[ADV] Superstition

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[ADV] Superstition

Post by Ghostly » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:26 am

A tribute to Agents of S.I.N by Hawk, thanks.


Magic has returned to Earth...

Nobody has any explanation for how it happened, or even why. It began with a fireball that seemed to wrap itself around the earth, lighting up the sky. They called it The Awakening, and it had yet to be fully understood or explained, even by the world's brightest minds. After the light had passed, people discovered that they could do things once thought the realm of fantasy. But with the arrival of magic, creatures never-before-seen by mankind emerged from the shadows. From vampires and werewolves, to ghosts and demons. Most of them were just misunderstood and confused, posing little threat to mankind. Slowly, the world adapted to the shift in logic and what we called science.

With the arrival of magic and monsters, humanity needed to make sure that Earth would not become the new home of monstrosities as they quivered in the dark. They needed to categorize and police supernatural activity.

They formed the Supernatual Investigation Network.


With a few million supernatural beings running about, S.I.N was formed to keep the peace and solve crimes throughout the word, as a new form of Interpol. To deal with more city-based events, they organized groups such as the Department of Extramundane Analysis and Defense. To quote Hellboy; "When things go bump in the night, we bump back." To their eyes, all beings on Earth are equal, but when someone commits a crime against another race, they must act to prevent war.

D.E.A.D's goals are as follows:
1. Keep the peace, on both the mortal and supernatural plane.
2. Investigate supernatural sciences and document the findings.
3. Defend humanity till the end, so God help you.

Recently, D.E.A.D's headquarters in New Heaven has been busy with calls about cult activity in the underground, and with Nosferatu, the dark Vampire coven, on the move. Many new transfers have been moved to New Heaven to investigate.



Detective Lee Holiday blew smoke into the night, the light of his cigarette giving away his location to the various S.I.N morgue boys who were already at the scene.

"Detective Holiday," said the first one, easily the youngest and least experienced one there. "Some neighborhood kids found this one in the gutter, just the way he is." He added with a shake. In an instant, he let his cigarette fall from his mouth and crushed it under his shoe.

"Thank you... Chapman." He said, struggling to see his nametag in the rain and smoke. He walked over to the body, and held a cloth to his mouth as he kneeled beside it. "Sonuvabitch..." He stood up and reached for his ear. "This is Holiday, we've got a 20-23, call in the D.E.A.D squad..." He spoke into his earpiece.

Holiday took his hand away, and reached his coat pocket for his pack of cigarettes. He looked into the empty paper box and swore. This is going to be a long night...



On the other side of the city, the precinct woke up. It had been a quiet night, and Raph had enjoyed it so far, it gave him some time to jot down his ideas, character names, an antagonist, mostly bullshit, but it was the most progress he had made in two years.

Before he could get any further, a buzzcame over the intercom, and he heard the voice of Trissa, the dispatch girl. His name, along with the names of multiple D.E.A.D personnel came over the intercom.

"Please report to Garage 6."

It was a simple order, but it still meant he had to get up and actually work. He grabbed his pistol from the desk, and pushed it into the holster inside his jacket before he fixed his collar and left his cubicle.


Hello! This is Superstition. A few things to keep in mind... not really rules, don't worry.

-You're all meeting in Garage 6, to load up and head over to the crime scene.
-It's a rainy Wednesday night, you've been recently transferred from other groups and units in S.I.N. Until this point, the D.E.A.D unit has been completely useless, and New Heaven has been rather quiet.

Any other questions should be directed to the OOC.

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