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Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:17 pm
by Kurusu
"I-I do!" Yumi then produced a very elaborate black gothic dress out of her purse. She shouldn't be able to fit that in there, but she did.

"I-I can help you get changed into it!"

At this point, Mary was frozen stiff on her own bed. She just needed to not draw attention. Just be still. Zen is the way.



When Oscar tried to pull the trigger, he would fail to do so. Being blind and dizzy meant it was easy for Miki to sneak up on him, and also easy to grab the revolver by the cylinder without him noticing. If the cylinder couldn't revolve, the revolver would not fire.

Also, if Oscar couldn't tell the look on Miki's face, he would not realized she had a plan that would put him in a world of humiliation.

Miki yanked the gun away from Oscar, and spun it like a cowboy, then point it towards Oscar.

"Now, how about ya stand still and pray?" Said Miki in her best Texan accent. Best, being very horrible and probably very offensive to the citizen of Texas.

She pulled the trigger.


And again.


And agai-


Says the flag that popped out of the end of the revolver's barrel.

When did Miki switched the gun? No one knows.

"I'm supposed to be the one that had to be stopped from getting students killed, not the other way round Oscar!"

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Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:01 pm
by UmbraSight
“I-I can help you get changed into it!” Yumi said. Almost immediately Yuuki found herself froze in place, with a smile stuck on her lips due to shock alone. Help her change? What sort of trick question was this? Yuuki’s eyes flicked to Mary in search of an answer or solidarity or anything, instead she found only a face searching to find her inner zen. No help there. Her eyes flicked back to Yumi.

How bad would it be to say no? How unhappy would Yumi be all night? That seemed…

“I uh, that is…” Yuuki flubbed, her cheeks felt hot, she cleared her throat quickly, her mind reaching an answer. “Uh, yeah, sure.”

She was trying to go to a school for the strong. She could survive this.


“Yeah a bit, but it's the thought that counts, or whatever.” Camilla said, again scratching at her cheek as if that would chase the flush away. She took a breath in, then spoke too quickly, “I mean I didn't hate it, you just took me by surprise is all.” She cringed immediately at her own words, and was thankful Makai was walking along behind her.

“Well anyway, uh, our room.” Camilla said, pushing the key into the lock and turning it. She swung the door open and looked back to Makai, some modicum of composure returned. “Which bed you want?” She asked.

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:46 am
by ShadFlow

"Uh yeah. I'll take that one." He pointed to the one closest to the door while stepping into the room. It was a nice room. Bright yellow walls blending nice with the velvet carpet. It had to be one of those luxury suites. The beds were made evenly with a thick red blanket layered over the white thin sheets; reminded Makai from something out of a magazine. It even had a flat screen television! Makai sat at the beds corner. Unlocking the straps of his book bag and letting it fall on its front.

"Nice and soft." Chuckling while bouncing, he pat the bed.


"Psh! Like I'm actually g'nna use my real weapons on these kids. Sheesh, g'tta ruin all tha fun."

Oscars pinky was jabbed inside of his ear hole trying to block out Miki's annoying voice."It was j'st a joke, a fun lil gamble heckler!" He looked at Miki with a scowl. Oscars fingers ran across the brim of his hat dipping it over his brow."Though I say we could make a gamble ourselves."

He looked Miki up from head to toe as a mischievous grin slowly crawled on his face.

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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:09 pm
by Kurusu
"Like im actually gon use ma real weapon, durr hurr." Miki mocked Oscar with her own poor Texas accent, and then pulled Oscar's gun out of nowhere and pull the trigger to prove her point.

Nothing happened.

Miki ended up proving herself wrong, and her face was becoming red by the seconds. She could also hear the snickering of the students, which did not help at all. Groaning, and being a sore loser, she decided to call Oscar out on his challenge.

"Alright you cowboy, let's make a gamble then!" She said, handing Oscar back his fake ass revolver.


With a frilly set of red dress in hand, Yumi went into the bathroom with Yuuki. "T-this is my best dress! I think it would really suit you!"

Yumi laid out the costume on the table next to the sink. It was a very elaborate red gothic lolita dress. Black frills complemented the deep red silk, and the built-in laced corset allowed the wearer to adjust the dress to fit their body size.

"You... should change into your underwear... I won't look!" Yumi said, before standing at a corner of the bathroom, facing into it.

Meanwhile, Mary paced around the room. What should she do? Should she tell one of the teacher about Yumi? But ratting out a student, even a psychopathic one, felt wrong to her. She didn't want to make her first impression as a rat.

But... Yuuki!!!!

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Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 4:43 am
by UmbraSight
“Ah, right.” Yuuki said glancing down at the dress that Yumi had placed onto the table. Red, and quite frilly, was this some weird murder-kink? Though it did seem like the sort of thing Yumi was wearing anyway but…

“Don’t peek.” Yuuki said, before she quickly peeled off her damp clothing and swimwear, toweled off, and pulled some wonderfully draw underwear on. She hung her damp clothes overtop the pole that the shower was hung on before picking up the dress off of the table. The dress seemed to her to be a mass of confusing ribbons and frilly cloth.

“Ok, so how do I put this on?” Yuuki asked.

“What a long day.” Camilla sighed, tossing her bag up onto a pillow before falling onto the bed face first. She was still for a long moment before rolling over onto her back and looking up at the ceiling. She drew in a long breath, and for a moment she allowed herself to close her eyes and relax. She was tired, the first two trials had taken much longer than she had expected them too, and it was such a pain to be on edges all day.

Though the fighting had been a ton of fun. And what would they have to do tomorrow? One last test to pass. Was the kid going to be ok?

Camilla sighed, her eyes flicking open as she smoothly stood back up onto her feet.

“You hungry? Want to try to hunt down some food?” She asked.

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Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 7:43 pm
by ShadFlow


It seems Makai's stomach had spoken for him!

Or rather...

His stomach began to ache. He curled trying to mitigate the pain while groaning." know what, I'll meet you at the dining area..." Ever since the tests had began...when was the last time he went to the bathroom? It was before the bus ride! So many hours ago! Gurgle! Another loud agonizing groan."I think I er...may have had a bad lunch..."


From a holster around his belt Oscar pulled out a second prop gun. Identical to the one Miki had in her hands. Of course there was one slight difference. Lodged inside the barrel was a corkscrew didn't look like it was getting out any time soon. Opening the chamber and giving it a good three spins he held it out for Miki to grab.

"Wha'ddya say to a lil Russian Roulette? Loser has to shave the top of their hair."

Oscar gave Miki a wink.

"Of course you can spin the chamber as much as ya feel like. I jes wanna be a gen'leman."

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Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 6:59 am
by Kurusu
"Y-you put it on like this!"

After a feel rummaging, yet effortless and proficient motion from Yumi, Yuuki was now in a gothic lolita costume.

It somehow perfectly fits Yuuki, perhaps a bit too much so that it was a little hard to breath, but it accentuated every curvature and beauty that was inherent within Yuuki. The moment she stepped out of the bathroom, Mary was awestruck. She even blushed slightly.

"H-heii... suay..." Mary stammered something in Thai. The victorian princess before made her completely forgot about her worry of Yumi...

...until a knife landed on her feet, tip stuck into the ground. "No staring." Yumi said.

"Yes ma'am!!!"


Shave my hair? really? I'm already out of my punk phase!

Miki thought to herself, but decided to give the revolver a spin anyway. After a few clicks, she cocked the gun, aimed it at her head, and pulled the trigger.

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Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 10:04 pm
by UmbraSight
With all the grace of someone who clearly wasn’t used to wearing such a form fitting dress, Yuuki made her way out of the bathroom. This was ok, Yumi hadn’t stabbed either of them, Mary was staring but she could live with that. It was embarrassing having her stare while she was in this dress, but she could live with that.

Yuuki twitched at the flash of something cutting through the air past her, followed by the sold ‘thwap’ of a knife cutting into the ground at Mary’s feet. Ok. So, maybe Yumi really didn’t like people being rude?

“I’m sure Mary just really liked the dress is all.” Yuuki said, raising a hand to try to calm the irate girl. “It is a nice dress after all.”

Camilla raised a brow at the boy’s sudden and strange reaction. It seemed like he had just gotten ill or something. Had he eaten something bad? Food poisoning? Well, either way there wasn’t much she could do to help, had she even put any medicines into her bag? Still, it didn’t feel exactly right to just leave the kid on his lonesome to be ill.

“You ok with me going on ahead?” Camilla asked, “you sound pretty bad.”

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Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 7:05 am
by ShadFlow

"'ll be fine. I should have some alka seltzer tablets in my bag! I just need to take one and I'll be fine..." For the moment the aching settled. But Makai knew it wouldn't be long until it kicked him in the gut again. Quickly scavenging for them through the stuff Makai had to look through a multitude of smaller pockets. Uh oh. There it was again. Slowly it crept.

Got it!

The tablets in hand, and abdomen beginning to curl itself Makai couldn't waste time. Rushing over to the bathroom and shutting it that's where the worst of it struck.


"Uggh!" Groan echoing off the plain bathroom walls he couldn't help but fall onto his knees and curl up into a ball. Trying to cease the pain with pressure. That churning sensation almost struck vomit. Or worse...




That surely gave a slight scare. With a breath of relief he couldn't help but use his hat as a fan."Well I'll be damned. I didn't think you had the devils own luck but it seems I was wrong." This was fine. Looking at the odds, the chances were in his favor. Excluding the chamber with the bullet and the one just used he had a twenty five percent chance of hitting an empty chamber. Of course including the filled chamber, there was a twenty percent chance.

That was how he saw it. And those odds were in favor mostly. Retrieving the gun from Miki Oscar cocked the gun with no hesitation. With the barrel a few inches from his head he pulled the trigger smirking.

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Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:08 am
by Kurusu
"Y-yes! I really do! It's a lovely dress!" Mary agreed as enthusiastically as a person fearing for their life could; overly enthusiastically.

Yumi just smiled blankly, tilted her head, and then clung to Yuuki as usual. It was kind of impossible to tell what she was thinking.

Truth be told, Mary could kind of guess that neither her or Yuuki were actually in any real danger from the somewhat psychotic Lolita girl. Although it was a hunch at best from Mary, she was actually right; Yumi had no interest in actually killing anyone at this point. Not only she adored Yuuki's mysterious presence that caused her to feel fear for the first time in her life, she also knew that Mary would actually put up a pretty good fight if pushed beyond a certain point.

It would prove to be a real pain on Yumi's part if she were to make enemies against Mary and Yuuki, and so she decided to befriend them. It was pretty logical. Although Yumi had been making threats against Mary all this time, they were mostly empty and were for the sake of banter.

However, Mary could only guess that that was the case. Although her hunch was right, not having any concrete proof that Yumi wasn't going to kill her still made her a bit scared. She felt like she was playing with a lion's whiskey, and could get munched anytime. Just a bit scary. No biggie.

Maybe more than a bit. A lot.

Mary wondered how she should continue with the banter/lion taming, until she realized she was very hungry. It was 6 o'clock; eat o'clock. Food are serious business

"By the way, how about we go to the cafeteria on this ship? It's getting close to dinner time!" Mary said, pointing to a clock in the room.

Yumi then looked up towards Yuuki. Seems like she'll go with whatever Yuuki says.



Aw c'mon. The second shot was empty? Miki rolled her eyes at the thought of having to continue this stupid Russian roulette. She wished Oscar would just shave his head already and walk out with that idiotic grin on his face.

Of course, she actually dreaded the thought of shaving her head, but it was easier to just imagine Oscar being an idiot and continue with the game. It was easier to keep a cool facade that way.

"Alright cowboy, gimme the pop gun. This game is about to reach half time."

Miki took the gun, pointed it up her chin, and pulled the trigger.