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Post by UmbraSight » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:12 pm

Blood has a particular tang to it, basel and bitter. Lind rose to her feet as a man carrying another hurried into the room demanding a medical kit. The why was evident enough as she drew close, and caused her to feel a lump grow in her neck. The officer had lost his hands. A dry swallow proved insufficient at dislodging this lump. After a short conversation the officer she had been speaking to hurried off, returning a few moments later with a medical kit while the first man tied off tourniquets made of his shirt.

She hovered for a moment, seemingly uncertain as to what was next, before she finally cleared her throat. She stepped easy next to the officer she had spoken to earlier, and slipped her hands into the medical case, fingers searching out and finding what she wanted in the dim light. Absorbent pads, gauze wrapping, and actual tourniquets. She looked up at the two men, offering up the tourniquets, one for each.

“Use these, pull them tight as you can about at the middle of the forearm.” She placed the wrappings and pads down on the table as she stepped around the officers to the injured man’s head. She placed her middle and ring finger against his neck, the man was clammy, his heart beat rapidly but the pulse was weak, the same seemed true when she held the back of her hand up to his mouth.

Rapid breaths.

“He’s in shock.” She said, hurrying back around to the man’s legs. Starting at the hip she ran a hand down the wounded man’s right leg, and she had started down the left when there came the sound of the front door opening and a questioning hello.

Another person.

“Hello, yes, sorry we have someone wounded here!” Lind called back, her voice starting thin and frail before filling out as she spoke. She finished with the left leg. Nothing felt broken, she didn’t know about any damage to the spine but there wasn’t much she could do about that. “Please, find me something we can use to elevate his legs, we’ll need something for his arms too, but his legs are a current priority.”

Her gaze turned back to the station officer, “we’ll need to keep his torso warm, do you have blankets or anything we can use?” She looked to the other man as she picked up one of the packages with the absorbent pads and tore it open, “you wrap one arm I’ll do the other. Ok?”
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Post by Snowskeeper » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:22 am

The machine-man had fallen behind a little--easy enough to track them by the trail of blood; no reason to stress things so early in what was looking to be a very interesting night. No reason to slow down too much, either, of course. No sense in ending up as mouthfeel to some project.

He would have missed the whine, and the vibration, if not for the steel in his ears. Far outside of your standard earshot. He stopped, head cocked, listening. He couldn't place it, exactly; neither sound fit neatly into his range of sounds, which was common enough, but unnerved him nonetheless. These bloody genestitchers...

He started forward again, and this time he didn't worry too much about whether he was overdoing it.


The trail led to a small Jagger outpost. The streets were conspicuously empty. No rioting; not much debris, beyond dropped bags and hats. Okayyyy. He stopped near the outpost's doors, weighing the pros and cons of stepping through them. On the one hand, in this climate, they might start shooting, which would oblige him to start shooting back. That would not be a flattering incident to report. On the other hand, something was very obviously wrong, and he didn't fancy the optics on going back to look for his bosses until he had some sense of what it--


--okay, so sounded like they already had a ganger in there. That sure as sound parsed as ganger slang; all the structure of a word, with none of the meaning. Probably safe for him, then. Especially if the tough-looking Jagger had parsed his lack of open hostility.

He stepped through the door, arms spread away from his sides. "I come in peace," his best 'roboman' voice synthesizer intoned.
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Post by Quirbles » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:57 am

Relieved that he wouldn't have to ruin any more of his clothing, Jacob gladly took one of the tourniquet kits and began wrapping it directly below the man's elbow, eyes partly glazed over with a drive to save the man's life. As time went on, however, the prospect of actually saving him became less and less probable. Both hands were gone, perfectly sliced off like he'd gone to a mod shop and asked for it himself. It was baffling. What did this?

Finishing the tourniquet around the man's right arm, Jacob took one of the absorbant pads within the bag the woman had ripped open and nodded, his eyes still locked onto the wound as he worked.

No jagged edges, no residue from any material, just... gone.

A robotic voice sounded from the front of the shop, prompting Jacob to look up and immediately frown once he saw where the source had came from. After finishing the wraps, the Jägercop made his way over to one of the computer terminals. The Blackout, hopefully, would recede soon, and he'd be able to report this.

"Don't go back out there. Something's lurking, and it sliced that guy's hands clean off. I'm taking that injured officer to a hospital after this outage is up."

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