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Re: (NEW) [RP] The Empire of Celestia

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:04 am
by Khol
Arturia let her gaze wander, looking at surroundings, or lack thereof in this case. She's had her fair share of encounters with magic, but nothing like this. It always fascinated her to no end and she wished she could find the time to look more into it. Upon hearing her name, Arturia snapped to her senses and looked at Aphra "Oh, I do have some ideas. They all just depend on whether or not we need to keep a low profile, go into hiding." Feeling everything was alright for the time being, she undid the straps to her chest piece and peeled it from her body, breathing a sigh of relief. She set the metal piece down by her feet and rolled her undershirt up to let some fresh air cool her stomach "If you are certain that things can be explained clearly, then the palace would be okay. Maybe even one of the rooms in specific to avoid the unnecessary attention. But if not, we could go back to my place and wait there for now. I mean, if that's okay with you."

Re: (NEW) [RP] The Empire of Celestia

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:18 am
by kitkat871
Aphra listened to what Arturia had to say, considering her options carefully. Arturia's home would have been the safer option for laying low, though she didn't want to put Arturia under any more pressure than she already had. Aphra also considered what would be easier with regards to her mother. If they were at the Palace, it would no doubt be less of a worry for her mother when she found them there the next morning. Hopefully it would also also Aphra to introduce Arturia to her mother under better conditions than when she'd seen them in the woods. The only two obstacles that Aphra could think of would be Aenar and Elessar. Whilst she doubted Elessar would judge harshly, Aphra had always been somewhat wary of the half giant. Between his sheer size and nigh unbreakable silence the man was intimidating, even if he was there for her protection.

"I think Arturia's house should be fine. If everyone expects me to be in the woods then they won't have a reason to go knocking on her door. There's just one thing. Before sending us, would you mind closing the curtains?" Aphra requesting, hoping that the Horizon Walker would follow through with the request.

After a brief moment of thought, Alma nodded, before disappearing.

"This is becoming a habit, isn't it?" Aphra joked, smiling at Arturia.

"Alright, it's done. Just step through the door and you'll be back in your room." Alma's voice said from behind the two women.

Aphra jumped upon hearing the sound of Alma's voice so soon, as well as realising that she'd failed to notice the door that had always been behind them. Or, then again, had it? It wasn't like Aphra to miss details, especially something so basic as the location of a door. Whilst it looked like an ordinary wooden door, it appeared to be surrounded by a seemingly infinite number of locks. Whilst Aphra could recognise a few as being used by other races in the Empire, there were some that looked to be enchanted with magics and mechanisms that were completely alien in design. Others were rather simple and shoddily crafted from cast iron, but it still intrigued the princess.

"Ok... but why all of the locks?" Aphra asked, getting out of her chair.

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Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:42 am
by God Of The North
Abaddon snapped his fingers as the fire approached him, and it was dispersed by a potent, nauseating pulse of dark, magical energy. It was like death gripping your soul, feeling the pulse of magic roll over you. Abaddon calmly walked forward, and with step forward, the grass under him shriveled and died, turning black, as if the life was being sucked out of them. He pointed his middle finger and his index fingers out, towards Devon, and a small black ball formed, before being launched at the barrier, moving faster than most people's naked eye could see.

He was sacrificing the size and explosiveness of the fireball for the near-supersonic speed, and extreme density of the dark magic bolt. Abaddon seemed relaxed, but if one looked into his eyes, they would see a sick depravity. There was a monstrous look to Abaddon, his skin tight and stretched over his body, his hair as black as night, both his hair and his skin strongly contrasting each other, making the other look even more stark. He laughed, the sound demonic. "Tell me, little rat. Who might Anya be?" Abaddon was able to pick out thoughts from the minds of people he focused on, if they weren't being very careful to keep their thoughts under wraps. It helped him unsettle them, making them unfocused, which in turn made it harder for them to combat the effects of his magic on their emotion and will, and making it harder for them to focus on their own magical powers.

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Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:00 pm
by Fluffking
Devon stood still, only seeing the shadowbolt in the last moment, it hit him. But where most others would have felt a pain, he felt nothing but heat. His shoulder shot backwards, but other than that he wasn't hardly affected. "Oh yeah," Devon said surprised. Dark elves were quite resistant to dark magic, not completely immune, but resistant enough that Devon didn't have to worry too hard about it. After all, the curse that ran in his family, was the cursed dark magic that flooded his every vein.

"Anya," he said with a cold face, "is my life," his tone cold. He now knew for a fact that whoever this guy were, he wanted Devon dead. And that was not something Devon could allow. The guards were too far away for Devon to be able to get their help, so he was on his own. "Fine," he though "we do this MY way then," as he imagined a hunting bow, focused deeply on it, before he felt a slight flow of magic around his arm, down in his hand, and a slight weight pulling on him. An ethereal bow now laid in his hand, the edges were dancing like tiny flames, an arrow materialized on the string, held only by Devon's magic.

Without a warning, a volley of these magic arrows was sent towards the other man. On their own they could penetrate skin, but he needed something better than this bow. This was but a distraction. After each arrow left his fingers he took a step backwards, allocating some of his concentration to feeling magic sources around him. He kept sending arrows off, one after the other, while the bow seemed to be more and more "fiery". Until he ended up close enough to the guards that he could take one of their bows. Now the arrows were his main mana drain. But his skin had already shifted a shade. The bow had drained a great deal of mana from him. The arrows weren't much of a hassle though, they were easy to shape, and required no other focus than shape. Devon figured he could keep 10-15 at a time, before he had to lose the first one, but he needed only to let them hit as hard as they could. He could save mana and have a single arrow active at a time. But he needed to concentrate on the fight rather than tactics. Clearing his mind for what he could, the arrows stood like massive beacons in his mind, as another one was already formed, and pulled on the longer guard bow.

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Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:03 pm
by God Of The North
Abaddon's sick smile widened as the dark magic barely affected Devon. "I see. You've warped your body with dark magics." He paused for a moment, before shaking his head. " weren't the one who did it. You were born into it. I"d say.... Second or third generation of this form."

His smile widened even further, to the max a normal face could smile, then his flesh stretched and contorted, like something out of a nightmare to allow for more. "I'll dissect you first, to get an idea for your makeup, then maybe I'll do tests on this.... Anya. I'm sure she can be.... Convinced."

He calmly stepped to the side, avoiding the arrows, but he did pick one out of the air, and he examined it. "Interesting." The arrow then flickered and vanished, and his focus shifted to Devon. "Last chance to make this easy on yourself, boy. Come quietly and I'll make this as painless as possible."

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Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:12 pm
by Khol
Arturia strapped the chest piece back on and approached the door, examining each lock closely. Some of these did look familiar, but most were completely new to her. Seeing one in particular that caught her eye, she placed her hand on it and looked at the elf "If I can guess, I would say that each of these locks represents a door in our plane. Because if that's the case, this lock looks like the one to my father's bakery." Arturia looked back at the metal object and smiled softly, wishing she could go to her parents and talk with them, but with things the way they are she wouldn't want to risk their safety. Letting out a small sigh, she stepped back from the door and walked over to Aphra's side, taking her arm in her own "I'm ready whenever you are love." Arturia flashed a small smile at her lover and looked forward, a content feeling coming over her.

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Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:37 am
by kitkat871
Alma smiled upon hearing what Arturia said and gestured for the two of them to open the door. Aphra, noticing this, gripped Artruia's hand lightly. Something didn't seem right to her. Ever since she'd first decided to go after Dorian Aphra's journey had been met with nothing but disaster, such as Aphra's argument to Roseburn or her mother's intervention. It seemed odd to have such an easy solution in front of her. Looking over to Arturia, Aphra thought carefully before smiling at her. Considering everything that had happened to them in the forest, it was a relief to see her lover in that state. The memory of Arturia falling to her knees was still fresh in Aphra's mind. She never wanted to see her in that state again, especially not for reasons that Aphra had caused herself. To put herself at ease, Aphra decided to go over things in her head one more time.

She took Arturia towards the door, reaching out towards the handle. However, before it could rest on the metal doorknob, Aphra stopped. She clenched Arturia's hand tightly, before turning back to the elf. Sure enough, the elegant lock normally embedded into Aphra's door was also present on the new door, but one crucial piece of information made her lose faith in it completely.

"I can't open the door, I'm afraid. I don't have my room key on me. I don't understand something though. If this door is used for travel, why didn't we use it when we first entered this place?" Aphra asked, before pointing her finger accusingly at the elf.

The image of Alma then gave a look of surprise, opening it's mouth to reply. Before it could say a word, an arrow pierced it's throat. The apparition then began choking, violently thrashing about before dissolving into nothingness. The real Alma lowered her bow, before looking at her two guests with a look of worry on her face. She then offered her hand to them, beckoning for them to move away from the door.

"Whatever you do, don't unlock that door!" She warned.

Aphra then nodded, before walking over to the elf and taking her hand.

"What's behind it?" Aphra asked, withdrawing her hand slightly.

"Something that isn't your friend. No matter what it said or what it promised. Just know that every lock there is in place for a reason and that without knowing it every living being has contributed to it's defence. You did well to not trust the voices. Now, I'll take you home." Alma replied, tightening her own grip.

In an instant, the three were then in Arturia's house, with Alma letting go of them.

"Now, I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. I'm needed elsewhere. Stay safe, you two." Alma said, before disappearing in a flash of bright blue light.

"That's one way to say goodbye..." Aphra muttered, before looking at Arturia.

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Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:05 am
by Fluffking
"Fhaste" Devon responded to the man. It wasn't an actual word, but rather the prison "elvish" that all dark elves spoke with varying dialects. It was an insult, although one of the smaller ones (In this situation it practically means "Go f*ck yourself" or "bastard" take your pick).

He thought about what his next move should be, it was clear that the man wanted him, and now Anya, dead. An idea came to mind, he'd only used this spell once, and it was one of two spells he actually knew, but it could work. "Don't take me lightly... freak," Devon said with a cold voice before exclaiming, "Fahesta," an elven word for sight, which Devon thought meant light. Whilst saying the word Devon moved his left hand in an arc in front of himself. A second or two passed before Devon grew transparent. He'd heard a number of elven guards use the spell back in Darkhold. And it was easier to move around like this, taking as the spell made him both invisible and removed a tad of his sounds, still the magic itself was to feel and find, but Devon had an idea for this too.

Collecting his hands, he threw a bigger fireball into the air. This fireball exploded as it reached the height of the tree tops, and Devon made sure to follow it up. He'd have a few seconds to find a suitable spot before the magic that lingered from the explosion vaporized. And he did, behind the trunk of one of the thicker trees he could sit in hide, waiting for the opportune moment, or create his own. That was the thing with Devon's magic, it was unrefined, strong, and easy to set up. All he had to do was focus on a place, and an object, then set it up as a trap as the man was near.

Re: (NEW) [RP] The Empire of Celestia

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:06 pm
by God Of The North
Abaddon sat there, totally unimpressed by the explosion and by Devon hiding. "You think hiding behind some trees will help you, little rat?" He didn't move from his spot, but it was clear he was preparing a spell.

A massive amount of incredibly dense magical energy began welling up around him,right at the surface layer of his flesh, resting on the outmost layer of his skin. The magic continued gathering, being sucked out of the air, until finally it paused, the magic not moving for a few milliseconds.

It then exploded outward with the force of a modern day ballastic missile, blowing aside trees and rocks in a devestating shockwave, leaving behing nothing but devastation for close to fifty feet around Abaddon.

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Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:19 am
by TheDarkOne
As Dorian gazed up at the dark tower above him, he could not help but feel sentimental. Standing tall, peaking above the surrounding mountains, it was a symbol of power and might, same as the day it was erected all those eons ago. Time had not weathered the black iron it was crafted from, the sharp edges where the sheets of metal met was still wickedly crude and gave off a feeling of malice. Rising up, a third of the way up the tower seemed to have been split in two, half molded into a platform and the other half continuing to rise, and the same again another third up, finishing in a point like that of a lance. Pulling himself back from nostalgia, he looked around as his men finished off the bandits who had dared take up residence in his fortress. Dorian listened as they pleaded for their lives, promising to join him, but their requests would fall upon deaf ears today. One had even cried for his mother, just before one of his Darklings shoved their sword through his throat to silence him. How cute.

"My master"

Dorian's attention snapped from the dying to the entrance of the tower, where a figure had emerged with the rest of his men. Clad in a black cloak of raven feathers, while wearing dark silver armour with crude edges much like that of the tower, he still wore the same iron mask as the other Darklings. With small round slits for their eyes, and a horizontal slit for their mouth, it was a symbol that they all served him. As all Darklings were equal in his eyes, they all wore the same. The mask. Chainmail covered by a black leather jerkin with pants and boots to match, with a black hooded cloak draping over their right shoulder. The figure approached, staff in one hand while in the other was a dagger, and Dorian's eyes would not leave the dagger. A smile spread across his face as his servant offered it to him, which he accepted with both hands. Twirling the rusted blade through his fingers, he could not help but laugh to see how sentimental the mage had been, and burying it here of all places. The very dagger all those years ago that had been buried into him, was buried in the tower of his creation.

"A great day, my master" The hooded figure said smugly, signalling the others to gather around as Dorian made his way to the tower, still gazing at the blade "The last piece"

"Indeed it is" Dorian said, turning to face them all. The blade seemed to vibrate, the power and soul inside of the weapon desperate to reunite with him. Ever since he had recovered the amulet below the city, the others had revealed themselves to him in a snowball effect. And in the space of a few weeks he had achieved more than he had in over a decade. And the final piece lay in his fingers.

"Today, the people of this world will know fear again"

Snapping the blade in half, the dark mist swirled from it once again, and he breathed in deep. It was a wonderful feeling, to be whole once more, and it seemed to him to take an eternity for the power to flood into him completely. He fell to the ground, and as his servant made a motion to help him, Dorian slammed his hand into the tower. A dark red power swirled around it, before firing off into the sky. A huge beam of light pierced the clouds and shot off into the void, while the very earth shook, causing his Darklings to fall to the ground and rocks to fall from the surrounding mountains. He was sure the light could be seen from across the land, that the tremors could be felt across the entire earth. He was sure that they would all now know his true power. Dorian pushed himself off the ground, and when he finally dislodged his hand from the tower the beam faded away, and the tremors stopped. However the sky above was scorched, clouds forming with red lighting forking through them to give an ominous glow to the mountain range.

"Was that wise master?" The servant said, taking a knee as he did so along with the other Darklings. Normally Dorian would be angry with those who would question him, but he always had a soft spot for his champions "Surely all kingdoms would see and know where we are. They may gather armies an-"

"Good. Let them come. Saves me the trouble of having to go to them" Dorian interrupted, turning to enter the towers throne room. The room was tarnished by the possessions of the bandits, and would have to be cleared before it would be fit to rule from. With the click of his fingers, the many sconces on the pillars throughout the room burst into flame, a magical blue flame. His servant followed him close behind, and waited patiently for Dorian to take his seat upon his throne. His throne was made of obsidian, and when he sat upon it, the same fire that filled him could be seen in the utter blackness, swirling around in the stone.

"Send out half the men to nearby villages, we will need to gather more" Dorian instructed, his servant once again falling to his knees in obedience "The others will remain here to protect the tower and begin production. Send a group into the mines and another to the forges. It is time for us to prepare"

"Yes my master, it will be done. I will accompany the first to oversee the gathering"

"No. I have a very special plan for you" Dorian said, reclining back in his throne and propping himself on his elbow "You will travel to the capital of the Empire of Celestia. Take some of the men and horses. You will give a message to those who be meet with you"

"What message?"

Dorian beckoned him forward, and when he approached, Dorian lent in a whispered the message into his ear before settling into his throne once again. His servant bowed his head to acknowledge he had understood what he had to do, and moved back from the dais where his throne stood.

"Do not tarry, go forth my Lord of Decay" Dorian proclaimed, extending his arms outwards and laughing "Go forth and proclaim my arrival. In the meantime, I will search for your brothers..."