Destiny's End [Reserved Icy]

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Re: Destiny's End [Reserved Icy]

Post by DreamsandReality » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:10 am

(Shame, shame! XD )

Airic looked himself over, coming to the realization he should've washed up a little first. He had various art materials clinging to his hands and clothing, he could only imagine how many smudges he had on his face. Nonetheless, he straightened out his clothing and combed his fingers through his hair in attempts to make himself slightly more presentable. He never put much thought towards his appearance but he had always made a point in looking presentable enough. A habit he had picked up back in his days with the Rebels. Their boss had ingrained into them the importance of appearance, to always look composed and neat, something about respect. Being the spouse of the leader of this city, he knew he ought to try a little harder in keeping up his appearance. He made his way towards the doors, looking like a walking art project albeit a handsome one. Airic opened the doors and slipped inside, expecting to be approached by guards almost immediately. To his surprise, the main floor appeared both empty and quiet, the doors shutting with a click behind him. If he remembered correctly his wife's office was seven floors up and he fully intended on taking the stairs. Without waiting for one of the guards to notice he was there, he started for the stairs.

Mathias had busied himself with tidying up the house a little bit while they waited for Pyra's parents to arrive. He couldn't help the sense of doubt that flickered in the back of his mind, like a trick candle that wouldn't go out no matter how many times you tried to make it. Kota had dozed off a while ago and to avoid waking her he made his way to the kitchen. He was cleaning up as quietly as he could when the knock reached his ears, jolting him from his working trance. He draped the soaking rag over the sink and wiped his forehead, heading for the door. Unfortunately, Kota beat him to it, sending a jolt of fear through him. He hurried after her, relieved when she identified the owners of the knock as her parents. He hung back to give the family their moment, chewing on his lip anxiously.

Crypt looked to the door when it opened, feeling a wave of relief wash over him. His gaze settled on their daughter who was already looking far better since they had visited her in the hospital, although sleepy as well. He looked to Pyra when she spoke and chuckled softly, offering his hands up in an apologetic manner. "Ah, what can I say, I got distracted. I'm sorry for the delay," He took the blame in stride. He rested his hand against Pyra's lower back to urge her inside, not wanting them to stand out in the open for too long.

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Re: Destiny's End [Reserved Icy]

Post by Icy » Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:59 am

Lucy bit her lip lightly, glancing down at the folder once more before she sighed in frustration. There were too many things to take care of. Sometimes she wondered why she even took this job, surely there was someone more suited for this position? No, she had been chosen for a reason, she had to keep to her promises she made when they swore her in. Even if some days were tough it was okay for there were the good days that made all the bad things worth it. Perhaps she should organize a little better, take care of things inside the city then those out of the city. Although sometimes the things outside were far more dangerous than what was inside, but she could not see what was more dangerous than Hunters coming into their city...they were far more brave than what she remembered. I'll have to look at the gates...see if there's a way to reinforce them, something...she thought, gently running her left hand through her auburn hair which was already a mess. It looked as if she hadn't brushed it in quite some time, but really it had been a few hours...she just had a habit of running fingers through her hair when she felt stressed which quickly ruined it. No one but her guards were here so she didn't need to worry about looking all put together at the moment. Hmm...these Hunters...

Kota pouted at her parents, quickly waving them inside and closing the door behind them. It was dangerous to let them linger in the open doorway for too long, not that she thought anyone was outside right now to spot them but one never knew. "Distracted?" She blinked, looking at her mother with a smirk. One could say she didn't know much of relationships, but she did know how her father could be with her mother. It was silly, but she would still pretend to be upset. "You just didn't want to see me did you?" A huff left her as she turned away to see Mathias standing in the kitchen doorway, a hint of concern on his face but she didn't realize why until she thought about it. Opening the door like that had been a not so good idea, what if it had been someone bad out there? After all she had just been attacked, she had to be more careful now. "You can sit if you like..."she muttered, motioning to the two grey couches; one shorter than the other. There wasn't much color to their furniture now that she looked at it...she and Mathias just weren't colorful people she supposed.

Pyra smiled lightly. They couldn't hide much from her, she was too smart and she imagined she got that from Crypt. The Power of Observation that is. Both were quite opento the world around them, not much got by them. Of course some things did, but that was expected. She waved away her thoughts, looking her over for any obvious injuries as they moved into the home, knowing they were most likely all healed but she would always worry. Dakota looked as if she had just woken up, and there were dark circles under her eyes. A frown crossed her lips but she didn't say a word, sticking close to Crypt for her own comfort as she moved along the carpeted floor towards the couches. Surely they weren't in any danger in here but she was still wary.

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