment she had forgotten something of great value to eating...a utensil...and also a drink. She frowned and went to collect both missing artifacts of the races disgusting enough to physically eat food and secrete waste. She chose her drink carefully, water, because though she did not digest, she had learned that others were unaware of this and many lookked down upon copious consumption of alcohol.

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Re: Redemption

Post by Quirbles » Thu May 17, 2018 12:30 am

"Is... is that wise?"

What little smile that remained on Jax's face quickly gave way to a frown. He initially didn't quite understand what she was getting at but soon understood what she meant. She's scared, isn't she? Not of you, but of what you made her think she did. She's afraid that she'll hurt you. Jax furrowed his brow ridge for a moment, a hint of confusion evident on his relatively inexpressive face.

"What do you..." He reached out a hand to try and grab Chellis' shoulder. A way of affirming that he was fine, that the entire situatiom with the visions and— whatever happened with his body wasn't her doing, but even he wasn't entirely confident in his reasonings. The dull whine in the back of his head hadn't been forgotten, a clear reminder of Chellis' gift to get inside people's heads. Melbourne-9 once again came to mind with the invasive and even borderline sociopathic tendencies of the Silwin posted on that shithole of a planet. What they couldn't get out of prisoners with their ability, they'd coax out with manipulation.

But this isn't a prison planet, you asshole. This is a transit ship and she was somebody who was trying to help.

Though it wouldn't seem conventionally possible in a metal being, a glint of pained guilt appeared in Jax's orange eyes. The distance between Chellis and his hand had grown exponentially. She was moving away from him, afraid that she'd cause him harm. It angered him somewhat, how she thought that he needed help and couldn't deal with whatever was happening to him; could he deal with it? He didn't know. The offered hand clenched into a fist then withdrew, relaxing by his side for a moment as he blinked once and nodded his head. He held up his hands in a surrendering fashion, backing up a step as he looked away from the Silwin.


His tone was curt. Detached, artificially, because deep down he knew that the one person he'd actually helped him on this ship now wanted nothing to do with him. The geometric patterns and symbols upon his arms fired up in a dull glow yet again and he instinctively reached to grab his biceps as if he'd gotten a chill. Jax looked down to his arms, then back to Chellis; before he could say anything further, he'd already left the mess hall. Nothing left to do but travel back to the bedroom he'd claimed and hurriedly slip on his jacket, covering the glowing marks from any prying eyes. He felt hot under its embrace— why did he feel hot? Everything was happening so fucking fast, he didn't even know how to react and now the damned Silwin was going to tell everyone about his outburst and—

In his rush of thought he'd instinctively rushed to the bathroom, hastily attempting to shut the door behind him and vomiting into the sink. Unlike last time, it was all a dark crimson. His eyelids felt heavy and he forced himself to stay awake, hands scrambling into the jacket pocket and withdrawing the cigarette pack and lighter. He brushed an elbow against the handle to get the water flowing before lighting a cigarette from the pack, placing it snug in his closed mouth before taking a lengthy inhale. The second time his eyelids threatened to shut, Jax threw caution to the wind and closed them for a moment, breathing out the smoke from the cigarettes and muttering a short fuck under his breath. The Conscious opened his eyes to the same bathroom on the same run-down ship he'd been on when he closed them and nodded his head.

You have a handle on this. Keep it together. It'll pass; it always does.

Jax studied his face for a moment before dropping his head to stare at the flowing water within the metal sink. What he failed to notice was the black figure staring at him from behind a gap in the doorway, gone by the time he'd turned the handle back and looked back in the mirror, cigarette burning faintly in the reflection as he took another drag from it.

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