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Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:18 am
by kotetsu
Roy’s arms were crossed when he was standing listening to the explanation James was giving. Technically he didn’t answer his question fully, but he got more information than expected. He was not at all prepared for the sudden turbulence.

“Heh?” he let out. It was the only noise that escaped his mouth when he watched James reach for the support beam. Backwards he fell, conking the back of his head on one of the thankfully bolted down tables. The loss of gravity didn’t come into play fast enough to save him any pain either. It did however create a momentarily morbid sign as he raised up in the air, as if his lifeless body was ascending to heaven… only to be rag dolled across the room.

“Well… ain’t this some shit mate…” he said weakly… mostly to himself as he flew. Roy himself would not actually be able to remember if he said that out loud or just thought it. Things seemed to move in slow motion for him for a moment, slowly getting back to normal speed as he peeled himself up off the wall. The pain was shooting all through his body, including but not limited to a headache three times as bad as the worst hangover he’s ever had. James was rushing to the door, calling out someone’s name, the little one seemed ready for battle. The rest of the folks in the room… shit… his vision was blurry for some reason. He could hardly make anyone out let alone what they were doing.

Just as he thought he was safe and nothing else would be thrown at him, something else seemed to be getting thrown at him. Thankfully it was just the door to the refrigerator swinging open, which at very least served the purpose of helping him get his bearings of where he was in the room. He listlessly lifts his palm up to catch the door, using the handle as leverage to stand up.

"Hey! I need a hand with this, we need to get to the bridge."

“Couldn’t of just let me enjoy the first real meal I had in… oh bloody never mind…” He turned his head around a bit, as if he were looking for something, all the while using the refrigerator to brace himself on. Tables… no those were bolted down to well. They would bend before they broke free. The oven and range hood likely were as well. Chairs were too light, as probably was the microwave, though he was going in the right direction. Coffee pot… don’t be stupid Roy. That’s when it hit him, metaphorically this time though.

The next thing everyone could hear was the sound of some kind of metal a bracket snapping, followed by the sound of metal scraping against metal. Like any good appliance built to go into space the fridge was nice and sturdy, and had a lock to keep the door closed when someone thought to engage it. In this case Roy did think do so, how else would he have something to hold it by in a small cramped space like this? He’d line himself up with the door and look James dead in the eyes.

“Move…” Was all he said as the appliance seemed to lift up off the ground, with Roy charging forward with it like a battering ram.

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Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:07 pm
by UmbraSight
She managed maybe three bites before the ship lurched hard. By instinct alone Kit hooked her right leg around the table's leg as one of her hands found an edge and gripped it hard. A hull breach? Her plate skittered across the table as the ship shuttered, metal above groaning under sudden strain. The lights cut and Kit felt her stomach churn with the sudden sensation of weightlessness. She caught the underside of the table with her knee and with a grunt she pulled herself under the table as cooking utensils suddenly found themselves turned to missiles.

She felt something sharp bounce off her shoulder, the tines of a runaway fork. Kit twisted in place as something heavy bounced off her hip, and the room was washed in red as emergency lights kicked on. Another disorienting lurch in her stomach as the gravity returned and Kit rather ungracefully landed on her back.

Kit, ever the professional, was quick to roll back out from under the table and up onto her feet. Akari at the door trying to call up the captain before calling for help with the bulkhead, the short alien was getting a handgun ready, and the big man — with a nasty looking head wound — seemed to be testing things he could yank up.

He seemed to settle on the coffeemaker, which seemed a shameful waste of a fine piece of machinery.

Kit reached down and slid her knife free from its holster on her thigh. She tapped a button near the base of the hilt and there was an electric crackle as a taser flickered to life along the blunt side of the knife. Not a gun but it would do.

“Doc, you still in one piece?” She called.

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Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 1:56 am
by illirica
Akari took command of the situation as expected - at least, until gravity showed up with a vengeance and took it back from him. Dr. Asai grabbed on to the table, which had the advantage of being bolted down, and waited out the surge, making her muscles relax so that she didn't cause herself greater injury when gravity clicked back on again and everything went splat.

At least she'd not been in a surgery. There was something about a man's intestines floating upwards that one didn't forget easily. She hit the ground again in a crouch, suffering what was probably a light bruise on one knee, but no worse than that - not like some of their members. Roy had hit his head pretty hard, which... didn't stop him from trying to batter down the door.

"Roy! You have a head injury! Sit down!"

She very much doubted he was going to listen, but she was medically obligated to give him good advice anyway. "I'm fine, thank you for checking," she added quickly to Kit, who'd taken a fairly bad fall but seemed to be fine for now. "What about you? Any numbness or lack of feeling at the extremeties?" Spinal injuries could be tricky, couldn't they. "Tell me immediately if you start suspecting any problems, do you understand? James, I'm coming with you. If the bridge isn't answering it's likely that someone's injured, probably worse than we have here. You might need me. Everyone else I think will be okay, except for maybe Roy. Roy! Sit down!"

Good advice was all too rarely followed, wasn't it?

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Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 10:39 pm
by BanefulMelody
"You did wonderfully, Miss Katsopolis!" Aurora replied, returning the girl's anxious remark with a warm smile. In times of stress, it was best to remain calm and positive - not for her own mental benefit, but for that of others. Miss Katsopolis was frightened, on the verge of panicking. She needed a calm voice, simple instructions, and most importantly, hope.

"Would you please keep an eye on the door? I am going to tend to Mr. Cross."

Don't tell her why you want her to focus on the door. Don't tell her the sinking feeling - alert protocol, all sensors active, processes reserved for data interpretation - in the pit of your gut, or the words that Mr. Cross had said. We aren't safe. There's something terribly, terribly wrong.

|| Afraid.

"My safety is irrelevant, Mr. Cross," Aurora whispered, slipping her scanner out of her pocket and fiddling with the controls. "At the moment, your wellbeing is my top priority. Please remain still while I sterilize the wound - you might want to hold my hand."

She held her palm out expectantly with one hand as the aimed her scanner with the other. The gun hummed, its tip turning momentarily bright. Ultraviolet range. One pulse. Two pulse. Long hold. Release. Then, nimble fingers unraveled the gauze - her hand slipped - and the roll fell through the air, dropping to the floor like a yo-yo with the tail still in her hand.

"I'm sorry," she muttered, measuring out a length of the dangling cloth and tearing it. "I didn't mean to do that. Please -"

|| Collision in the landing bay.

Her attention split, equal processes dedicated to both points of interest.

"- be patient. So, I just bundle this into a ball and stick it inside?"

She looked up to the man for confirmation, then steeled her resolve, slipping the rolled up gauze - and her fingers - into the wound.

|| It was wet. Wet and wrong, something she wasn't made to observe. Only to avoid. Avoid at all costs. Even then, behind a screen, casualties were different, distant screams and dying lights, not viscera warm and wet and alive.

"Th-then. The needle. Is that correct, Mr. Cross?"

She held it up as well. That had to go inside him. Through his flesh. Injuring - but for the right reasons. Yes? So he would survive? Yes, so he would survive.

|| Prime protocol violation. Pending override. Pending. /I accepted liability./ Pending. /I can't/

Her hand shook, hovering over his skin, held back by some invisible barrier of nausea and tension. She glanced up again.

"Do I have your permission?"
The speakers above Jax's head momentarily crackled to life. Hidden in the shadows, a camera turned to face him.

"I apologize, I'm currently not available to assist you. We're in a crisis at the moment. Do you have the proper authorization to land here?"

The speaker crackled momentarily, then popped into silence - but for less than a second before it began to speak again.

"No, the distress signal. Of course. Are you alright? That seemed like a rough landing."

The doors across the way hissed, then slid open, allowing Jax entry into the building proper. Inside, every computer monitor showed a simple diagram - one light flashing on the left hand side, another flashing towards the middle.

"Please come to the medbay as soon as you can. I've placed a map on the displays."

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Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 5:54 am
by Poetic Ghost
"Roy, wait!" Akari tried to call out, but it was far too late. Mclean had already come to a conclusion within his thought process, and went barreling towards the jammed door. James took a big step back as he closed in, and felt the room shake again as the man with the fridge collided with the door and bent the panels back, not entirely out of the frame, but more than enough for a person to fit through. The impact rattled the room, and likely the brain of the man who had instigated it.

"I might not like the means... but I can't argue with results." James said to Roy. "Now take a minute to let the doctor check you out, the last thing we need right now is a squad-mate down with brain damage." He commanded, and looked over his shoulder across the mess hall (now quite literally a mess hall) and caught eyes with the Doctor Asai. "Alia, I agree, I'll need you in the bridge. Assess Roy as briefly as you can, we need to make it there fast."

Just as he finished, as if to punctuate his statement, the ship lurched once more. "Who the hell is flying this damn ship?!" James said as he braced against the doorframe and looked out into the hallway.

Suddenly, the ship went silent for a long moment. The alarms went silent, the pained movement of the ship melted into the silence, even the comforting background hum of the engines faded into the void if only for the briefest moment. James stood motionless, waiting for something, anything to happen.

That's when the blast happened. An explosion, distant, but still within the ship, echoed through the hall and shook the ship once more. Then, as if awakened by the blast, the noise returned all at once, and James looked to his crew's faces, his expression was a mix of confusion and anxious anticipation.

"Fuck it. Doctor, take Roy with us, we need to get moving.""

- - -

"I'm on it!" Estelle replied as she went for the doors, standing guard against whatever was responsible for the attack.

Leon didn't protest. How could he? The android was going to try to save his life, and try her hardest to do so. He couldn't ask for more. But that phrase? "At the moment, your wellbeing is my top priority." When was the last time he had heard... well, anyone said that, android or not. He'd been the one to say that for so long, to be the one to prioritize others and make sure they knew that. He had forgotten how it felt to be on the receiving end of care.

His hand twitched weakly as he extended his hand to take hold of her hand as she aimed her pistol at the wound. The warm, open flesh that was present on his abdomen began to grow warmer. "Thank you." He said as he clenched her hand and bit his lower lip as he felt his flesh bubble and burn.

It was an odd sensation. Leon had sterilized wounds before, but he was never supposed to know how it felt for his viscera to feel the outside world, to feel warmth that wasn't from within. He had seen plenty of wounds like this, civilians caught in the crossfire, now missing pieces of themselves, or with parts that should be within them now out for the world to see. If he called it unsettling, he would have been lying to himself. Those wounds, that pain, it wasn't real, it was enough to break him and send him into a babbling ball of anxiety and stress on the floor.

Disconnect, focus on saving a life and forget it's real.

It was the hardest thing he ever had to learn. Learning to stop thinking about how wrong yet real everything he was seeing truly was, and to remove himself from his fear and reality. He was taught words that helped him make everything less real, to think of it all in abstract terms. Wound, appendage, patient, triage, deceased. It only made things harder to think of it in any other way than clinical. Don't think of it as a little girl, don't think of the twenty people you're neglecting to save a girl with a messing arm... limb, it's a limb. Don't crack, don't break. You're a field surgeon, you can't break now.

The warmth crept past uncomfortable and neared unbearable, and just as it reached it's apex, it ended and Leon let out a long pained exhale and released her hand, letting his arm fall to the floor limply. Aurora began to unravel the gauze, preparing for the truly nasty part. But her hand slipped, a misstep, Leon had always thought androids were made to be perfect. To fail, is to be human.

"I'm sorry,"

"No, you don't have to be, okay?" Leon replied, his voice was honest and his expression was calmer than before. He reached out and placed his hand weakly on her wrist."You're helping me, remember?" He tried to smile the best he could in the present circumstance. "You can do this."

"Just pack it in gently... the gauze should retain some of the blood for now, but we'll need to go back in later..." Leon added, looking down at the roll in her hand and the bleeding hole in his body. It dawned on him now how much blood was everywhere, it had soaked into his clothes, all over the floor, and now on the hands of the android as she positioned him and touched him, it was a reality check if he'd ever seen one. He took one deep breath and looked her in the eye. "Whenever you're ready."

Leon could feel her fingers inside his wound, pressing against the open flesh pushing in the small, tight roll. He could feel pressure on his organs and held back his urge to gag at the sound and feeling of matter that was never meant inside him now being pushed within his body. He'd done this a hundred times, a simple 'pack and stitch' until he could get the patient on a table, but he'd never felt this... never felt cold fingers within a warm wound.

As she removed his hand, he couldn't help bit watch her crimson fingers, grasping for a needle, and shaking over his skin as she prepared for the stitching. This was going to hurt, and it knew it wouldn't be the last time he'd have hands and metal instruments inside his abdomen.

"Do I have your permission?"

"Y-Yes... yes you do." He said, locking eyes with her as he struggled to form the words he needed. "I t-trust you to save me... I trust you."

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Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:13 pm
by UmbraSight
“Everything’s feeling fine Doc,” Kit said, wiggling her fingers. Well, everything else felt to be in working order, but any full assessments could wait until after they were no longer in danger of getting shot out into space. The big man barreled on, smashing his makeshift battering ram into the door and causing the metal to buckle under the force. Kit managed an appreciative whistle, the man certainly had strength to spare even if his methods were rather straightforward. Another shudder rumbled the ship and Kit caught the edge of the table with her off-hand, but gravity seemed to hold.

A moment’s stillness, long enough for one to contemplate how thin a few feet of steel was, then from somewhere deep in the ship a muffled roar. A breach? The ship wasn’t spinning from atmosphere getting spat out into space. Sabotage?

“Rev, you’ve got the gun, take point and I’ll follow.” Kit said to the silver-skinned mercenary as she hurried over to the door. Her gaze flicked to Akari as she approached, “want us to head to the bridge or towards the explosion?” she asked, glancing out into the now opened hallway.

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Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 4:21 am
by kotetsu
“Ah… shit…” he said. The adrenaline that was pumping was starting to slow down a bit. Commendation from Akari was one thing, but it hardly meant anything till the job was done. With that last bit of strength he could muster before his body started to remind him that he was mostly human, he dragged the refrigerator against the ground creating an earsplitting scraping noise, making sure there was enough room for everyone to get through. He then leaned on it and assessed his own condition with his limited knowledge, while glancing around the room.

Having reached around the back of his head, he pulled his hand back to confirm doused in red. He felt it rubbing his thumb and pointer finger together as he heard Akari giving out orders. The pain was up there with some of the worst shots he’d taken from various other blunt objects, though he didn’t have the presence of mind as to where to place it on his top ten worst concussions. Nothing was broken far as he knew, and his vision was transitioning slightly back to normal, enough to where he could distinguish the good doctor from the two other women in the room. He turned to her and put on a confident face as he managed to stand unassisted by any solid object.

“You heard the man, don’t worry about me too much yet… I can walk for now at least.”

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Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 1:16 pm
by illirica
Not for the first time in her career, Dr. Asai wondered what the point was of having a doctor if people were just going to ignore medical advice anyway. Roy should be lying down under observation, not charging off to rescue the bridge - yet that was the plan. At the very least, she ought to be disinfecting and stitching the obvious scalp wound, but that was the sort of thing that happened in hospitals, not in combat zones. She sighed and gave her hands a quick wash - not the recommended 30 seconds by a long stretch, but she had a feeling it was the best she was going to get.

It was a kitchen. There would be clean dishtowels somewhere. She found one, folding it deftly into a quick bandage and gave Roy a firm "Kneel" in a tone that didn't want to be argued with. She wasn't going to be reaching up to bandage the wound. It would only take a moment to get the bandage secured and at least manage the bleeding somewhat. It would look pretty stupid, but if any of these people wanted to be fashion models, they wouldn't have gone into mech combat.

The bridge would have a first aid kit, but Alia grabbed another dishtowel, just in case. "All right. Let's get up there. Roy, if you feel dizzy, sit down before you fall down, got it? Better to stop and sit for ten seconds than hit your head again on the way down and pass out for ten hours. I'm ready."

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Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:04 am
by Poetic Ghost
The doctor had bandaged... no, wrapped a dishtowel around Roy's head. James cracked a half-smile, not only at the way the tough mercenary looked now, but also at Dr. Asai's display of making do with what she had. James could see that she was a bit out of place with this crew and their interesting personalities. She hadn't complained once yet, not vocally at least, and James appreciated that. He made a note to get her something nice the next time they were stopped somewhere nice, it was the least he could do for the woman who had to take care of this company of misfits.

As they prepared to leave the mess hall, James stopped at the door and listened, waited for what would come next. The team gathered at the door, and Kit, now his second in command, spoke up. “Want us to head to the bridge or towards the explosion?”

The two peaked out into the hall, only to realize it wasn't any better. A small flame seemed to be burning from gas leaking from a now exposed pipe overhead. Paneling had blown off, exposing systems and wiring. Doors to the bunks were jammed open, and the contents within these rooms were now strewn about from their short yet violent time without gravity. As Kit peaked down the hall, she could swear she saw figures moving at the very end, tall and most definitely not human.

Gunfire rang down the hall, followed by shouting voices and rushed footsteps. James pulled his head back inside. "Damn! Looks like we have company." His eyes shifted from the hole in the door and shifted to her. "I was about to ask which way you wanted to head, Lieutenant." James said as he reached for his holster and drew his sidearm and an extra magazine.

"Alright listen gang, making sure the bridge is secure is important. But it looks like we've got tangos, my best guess is towards the hangar. The armory with your gear and weapons is the first stop that way too, it'd be a good idea to give our guests a warm welcome with some superior firepower." James pointed a thumb at an arrow that marked the path to the armory and hangar. "We can either split up and try to take both at once, or stay together and take one at a time."

He looked back at Zahara and said, "it's your call, Kit," he handed the pistol to her, grip first. "It's not exactly a flamethrower. But I'd rather hand it off it someone who'll actually use it."

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Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 2:35 am
by Quirbles

Fuckers didn't even have the hospitality to greet him at the door.

"Yeah. The distress signal." J4X muttered to himself, his tone reflecting the very blatant annoyance he felt at the entire situation. Truthfully, part of him hoped this entire base had just been abandoned-- would've made fixing the ship a hell of a lot easier. People-- people were assholes. Metal? Well, metal only treated you as well as you treated it; suffice to say, he treated all his lovelies with the God-damn respect they deserved. Hell, he'd had his sidearm for years, and it'd only well-and-truly jammed on him a whole seven times. Of course, there was the fact that he drove a pile of shit screwed onto some warp-drive thrusters, but it'd been that way before he'd gotten his hands on it.

Wasn't he fault he liked the broken ones.

"Doing just fine, miss. Do you have a habit of statin' obvious things? Allow me to reciprocate-- I am freezing my ass off out here."

The doors opened soon enough, and the robot entered with his revolver at the ready. A simple flit of his eyes over the diagram preceded a visible expression of confusion as he examined the displays, walking down the halls with one finger on the trigger. If some poor researcher's assistant walked too fast around one of these fuckin' corners, they were about to get a very visible and hands-on demonstration on the damage a salvage slug round could do to an organic body. Didn't need to fuckin' hypothesize to understand the basics of what would happen, there.

"Maybe I've got the processing power of a God-damned electric stovetop, but if I had to guess, I would say that I have no fuckin' clue where I'm going." Jax inevitably spoke aloud, trying his best to follow the convoluted picture the disembodied voice had provided upon the displays. Could she even hear him? Maybe this was some sort of practical joke they were playing on him. Hardy-har, let's confuse the dumb-as-fuckin'-rocks castaway that crash-landed into our hangar. Probably too damn bored lookin' at-- what, microbes? The hell was this place even for?

Agh. For a second, he almost asked that question like he'd care about the answer.

"Look-- let's make this easy, right? You just show me all the salvage and repair kits you got, and I'll just be on my way. Out of your hair in no time."

Regardless, it seemed as if he'd reached the medbay proper, despite completely guessing on the actual direction he was supposed to have been heading in.

Oh well.

Looked like he was doing this, then.

"I'm, uh-- 'm outside."