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Re: (NEW) [RP] The Empire of Celestia

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:03 pm
by God Of The North
Tarroc paused in his walking, turning and glancing back at the Palace. He sniffed the air a few times, before a slow smirk formed on his face, his violet eyes twinkling in delight, his sharp teeth gleaming in the faint sunlight, through the clouds. "Lovely. That should be a sight to see soon enough." He then sighed, and he continued walking, following Arturia's scent.

A short while later, he found himself in the tavern in which Arturia was. He glanced around, sniffing the air to pinpoint Arturia's scent through the smell of liquor, sweat, and other scents that filled the air in the tavern. He quickly found her however, and he began walking in her direction. Midway there however, he was bumped into by a rather drunk man, holding a flagon of ale, which spilled all over Tarroc.

The man looked at his flagon, then looked at Tarroc, then looked at Tarroc's clothing, which was now soaked in ale, and an angry frown formed on his face. "I was going to drink that, you stupid little blonde cur." Tarroc raised an eyebrow at him, then glanced down at his shirt, and he sighed slowly. "I'll have an apology for that, child. Being drunk is no excuse for carelessness and disrespect."

The man, a tall, hulking figure covered in scars, and tattoos stared at Tarroc, incredulous for a few moments, before he began laughing. "You think you're funny huh? You think you're clever? Well I think I'm going to knock your head clean off your shoulders!" And with that, the man pulled back, and threw a punch at Tarroc.

The dragon could not have looked any less impressed if he had tried. He simply raised one hand, allowing the man's fist to slam into it. As it did, the fist stopped dead, as if he had just punched a solid steel wall. Crunching and snapping noises were heard, as the bones in his fingers, his hand, his wrist, and his forearm snapped, broke, and popped out of place, due to the ocean-like gap in strength between the drunk, muscular human, and the dragon.

The man stared stupidly at his hand, wrist and arm for a few moments, before he let out a scream of pain and horror. Tarroc then reached out, grabbed him by the shirt, and pivoted on one foot, launching the man over his shoulder, across the tavern, and crashing through a window, landing in a drunken, pained heap outside. Tarroc then tossed a gold piece at the tavern over, and he called over, "For the window, and the distraction."

With that out of the way, Tarroc continued walking over to the table at which Arturia sat, and he sat across from her, examining her. "So you're her mate then are you..... Arturia? I think that's what she said your name was." He spoke calmly and casually, as if nothing that had just occurred was out of the ordinary, or rather, that it had even happened at all.

Re: (NEW) [RP] The Empire of Celestia

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:32 pm
by Fluffking
Jason was surprised as the empress moved in on him. He didn't have any weapons so he instinctively began searching the room for possibilities. Then sudden the empress too a hold of him, lifting him by the throat before smashing him to the ground. Her forceful pin was like that if a bear, or perhaps stronger. Jason's eyes scoured the room and his mind was working overtime. He couldn't see any weapons nearby. Not a thing he could use as a defense. He went through multiple martial arts styles in his head, but found none enabling his escape. Darkness emerged in the corner of his eyes as the flickered wildly in confusion.

He did his best to try and fight the inevitable. But in the end the empress had the upper hand. A smirk formed on his lips as he said his last words, " Jay... Ironfern," before darkness consumed him.

Re: (NEW) [RP] The Empire of Celestia

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:05 pm
by Arion Queen
The Empress watched as his demeanor changed. His words echoed. Her talons dug into his neck as She'd slam his head upon the stone floor with enough force to shatter ones skull. She didn't want the chance of him coming back. If he was indeed dead then, she would stand and falter. Her frame colliding with the desk as she tried to regain herself.

"God's give me strength." The smell of blood drove the beast in her mad. Her strength becoming less to control it. Her head shook as she moved to the door of the study, however would look down at the elf. Her frame sunk beside him as her eyes shed a tear. "Forgive me. But you left no choice for me. May your soul rest in peace." She said her hand reaching to touch the chest of elf.

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Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:51 pm
by kitkat871
Aphra entered the room, noticing the minuscule droplets of water that reflected around the eyes of the elf. Their skin also stuck out to the Princess. Much like the servant had said they were quite unlike any other elf in the kingdom. Their skin was dark which was a stark contrast to those such as Elessar who the Princess normally spoke to. In it's own way, the dark blue hue was an inviting mystery of it's own. However, Aphra couldn't let her curiosity get carried away. It had caused problems with people before and it certainly wouldn't help if the person she was investigating was already in distress.

"Here. I hope they fit and that your stay at the Palace becomes more pleasant. Wh-" Aphra began, before stopping abruptly.

Aphra could smell blood on the air, as well as her mother's scent. The Princess' eyes widened and she turned slightly pale. Her mind began darting from bad scenario to bad scenario, with frail attempts at justifying both scents collapsing as quickly as they formed. Aphra then snapped back to reality, the clothes almost dropping from her hand slightly. After setting them down on the bad, Aphra looked back to the elf.

"I'm sorry, I have- need to go. If the clothes don't fit or you need anything else, just ask for Princess Aphra," The Princess quickly spurted out, before darting from the room.

Aphra then ran through the halls of the Palace in a mad dash to reach the study. As she did, images of her father flashed before the Princess' eyes. She couldn't lose another parent, nor could she stand by whilst her mother was in potential danger. After cannoning through corridors as fast as she possibly could Aphra came across the hall of her mother's study. After taking a second to catch her breath slightly before burst through the door Aphra saw her mother standing over an elf. The smell of blood was also much stronger, which caused Aphra to gag slightly. She then walked towards her mother, placing her own soft palm against the older Arion's scales.

"Mum! Are you alright?" Aphra asked, still panting slightly.

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Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:11 pm
by Khol
Sitting there in a small sulk, Arturia sighed as she was looking down at her food and poking at the bits with her fork "I don't know whether it's because I'm impatient or what, but I feel like Aphra is taking too long..." She placed her head down and groaned like a whiny pup "I'm bored..." Arturia brought her gaze up when she heard some drunkard complain about his drink "Oh, fights going to break out. I should stop it..." She rose to her feet but stopped when she heard screaming and watched the large drunk being flung outside to end up as a pile of blubbering mess, sitting back down "Well then..."

Arturia watched the stranger approach her and take a seat with her at the table. Oh yes, please do have a seat. You are more than welcomed.. She gazed at the ale soaked man with curiosity, perking up when she heard her name "Yeah, that's me? Who are you and what do you want with me?" If you're looking for a free blade, I'm already employed with someone else." Among other things... She stabbed a piece of food and ate it, more out of irritation then hunger "Wait, did you say mate? Did Aphra send you?" Arturia brightened up and, if she had one, would be wagging her tail like an excited dog.

Re: (NEW) [RP] The Empire of Celestia

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:18 pm
by God Of The North
Tarroc raised an eyebrow and touched a finger to his lips, the symbol for "shhhh". He smirked faintly, leaning in, resting his forearms on the table, his eyes gleaming as he looked at her. "That's right hatchling. Your mate sent me. By the way, you're a professional from what I've heard. Try not to use names, remember hatchling? You never know who could be listening, and information like that could be unfortunate in the wrong hands."

He then examined her casually, raising an eyebrow. "You look sturdy enough... For a human. I'll be joining the two of you on your little quest, because if you do find what you're looking for..... If he's insane and murderous and it's just the two of you.... That'd be the end of your quest right then and there." He then waved away a waitress who had been walking towards him. He wasn't in the mood for food, and no alcohol they sold in a place like this would be able to even get him buzzed.

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Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:56 am
by Khol
Arturia listened to what the man had to say, nibbling on another piece of food as he spoke "The help is appreciated, but irrelevant if we cannot leave the kingdom. You can't have a question if you don't leave first." As the waitress began to walk off, she quickly called her back "Oh sorry, excuse me. Could you bring me the biggest and strongest drink you have?" Flashing a smile, she returned focus to the stranger "My question is, what do you get out of it? You don't seem like the generous type." As she said this, she gestured to the broken window to emphasize her point "What's your name anyway? Or will we be needing some type of pseudo names to keep safe, like some sort of spies?"

The drink was placed in front of her and Arturia thanked the woman as she walked off "Either way, just don't do anything that'll make us have regrets, including you yourself." She brought the mug to her lips and downed the liquid rapidly, wiping any excess off before standing up "I would tell you how to contact me, but seeing as you found me without prior knowledge of my location, that wouldn't be necessary." Placing the mug down and grabbing her things, she walked passed him to take her leave "Oh, the gentleman said he would be paying for my drink." She spoke to the waitress before exiting through the doors.

Re: (NEW) [RP] The Empire of Celestia

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:09 am
by God Of The North
Tarroc raised an eyebrow, before he chuckled slightly. "You have no idea what you're dealing with, hatchling. I can get in and out of this empire whenever I want, and no one would be able to do a damn thing about it, short of maybe the Empress.... Although not like she is currently."

He then gave her a bit of a look, "You sure you're a professional mercenary? What do you care why I'm helping? Your mate obviously trusted me enough to tell me of you and your relationship, and I'm willingly offering aid. That should be all you need."

He then watched as she walked out, and a low growl threatened to escape his lips. He was becoming less and less and less fond of this.... Infant. She was a lot less respectable and professional than Aphra was, although that wasn't particularly a surprise. He glanced at the waitress, and after a second of eye lock, she nodded slowly, and walked back to the bar. With that taken care of, Tarroc rose to his feet and walked out of the tavern. Besides, the gold piece he gave the owner was more than enough to cover all of the expenses. He wouldn't be giving away any more of his wealth.

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Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:41 pm
by Fluffking
"New orders!" a soldier suddenly yelled towards the wagon Devon was sitting in. Devon prepared for the worst, but made a relieved sound as he heard the next, "We take off now, the other one apparently isn't coming." "Why?" another soldier asked, "Apparently the empress dealt with him herself. I didn't ask any questions," the soldier said. "Settle in then," the soldier said. "We leave in 5," he yelled over the place and soldiers hurried up getting their gear, loading provisions, saying their goodbyes and what not. Devon was sitting obediently in the middle of one of them. His thoughts wandered towards Anya. "How she much be sad now" he thought as he made a small bird using his magic. At first it simply nested in his hand, but as he blew on it, it flew away, before exploding in a manner of bright light. "Hopefully she sees it," he thought.

Sadly for both, she didn't.

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Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:59 pm
by God Of The North
Elessar calmly walked though the halls, his staff no longer with him. He could summon it to him with his magic if he so desired, but if he didn't need it, he kept it in a little magical "Vault" of sorts, which he had access to whenever he desired. Elessar left the Palace and he began making his way down to the Barracks, and as he did so, most soldiers who saw him either hurried to get out of his way, or snapped off salutes.

He sighed mentally, well aware that word of his little shows of magic earlier must have spread through the soldiers and guards already. Soon enough the civilians would hear about it, and THEY would be afraid of him or, even more to his annoyance, they would claim he was not an elf after all, and that he was some sort of nature god, or a mighty nature spirit, and he absolutely hated it when people did that.

A few minutes later, he arrived at the Barracks, and he walked on it, greeting the officer who was on duty in the barracks at the moment. He calmly walked to where Jayden was, and he tapped three times on the door-frame, as the door was currently open.