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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:49 am
by ShaFlow
"Events have been cut due to a slash in the animation budget."

It was at the end of the tunnel. The warmth of the orange evening suns glow spread pleasantly hit across Makai's pale skin. Had had been overtaken by surprise realizing how late it had become. Surely it really didn't take them that long? He stayed close to Camilla until-

"Yo Makai! About time you finally got your ass here!"

His attention snapped towards the direction of the familiar voice. Julius, Mary and Yuuki! Along with an unfamiliar face, but that doesn't matter!Relieved to see the familiar faces of his friends. He walked over with a comfortable grin.

"What took you so long? And who's the hotty that you tagged with?" Julius asked with a noticeable red print across his cheek in the shape of a hand. Clearly not learning from the events before. Immediately the boys face became red of embarrassment."Th-that's Camilla! We met in the cave....b-but it's not what you think!" His hands dug deeply into his pants pocket as Julius stroked his chin curiously.

"Trust me kid. If I think something's something, it definitely is something!"

The suddenly the sharp sound of a whistle forced a flinch as the silver haired man from before appeared from a pink smoke cloud."The time limit for the Second Phase has passed." A clipboard was pinched between his armpit eyeing what was left of the competition. A yawn came over him."If you managed to make it here, yet but no button, I'll give you a pass. Due to this phase actually being longer than anticipated, and the calls of concerned parents, the third phase will commence tomorrow." Chatter. Chatter and other whispers.

"Now I bet you're wondering what we'll be doing or where we'll be for the time being..." Behind him was the sun, and miles upon miles of open sea. For a brief moment there was silence. He turned around with a loud "Hm?" With no warning at all a large boat from a similar pink smoke appeared.

" So much for dramatic timing..." It left most of the awaiting crowd in awe. A metal drawbridge ejected from the boats side as the entrance opened. A woman dressed in attire similar to that of a stewardess on a flight waited inside the door patiently.

"You all will be staying here for the night. You'll have access to some nice bedrooms and of course be fed properly. You'll be given your room numbers and keys by the wonderful woman up in the entrance."

"You don't remember my name! You asshole!" The woman in one hand held a blue bowl with the room keys inside. While screaming at the instructor one by one kids began to make there way up the drawbridge.

"Make sure to take one key per person! If you plan on sharing a room there is no need to take two! Make sure to always be with the partner you'll be sharing with!"

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Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:48 am
by Kurusu
“This school and their flighty whims. Why’d I even bother collecting these buttons?” The bespectacled lady rolled her eyes, and promptly throw the bag of buttons away. “My name is Miki Kuroki, by the way. I’ll be in charge of taking care of you kids in the boat tonight. If you have any problems, just come to me in my room. My room is umm…” Miki then walks up to the lady with the blue bowl, and grabbed a key. “069! Great number eh? Also, I don’t remember your name either.” Miki said to the lady.

“Shut up nerd. Just go bury yourself in those gross gay doujins, and die!” The lady sneered at Miki’s jab, and would have smacked Miki in the head had she been half a second slower. The bespectacled teacher gave the lady a mock imitation to further pisses her off, and made a quick get away.

“Um… Yuuki, wanna share room?” Mary asked Yuuki, not wanting be left alone or with a stranger. She, however, immediately regretted doing so. The crazy bunny girl was still clinging to Yuuki, and the moment Mary offered to share room with Yuuki, Yumi’s eyes darted towards her. The eyes spoke of thousand deaths that would not put Mary out of her misery, but would ensure that every night would be a sleepless one. That effectively sent chills down her spine. Why are there so many scary people here?

"U-uh... all three of us can stay... r-right?" Mary was starting to give up. Yumi's stare was very intense.

"I will stay with Yuuki-sama." Yumi said, and clung to Yuuki even tighter. This girl got way too many bolts looses in her twisted head.

Mary face was going pale fast. She had drawn the attention of this psycho again, and she really didn't want that. Staying with a guy was out of the question, and it seemed like she was fated to be alone for tonight. At the thought of that, Mary forced a somewhat convincing smile, and said "...yeah, maybe I will stay alone after all... hehe."

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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:31 am
by UmbraSight
No more tests today, Yuuki felt her shoulders slump in relief at the news. Tomorrow was going to be harder, she knew, but at least she would have some time to unwind beforehand. Well, as much as she could unwind with Yumi clinging to her, and wanting to share the room for the night. Could she survive a whole night alone with Yumi? Would she just get bored halfway through and just stab her or something? Maybe she just wanted to have a hug buddy or something. Yeah! That seemed completely unlikely!

Wait, Mary wanted to share the room. There was hope there, a single lifeline she could cling to.

“I’m sure they’ll let the three of us share a room, they don't really seem to care so long as we only take one key.” Yuuki said, her voice filled with all the confidence she didn't actually feel but could fake easily enough all the same. Would Yumi accept it if she was the one offering they all stayed together? “You’ll still be with me even if Mary joins.” She offered with a smile.

“That guy a friend of yours?” Camilla asked, jabbing a thumb in Julius’s direction. However before any answer could be had the screech of a whistle interrupted them as an instructor explained what would be happening next. Spending the night on a ship then finishing up their tests tomorrow. Easy enough then.

“Alright, well I hope you don't need my help to get a key for your room.” Camilla said with a grin.

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Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:22 pm
by ShaFlow
Twiddling both thumbs together, Makai couldn't help but stare at his feet. Face red with embarrassment."Uh yeah....this is Juliu-"

" The name's Julius! Julius Schrieke, pleasure to be of your cuteness-I mean acquaintance!" He quickly injected in his own introduction. Swift but gently, with a gentlemen's charm, he took a hold of Camilla's hand. Clasping hers in between both palms Julius took a knee. Eyes gazing into hers, with a luminescent sparkle imitating the crystal blue waters of Greece's shores.

"Vous êtes aussi belle que les rayons du soleil du soir, à l'horizon. Vos yeux me laissent perplexe. Et ta taille est rebondie de masse. Je voudrais un jour faire des enfants avec toi."

He said soft spoken, kissing her hand afterwards. This act was something he saw on a television show back home and decided to memorize the words(though he had no idea what the meaning). It sounded romantic and that's all he needed.

The line began into the boat was rapidly shortening. The instructor looked over to Julius, Makai, Camilla, as well as the other three girls." We're running low on rooms, so you might wanna hurry it up. " With the lack luster facial expressions he scratched his nose before proceeding to watch the others enter the boat.

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Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:43 am
by Kurusu
"We're running low on rooms, so you might wanna hurry it up."

No pressure at all instructor Scratchy Nose. Mary only has a psycho stabby murderer looking at her! No biggie!

Although Mary knew that Yumi had not killed anyone yet, she had nothing to guarantees that Yumi never would. What if Yumi decided to snap and "turns her into an art" in her sleep? Mary was very comfortable with kicking Yumi's ass. Mary realized that Yumi was ferocious, but quite a predictable brawler. A well-timed sidestep and a good knee to the rib should be enough to wind Yumi out. However, Mary was not very comfortable sleeping in the same room with Yumi. Not at all.

Yuuki then suggested that three of them share room as well. Yumi stare quickly became an infatuated, yet dead, puppy eyes that looked up to Yuuki like she was the best thing in the world. If Yumi had tail, she'd wag it then. Mary had seen that transition of the crazy bunny girl's facial expression many times today, but it still creeped her to the core of her spine every time she saw it. Nope. No thanks, Yuuki. Mary decided she was going to sleep alone for the night. "I- I'll go get a room for myself! It's-a-ok for me Yuuki! Must be Karma right... haha..."




Yumi smiled coldly as she grabbed Mary's shoulder. Please stop Yumi. Mary was about to break down and cry. Please stop. Leave the poor girl alone.

"If Yuuki-Sama says so, then three of us will share a room." Yumi smiled. That damned smile.

"...K...Karma." Mary let out as she nodded shakily. "Y-Yeah... T-three's a magic number right? L-lemme pick up the keys for us!"

"You mean... the key."


"One key, not keys. Understood...?" Yumi explained.

Usually Mary would sorely point out that she wasn't a native speaker, and her grammar wasn't perfect, but this wasn't usual. Mary decided to just smile, said yes, and grabbed one key. Exactly one.

The three girls then entered the ship.

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Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:42 pm
by UmbraSight

That was frightening.

But, if she was doomed to be murdered by Yumi in her sleep then at least Mary would be going with her. They could meet up in heaven and share their woes, or something. Misery loves company, after all. Or maybe they would both survive the night. No matter what Yuuki was just happy she wouldn't be taking this challenge on alone, even if Mary had attempted to bail on her. She could forgive Mary that, Yumi was quite frightening, but if Yuuki wanted to survive this she couldn't let it show.
She just had to treat this like it was a slumber party or something. That shouldn't be too hard, should it? Right?

With a smile on her lips, and Yumi clinging to her arm Yuuki followed Mary as the girl acquired a key and the three boarded the ship.

“How about we drop by the room first and get changed? If we have time a shower too. At the very least I want to get out of this swimsuit and into regular clothes.” Yuuki said, “after that we can take a walk around the ship and look for something to eat.”



“Oh why thank you for for you such a warm welcome.” Camilla said to Julius, she smiled warmly, lips faintly pursed as she leaned in a spoke low, “it's so nice to meet you, my name is Camilla Farrin and I have something I want to give you for your hospitality.” She leaned in close, lips almost brushing before -- SMACK -- her left hand made contact with Julius's cheek at high speed. She took a step back, extracting the hand that Julius had been holding and turned away from him.

“The nerve! ‘You have nice hips have my babies’ please!” She said, starting to walk to the instructor with the keys, “come on Makai let's get our room before all the key get snatched up.”

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Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:56 am
by ShaFlow

Camilla's hand was fast and lethal. Like being struck by the death bite of a cobra. At one moment he was knelt all gentlemanly like--the next he was laying on the floor with the instructor just staring down at him, not amused. "What...what happened?" The stinging impression of her hand layered on top of the previous one almost blending together completely.

"You got what was coming to you I suppose." Chuckling as Julius disjointedly stood up barely able to catch his balance the instructor allowed Makai and Camilla to share a room. But only because she had taken the last key, and from the looks of it, sharing with Julius would be out of the question.

The instructor sighed."Miki!"

He called out, confidently feeling that Julius could continue on with the tests.

"I'm returning to the school for the night. Watch over the boat and make sure the kids don't get themselves killed. And don't worry, I won't be leaving you alone. Oscar will be inside doing whatever it is he does, probably entertaining the kids as we speak...see ya in the morning!"

With no time to give her any reaction a pink smoke surrounded the instructor with a soft sounding POOF! As the smoke cleared he had already vanished. Julius was amazed. However the instructor did it, there was some type of trick or gimmick right? There was no movement, no sign of movement either. Almost like fading from existence.



Makai took a moment, worried for Julius as he unconsciously hit the floor. But as Camilla stormed on forward he didn't want to end up as a victim to her lethal bite as well. And so he scampered off behind her heels. Following her as she proceeded off into the boat to their room."Uh....Camilla..." cheeks swelling with red embarrassingly as both thumbs twiddled nervously.

"I uh...I think your hips are pretty." He wasn't sure if Julius intentionally tried to insult her, but this was just an innocent attempt at a compliment.

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Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:34 am
by Kurusu
"You mean, I won't be leaving him alone! If anyone's gonna get the student killed, it's Oscar!" Miki peaked out from one of the window of the boat, retorted, and immediately popped back in.


Mary struggled slightly to unlock the door to their room, mostly because of the stare that had been sending chills down her spine for the past few minutes.

"I-It's open! After you Yumi!" Mary quickly moved out of the way to let the bunny girl, and her 'Queen', inside. She felt that if she didn't try to appease Yumi as much as possible, she probably won't get to see her parents again.

Yumi of course paid no attention to the plebeian who opened the door for them, and let herself in with her dearest Yuuki.

Fortunately, there were three beds. Unfortunately, Yumi took the middle bed. She sat down, and simply stared at Yuuki for the entire time, at least until she would excuse herself to the bathroom and get herself changed into...

Did Yuuki-Sama needed clothes?

"Y... Yuuki-Sama..." Yumi started while heavily blushing, which caused Mary's hair to stand on its end. "W-would you like to borrow my clothes?"

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Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:39 am
by UmbraSight
Three beds, ok, there went the worry that she would end up sleeping in the same bed as Yumi at least. Well, it only sort of dealt with that worry, it was still more than possible for the girl to clamber into bed at any time, and Yumi seemed like she enjoyed cuddling. After they all picked their beds, well less picked their beds and more let Yumi decide where they would be sleeping Yuuki excused herself to go change.

She slipped into the bathroom and placed her shoulder bag down onto the countertop before she shrugged off her blazer. She leaned over and unzipped her shoulder bag, and frowned. She had put her wet clothes into a bag but it seemed like it might have leaked. Her spare clothes felt a bit damp but it wouldn't be too bad.

“Y...Yuuki-sama…” Yumi’s voice came through the door, sending a chill up Yuuki’s spine. “W-would you like to borrow my clothes?” Very carefully Yuuki poked her head out of the door.

“Do you have anything that would fit me?” Yuuki asked. Was Yumi really that deep a shade of red?


“Uh… Camilla,” Makai said, Camilla looked back over her shoulder at him, to find the kid looking extremely flustered and flushed. She raised a brow in question, but Makai spoke before she had a chance to vocalize her question. “I uh… I think your hips are pretty.” Camilla stared at the boy for a moment, a pink flush of her own coloring her cheeks. What was up with this kid, one moment he seemed the most indecisive guy around and the next the was saying outrageous things.

“I uh…” Camilla said, scratching her cheek. She reached back and gave his head a quick pat before looking back forward. “Thanks.” She said. She held up the key, turning her focus on that to ignore the sudden feeling of heat which came to her cheeks and ears.

“Let's just get to our room.” She said.

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:43 am
by ShaFlow

Was the remark too creepy? Did he make things too awkward? Makai's hands dug deeper into the pockets, shoulders buckling in embarrassment.

"Uh yeah...sorry, if that was weird."

There was no malicious intent. A simple ill-executed attempt at a compliment. Then again when did anyone ever compliment a girls hips, and they were not a pervert? Camilla probably paired him in with the other perverts. Suddenly it was a bit harder to breathe. To be named a pervert, almost like an invisible weight was chained to his neck. Following after Camilla felt wrong.



"Alright kid, stand right there, arms out and don't move a muscle." In one hand was a silver peacekeeper aimed at a participant back to the wall. They nervously stared down at the barrel as the man stood on the opposite side of the room. Their body trembled as an empty soda can rested on top of their head.

"Don't worry kid, I have a ninety-nine percent chance of not hitting you. Besides if I did miss, you'd get a free entry into the school. Ain't that a purddy trade-off?" Oscar tried using his smooth Southern American accent to calm them.

He was surrounded by countless other participants either scolding, or encouraging the behavior...mostly encouraging. "Now's time for tha half time entertainment." Oscar slid one golden bullet in the chamber, used one finger to roll it before shutting it close. His freehand covered both eyes before a few of the kids began to vigorously spin him. Only stopping him when he faced the kid again. Arm slowly raising as the familiar barrel of the gun was aimed at what he believed to be the soda can. Blinded and dizzy, plus the chance of no bullet actually being fired, the atmosphere was filled with anxiety. The kids stomach dropped and tightened with the underlying urge to vomit...

"Now there's a thirty percent chance..." Oscar grinned humorously, finger lingering on the trigger.