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Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:56 pm
by Authorlord
Jasmine was irked by Lind’s petty comment but ignored the stubborn woman as they walked through the less than busy corridors. It would seem everyone was still occupied elsewhere. It
wasn’t until the two passed by a small lobby where a moderately sized screen caught the attention of Jasmine--making her stop in place in front of Lind.

Jasmine didn’t even notice Lind bump into her, let alone care. All she was focused on was the news broadcasting live with images and reports of hundreds injured or dead with over a dozen missing people.

“This is Vicky Tosh brining to you live in what will be a day in history for Spire Charlie. The infamous terrorist group known as Ecce Verum has, of course, taken responsibility of the latest
attack in District Three. No word has been said on why they attacked the district, but one thing is for sure, they are leaving chaos in their wake. This has been SCNN with your latest news and keeping you up to date on everything you need to know.”

The scenes on the screen flickered to what felt like countless graphic footage of fires, destroyed vehicles and damaged buildings and a few unrecoverable corpses all being walked over by members of Ecce Verum in their stolen Mark 2 NATOS. A war had begun in district one with the terrorist faction and what people once shrugged off was now being displayed as a bold truth inheir faces.

Jasmine had always hated the group since an early age. Her father had always told her how Ecce Verum would only rest when they destroyed everything the Spire stands for and has built
up too. Every fiber of Jasmine’s aching muscles called out in rage as adrenaline coursed through her veins.

“Damn bastards!” she quivered, biting her lip to the point she almost broke skin. She even almost forgot about Lind completely. “I swear one day I will make every last one of them pay for what they have done to my family….”

Jasmine looked to Lind and collected herself. Last thing she needed was to have someone butt into her personal life, friendly or not. “Let’s go. I’m sure my father is waiting for me,” she spoke in a tired voice. Thankfully the Central Tower was exactly where they needed to be--her father was just a few floors above.

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Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 12:02 am
by UmbraSight
Try to pretty it up as much as you wish, but a hospital was a hospital. Could she perhaps slip her way into the staff corridor while Jasmine wasn’t looking? She would likely need a badge to go through any important doors, which wouldn’t be useful if she wanted to get out before someone could chase after her down. What a pain, if she could just-

“Woah,” Lind said as she bumped into Jasmine. She took a step backwards, expecting some sort of sharp retort from the rich girl, but instead she seemed engrossed by a new broadcast over the attack. Lind frowned as images of stolen NATOS flashed onto the screen. Was it more than a simple terrorist action this time? No, perhaps it would be for the best to go see Jasmine’s father, it would keep her from having to head back out there.

“Yeah, let’s get moving.” Lind echoed as she looked away from the broadcast.

Was Ecce Verium going to try to make an official push into the deeper sectors? Or was this just an attempt to show off the powers they had accumulated to strike fear?

“Your father might have a better understanding of the situation as well.” Lind said.

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Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:18 pm
by Authorlord
Silence could be bliss, golden, and peaceful, but this silence was deafening. Hundreds of voices screamed in fear and rage and pain... but Jasmine's voice betrayed her as she stared into nothing. She had come a heartbeat away from deaths doors and for what reason? All because a group of people decided to cause such pain for those around them? They killed her mother and hundreds of others just to make some obscene point that the government was corrupt and people needed to wake up.

Jasmine's arms wrapped around her sides. Her raven hair dangling motionless from her still frame. She had been staring at the floor, trying to wrap her head around such a flawed concept.

The ding and opening of the elevator doors snapped her out of her trance and it took her only a second to remember what she was doing. Being like this was not her common nature.

"Alright, come on Lind," she mumbled through a sigh. They stepped out of the elevator and strided through the corridors. Unlike the lower medical floors the level was alive with voices and bodies racing back and forth trying to make sense and correct the deviant action from yesterday--even a couple of soldiers in NATOS rushed by. The employees must have been working all night even.

Through the mess, Jasmine lead her rescuer all the way up to a fogged glass door with no handles or nobs. A lone key pad and fingerprint scanner occupied the wall. She wasted no time and entered an 8 digit code and placed her thumb on the pad. A sweet hiss briefed the air as the door slid open only to find a new door just few away on the inside. They stepped in and this time Jasmine placed her index finger on another pad while her retinal was scanned.

A voice recording went off. "Welcome, Miss Donnavitch," and the door slide open.

Inside the room was a vast array of mainframes and data towers with screens of various information and displays everywhere. Two men were talking by a screen, one an older gentleman in a long lab coat with mostly gray hair but speckled with black on top of his short hair, the other a man clearly much younger but likely in his mid to late 20s at least.

It was the older man who noticed the two girls walking in first.

"Jay! How are you my child!" He said, opening his arms. Jasmine immediately forgot about her shadow and ran to her father's arms the best she could with how much her body relented. She met him and immediately squeezed him for all his warmth.

"Daddy! I'm so glad to see you! I was worried I wasn't going to see you again until I woke up in the hospital!"

He looked up above her to Lind and back down to his daughter.

"Jay is this who I think it is? I heard of a girl saving you but didn't know who," he spoke. His tone a bit off but why wouldn't it be? He didn't know her, they just met, and he could have lost his little girl!

Jasmine nodded and waved Lind over, not caring as much about how she perceived Lind earlier, though that was still in the back of her mind.

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Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 1:08 am
by UmbraSight
Dread had a certain weight to it once it settled into the bones. It made you want to tuck in your shoulders in and duck your head and hope to hope that no one would notice you. It was more than the thought of having to face her past, it was the escalation. When she had -- with what she knew of Ecce Verium Lind knew this had to be something more than a showing of force for force’s sake. There had been some plan driving this new development, and if she wanted to survive she needed to know what a man like Donnavich knew. She rolled her shoulders back, and kept her head high as she followed after Jasmine. Her sharp green eyes studied those that they passed, sized up what they good in the brief meetings before flickering their way to the next.

Could they have placed someone this deep into the core of the city? Would there be someone who might know-

No, at the very least, no one should know who she was other than the man upstairs.

Behind her, frosted doors slid closed with a hiss that made Lind think of a tomb. Well, if she were going to do this, then she wouldn’t allow herself to bend under the pressure. Lind rested her hip on the corner of what must have been a rather expensive cabinet as she crossed her arms over her chest. She met the elder Donnavich’s gaze with a steady one of her own. She raised a hand, flicked it out in a short wave before allowing it to fall back into the crook of her arm.

“It’s been a while, I hope you’ve been well.” Lind said, a faint smirk curling the edges of her lips.

If there was any small thing she could take some enjoyment in, it would be the look on Jasmine's face.

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Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 4:34 pm
by Authorlord
The doctor found no amusement in Lind's words. He clearly didn't want to address his knowledge of their history openly in front of Jasmine and yet his cards were worthless. "Dr. Kent, would you excuse us?" Donnavitch asked. The young doctor nodded and made his cue to exit the room.

Jasmine looked over to Lind and furrowed her brows. "What are you talking about? You couldn't possibly know my father, he tells me everything and I know you don't know him! He's never mentioned a Lind before..." she trailed off as he father grabbed her shoulder. She turned back to him and gazed deep into his old eyes. They had seen a lot... cruelty, happiness, pain... but he was otherwise unreadable. Jasmine finally understood he was the one man she couldn't read because she never felt she had to learn him... he told her everything, right?

"Lind, I never would have guess in any fashion that you would have saved my daughter in any reality, but here we are and have. Fine, yes I know Lind, but as a... client if you would. I gave her a favor a while back and she wanted it a secret so I didn't tell anyone, not even you my child," he said with a facade of disdain to Jasmine.

She was appalled and brushed his hand away. She adored this man and now to find out he kept a secret from her was a bit more than a shock to say the least. "I get you were giving her a favor but you've told me other secrets... and you..." she turned back to Lind once more, "you only did this so you wouldn't owe him... or for your own merit. I thought that was the case but I never realized it would be like this..."

"Jay... Lind is just..."

"Save it," Jasmine snapped. "I see how it is..." and like that she was gone. She ducked her head low as if to hide herself and walked away from her father and aimed for the door they walked through, slipping out before the doors even fully opened.

Donnavitch looked to Lind with a a half scowl. "You may have saved my child but that doesn't mean you debt is repaid. Don't get it wrong, you saved me a lot of trouble but your not out of my reach just yet."

He turned away from her and stepped aside to a small panel that, when he pressed a button, swiveled and revealed a NATOS suit unlike the ones and twos. "Do you know what NATOS stands for, Laura Ridgewell...?"

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Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 3:02 am
by UmbraSight
Well, that was more of a train wreck than Lind had expected it to be, and it took a effort to keep her expression neutral but she had practice. Lind expected to see karma come tumbling her way for this moment of schadenfreude, but wasn’t it just nice to see a father and daughter connecting like this? Her gaze followed after Jasmine as the girl stormed out of the room, knowing her luck that bit of drama would be something the would have to deal with later.

She raised her eyebrows as she looked back to the elder Donnavitch, who was sporting one heck of a scowl. As she expected just saving his daughter’s life wouldn’t be enough to settle the debt, which meant what?

The man wanted her to get her hands dirty, no doubt.

Lind crossed the room as Donnavitch pressed the button on the side of a panel to reveal NATOS suit. Or, no the parts were all still there, but the suit looked slimmer, sleeker.

“Do you know what NATOS stands for, Laura Ridgewell...?”

Lind’s expression tightened at the mention of her real name. How long had it been since anyone had said her name?

“Neuralogical Augmented Tactical Operations Suit, sir.” Lind said, “but I don’t recognize this model.”

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Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 3:34 pm
by Authorlord
Donnavitch stared at the suit and held the silence after Lind spoke for a long minute. His expression gave away his desire for a cigarette at moment, but still hintless on true desire of the mind.

He scratched the back of his neck briefly before turning in place to face his favor standing before him. "That's because it's the first of it's kind. Officially it doesn't exist and is still in early development phases but she is ready for field testing and test it you will. This NATOS III is half of the favor you asked for, the other half is Jasmine." He cleared his throat with a brief cough.

"I need you to do two very controversial things for my favor and I'm sure you can already guess they won't be easy. First is I need you to keep Jasmine away from this building at all costs for now. I suspect there is a spy among my workers from Ecce Verum and I can't let them kidnap, or worse, Jasmine. If they get a hold of her then...." he trailed off.

A worry flickered over his eyes for a brief second like the spark of a circuit breaking. He made sure not to hint at any form of disdain or uncomfort before this woman. She read people and he did not need her to figure out his intents. For now, she needed to know her task and it would be very simple, in words....

"Keep Ecce Verum from her and if by some reason you fail and she dies, bring her body back to me. If she is kidnapped, kill her. Her mind is very powerful in the wrong hands and you have no idea the secrets she knows. Do that and bring her body back at all costs." He wasn't done.

"And finally, I need you to use this suit in the field to execute a high value group of people. As I'm sure you are aware of, Ecce Verum is lead by a single person and a small group of his lieutenants, so you can paint the picture I'm telling you right? I know my words are very contradicting but you are the only one I can trust with both of these tasks. Keep her out of reach and sight when you take care of your business but also keep Jasmine close so she doesn't get... hurt."

His words barely made sense to himself but he was running out of options and Jasmine could not be in this building much longer. Lind had to be the one to deal with this problem. She had to be the one--she owed him. After a moment he carelessly waved her over to the suit.

"Before you ask, no, Jasmine isn't getting a suit. She is a very rare and unique circumstance that keeps her from being compatible with the suit. You do all this and consider yourself repaid. I'll tell you more once you tell me how it fits."

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Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 3:29 am
by UmbraSight
Lind’s expression turned stoic as she listened to Donnavitch speak. It was a hell of an ask for his favor. After a moment she stepped over to a window and looked out. In the distance smoke rose from some form of indiscriminate violence. How many people had died today, and for what had they died?

Some other game was being played, a game she was being seemingly dealt into. Like it or not, it seemed destiny was going to find her one way or another.

And, above all did she really want to say no?

Ecce Verum was on the move, and this show of force was only going to get worse from here on out. If they were doing this would they target her? Try to pull her back into the fold or eliminate her as a threat? Just keep killing to try to require Jasmine for whatever in the world they needed her for.

A giant mess, and she was in the middle of it.

“Fuck.” She breathed out. Lind turned on her heel and strode over to Donnavitch. “I just hope this thing isn’t as tight around the chest as the mark ones were.”

She drew in a breath and stepped past Donnavitch and stood next to the suit. “Well, let’s get this over with then.” Lind said, as she placed a hand on the suit.

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Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:37 am
by Authorlord
The sleek pepper black armor radiated as if it too had a life. The breastplate Lind placed her hand upon scanned her palm and resembled a sheen of a light flickering off a flipping glass before beeping a sweet two time tune. It spoke.

"Lind Keeper. Hand print verification accepted. Opening for NATOS host."

Tiny locks and cogs tinked about and the suit opened its shell, welcoming it's host to thrive in it's first steps. Even open, the tech dominated with power, and fear. Fear that would make an ally shiver. With this, the wearer felt like they could take on an army.

"Like I said she's a prototype and no more bullet proof than the two's. What makes her special is her new fit and stealth capabilities. In broad daylight you are a sore thumb but at night you are a ghost. The suit will be able to melt itself colors to the background then, leaving you any element of surprise you wish.

I understand the temptation of taking the suit and running but you're smart enough to know you won't get far. Leave the suit and it'll keep beeping until it accepts an eligible host or..." he made an exploding gesture with his hand. "You'll have roughly 3 minutes to escape. It has a power capacity to level a decent sized building from the ground up."

Donnavitch's aged mug held little expression. His eyes were tired. Crows feet complemented each side of his eyes and up close his hair was thinning. He was a stressed man who worked more hours than he slept and probably skipped several meals at a time. He was old, but his mind still held youth it would seem; yet, decades of knowledge and experience within.

"Lind the age of revolution has returned to human kind and unlike centuries before, this will collapse a government and society. You know the damage Ecce Verum deals... do it or this entire City is doomed to destroy itself. You know your task, and the favor and burden you carry."

He wiped his face with his hand again, stiffening a brief yawn. He spoke half way through, "the two of you are being jettisoned from the building. If there is a spy then I cannot allow them to see you with the suit and that Jasmine is leaving. I hate to say it but I need Ecce Verum focused on the possibility of attacking here to get to her. End their leaders and it'll be over before you know it. I have contacts ready to cut off any remaining heads that may sprout from your successes."

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Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:05 pm
by UmbraSight
A low whistle escaped Lind’s lips as the suit split open with the faint whirr of metal. It definitely was a stark improvement over the mark one suits, not that she had much experience with ones still in pristine condition. The one she had worn had been modified enough to accept her link, and the experience had been all and all uncomfortable. When it came to the suits a soldier wore, she didn’t really need to know much more than where to aim.

A frame for stealth? It definitely looked the part. Black, smooth. A predator showing its teeth. A role she needed to play. Were the old supply caches she had left for herself still in place?

A problem for later today.

Drawing in a breath Lind raised her arms and took a step backwards into the suit’s opening. Smoothly, the suit slid close around her. The fit was snug, but comforting in its own way.

“Oh, this doesn’t feel half bad,” Lind said, raising her right arm and flexing her fingers. The suit moved perfectly with the motion, and she couldn’t help but grin. If she was being forced back into things to babysit some rich girl and kill her old friends, at least she had a nice toy.

“Am I going to need to worry about any of the government soldiers going after me because of this suit?” Lind asked as she stepped away from the wall. “How much do I need to worry about your forces?”

Even if there weren’t spies within the security forces, Lind doubted she wasn’t going to run into trouble with them.

Hard to ignore some strange girl with powered armor with some big wig’s daughter running around stirring up their own brand of trouble.