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Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 11:53 pm
by Drake
Whatever that thing was, it's size certainly did not seem to match it's velocity, capable of somewhat keeping up with Twilight's breackneck speed. Were the creature's biological capabilities not enough on it's own, it immediately fired three icicle projectiles with incredible accuracy. Maneuvering off range while withdrawing with a currently damaged AMP proved far beyond Gido's own capabilities, no matter how much of an ace he had been, the odds were pretty much stacking up against him in monumental fashion. Luckily, his state-of-art suit's systems managed to compensate a bit for the delay of a human brain and managed to properly conduct the suit to minimize damage taken, the first one flying by, the second one impacting against the torso and another smashing into the innermost chunk of his robot's legs.

Obviously it was no irrelevant damage, the fact Twilight's armor was significantly weaker than what, say, a tank-like machine meant surviving through a plethora of similar hits was absolutely out of question. The popping red lights warning him of possible external breaches and the worsening situation of his suit made sure to constantly remind him of that. "Tch... Not enough." Liutenant Rankenn muttered, a hastily huffed voice barely audible through the shaking structure of the cockpit, or perhaps it was just how his senses couldn't extend to anything other than the combat. The voices exploding through this chaotic harmony of a moment barely made it through to him, not even fully interpreted by his laser-focused mind. "No idea what it is. Giant crab thing. I'm on my way, hold on tight." He rambled, more to himself than to those awaiting for his response. "Hurry and evacuate as fast as you can. Facilities were all compromised." He responded quickly as the voice of the robotic assistant reverberated on his comms, she would most likely advise against any form of combat as damaged as his experimental suit was, maybe they would ask him to retreat indeed, but with comms breaking and the whole place practically defenseless? There were few chances as crystal-clear as this.

Gido's lips pursed into a smile for the first time in ages, genuine, aggressive, ecstatic. An image only his AMP's cameras would ever see.

"C'mon, girl." Gido pulled the levers more backwards, increasing the speed so the opponent's rhythm would grow faster and faster pursuing him. "Steady now. Steady..." Many would find it well-nigh mechanical as Gido's hands stretched around multiple screens and panels, running through them so graciously without a mere glance to what he was pressing or sliding. His eyes burned intensely, completely focusing on the spiked ball of death spinning his way. His mechanical hand stretched forth, clicking the main panel rapidly and utterly cutting all fuel on the front thrusters propelling him away, prior to returning to it's lever and activating the back thrusters with a quick combination of clicks. Baiting the monstrosity to follow his speed was a double-edged knife, it meant cutting his momentum completely and transferring it all to the opposite direction would most likely result in a deadly straight-on confrontation, yet if the beams managed to deal enough to sizzle it's carapace? Then it also meant the monster was trapped in a clash with him.

A gamble, just as he liked. Gido had tossed the coin, fate would decide it's result.

Twilight's blue flames ignite, now from it's back as it leans forward, stretching a single arm on it's side as it's weapon systems immediately fires a small tube onto it's geometrical hands, tightly gripping it as laser left the shape and grew into a a fearsome ray. The cockpit shook, the wind wheezed against the alabaster metallic prison, two green orbs glistenned as strongly as ever through the curtain of snow. Rankenn pushed the frame to it's absolute limit, maximizing it's speed for the clash, it's left hand carried behind, brandishing the heated pink saber. The former military ace boosted his way even as collision warnings screamed through the screens loudly enough to make anyone lose their mind. Only so, at the very last moment, the angle of the thrusters would change, blasting Twilight on a sharp diagonal angle to the right, hopefully releasing it outside the range of impact with the momentum as Gido increased the power output of his beam blade, making it burn energy and grow even larger as he flew sideways to the monster, attempting to utterly split it in two, using it's spinning assault to complete the mayhem for him.

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Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 7:47 pm
by Quirbles
The animal slumped at the feet of J4X, and his mechanical visage shaped itself into a frown as best as it could. The thing was-- had been-- a dog. He liked dogs. They were remarkably better to deal with than their oft-paired human counterpart. Empathetic and loyal. Innocent. That was what they were. Innocent, yet malleable all the same at the behest of their owners. The pets of humans held far more value than the humans themselves, most times. Odd, how he could so easily take the life held within skin and bones and still hesitate when it took a different form. Maybe it was not flesh that he hated, after all.

It was the mind. The consciousness. That was what he decided he hated most as the mechanical woman stammered out an innocent apology, her scanner poised to fire and yet deactivated all the same. Panic had taken her like a caged animal. She was very lifelike, J4X thought. A carefully engineered simulacrum of humanity-- which was why she was far more important than her creators.

"That's why you're better than them." J4X spoke softly as the android across from him began to defragment. The panic had caused an irreparable loop within the mind-- a paradox that could only be righted through death by any other name. "You rise above humanity because of the simple fact that you fail to be a part of it." His tone changed, the rugged and coarse temperament fading into something approaching sociopathic apathy. Most androids were psychopathic-- the rogue ones, at the very least. Engineered psychopathy. Fitting, that an aspect of the creator would reflect within creation. Only the mentally disturbed would recreate such a flawed facsimile of the human image and deny it a seat at its table.

She stared at him, her body unresponsive. They were still deep within the ventilation shaft-- his voice did not carry far. The sound of an approaching body, however, did. J4X raised a hand to the woman's temple, fingers grazing the side of her head to offer a glimpse into the schematics of the mind. The ability of technological empathy had always been with him-- an uncanny communicative trait that lent itself far better to machines, rather than people. His eyes closed shut-- the color of his sockets merely blinking out as an emulation, as he had no lids-- and with a furrow of his brow, he attempted to usher the process of rebirth along. To any other organism, a complete blackout of the mind would mean death. Nonexistence. And yet, with the technological mind, such a process was merely a fact of life.

To any other organism, that would mean immortality.

As the man from earlier encroached upon the space J4X and the woman shared, the junker drew his hand away from the android's head and opened his eyes, their gaze trained upon the suit of meat that had just arrived. "She'll be fine. Jus', 'm... got scared. Give her a moment."

The facade fell once more over his eyes, and he patiently waited for the resurrection to complete.

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Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:30 am
by Poetic Ghost
"Fleet Master... we have received a casualty report from the boarding party."

"Is this... accurate, Field Marshal Devriss?"

"I am afraid so, sir..."

"I... I see, and the retreat?"

"Failed, sir... it appears their war machines were far stronger than we predicted, our umbilical was destroyed... we cannot say how many are left on-"

"Destroy them."

"E-excuse me, sir?"

"I do not wish to repeat myself, Field Marshal. Position our ship, then prepare a barrage and obliterate them."

"I... I will see to it, sir."

"Ten thousand years, and still nothing has changed..."

- - -


"O-O-Okay doc'..." Lena said in return as Alia packed her kit and moved on to the next patient. "T-Thank you... thank you so much." She added as she began to settle. She swallowed the capsules hard and took a shaky sip of water from her canteen, "I'll stay put, I'll stay until you come back." Lena said with confidence. Not in herself, but in Alia. She believed in the doctor, she believed it when she was told she was doing well, or that it would all be okay in the end.

With the last squeeze from Asai, she gave a smile and tried to pretend it didn't hurt for her. Lena watched as she crept away, searching for others to heal. She watched until she felt her eyelids grow heavy, and slowly the exhaustion set in and the girl began to rest, for a time at least.

Numerous bodies littered the floor on the way to the voice. Friendlies and not, retreating troopers, technicians caught in the firefight, and xeno warriors, all sprawled lifeless across the floor. They wouldn't be the last today, Asai could feel it.

As Alia rounded the corner, her eyes were immediately drawn to the wounded enemy on the ground, and the glowing barrel of a nova pistol pressed against the soldier's head. Standing above her, in an almost natural state of chaotic yet calm battle finesse was Alia's squad-mate, Revelation Namoor.

Before a word could be said, three shots ran out, the blast reflecting in the cold eyes of Namoor, and the woman's already shredded form fell to the deck.

- - -


The warrior reeled from the tumble over the smaller man with red hair, and as she turned her head to face him again, revealing the spider web cracks across her helm, which glittered only for a moment in the hallway emergency lighting, but just long enough for Roy to notice and bring his wooden instrument down on her head.

She didn't have time to react, and could only flinch and desperately duck. It didn't matter, as the human's bat connected with her face and shattered the bone plating across her helmet.

Her head spun, and a splatter of dark blood sprayed across the deck as the warrior turned from Roy, spitting up blood and glass onto the floor. She turned to face him, still on her knees. Through the giant hole in her mask, a pair of pure black gems glistened in the pale light, staring back at Roy with unknown intent. The eyes locked with Roy's for only a moment, and the man could only wonder what emotion lied in them.

Then, in a flash of movement and power, the warrior spun from beneath Roy, sweeping his feet out from under him. Before the man could react, she had straddled him and pinned his weapon arm to the floor with one knee, while she pressed the other down on his neck.

If Roy had seen any hint of empathy or connection in those eyes, it was gone. Replaced by a burning resentment and an eagerness to snuff out his life.

- - -


The cannister exploded in a beautiful plume of flame as the advancing shock troopers were engulfed in the resulting fireball. The blast threw the closest one against the wall, letting them twitch for a moment as they melted and lost control from the shock and heat. The other, equally aflame, dropped their weapon and clumsily retreated back towards the hangar. The remaining distant troops began to pull back, still watching their friend roast as they ran.

"Nice work Lieutenant," James said, moving in beside Kit as he cleared the hallway. "Looks like we've got em' on the run. We should move to the hangar, provide some relief to the marines holding the line as see if we can't provide them with some AMP support as well." James pulled a fresh magazine from his vest and slapped it into his rifle and pulled back the round.

The PA system screeched and came alive, and the rushed voice of Commander Ohara came through. "All hands, brace for impact!"

With a second's notice, those who could braced against walls, cargo, or each other before the entire ship rocked and a tremor was sent through the hull, knocking anyone who wasn't completely braced to the floor. The white warrior atop Roy went flying, and slammed into a panel behind her. Alarms blared, and the automated voice came through warning of fires in countless areas aboard the ship. Ohara chimed back in.

"All hands, we're abandoning the Valiance! Make your way to the flight deck to board escape shuttles on the double!"

Crew-members who could still walk managed to hobble out towards the hangar, and the personal communicators of the crew came to life.

"Listen up team, the enemy vessel just detached from us, and made sure to tear a nice chunk of our hull out in the process. Judging by the size of the electromagnetic discharge that's filling space right now, they're prepping a salvo to blow us all to hell. Get to the hangar, HALO jump to the surface and get to the Hub Station. The mission cannot be jeopardized."'

And with that, it was time to get the hell off that piece of Republian junk.

- - -

Flashpoint and Arachne

The enemy troops in the hangar retreated to the destroyed umbilical, and made a pointless defensive line. They held nothing but a leaking atmosphere breach and the corpses of their comrades. Even those within Khan's mech made there way there, but it became apparent just how pointless their efforts were, and one by one they accepted their fates.

As the human survivors made their way to the escape shuttles, the bay doors across the way opened, revealing the icy world below. The heat turned the shielding outside a bright burning yellow as the ship began to coast into the atmosphere. It was just a two hundred kilometer drop and they'd be back on course, no stress.

- - -


Twilight groaned and lurched with the sheer power and force that it was holding against, and alerts flashed across the display for it's pilot. In any other case, the machine would've been trashed, the maneuver a horrible miscalculation.

But Gido was no ordinary pilot, and Twilight was one hell of a machine.

The sudden change in course, the perfect angle and timing, every detail of his plan came through, and the energy blade carved through Frostbite, instantly searing the monster's flesh. Cooked to perfection. The abomination fell apart into enormous slabs of butchered flesh. Gido was victorious, and had the scars to remind him of this epic battle.

With the beast felled, a moment of peace was awarded to Gido, but it was all over too soon as a series of low rumbles and blast reached the soldier. It was a sound he'd heard so long ago it seemed like a different lifetime. The telltale sound of battle. But where?

A glance to the heavens, and a light show beyond the man's wildest dreams. The entire sky seemed to be filled with sparkling lights and brilliant beams of light as two beasts of metal clashed in the skies above, threatening to come crashing down unto the fragile world below. The first ship was recognizably military, human origin, but the other seemed unlike any vessel he'd ever seen. The two vessels broke the lock they had together, and the human ship began to fall into the atmosphere, with the other following behind it closely, but far enough to blast it safely.

He had just long enough to admire them before the same voice came through.

"-Rankenn? Mr. Pilot? If you can here me, please hurry to the Hub Station, we need your assistance as soon as possible, things are much worse than we thought."

This was looking to be quite the day for Gido Rankenn.

- - -

Aurora and J4X

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse...

Things weren't good, Aurora seemed to be in a state of shutdown, the walls were caked with skin and gore, and the whole airway was blocked by some sort of growth. He would've gagged, but his stomach was void of anything to bring up. At first he was suspicious of J4X, but after a moment his hand relaxed, and the muscle memory to grab his blade faded away. "Take all the time you need, but listen..." Leon replied. He was helping her, from what he could tell. He'd spent a round on putting down the dog, and hadn't wasted Aurora or himself when he came looking, he could learn to trust him. "We need to get the hell out of here, and fast. Otherwise we might all end up like my security team-"

"Hey, Aurora? Leon? You need to get out here, I've got a com-link to Fulcrum Station online! We can get out of here!" Estelle called down the shaft, tugging on the cable wrapped around Leon's waist with surprising strength.

As if to punctuate her words, a loud rumbling and cracking noise penetrated the shaft, likely from outside. To J4X, it was clear as day. Someone was breaking through the atmosphere, fast and loud and messy. Someone was coming in hard, and would likely put down harder on the surface. New meatbags to get in his way? Perhaps, he'd have to introduce himself first.

As bits of information slowly came back to Aurora, a new message came through. A direct order from the chain of command.

// TDI-R1. Unit designation name: AURORA
/// Unit defragmentation in-progress. Standby...
//// Standby...
///// Boot attempt: 5... Unsuccessful.
////// Awaiting reactivation. Command as follows:
>Maintain current self-preservation protocol.
>Maintain current associate preservation protocol.
>Rendezvous with Dr. Hera Tao at Research Station Rosetta.
>Collect all data concerning Project LEGACY.
!!CAUTION!! Data concerning Project LEGACY is restricted to individuals with F7 clearance. Command cancelled.!!
--Command override. User: MORGENSTERN--

>>Unit AURORA: proceed upon reactivation.

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Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 1:11 am
by Annasiel
Aurora sat up, pulling away from the other android.

|| Memcheck...


What had you seen? It couldn't have been real - but it was, even after reboot, the memories were still there. Not a failure. Not corruption. Real. Real.Real.

|| 2.6 PB/10.27 PB...

Which meant there was something on this base she couldn't understand. Couldn't possibly begin to understand. In a situation like this, she'd turn to others, ask them to fill in the gaps in her knowledge. How was she supposed to fulfill her duties if she didn't even know what her duties entailed? Yet, from the fear and revulsion on Mr. Cross' face, from the reaction her fellow android had let slip, they didn't know what was going on any more than she did. This wasn't a gap in her personal experience. This wasn't a missing bit of external knowledge. This was something outside the scope of verifiable reality itself, an occurrence that, when experienced by humans, was met with shock. With terror. With confusion.

|| 10.27/10.27 PB.
|| Memcheck complete. Defragmentation complete. No missing or corrupted addresses found. No missing or corrupted sectors found.
|| New protocol installed.

She paused.

|| Rendezvous with Dr. Hera Tao at Research Station Rosetta. Collect all data concerning Project LEGACY.

Project LEGACY? What did that even mean? It was obviously important, given the clearance necessary to ask for a retrieval of pertinent data, let alone simply to mention its existence at all - but it wasn't something she'd ever seen.

No - you had seen it before. Above your clearance. Not an accessible log, until now. Information you passed along, FYEO/Confidential, data you parsed and packaged and promptly forgot. Nothing significant. Just simple reports, simple orders. The rest was far too important to transmit over the CAN. On-site data, private cloud, internal network removed from the rest of the site.

What was she even doing here, on Terminal?

What was her purpose? What was this station's?

Irrelevant. Protect yourself, protect the others. Find and extract Dr. Hao. Find and extract the Project LEGACY data.

She felt - parsed - understood? - a flutter in her chest at the mention of Dr. Hao. It wasn't uncomfortable. Static in the pressure sensors. Hera was someone she knew - someone she knew well, and trusted, and wouldn't hesitate to find and protect, in this mess of a situation. Hera was her friend.

The shaft was shaking, a rumbling in the distance. Again, irrelevant, unless it proved itself a real and present danger. Safe to disregard for the moment, but monitor and recall in the event of a new encounter.

One of the things Mr. Rankenn was fighting?

She didn't even know what he was fighting. It wasn't safe to make assumptions, only base action on the collected and affirmed data.

All of this took place within a fraction of a second. Her mind made and her confusion settled, she turned her gaze from the android to Mr. Cross, then back to the android. Unconsciously, she shifted her stance, trying to block Mr. Cross' line of sight to the wall of flesh blocking the vent.

"I've received orders," she said, face firm and confident, any sign of her prior confusion eliminated for the greater good. It was useful, to seem strong and unshaken. It made other people feel strong too. "I'm to find and extract Dr. Tao. She's currently stationed at the Rosetta site. It would be in all of our best interests to remain together, during this - there's safety in numbers."

At this, she offered a warm smile, her eyes creasing at the corners.

"I'm sure everything is going to be alright as long as we have each other's backs. We can make it through this."

She crawled forward, then, moving back out from the shaft.

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Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:59 am
by Quirbles
"Hell, speak for yourself," J-4-X replied sardonically, deciding against holstering his gun in case any more space-maggot-ridden corpses tried to drop in on the trio again. "Me n' the girl don't have any fleshy bullshit to mutate an' fester. You worry about yourself. If I care about anyone right now, it's her."

He gestured to the android at around head level with his loaded gun, watching her as the defragmentation process came to an end. With any luck, the software suggestion would stick. All that was left to do now was wait. Leon's presence, as well as the other organic that waited outside the ventilation shaft, would complicate matters-- but he did not entirely care. J4X's capabilities were far beyond that of a bag of meat. As was Aurora's.

Soon, she wouldn't need either of the organics.

Now, however, was the time to wait. Aurora spoke of another task-- another skinsuit for them to fetch, most likely. One Hera Tao. J4X snorted-- rather, his vocal components approximated the sound of a snort-- and leaned the top of his head against the body of his revolver, shaking his head. "Makers alive, this shit don't end, does it?" With the nature of the question ultimately being rhetoric, he didn't wait for a response, opting to follow behind the female android with his gun still at the ready. There was, of course, the sound of a fucking ship nearly burning up in the atmosphere that filled the space of the station. With any luck, it'd crash land on them and fuckin' kill 'em all.

"Send a fuckin' android to do dirty work. More fuckin' people to deal with too... 'bout to fuckin' shoot myself." He mumbled, stretching his mechanical limbs once they'd all rendered themselves free from the confined space of the ventilation unit; J4X's gaze fell from one organic to the other before settling upon Aurora, brow cocked.

"The fuck are we going to, again?"

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Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 2:17 pm
by illirica
There were all too many people on the ship who were beyond help. Dr. Asai had done what she could for those who were capable of being helped, but all too many of the people here were well beyond any point of medical intervention. She went around the corner towards the cry of help, confronted by an injured... she didn’t know what they were, really, but whatever the attackers had been. She wasn’t alone, though - Revelation had gotten there first, and was already in the process of administering final aid.

Alia inhaled, holding the breath - and her tongue - and when it was done, exhaled with a slow nod. That was the thing about being a doctor - you couldn’t save everyone. Sometimes, you couldn’t even save anyone - but sometimes you could, and those were the times that made it all worth it. Beyond that, though, she wasn’t a hospital doctor - she’d chosen to go into the field for a reason, and while she had taken oaths to help any who needed it, that didn’t mean that she didn’t have personal feelings about things as well - and whoever these people were, they’d started it.

No... they’d finished it. The call to evacuate came over the systems, an indication that things were not just as bad as they seemed, they were worse than they seemed. As always, it was difficult not to want to go forward, to see if she could save more people on the ship, but whoever made it off was going to need a doctor, too, and if Alia got herself killed here, then she wouldn’t be able to help later. She had to think of the future patients as well.

She took one more glance over the battlefield as various crew members started to retreat, then backed off as well. “Let’s get to the mechs. We’ll meet up on the surface.” She moved with the remnants of the unit towards the hangars, the distant whine of mechs powering up while waiting for their pilots. Her own Injection was hardly a whisper among all the cacophony - well, it was much less sizable than any of the others as well. Dr. Asai slipped inside, checking systems with the speed of habit, activating thrusters and moving her little mech over to the nearest of the larger units and activating the latching systems. Injection could handle space drops if it was necessary, but it was all too easy for something that small to end up off course, and time was always of the essence. She’d hitch a ride if she could, so that way she’d be with at least one person when they landed.

That was probably important, just in case whoever these attackers were followed them down.

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Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:13 pm
by Drake
That was risky, far too much for any sane pilot to ever attempt such tricks, despite Twilight's advanced capabilities as a personally modified mech to suit it's pilot's style, suicidal maneuvers such as the one executed were seldom attempted for a reason: they failed horribly. Gido Rankenn knew, however, just how to handle his machine, break through it's own limits and push it to the brink of utter exhaustion, call it dedication or insanity, the Sting merely did what came naturally to him, anything to bring some spike of adrenaline and put some life on that husk walking around with a smile. He half expected to be reprimanded, hear some familiar voice in the comms yelling at him to be careful with their prototype. Was this white devil even able to be called prototype? Maneuvering like that?

"Not today either, huh?" He added sarcastically between huffs, sweaty head jadedly pressing against the hardy fabric of his seat. A giggle left his lips, both eyes watching over a group photograph of times long gone, and the mild chuckles turned into mindless laughter, a few crystalline droplets running through his cheeks.

There wasn't enough time of respite, nor to even slow down his breath, the cacophony of a battlefield immediately put Gido in alert, his AMP turning around to make sure there was nothing but sizzling crustacean meat around, grit teeth on an intense countenance until he finally had the bright idea to look up, identifying the source of those nightmarish sounds. A falling vessel and another distant enough to blast it to smithereens, the former soldier didn't have to think much to figure what came next.

Didn't mean he comprehended any of it.

The radio was lively once more, and in this moment of utter confusion at the very least an order was barked his way, something to take his mind out of this, maybe another monstrosity needing some special attention. "Roger that. I'm on my way." He responded, succint and formal as usual, now finally getting some time to properly inhale and exhale before blasting through the landscape once more, this time towards the Hub.

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Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:02 pm
by Annasiel
At J4X's words, Aurora paused, turning to face him in the shaft and giving him a long, hard look.

|| You're better than all of them.

She wasn't sure where the thought came from. Something lingering in her head, a memory that wasn't hers. She was used to things in her head that she didn't put there. It was common for orders to come through subliminal, minor alterations to her functional parameters, minor additions to her primary and secondary protocols. The conscious was only a matter of focus - awareness of mental functions was a waste of power, when not necessary, allocating additional processes to form meta-cognitive definitions was only a tool for verification of proper function. Even now, with her focus fully dedicated to her core body, a quick shift showed a variety of actions running in her background.

Mr. Rankenn was safe, reporting back over his line, the location of his suit returning towards the hub. Multiple sensors - the ones that still functioned, at least - screaming endlessly about an unidentified protrusion in the planet's atmosphere. A ship, from its size. Crashing, or crash landing, from its speed. The camera system was still partially offline in many sectors, fully offline in some. For the hundredth time, she was rebooting the affected systems, trying to restore functionality. More black spots in her vision. More things to fear, to avoid, to monitor. None, at the moment, relevant, and none, at the moment, deserving of her total focus.

But this thought? This wasn't an order from management. This wasn't data pulled from one of the thousands of subprocesses running tirelessly in the background. This was - different. And behind it, underneath layers of unconscious routines she didn't - or couldn't - observe, came another thought rising to the surface. An echo of that thought before, when she first recognized her new orders, brought new energy by the other android's callous dismissal.

"I'm not doing anyone's dirty work," she replied. It was the sort of words that sounded better curt, not in the soft, placating voice she gave them. She wanted to be curt. She wanted to. She wanted to. Instead, she let her displeasure through with a slight frown. "Her - Dr. Hao is my friend."

The process was cut short. It skirted protocol, even if it didn't quite violate it. Friendly and caring. Ready and willing. She wanted to be curt, but she couldn't quite muster up a good enough justification why. So instead, the smile returned, her voice replaced with the right voice, her thoughts replaced by the right thoughts.

"It is my duty to protect all the personnel on this site, including Dr. Hao. Additionally, her work is relevant to the current situation, and her safety is vital."

She didn't know why it was relevant, but it was. That's why Hera was important. That's why she needed to be protected.

|| You're better than all of them.
|| Protecting site personnel is valued above self-preservation.
|| You're better than all of them.

She scrubbed the thought, gave J4X one more quick glance, then continued her crawl back to the medbay.

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Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 3:55 am
by kotetsu

Why did that look in the warriors eyes have to remind him of her…? He’d make a mistake he hadn’t made in a long time staring her down. He hesitated, if only for a split second. It felt like much long than that even with all the chaos around them. The rest happened a lot faster. There was no sense that she had felt anything similar in that moment as she suddenly got the upper hand.

“You smarmy… little…” he prattles off something else inaudible as the knee on his neck currently crushing his throat renders him physically and mentally unable to say anything coherent. His focus shifts to not dying as soon as he has a presence of mind to realize that’s what was happening. The adrenaline had shut off like someone quickly pulling the key out of the ignition, then shot back up like someone putting the key back in and slamming on the gas. If the space amazon had the presence of mind to look, she might notice Roy’s eyes going something of a bloodshot red. Had there been air able to pass through his body, she would hear a low growl as well.

From his position on the floor with his free hand he puts the meat of his palm against her knee to afford himself a chance of escape. Slowly her knee would start to budge, though from any outside perspective it might seem like a losing battle for Roy, so it was much to his delight when the turbulence of the ship sent her careening off him. Roy too was flung up but in a split second decision grabbed the inside of a nearby door frame and was sloppily able to land on his feet, though he wasn’t looking in the best of condition, physically he could still stand and navigate.

There was a whole general riff raff going on that Roy was struggling to understand. Akari was barking out orders, the doctor was adding in something. He got the gist of it. He ran with the group to the hangars, everyone on his team seemed to be accounted for, at least those he had told he would be responsible for protecting and fighting alongside. Among those who didn’t make it however were the two tech INRC had sent to keep an eye on Roy and his AMP.

“Shit…” he mutters again.

Normally one of those two would need to go through a five minute or so process granting him access to his AMP. Even Roy could tell this was a serious oversight in its design. In a bit of a rage he slams his fist down on a nearby computer terminal, shattering the keyboard.

“Access denied…” a robotic voice calls out from The Fury, its eyes lighting up red.

“We don’t have bloody time to muck about this ya wanker!” Roy shouts at it as the ship lurches a bit, causing him to almost loose his balance. “Fuck all do I care about yer bungled gobshite protocol!”

“Voice recognition confirmed, emergency override passphrase accepted.” His AMP says, its eyes only turning a deeper more crimson red… The front cockpit opens up with a panel unfolding down creating a ramp for him to climb, also revealing the glorified asylum table that he needed to strap down to in order to pilot it. A mass of wires and straps suddenly spring to life, floating in the air like snakes coiled to strike.

He decided to save being creeped out by this for later as he ran up the ramp, ripping off the jacket and throwing it into a small compartment for belonging/supplies. The robotically controlled straps and wires got to work, practically pulling Roy in the moment he seemed in range. His arms, legs and torso were quickly pinned down. Several plugs seemingly attack the spots in his spine where input plugs had been installed, some making a point to rip and tear through his tank top before entering.

Roy barely noticed the hatch closing back up, as this was one of the quicker and more jarring connections to the Fury that he had ever experienced. Things went dark for a moment for him. His AMP was still for only a moment, before the fingers in its right hand clenched into a fist.

Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:04 am
by Poetic Ghost
"Oh, thanks for the concern." His lips formed a fake half-smile. "I didn't know you cared." Leon said tauntingly. "But make no mistake, these things sure as hell don't care what you're made of." He said bluntly, he wasn't looking to soften his words to the android, it wasn't like he'd get the same treatment in return. His gaze shifted from J-4-X's eyes to the revolver still at the ready in his hands.

"Nice shot, by the way."

Before either of them could say another word, Aurora sat up and took a single moment to recollect herself before she announced herself and made her way out of the vent, Leon and J-4-X followed suit. "I'm glad to see you're still in one piece, Aurora. I'm right behind you." Cross replied genuinely. He felt relief at knowing that she was still alive, not just at the prospect of survival, but to know that the only person in the whole universe that seemed to care was still there. That was enough for him.

He took up the rear behind the two of them, and stayed quiet as J-4-X mumbled and complained about seeing other humans. He let out a long exhale. Bad experiences, or this guy is just haywire... he looks too old. Maybe he's the last of his kind? A dark feeling swelled in Leon's chest, but he wasn't sure why. The android was a prick, but maybe there was a time when he wasn't. Time leaves scars, some you couldn't see. Leon knew this well.

The column stopped as Aurora overheard the newcomer and stopped to face him. She spoke plainly and with authority, but he could hear hesitation... a small break in her vocabulary as she referred to this doctor as her friend. It seemed like for a moment she broke away from her protocol and programming. She was intelligent, by all means far more than he could hope to be, but shackled by the rules and boundaries placed within her mind. He knew as much as she could wish for freedom and to express herself to the galaxy, she'd be stuck as long as she believed she had to follow orders and protocol. No different than a soldier, just waiting to be told how to feel, how to act.

Leon remained silent, he could talk later. He wasn't looking provoke or start a fight with J-4-X, not after his comments and especially while he was still holding a gun, despite Aurora's order to disarm himself.

"The fuck are we going to, again?"

"Wherever she says, spacer." He replied frankly as he followed them out of the vent and dropped the cable from around his waist to the floor. Estelle was hunched over a monitor she'd wired to a portable generator on an exam table and was fiddling with the dials as the group returned. As they all crawled out of the vent, she spun around anxiously and released a sigh of relief as she ran towards Aurora and held her by the hands. "Oh my god, I was so afraid something had happened... wait... this is blood! You're bleeding!" Estelle's jade eyes went wide and she began desperately looking around the med-bay for something, anything to help her friend.

"Estelle..." Leon said, mustering up as much sweetness and understanding as he could in his voice. "That's not her blood, she doesn't do that. She's okay." He said calmly, although it was apparent he was still a bit worried about the cancer that seemed to be spreading through the air ducts, so he'd save her the trouble of hearing about that part. "We're all okay."

"Oh right, I forgot about that... the whole, ya' know, android thing... I'm sorry." She took a deep breath and took a seat on the exam table. "I managed to get a connection to the command station, Fulcrum. Responses have been choppy, all I could make out was 'stand-by' and 'refer to administrative unit', which would be you, right Aurora?"

Outside the facility, Gido Rankenn arrived at the station, pulling into the hangar from the blizzard that began to swirl outside the refuge. The hangar was a mess of shuttle parts, and it wasn't exactly clear if it was due to the Junker ship that had smashed into the deck, or if it had always been that way. Towards the back of the hangar, a pressure door with a list of places beside it.


- - -



What was left of the ship's defenders boarded the shuttles, many of them on stretchers or being dragged by their fellow marines. The dead had to be left, no room and no point preserving them. It was a horrific sight, the state of the hangar. James' expression tightened as he looked out across the hangar. "A lot of good soldiers died on this ship..." he muttered to no one in particular as they moved into the hangar and mounted their mechs. "They fought hard to get us down there, let's make it worth something."

In the center of the hangar stood Commander Ohara, ordering a pair of technicians as they prepared a device in the heart of the ship.


"A parting gift for our new friends."

Serah looked over at the team. She looked exhausted, battle-weary and battered. Her previously pristine uniform was now tattered and bloody, her head and chest was bandaged heavily. "They struck the bridge first, our shields didn't hold, the executive crew..." she looked across the hangar at a trio of bags being taken aboard a shuttle, looking only for a moment before turning back to the squad. "...I was lucky, or so they say."

"It's imperative that you all make it down there. I'll maintain contact as long as I can, but with the blizzard stirring up down there, I'm not sure how long I'll be in touch." She walked with the team towards their mechs, trying her best not to show how weak she truly felt. "We'll be getting as many of us as we can to Fulcrum Station on the far side of the planet. We're hoping the blast from the N2 device will damage their ship, and the resulting EMP will knock out their guns for long enough to get us out of range. Then we pray Fulcrum can pick us up and their stationary guns can provide cover."

She stopped at the lineup of their machines and looked to those who were already boarding their AMPs. "The blast and wreckage should mask your descent. Anyone who might not make the fall can tether with Sgt. Akari's mech, Peace Walker, we installed a docking device on it in case we'd have to make a jump like this." She paused and winced.

"I'd planned on making the jump down with you, but I'm in no shape to fight or operate down there, and time is more important now than before. I'd just be slowing you down."

"You need to make it to the Hub Station, that's the main landing pad and administration center on the planet for the research station. Our intel tells us that most of the non-essential staff were going to be evacuated to Fulcrum once things went bad, but we lost contact before anything was confirmed. There should be a functioning administrative android unit still there, so finding her and establishing what happened down there is the first priority. Then, you'll need to find her." Serah tapped her wrist communicator, and a holographic image of a woman materialized in front of them.


"That's Dr. Hera Tao, she's the head researcher of xenoarchaeology on site, and was promoted to project head on more than a few key projects down there. Command says she's a tier-one asset. If she is still alive, her safety needs to be guaranteed and she must be secured for extraction... whenever we get back-up." She trailed off for a moment, but came back with a clearing of her throat. "If she is dead, you need to retrieve and secure all data concerning her work."

"Any questions?"

(Feel free to ask anything you'd like and feel free to continue with heading to the planet, I'll answer them in short posts, no need to get too side-tracked)

After everyone had asked what they needed, Serah offered a salute. "Good luck down there, and for the love of god, don't die."

James made his way over to Peace Walker, the towering machine standing taller than most others in the hangar. He scaled it's leg and pulled himself into the cockpit, finding his familiar place within the core of the machine. He began the start up sequence, firing up the thrusters in anticipation of the hard drop. It wasn't the best idea. Plenty of things could go wrong, but they didn't have much of a choice. Valiance was going down, about to be blown full of holes.

He flipped on his communicator.

"Hey, this is Akari. Anyone who needs some support for the drop, come lock in, otherwise I'm setting a nav-beacon for our drop point, just outside the Hub Station. That blizzard is kicking up, the last thing I want is anyone to get lost on the way there. Stick close, we've got no idea what's down there. We can't lose anyone else, not now." He spoke clearly, with an almost solemn sadness to his voice.

He approached the hangar doors and waited as they came over the drop point. Although the ship was falling fast, it seemed as though they'd never hit the ground. The beacon appeared on his heads-up-display, as it did for everyone else, a shining light amid the dark swirling snow storm below, the faint pulsing glow of markers broke the clouds and blizzard as they came closer.

"Strap in, and hold onto your breakfast."