Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by Authorlord » Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:19 pm

Jessabella Collins

Fiona scoffed at Jessabella and met her head on. The two charged at each other, however, both intentions were different. Fiona was clearly ready to kill Jessabella with her silver scythes, but Jessabella had other plans. She was all to familiar with the art of battling with scythes, and while she wielded a full scythe. the principle was the same for smaller ones. And just as she had predicted, Fiona slashed diagonally with one of her scythes. An inch more forward, and that blade would have sliced her jugular clean open; but, Jessabella side stepped, dodging by a narrow margin, and skirted the women from her almost defenseless side.

Fiona spun on heel, bringing the other scythe around to catch Jessabella off guard, but again, she predicted the motion. By the time its blade raced around, Jessabella was already sliding on the marble floor, catching her reflection from the attack Fiona had missed again. She was clear.

"You little weasel!" Fiona huffed, catching her balance as she faced the back of the running girl--just in time to see her retake her lost scythe. Now it was a battle of skill and wit with their weapons, not just fists.

Again they charged each other. The fear Jessabella once felt was now nothing, not even a memory at this point. She felt a confidence she had never held so high for herself before. That confidence must have been the source of her new found strength.

Jessabella whirled her scythe, blocking Fiona's first strike with the blade and smacking her second away with the tail end of the staff. Old but gold, her late mentor's bestowal held strong against the metal versus wood striking. As long as she maneuvered right, the staff should hold long enough for the battle to last.

She stomped her foot forward, forcing Fiona to step hers back. Jessabella was on the attack. A thud was sounded as her scythe's staff wacked Fiona in her side. The woman winced but quickly recovered, quickly countering to try and get off the defense.

Deadrick Masters

Blaze shot at Deadrick with full speed, bringing down a powerful fist. Deadrick blocked with crossed arms, slightly burned by the red flames bathing his brother. He struck back with two fists to either side. Steam hissed from their wounds and knuckles. With each physical attack and defense, they were both burned by each other's flame. This was going no where fast!

They danced around each other, gunning blasts of red and blue fire, each with little effect with the absence of solid connecting. This was proving harder for Deadrick than he anticipated, but he couldn't think of that now. It wasn't until he was yelled at did her take his focus from Blaze.

"You idiot nearly killed me!" Jessabella spouted. Between her and Fiona was a path of blue fire. They must have separated to prevent from being burned alive.

Deadrick was about to apologize when a fist caught him square in the cheek and a knee to the gut following. Blaze had landed a turning point blow. Deadrick had little time to keep up with Blaze's blast of fire before it was to late. In a way, it was. Distracted again, focus on dodging the ball of fire, Blaze kicked Deadrick dead center of the chest, sending him flying through the air. What happened next was bad... very bad.

Lieutenant Barker

Ceel had done as the general ordered, but the way things were going, it was a miracle no one was dead yet. The king was going easy! As the dust blended with Iliana's mists, it was damn near impossible to see, but the presence of darkness was all but lost in the shrouds of dirt. Ceel could feel exactly where the king was. To Ceel's presumption, Vanessa had charged in to attack the king. Merry and Celus were only kids but... Surely they would be fine if he went in to assist his superior. Insubordination but with good reason.

"Stay down for now, until the dust settles."

Ceel pulled out his great sword again, running to assist the general with all his might.

Tyrus Rex

Rodents. All of them were pesky rodents who were somehow to clever to fall for the traps he had let out for them, but their queen was dead, their numbers dwindling and now they were so desperate for food, they would commit to such a suicidal run to get it. Vermin like this needed to be squashed like bugs and left to rot to the crows and desperate hounds. Since Fiona and Blaze were taking so long, he would have to assume they were failing him. How pathetic the lot of seven he chose. He would need to find more suitable servants next time.

The woman with black hair had charged at him. He attempted to swat her away only to graze her. She didn't serve much better since she only cut him. Please, if this was all they could do, then finishing this was a bore and waste of time.

"I grow bored of this pathetic fight. It's time to finish what I should have started years ago. End the reign of the Mavis bloodline forever!"

Tyrus swept his arm back at the black haired woman, sending a wall of shadows and darkness her way, slamming into her like a wall. The burly fellow with the sword came next. Be it luck or skill, he struck at the right time through the dust: when the king's back was turned; however, the murderous intent was to obvious to hide. The Dark King spun around and grabbed him by the throat. Crushing him now would be to easy. He wanted to end it fast, but why not have some fun?

Tyrus was about to smack this rodent to the ground when a hole in the cloud of dust parted and a flaming blue body came flying at him. Tyrus caught the body by the head. "So your that annoying brat's brother? I don't know who to pity more." The man of blue tried breaking free of the kings grip. Admittedly, his hand was burning by the second, but pain was merely an absence of will. Something he could endure for a long time.

Tyrus slung the body of blue around like a rag doll, cracking the marble beneath with each devastating blow. To his surprise, the boy still hung on to life. "I'll admit, I would have expected that weak body of yours to have popped off your head by now. I'll let Blaze deal with the rest of what is left of you," he grumbled with disappointment. He threw the body away, back to the red one and immediately forgot about them. It was this one's turn.

He held the bulk man high in the air. "I hope you understand how fortunate you are for not having already been killed by my hands. So weak, so useless. How did Victoria ever live so long with men like you around and weak servants like Iliana. Speaking of the harlot..." Tyrus turned his gaze to the woman, now slightly visible through the dust and mist. "Your comrades fall as simply as they did in Cordova (sorry, I don't remember her kingdom's name). And it was there as well that they fell, one by one, dozens of thousands in mere hours like here. And all you could do was watch and pretend that blasted mist of yours ever made a difference. Perhaps I'll let you live long enough for me to break you, violate you, once more before ripping her skull from your spine!"

He through the man like a massive javelin at her with incredible accuracy. Next were the two children. Perhaps he might spare them and turn them into his slaves. No... they carried Mavis blood and if they lived, Holy Magic would still linger in the world. As long as there was light, there was darkness. There would always be darkness.

Tyrus leaped into the air and used his force as he came bouldering down to sweep the dust away. The area was clear again. He didn't even bother to look at Iliana or the man he through as he approached the two royal bloods. Despite their size and age, they had heart. The girl used her nature magic to send wave after wave of trees and whatever else she could think of while the boy did something that might as well been nothing. If he truly thought, at his age, that sound would be able to hurt the Dark King, he had another thing coming. And he would have except some other rodent got in his way again.

The frail one... "I won't let you hurt them!" She cried as she stood between the twins and the Dark King, arms extended as if it would matter.

"Insufferable woman. I'll do to you like I did to hundreds of Yuriksyn women all these months, then I'll let you to the dogs of the factions and let those men each have their turn with you. And just when you think, if you still can, that it's all over, I will rip ever appendage off your body. From your feet to your breasts. Once I've given you the mercy of death, assuming you even make it that far, I'll feed you to whatever beast will even go near your dismembered corpse!"

Veronica Flair

Veronica barely heard Mercy as she wept in damned silence. She couldn't make a sound until it all came bursting out like a tidal way. She cried, balled, her eyes out as the loss hit her. What had she just lost? It couldn't have been.... Sins all around who had either finished their opponent or were waiting for one to come to them all watch as Veronica cried out. Yuriksyns and Sins stared in wonder at her.

It wasn't fair... Why was it always her!? "Why...?" she whimpered. Slowly she made it to her feet, head still sunken to the dirt below her. "Why...?" she repeated. A brief look to Mercy, then to Eliona, was all she moved for several seconds. It wasn't fair. If this was how it was going to be, then there was no point in holding herself back anymore. She said she would protect Eliona with her life, but now she was going to just hold only one of two promises she made.

"Why me!?" She cried out, slashing the head off a Sin who had foolishly charged her on her armed side. "Why is it always me!?" she cried out again. He parents, her Beast Wolf, her arm, her magic, her home, her queen... her best friend. All of it was gone. She genuinely had nothing left. ...And that made her snap.

She looked to Mercy again with a bastard smile on her face but pain buried deep in her eyes. "It's always me. Everything is always me. Right Mercy, right? I lose everything because the gods betrayed me. I lose everything and all I have ever been is faithful to the very end and now-now-now-now-now," she twitched, "And now I have nothing to lose. That makes me happy!" She turned to Eliona. "In the end it was always me, but they can't take anything more from me! I have nothing, therefore I have nothing to lose. I can go all out. I can unleash every breath left I have! I don't need to worry. I was just a pawn. I now realize. I now realize-realize-realize...."

Another sin attempted to kill her, but made the mistake of even crossing her path. Veronica spun in plash, stabbing the pig before her. They dropped dead but she wasn't done. Her sword pierced the dead body again and again. And again. Again. Again. Again.

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by UmbraSight » Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:52 pm

Vanessa Xias

“Is that all you had to offer?”

It was a distant voice. Not scolding, just disappointed. Her mother's voice. How long ago had it been since she died? Not long after she had left to become a soldier. She had always been disappointed that Vanessa hadn't shown much aptitude for magic. A hard, proud woman. At least she was spared this insanity.

”I had thought you worth more.

Vanessa stirred. Her eyes creaked open, every muscle in her body released a collective groan, in the back of her mouth was the bitter taste of copper. The world around her was a swirl of white, formless and inconsistent. Strange enough, that for a moment, Vanessa believed herself dead and drug to the veil. But, the vapor swirled, and a form took definite shape. And the voice spoke again.

”I had thought you interesting you know. Both you and your daughter.I do hope I wasn’t wrong.

With a concentrated effort, Vanessa hefted herself up onto her hands and knees. Her bones ached and the world felt as if it were spinning. “Why?” She rasped. The form bent at the waist and leaned in close. A mass of dark, with no true features beyond.

I have a theory. Something that explains her extraordinary talent beyond just that her father was skilled. You are my theory. I think Eliona absorbed your magics while in the womb. It made her what she is now, and what most prodigies seem, an enigma.

Pain felt distant as Vanessa forced herself up onto her knees. The seething aches now little more than a distant throb. “Why are you telling me this?” Vanessa breathed. It felt easy now, like some weight hand been lifted from her chest. She felt almost strangely relaxed. The form seemed to consider before it lifted its shoulders in a simple shrug.

Help you regain your senses. Give you a moment’s respite. The battle continues, and you will be needed.

“And won't he just toss me away again?” Vanessa asked. She could have sworn the figure chuckled.

He’ll try, and you will feel it rattle your bones, but this time you won't be so easily cast off.

“You sound so sure. And even if he couldn't slam me against the wall again, how do we beat him?” Vanessa felt a surge of every as she spoke. Fatigue lifting off of her.

“You stand before a fortress, and your options are simple. Keep striking the walls until the stone gives away, or find the weakness.”

“I think we have already exhausted the first option.” Vanessa said. Even that all too familiar ache of hunger felt as if it were finally sated.

”Then, a weakness must be found.”

“Easy enough to say.” Where was her sword? Had it been damaged? The figure was still, an unsettled mass, but it seemed to find its voice again.

“Right now the weakest of us is doing all she can to keep the children safe, it's best not to keep her waiting.

“And what will you do?” Vanessa asked but, the figure was gone, and where it had stood, a familiar blade lay. Vanessa walked to it, each step lighter than she had felt in months, years even, scooped up the sword, and followed the feeling of wickedness to an area clear of vapor and dust. May stood between the king and the royal children, her arms spread wide as the King growled a threat.

May was stronger than Ceel gave her credit for, not many could do that. No point in trying for a sneak attack, Vanessa decided, so instead she took a step forward and whistled. A sharp, commanding noise.

“Is that all you are worth, craven? Needing to prove yourself against defenseless women and children now? My what are you compensating for?” Vanessa said with a shake of her head like she was scolding some petulant child.


“Are you insane woman?” Mercy growled, his blade catching the weapon of a Sin who had attempted an attack while everyone was momentarily distracted. Mercy pushed hard against his blade, sending the Sin stumbling back. Before the man had a chance to recover, a quick movement of Mercy’s blade opened his throat. “I don't know what the hell you are rambling about but if you keep this up you are going to die.” Mercy said as he looked down on the woman as the kept stabbing.

“Miss! You need to stop.” Eliona said. To Mercy’s surprise, the little girl didn't look scared or panicked. Just mild concern, as she took a step towards Veronica.

“Kid. Keep your distance.” Mercy said sharply, but Eliona only gave him a quizzical look as she continued to draw near.

“Miss, you need to focus.” Eliona said. “You made mama a promise.”
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by Authorlord » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:02 pm

Jessabella Collins

Adrenaline surged through Jessabella with each blow, dodge, block, and received hit. Cuts, scrapes and bruises alike painted her and Fiona as they parried with equal forces. It felt like a dream. It felt like a part of her was finally found, hidden, forgotten, in the years before. Metal scraped metal, and only when she thought she found an opening, it was closed crudely. She needed a way to win... and she knew just how. Sacrifices needed to be made in life, and while this would break her heart, it was mandatory.

Jessabella let out a shriek when Fiona batted her away, barely slicing her flesh as the two silver blades clawed her skin. Jessabella hit the ground hard, just feet from Fiona. The wind nearly knocked clean out of her with the brutal thud. A second later, Fiona leaped in the are, scythes arced and ready to kill.

This was it...

Jessabella brought up her scythe, the one passed down from her mentor years ago, and collided the staff with both blades like a bar, stopping the attack in it's path; however, the blades were dug deep into the wood. One single push and--


The shaft splintered in three pieces, destroying the weapon completely. "Ha! I've got you now!" Fiona exclaimed as the force of her attack started up again, but Jessabella was beyond ready. This was what she was waiting for! This was the end of her battle with Fiona!

In a singly swift motion, before the Scythes could narrow in to cut through Jessabella, she speared her forehead into Fiona's nose. The woman was fazed momentarily. Well more than long enough. A sudden heave and a twist brought their positions around and Jessabella found herself dominate over her opponent. Now, all she had to do was grab the back of the twin scythe blades while Fiona had her arms crossed.

"What are you doing!" Fiona roared.

"Ending this," she smirked. "Do you know why I never replaced my woman shaft with metal? Why I allowed my beloved scythe to be destroyed?"

"I don't give a da--"

Jessabella cut her off, knowing she had won. "It's because they are to slick, and you cannot grasp them as well when your palms are sweaty. You destroying my scythe was by my intentions, and now..." Jessabella pushed inward with her hands, forgiving the blades cutting into her flesh, "you cannot hold your own weapon right." And like that, with a final heave the blades sliced passed each other, slipping through Fiona's last grasp. Her head rolled slightly to the floor.

It was over. One down... two to go.

Merry Mavis

The king stopped momentarily with the look of minor disbelief. "You should be dead," he mumbled before waving another wave of darkness at Vanessa. He didn't even bother to give her anymore attention aside from another damn riddle. "Harmless children!? These offspring are the bloodline of the Mavis lineage and you call them harmless? They are as wretched as their mother was! They bring nothing but death to others! Victoria is the reason for all of this! She could have prevented all of this death, she could have prevented me..." a moment of somber silence carved the atmosphere, "and yet she did nothing and you still glorify her as if she were the Maiden Goddess herself. For that, they must die and so shall Yuriksyn!" he roared at the end.

It was as sudden as blinking, like a flash of lightning. The King's mighty arm batted May like a bug. The blonde, frail woman flew to the side, skidding the earth violently before rolling and colliding with the wall at the end of the room. Her body was bloody and limp. She looked lifeless. Her gold hair masked whatever expression was on her face, undetectable from where Merry sat on her knees. At that was when Merry felt a rage she had never known before, a power she had never known before....

She screamed at the top of her lounges and lashed out, except, instead of nature magic, large golden wisps of light shot from her body, mimicking her gestures, and pierced through the Dark King. One in his arm, another his leg, and the third his side. The Dark King let out a deep groan of pain as the light shot through him. No visible marks could be seen for wounds, but he was clearly hurt.

She kept at it as tears flicked from her eyes with each rapid swing of her arm. The large man wailed and fell to a knee, and with each strike, he clearly got weaker. A turning point had been made and it would seem that they finally had a chance until--

"Enough of this blasted power! I command by the Darkness I possess, come forth, Betrayal!" Tyrus shout as he smacked his hand to the marble. At first nothing happened, but then, when things felt like they couldn't possibly get any worse... they did.

Unbeknownst to the King party, every dead body salvageable, be them weeks old or just minutes, jerked. One by one, the dead stood to their feet, pulling out embedded weapons, or finding whatever they could find around their bodies, to use against the living. Sins and Yuriksyn alike were all being hunted and attacked by the dead as the corpses animated back to life. This was the true power of darkness, and with every life taken, the numbers of the dead grew.

"Finally you have awaken the true extent of my powers! The seven factions of my army would never been enough to destroy all nations with Holy Magic, but an army of the dead with this size could do it ten fold! And what's more, with ever death of the living, Darkness creeps back into my body! Now, Yuriksyns! Die!"

May's body jerked as if on cue and started to slowly get up. Merry was just hopeful at first that the woman was alive, that she could continue going on, but her hopes were crushed at the gruesome sight before her. May's neck was clearly snapped like a twig. Blood dripped from a wound on her head and out her mouth. Her corpse was reanimated....

"May... May..." a low and pain ridden voice barely announced over a whisper. Ceel had managed back to his feet, sword off guard in one hand. His other was lowly extended to his wife as he inched towards her. "May are you--are you alright?" he asked hesitantly. Al she did was look at him and point before saying some grave words.

"You. You did this to me! Why couldn't you protect me? Why did you let me have to die? You are supposed to be strong! But all I ended up as was a bloody corpse doing your job. I'll make you suffer Ceel Barker. You, too, will know the pain of death." She raced at him, absent of a weapon, but with murderous intent never the less.

Deadrick Masters

Every fiber of his body ached from the pumbling the Dark King gave him as if he were nothing. What was worse, his collar had reappeared, meaning his demon state was now obsolete for the time being. Could he even muster the strength to finish the fight, let alone bring back his power? Blaze had been right about one thing... he should have kept his focus on him.

Speaking of the demon, he was slowly walking to his brother with a laughter than did not belong to him, nor did the ancient voice that shrouded him. Tongue that was to old to know, to forgotten, seemed to whisper from the flaming red man. Whatever it was saying, it didn't sound good.

Blaze stood over Deadrick, paused at the moment as if to savor the moment. He was enjoying this, whether it was truly him or his demon Enfiro. The red figure raised his hand and a large ball of fire grew. Once hit from that and it was all over... Deadrick had no choice but to assume this was the end.

"I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise Jessabella..." he whispered as he closed his eyes, accepting his fate. And he would have... had the battle cry of a girl not broken the silence.

Deadrick opened his eyes barely in the nick of time to see Jessabella tackle Blaze in his fire state to the ground, scythe digging deep into the torso of Blaze's body. "No!" Deadrick cried out as they two rolled away onto the floor. Deadrick forgot about his pain, forgot his surroundings, forgot everything in the world, but Jessabella, and jolted to his feet. Instinctively he rushed and dove between them, separating her body with Blaze's and pinned his brother to the ground. He had no choice but to finish it here and now before he was burned, too, by his brother.

Deadrick's blue flames erupted from his palm and stabbed right through his brother. Right where his heart would be. Blaze roared in pain, but over his voice, was the demon Enfiro's. The ancient tongue cried out and all the flames cloaking Blaze ripped from his body and dispersed into nothing. Blaze was free of his curse. He lie beneath Deadrick, shock riddling his face with each gasp for breath. He looked to Deadrick slowly and grabbed his brother's wrist. Deadrick didn't flinch.

"I-I'm so sorry. I o-only wish, I-I c-could have b-been a bet-ter older br-other."His eyes looked passed Deadrick to the Dark King and back to his brother. "C-cut off my h-head. I'll c-come back if y-you don't."

Deadrick felt his eyes burning as his brother started dying before his eyes. He wanted to apologize, not Blaze! Not him ever! It wasn't his fault for being born with Enfiro. It wasn't his fault for being cast out! It' wasn't his fault that he became the way he did... but Deadrick couldn't even find a single word to say. Everything he wanted to say to his brother for years now seemed to just vanish from his thoughts and became wasted. It wasn't until Jessabella moved until he woke up from his nightmare.

She had placed the scythe she stabbed Blaze with on top of Blaze's chest. She didn't need to say a word for him to understand what she meant. It wasn't her job, her request to finish Blaze... It was Deadrick's and his alone. Still, no words escaped his breathless stare. He had thought he was ready for this... but it was on the contrary.

Deadrick was staring at the blade until Blaze gentle patted his cheek, a gesture he did when they were children. "T-thank y-ou," he hissed in his final breath. This was it. Now or never. Deadrick yelled in defeat as he swung the blade without even realizing it and cleared his brothers deceased head right off. The deed was done... but with a full price.

Selehna Bellrose

As Nephenee continued walking, carrying the passed on Selehna, the limp body began to move. It was subtle at first, giving the impression Selehna had indeed not died, but then it became violent as it tried to separate herself from the arms of her old ally. Her body fell to the ground and rolled out of the cloth used to cover her naked, once limp body. Slowly, the corpse brought itself to it's feet.

"You failed me. You could have arrived sooner but instead you let me die, suffer, and you feel nothing," Selehna scolded in a darker voice than her own, but still hers. It was unclear whether she was speaking to Veronica still or Nephenee now. "How could you just sit back idly and watch me die? How could you let him torture me like that!? Murderer!" she exclaimed.

"You will pay for what you did, yes you will!" the voice of the fat Sin that Nephenee had killed spoke behind her. "You cannot escape your fate."

"We're going to teach you a lesson," his smaller accomplice stated from a twisted smile. Their eyes were as black as obsidian. Darkness emanated from their bodies like stink from trash. "Die!"

Selehna's weak and pitiful body moved as if nothing was ever wrong. It was fast, very fast, powerful, and had she had a weapon, her corpse would be an even greater threat than it already was. After all, Selehna's specialty had been close combat. The three charged.

Veronica Flair

Veronica scoffed through her teeth as she faced Mercy with a terrifying rage. "Shut your damn mouth you insolent bastard! You don't know anything about me or where I come from or what I've been through! I am free of the burden of life and now I can do whatever I like. What's so wrong with death that someone will not welcome Death himself with open arms and praise. I will murder everyone who stands against me. Mercy, I will end you if you become one of them!" Veronica momentarily paused as Eliona spoke to her, trying to make the woman regain her senses. What did this child know of lose and pain? Anger and Sorrow? She was only eight years old and still pure in this black world. Veronica would be damned to let it rule her anymore.

"I did make a promise, but the world isn't always as colorful and pure as you think child. It is dark and cold and in the end the gods do nothing more than sit back and watch as the play of your life curtains to an end, nothing but a tragedy remaining for them to applaud to. I promised your mother I would keep you alive even at the cost of my life. My life! I am not bound by anyone or anything in this world anymore. Everyone can all burn in hell for all I ca--"

She was cut off as she felt the dead body shift under her weight. Turning to look back at it, the dead body snarled at her and shoved her off. Veronica fell back, grunting as she hit the ground and landing on her sword awkwardly. She honestly wasn't sure whether to be thankful or disappointed it didn't impale her. All she knew was one thing for the moment. She was not going to die without taking as much revenge out as she could.

She rumbled her throat through her teeth and stood up as quickly as she could. She had just enough time to block the corpse's attack with it's sword. "You could never surmount to anything in life. You let your anger grow into a forest and root deep inside of you. You became blinded for strength and now everyone you loved is dead. You have failed everyone, especially yourself!" they spoke in a dark, hushed voice.

All of the dead knew the dark secrets buried within everyone and exposed it to the open world of reality. If you were attacked by one, they used your fears, doubts, any and all negative emotions, big or small, against the living as they fought. Unlike most, however, instead of being crippled by the words this corpse echoed with the others to her, her anger boiled more and more until finally, she was ready to burst with rage.

"Shut up!" she screamed and stabbed the corpse in the throat. It just hissed a laugh and walked through the blade, allowing it to pierce clean through its body. It swung to inflict a vital blow to Veronica but she jumped back, letting go of the blade now stuck in the resurrected body. Before the battle, she had purposely kept her second blade by her side if her first sword was indeed lost like this. She pulled it out and held it at the ready. even if she wanted to live... there was no guarantee it would happen this time. Yuriksyn and Sin bodies all started to get back up and find the nearest weapon they could find, attacking their own allies and enemies all together. If anyone was to win this battle, it was the dead.

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by UmbraSight » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:36 pm

Vanessa Xias
’Why have you stopped?’ The voice creaked through her mind. Once more drawing Vanessa back from the brink. Every muscle ached, her bones throbbed, her mouth tasted of copper and bile yet her heart continued to beat, her lungs continued to draw breath. To her own surprise, she was still on her feet, a long scratch along the once polished marble floor where the edge of her sword had carved through the stone in an attempt to slow herself. Crystals of ice glittered in the light along the scratch mark.

Like before, with each breath, pain lessened, and strength returned to failing joints.

And in her very core, she felt a growing hatred. Like ice spreading along her nerves, she stared at the back of the king.

“Why.” She breathed. Her voice a broken whisper.

’Because all which remains is a King, a dragon, and an army of the undead.’

Vanessa forced herself to stand straight, pulled her weapon from the floor. Her mind felt cool. Even. Her footing was steady. “And how do we stop any of those those things?”

’He has given himself to wretchedness, such things grant one power unattainable to most, but do not make one a god.’

Vanessa rolled her shoulder. Doubt was a burdensome emotion. She could see Ceel fighting a broken vestige of May, and Vanessa did not doubt that Ceel would hold back due to love and grief. Nor did she doubt that the King could have -- no -- should have killed her. “What have you done to me?”

’It is a gift I cannot, nor do impart often. It is the same gift which I granted to Gris so long ago when he lay still upon that table. You flesh shall mend when damage is done, but it is your will that will dictate if you survive. You are by no means immortal, but you will not die easy.

“Why?” Vanessa asked again. But this time there came no response. She raised her blade and without another word she pushed off of her left foot. She thrust the blade, perfectly level, at the King’s back.

“Six hells.” Mercy growled as he barely blocked a downward strike from a man who had a hole through his heart. The dead man smiled with a mouth full of yellowed teeth.

“Always fancied yourself a strong man didn't you? Always running from home. She’ll never forgive you, you know.” He spoke with a monotone voice. Mercy grit his teeth, attention divided between the man in front of him and one with a shattered knee and ruined throat drawing near. A gurgled shriek suddenly came from the mouth of the second man, as his body burst into flame. He managed two more shambling steps before his leg once more gave out and he fell, burning.

“You’ll fail her too, you know.” The first man said. Mercy snarled.

“For a deadman, you yap too much.” Mercy growled, bringing his knee up into the other man’s gut.

“What in hell.” Nephenee breathed as she took a step back. Three dead men surrounded her. She had no time to try and figure out what was happening, no time other than to just accept it at face value. There were free enemies, one of which she had been sent to retrieve. What sort of abomination was this?

“I killed you two once. I'll just do it again.” Nephenee said, as the three suddenly darted towards her.

When outnumbered, exploit whatever weakness you can.

Nephenee spun in place and dashed at the thin man. In her off hand, Nephenee drew the dagger she had taken from one of the two men earlier. Nephenee stopped hard on her right foot, barely stopping in time as the thin man slashed at her. There was a burning in her side as the edge of a blade nipped her. Before the thin man can adjust, Nephenee lurched forward, and drove the blade into the man’s shoulder. Using the hilt of the dagger for leverage, she twisted the man around, using his body as a shield as the fat man also swiped his sword in her direction.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by Authorlord » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:02 am

Selehna Bellrose

The thin Sin didn't so much as blink as the dagger pierced his shoulder, tip protruding barely out of the skin on the other side of his ashy flesh. The dead would prove to be a fickle enemy: one that would not go down so easily if at all. The scrawny body pulled it's short sword from his side and began to swing at Nephenee, only to miss due to her swinging him to block the fat one's attack.

A small battle axe dug deep into the smaller body of the first Sin, nearly reaching the length to the spin from the side alone. The first Sin didn't notice the pain at all, just readied his aim again to kiss Nepphenee. "You will fail her, you will fail them all. You cannot save Yuriksyn from the darkness within. They felt you weak, so they sent you to pick up a dead body. One you let die!" the first Sin spoke in his croaked voice.

"The one you love most uses you as a pawn to run errands rather than trusting you with her forces in combat. She will never acknowledge you love, only the empty void in her bed she longs to fill. You will surmount to nothing in your lifetime," the second, the fat one, added--digging that dagger of doubt further into the mind. Would Nephenee break?

Was magic still able to be used by the dead? because Selehna knocked Nephenee clean off her feet with a single punch to pocket in the joints just above the breast. If the dead could be surprised, they would be. The silver haired woman managed to cling onto the dagger and pulled it out of the first Sin's shoulder, managing to nearly rip the arm right off.

"You let me die! You just watched as they stared at my naked body, defiling me with their looks and imagining adultery! You could have saved me if you came sooner! You let him get away with breaking me down, slowly and painfully and now here you are, living without the slightest guilt on your conscience. You heartless bitch of a woman need to suffer as I did! You need to die a horrible and gruesome death to repent for your sins. I will show you what true death as the living feels like. You will beg for mercy! Then you, too, will know that hopeless feeling of waiting for the one you love to save you but never come!


The dragon was hot on her tail again. Quite literally actually. She Huffed and finally got to the angle she had been waiting for. Slowly but surely she crept to her feet as she stood on her broom. This was a very difficult thing to do, but it was all she had. If she fell, she died either from the height or the dragon's fire... or the dragon eating her... or it's razor sharp armour. She shook the endless possibilities out of her mind and looked to the foul, ugly beast chasing her, hungry for death. There were two spots that the dragon didn't have armour: the mouth and...

Henrietta leaped, absent of grace, from her broom and watched as she dodged, by a narrow margin, the massive jaws and jagged teeth as they clamped shut. She barely had time to catch herself by grabbing a piece of armour, just above the bare wings, before she fell off and fell to her demise. She cried out as a peak of the razor armour pierced through her hand and protruded out the other side. She barely felt her warm blood over the heat the metal radiated off the dragon's flesh from beneath.

The dragon pivoted to the side as it banked a sharp turn, nearly throwing her off like a mad horse. If her hand hadn't been speared through by the armour, she no doubt would have wasted her efforts in this daring attempt to finish the dragon. If she couldn't kill it with her magic, and the absence of water was an issue, then a large impact may do the trick. "Here goes everything!" Henrietta grunted as she forced herself to sacrifice the security of holding on with two hands in order to gain one for her attack.

"Wind blade! Make this flesh rip away!" And like that, Henrietta's hand cloaked in a mini whirlwind of, well, wind, and as she brought down her fist, the skin of the dragons wing tore like a hot blade through butter and out to nothing.

To all the gods, deities, pagans, and whoever would listen, Henrietta found herself praying to survive this fall. There was no way she would ever be satisfied with dying because of a grimy dragon. To think, all of what she did was for her forest... and this was how she was going to go out?

The dragon roared in agony and tried to spit fire back at Henrietta for what she had just done, but gravity was faster. The dragon dropped like a fly and crashed into a large inn like building before skipping off the ground once, head first, and settling to a dragging halt. A path from where the dragon fell from the sky scarred the brick street and not so lucky building.

"Insufferable beast! Get off me!" Henrietta heaved with all she had, ignoring the blistering pain in her palm as she attempted to unbury herself from the dragon that, thankfully, didn't crush her from the fall. It took nearly a minute, but the witch huffed a final breath as she crawled out of the dragon crater and onto her feet. "I hate dragons..."

Henrietta looked from her clothes as she brushed herself off to find bodies that should clearly have been dead, walking with weapons in hand and walking towards the general direction of the main battle. Henrietta stepped back, nearly stumbling upon the dragon's wing. "This is... this cannot be possible. No darkness should ever be this powerful..."

It was what flew over her head, several yards above, that made Henrietta drop her staff and slump to the ground. No darkness should ever be this powerful. If the dead were coming back to life just to serve the darkness, then it was all over. Yuriksyn would fall in a matter of minutes, kingdoms wouldn't stand a chance and the light balancing the order of righteous and chaos would disappear. The world would end by the man who took the forbidden and made it a reality. And if the person she saw above her was corrupted... then no one stood a chance.

Tears streamed down Henrietta's face as she began sobbing like a little girl. She wanted Madam Witch back. She wanted her to tell her what to do and to save her from this darkness. Why must it be this way!? What great divine could allow such a disaster to occur? "Madam Witch... why? How could this happen?" The shifting of a massive weight behind her made Henrietta's heart stop. IF she wasn't crying before, she would be now. The shadow was all she had to watch as it towered higher and higher over her to know that the dragon was getting back up. What was worse... it was already dead.

Was anyone listening to her prayers?

Merry Mavis

She should really stop asking herself if anything could possibly get worse. Until the earth was cloaked in darkness and despair, the answer would always be 'yes.' This was bad, very bad. The dead were coming back to life and from what the king said, with each death, his army not only grew bigger, but he grew stronger. What could they do against a man of such power? He never needed the seven factions to work for him. He needed them to die for him! Now he was becoming even stronger and the stakes were only growing further and further from their favor. They would need more than just an army to win....

The king cried out in pain as Vanessa came down upon him, digging her icy sword deep into his side. It was his bulk and size alone that saved him from being pierced clean through. Wait! He was in severe pain! That means he hadn't fully recovered from the spears of light Merry inflicted upon him earlier. Maybe they did have a chance!

From the corner of her eyes, Merry notices that May stuttered in place as the king became inflicted with pain. His life was clearly a link to stopping the dead. That made this simpler, not so much easier. "Celus, we need to kill the king. Only then will the dead stop rising and Yuriksyn can not only be saved, but the world as well!"

"Well we came here to kill him anyway, genius! It's not like we had another reason to come here other than to die." Celus chimed back, slightly amused at seeing the Dark King struggle as he replied to Merry. "I don't know how your holy magic became so powerful, but we need it again. If it is hurting him like I think it is, then it's our best shot."

"Right!" Here was her chance. Now while the king was distracted.

The king spun in place, trying to shake off Vanessa like a flea to a dog. "Insufferable woman! How are you not dead. I will show you a world of pain and corruption after this! I shall make you my slave! He finally caught her swaying foot and through her across the room at Iliana. Pain clearly riddle his face as he pulled out the sword, leaving nothing but ice to fill the wound. It was slowly healing, but the ice may be keeping it at bay for now.

"Good job Vanessa!" Merry called as she looked to the woman. The king was smart enough not to through the sword in the same direction as Vanessa and through it the other way. Merry took the opportunity now that Vanessa was out of the way and did her best to duplicate what she had done the last time. With barely success, Merry managed similar waves of holy magic at the king, not as strong, but definitely beyond her supposed power level. The king just... smirked.

That's when things became far worse once again and the end of the world could almost be felt.

Something, no, someone, burst through the brick of the castle above again and came crashing down. The waves of holy magic dissipated like they were nothing. Merry only wished the clouds of dust lasted as long as they did last time, that she was dreaming and that this was only a nightmare. She wished by the gods that who she was looking at was not who she believed it to be. Before her, before them, stood the last person they wanted to see against them in battle--even worse than the Dark King....

There she stood. The body of Victoria Mavis, her mother, Celus's mother, their queen and beloved individual, stared at them with black eyes and black wisps burning off her body. Her aura was nothing like before. It was inky and cruel. It reeked of death and misery. The very essence of her body matched the Dark King's and maybe then some. It was true the dead were really coming back to life to live under the Dark King's control, but never did Merry consider that she would come back.

Victoria Mavis

Victoria stood just in front of the Dark King from blocking the holy magic with the dark magic that oozed from her very skin. Her once golden aura now snuffed by darkness, her skin turned to ash and eyes of obsidian. If someone had a doppelganger that was the exact opposite of virtually everything of that person, this was that. When she spoke, it was in her voice, but ashy, broken, and more cruel than it would be.

She spoke to Merry, Celus, Vanessa, and Iliana separately, but each only heard their specific words.

"Iliana, you failed me. You were supposed to love and protect me, but you only watched as I died. You let me sacrifice myself, a powerful being, for a mere child who isn't even in adolescence yet. You let me suffer in the battle with Shane and once more as you let Merry die before me, making me pick up you slack. The Dark King was right to break you, to destroy your mind and body from the inside out and corrupt your soul. You are only good as a harlot and letting the people you love down. You let your friends and family of your home kingdom die and all while selfishly not heeding to my plea as my parents died before my eyes from their sickness. The very least you could have done was make their pain go away. No! Instead you betrayed me, your love and attacked my kingdom that now deserves to pay for all the crimes they have committed against me! They questioned my loyalty, my sanity, my all because of you. You have brought me more pain and suffering than anyone, tenfold. I trusted you, loved you, and you betrayed me. Does Gris realize what he has been blindly following? That you are leading him into a world of darkness all because you failed before and wanted to at least make your body useful? What did you tell him when you were joining the Dark King in his quest to destroy hundred of kingdoms and murder, violate, countless women, let alone the lives around them. What would your parents think of you forfeiting your body to the man that murdered them? Do you even feel the shame they now bear? Do you even feel shame? For your crimes ((against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defense)) I will punish you with death."

"Merry, you useless child. You were always an annoyance, even as a child and throughout my lifetime. You caused me to die because I was compelled to save you from the kiss of death. I had suffered enough that day and you failed me. You went into battle even though I told you not to and you got yourself killed by your own devices. I had suffered enough by using the Sacrifice magic before hand and your selfishness caused me to use it for a second and final time! Not only that, you were born with impure holy magic! You and Celus carry two magi's each and affect the holy magic by weakening it! For that reason, you were a disgrace to me. You deserve death as a punishment and now you will taste death permanently!"

"Celus, you ignorant and incompetent child of mine. You were always our least favorite, even in death. Your father would be ashamed of you now. I never would have even considered using Sacrifice on you if you died. I wouldn't even have shed a tear. Because of your failure to protect your sister, and failure to be worthy of heir to the thrown, you have let me down and disappointed me farther than I ever expected. You, with two magic, have sullied the holy magic bloodline and thus deserve to repent for your impure blood. Such doubts that you even considered through the months against your mother is also intolerable. You betrayed the little faith I had in you and have let me down to the point the best option is to kill you."

"Vanessa, you major let down and waste of a soldier. The day your husband died was the day I should have separated you from my army and kingdom! You lost your magic due to a heartbreak and that is the signs of pure weakness. You even made your own daughter not only conceal her magic to be lost in time, but forced her into healing that harms her very being and then sent her into battle like nothing is going to harm her in the slightest. You left her life in the hand of a mercenary, a man pay to kill, and when no money is there to pay, you will have no one but a corpse to return to. Not to mention you left her to the hands of a one armed, insane woman who will undoubtedly fail at her promise to you. Eliona will die and your betrayal to the once powerful Veronica Flair will be etched on your grave. After all, isn't that why you didn't help her when she went to face Korpis? You wanted Nala to be killed, you wanted Veronica to be weak and helpless to her own demise. What is worse, you let Selehna be captured and killed by the sins due to you inabilities to take responsibility and find her before it was to late. Instead, you gave up on purpose to break the already crippled Veronica even more, eventually allowing you to take her place as General to fulfill you power hungry quest. It was because of that selfish desire, you failed to notice my own daughter be murdered on the sidelines instead of making sure that she and Celus didn't come to battle. Instead, you allowed her to be killed, forcing me to sacrifice myself for a child not even in adolescence yet! Does that make sense to you!? What's more, Nephenee trusted you, but you let her down and now she begs for her life as the dead corner her! You let her down, your lust to fill your husbands spot blinded you and now the one that trusted you with her life will die by your order of allowing her to look for a dead body rather than you trusting her to fight in the front lines. Perhaps you didn't believe she would be enough? Perhaps she couldn't be able to keep your daughter alive for much longer? You will never surmount to anything more than a liar, a coward, and a manipulative failure."

Veronica Flair

"You reap what your sow Veronica. You have dug your own grave and now you will crawl in it like the weakling you have become! Once so powerful, now reduced to nothing! Such a sad and pitiful image. Selehna would be so disappointed in you! To think, all these years you could have been happy with her, but you refused her and now you will die here as she would want it."

"Shut up!" Veronica cried out again. She raced forward and parried the sword from the dead sin before slashing the hand that carried the sword off. The sin simply chuckled and ripped out the other sword like it was nothing. It was nothing to the dead. They felt no pain... The two danced. If only Veronica had two arms, this would be simply, but she was exhausted and only had her short sword. There had to be a weakness.

Balance betrayed her as she found herself leaning the direction her sword had swing. The dead man found this opportunity to his favor and swept Veronica off her feet. The wind was knocked clean from her lungs once she hit the ground with a thud. Was it going to be over this easily? Was she truly this weak? This was how she was going to die.

The sin stepped over her and held her other blade to her throat. "You shall die as all those you failed to protect for years." He brought the sword up to bring power to his blow. Veronica's eyes dimmed to near nothing. She wasn't going to look away. The dead man was right. This was her retribution for never being strong enough, for not acknowledging Selehna sooner... for failing.

Just before the man moved to kill, every dead sin and Yuriksyn alike stuttered and didn't even move for a few seconds. As if it were a sign for Veronica herself, something inside her felt compelled to get up and not let herself die like this! Pain became a forgotten memory as she forced her blade to swipe up, cleanly through the dead man's neck. The body didn't move like the ready of the dead did once they stopped stuttering. This was there weakness!

"Mercy, their heads!" Veronica informed. Hopefully that was all she needed to say.

Veronica shoved off the dead... dead body and got to her feet. A fire burned in her. Adrenaline filled her veins. Fatigue was barely a weight. The dad was right, and she was going to face that fact head on.

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

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A moment of doubt is all it takes. That was a lesson Nephenee had learned long ago. Never listen to the words of one trying to slip a blade into your flesh, because that brief moment to stall your mind is all they need.

And yet, she still fell for it.

She knew her mistake the second she felt her guard drop as they spoke. Told her of the insecurities she held deep in her heart. And then, Selena and as too close before Nephenee could react. A punch caught her just below her breast, and lifted her up off her feet. She landed in a heap some distance away. The dead woman continued to speak, her voice aided by the two sins. Gritting her teeth, Nephenee used her left arm to raise her body.

“You know I am a fool.” She said, lifting her head, and glowering at the three dead others. “Here I am listening to you, letting you get inside my head when I am the one who chased after a widow. It isn't her fault if she will never return my affection.” With a hiss of exertion, Nephenee forced herself up and scrambled up onto her feet. She took steps backwards as she drew her sword from its scabbard.

“You were dead hours before I arrived, it was will and hope alone which drew air into your lungs. Me arriving minutes sooner would have changed nothing. And I killed those two wretches for leering at you; though I would think if you really feel offended by what they did, you wouldn’t be helping them now.” She shifted her weight, right foot back as she kept her blade pointed towards her opponents. Her torso throbbed where she had been stuck. She couldn't afford more hits like that. She could afford even less to be cut by one of their weapons.

The situation was bad. Three of them and one of her. And to make matters worse, the dead clearly did not care about the damage their bodies took.

Perhaps hopeless, but she wasn't going to die without trying something.

General Gris
“Are you allowing yourselves to be frightened by corpses? I thought you lot were soldiers.” Gris rasped as he stepped past his line of retreating men. Before him, a mass of writhing dead, some with weapons some without. Black empty eyes, and twisted myrrh in their voices as they screamed out inner doubts. One rushed close from his left, and Giss could hear the screech of metal as the blade smacked against his armor and bounced off. Gris barely looked as he removed the man’s head with an upward slice of his head. His attention remained upon the ever growing mass of animated dead flesh.

He would break them until his own body failed or their bodies all fell. That was his duty. That was what his queen demanded of him.

“I am General Gris of the Hydras. Come and I shall grant you rest once more.” He said, his voice like gravel. “Now, break your swords against my body.”

A moment ago they had been locked in battle, and now they stood back to back, surrounded by the dead. The woman was already breathless, her weight favored to her left as her quickly wrapped hip leaked blood. A wound he inflicted on her, and a bandage he had applied when she surrendered. They had shared a short conversation then before the dead had risen, he had asked her why she had allowed him to escape the day her army destroyed her city, and her answer had been quick.

“You had lost enough, what point would there have been taking more?”

A strange, almost easy moment they had shared, and now they were surrounded. And Lorent was more than certain they wouldn't survive. But for now he was still alive.

“Why did you become a Sin?” Lorent asked. Behind him, he could sense the woman tense. But after a moment she spoke, her voice clear as a church bell.

“My family was one of hunters and the animals within the forest were thin. They needed money and I was good with a lance.” The sin said. In the edge of his vision he saw the woman step towards a dead sin who had stepped close, and thrust her lance upwards, the blade splitting the man’s head open. The body staggered to the side as the woman yanked her lance out and retreated back to Lorent’s back.

“What about you?” The sin asked.

“Being honest, I think I wanted glory.” Lorent said. The circle of dead men around them shuffled ever closer in an uneasy manner. “Perhaps to win the heart of a fair maiden.”

The woman laughed wryly.

“We both survive and I'll marry you.” She said. Lorent could sense her body tensing once more.

“That I will hold you to.” Lorent said.

One of the corpses screeched and as one, the circle closed.

“Right.” Mercy growled. An upward swipe removed the wrist of one Sin, and before the undead woman could draw a fresh weapon from her own flesh, Mercy removed her head. But he had no chance to catch a breath. As the body fell, two more moved to take her place and Mercy found himself in a frantic bout of parries and blocks as the undead tested his every defense.

“Your mother always thought you a disappointment, do you really think protecting one child will absolve your sins?” The one on his left said. Before it had a chance to continue its taunt however, it was consumed in a pillar of fire. And Mercy soon found himself with half the work. Soon enough he found the opportunity to remove man’s head. And turned his attention to the next one rushing at him.

“You ok kid?” Mercy asked, not looking back at the little girl. He could feel the heat of fires behind him. How many had she burned that were moving in from angles that her or Veronica couldn't defend against? At this point was she defending her, or was she the reason they hadn't been overwhelmed?

Pointless thoughts.

“Still alive Veronica?” He asked next.

Iliana Weiss
Iliana felt her body tightening as Mavis, or at least what remained of her body spoke. Dark thoughts from somewhere from the edges of her mind forced to the forefront. She couldn't quite find the will to deny it, to go against the words. She deserved punishment did she not? She deserved to have her personal failings punished. To give in, and allow it to all play out as it should. Her lips parted, and yet she could could find no words worth speaking.

What should her response be? Give up? Do as Mavis asked and accept punishment? Some part of her screamed for her to resist, but she did not find that she could do so. It felt right to not go against Mavis’s word. To just die and-- Vanessa rose from where she had landed. In her eyes, determination.

Vanessa Xias

“Mavis is dead, and your words only provide further proof.” Vanessa said, as she worked her way up onto her feet. Her weapon was some distance away where the King had unceremoniously thrown it, between it and her the dark king and the body of Mavis. Vanessa took a step, not towards the two threats but away. A mad dash for her sword and she would be likely be blown away by magic. Even if she tried to edge her way close the same thing would likely happen.

Perhaps a decorative suit of armor, or a crest nearby would have a sword, but first she needed to see if she could find one. “You seek to what, cloud my mind with doubt? Make me search for sinister intention in my own action? I served you as I could, and these words you speak now? All they tell me is that you are nothing but a puppet. You are not my Queen, you are a monster who has stolen her skin.”

“In the name of the woman who you once were, I will stop you, and that wretched man standing by your side.”
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by Authorlord » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:25 pm

Merry Mavis

"You are nothing more than a disgrace. You stole my spirit and powers the moment you forced me to use sacrifice magic to bring you back from the dead. Now I will put you in the ground like I should have done in the first place! Merry, you will burn for what you did to me."

Merry covered her ears and shut her eyes, ducking away as if being scolded like a puppy--which was not very far from the truth. Her spine tingled as her skin shivered. She was desperate to shut the words out but nothing she did seemed to help. Her mother was right, no, whatever was speaking from her mother's body was right. Merry was a failure, weak. She was only a distraction, a nuisance and now... now everyone was dying because her mother sacrificed herself for Merry. Even if she didn't deserve to die, it was all over. The Dark King had already won. She should accept her fate now and--

"Merry? Merry child? My beloved daughter, why are you crying?" Merry hadn't realized she'd started crying, but that wasn't what truly puzzled her.

It was as if time had stopped. Merry couldn't move herself, but she could look around and see everything going on. Jessabella was gripping her side next to Father Deadrick over Blaze's body. Iliana and Vanessa stood almost side by side, Celus was by Merry's side and Ceel was backing away from a swinging May. The King stood behind the body of her deceased mother, and yet it was her real voice that just spoke.

"M-mother?" Merry dared whisper.

"Child, why do you cry? What you see before you is nothing more than a tainted trick by the Dark King. He may have my body, but my spirit and power reside in you now my child. You have the power, the power I once had, to meet the king head on. And now of all times is the best time to strike. You hurt him with his guard down and now his magic is split between him and my body. Merry, you are the key to saving everyone."

"How are you able to speak to me now of al times?"

"It is a long story sweetheart, but the worst for you has passed. The events hereafter were decided the moment I saved you, even before hand, but now you are able to destroy the Dark King once and for all. Relax and trust in the Holy Magic I have embedded into your spirit. But first, you need to help Iliana Weiss. She has been traumatized by my false spirit and must be assured. Let her know I love her and want her to keep going. It's best if your brother never knows I spoke to you. He can be a bit rash."

Merry stifled a laugh in the middle of all this chaos. If she had truly laughed, everyone would find her crazy, but no one saw what she did, heard who she did. And like that, it was almost as if nothing ever happened to Merry.

Body of Mavis

The woman in armour with the ice sword was not swaying to the words of darkness. Her will was surpassing that of which was being pressured on to her. The two children were affected by the haunting whispers, but they were resisting a lot better than expected. The words seemed to be ignored by the boy. His magic was likely the reason. He was literally blocking her out. The girl... something about her made the darkness bounce away, like a stream going around a large boulder. The one she had truly started to cripple was putting up no fight at all.

The woman of illusions forfeited the dark secrets of her heart. This was where her focus truly needed to be. The Dark King's will commanded it.

Mavis flew almost like a small jump from her spot in front of the King to Iliana, barely able to stand before her. Mavis' body shared the thoughts of the her master and enacted to their orders. "You have committed treason against your home land, your former master the Dark King, and finally, me. I could have loved you, but you allowed my death without even fighting for me." Mavis put her hand to Iliana's cheek and brought her face close enough to feel Iliana's breath. "However, you can amend your sins and win my love. All you have to do is pledge your allegiance and body to the dark King again and I will love you as you desire. Iliana, don't you want that?"

Mavis started to finish the gap between her and Iliana, lips just a hair length away, but their connection was interrupted by Mavis's body screaming and pulling away in pain. A spear of light had pierced her body. Merry, just feet away, had inflicted the wound and prevented the image of her mother from corrupting Iliana fully once again. "You are not my mother! You are not our queen!" she declared.

Celus on the other side of her shot a sound wave and blasted the body of their mother into the far wall. rubble and dust carpeted the floor from the crater she made on impact. Her body stuttered momentarily. It would seem the body was starting to break beyond control.

"Queen Weiss, mother wanted you to know she loves you and she would not want you to succumb to this false image of her. This is not our queen!"

Veronica Flair

Veronica grunted as she brought up her blade. It sliced through the wrist of the dead Yuriksyn before her and as she spun in place, the blade swiped around to decapitate the individual. May their soul rest in peace after today. After that, she went to the next one, and the next and so on. She felt powerful, free, and now she could fight without worry. She didn't necessarily feel alive, but she was far from dead. She simply felt free.

"Don't worry about me, Mercy, you should be more concerned with yourself!" she called back. She wasn't going to have some cocky mercenary be soft on her. She would show him how to truly fight! Enough of everyone's pity! Unfortunately that didn't look the case when a half giant kicked her right in the chest and sent her barreling into another body behind her. Dead or not, they fell victim to her body colliding into them. She was so graceful... like a majestic pigeon.

She gave a loud grunt as she skin across the dirt and rock. The skin not protected by armour was scraped and bleeding from the rocks that cut deep enough into her skin. Countless more scratches could be seen elsewhere. Veronica coughed and a sharp pain emanated in her chest and shot through her body. She knew this feeling She had broken a few ribs. It hurt like hell, but she has had so much worse. A weez hissed from her mouth as she slowly rolled to her feet. Lucky her, the person under her was a sin, and not a dead one... Huh, she never thought she'd be glad to think that.

Selhna Bellrose

Selehna's body stuttered again and stayed in place while the other two dead, the sins, charged back at the near helpless Nephenee. What stopped her? What was different about her that stopped her from finishing the dead's desire now? Several moments elapsed of pure stillness. She appeared a scarred statue in her after death image.

"The living know nothing.... The living know.... The living... see what the dead cannot." Selehna raised her head to the two sins attacking her former ally. Nephenee struggled, but she was successfully holding off the two opponents. Even if she was on guard now for Selehna, holding three enemies off who felt no pain was damn near impossible; however, it wasn't three versus one anymore.

Selehna raced forward, fighting the will that had brought her back to life and betrayed her commands. She arched her fist back, aiming for Nephenee. In a single swift moment, her fist connected... with the thin man. Teeth that had once been in her mouth now flew through the air. The crunching and cracking sounds that filled the air indicated that his jaw had certainly broke.

"What are you doing, Selehna. Nephenee allowed you to die, she has a bastard love. She deserves to die," the fat one spoke.

"Brino, it is you who leered at me in my last moments. You are drunk and greedy and have destroyed the home I lived and died in. The dead know the truth, but the living see what the dead cannot. She sees my reality. For that, I have the ability to betray the Dark King and protect her. So is the weakness of Betrayal."

"Betray the King and betray the dead. Selehna Bellrose, you will die again, as shall your living accomplice." Brino swiped down his battle axe only to miss from Selehna's quick side step.


The dragon rose to it's feet all while staring her down--a hungry look deep within it's black eyes. It rumbled a growl before cracking it's neck back into place. It was hard enough to kill the dragon when it was alive, but now it was already dead... what was she supposed to do? Where was her broom? She could maybe fly high enough to be out of the fire's reach, but then what? Wait like the helpless coward she felt like right now?

No... she would run and hide in her forest. The Dark King had won already and now there was no hope for order in magic. No one could stop him now, so why not enjoy the place she was fighting for to the last moment? She didn't need to fight for these Yurikans, she fought for her home. It was all over now, so there was no reason to fight.

The dragon's mouth opened and it's neck bowed back.

She could just leave everyone damn human here and hide in her forest. What did they do for her? What have they done for her? Nothing? And they came to her for help and gave an unlikely scenario where the Dark King came after her forest, her home. Had she not been here, he would never have known about her!

She watched, frozen in the moment, unable to move despite how much she wanted to, as the dragon came chomping down. The was the e--

Red strings cuffed her wrists together, forcing her to break her solidified state and look down at them. Before she could see where they lead to, she was yanked away at the last second, forcing the dragon to literally eat dirt as it missed its prey.

Henrietta grunted as she skid to a halt in front of a worn, black cloak where the red strings untethered and retracted back into. A glance up revealed Shade, the second in command for the silly group called Wisemen created by a mere child.

"Get up you useless witch. If you're so powerful, why do you cower in fear?"

Henrietta through her hands down in a raging fit. "Says the doll controlled elsewhere. Your puppetry magic could be more useful if you bothered to care and help others more than just yourself or by command!" Forget rhyming. Being around these blasted humans broke that habit with their accursed grammar.

"I saved you just now didn't I? Before you accuse someone you hardly now, understand where they are coming from. Why do you think I allow Jessabella to lead the Wisemen over letting it disband? Humans are, indeed annoying as you betrayed them, but they are capable of as much as almost every other race."

Henrietta burned red in defeat and momentarily forgot about the several ton danger behind her. She wasn't sure if she was lucky, thankful, or both, to have had Shade save her and still be fixated on the beast all while speaking to her. She only truly snapped back to reality when a red shield canopied over them just in time to block the fire and let it wall around them like rain off a roof.

"Get up witch, or are you as useless as a puppy?"

Henrietta found herself still cowering and in a ducked over position. Her eyes had been shut so tight, the light seemed brighter than before and spots clouded her vision. Was she truly hopeless? It didn't matter. The end was here and nothing could be done about it. "You don't get it. The Dark King has won and now we have nothing. How can we win when there is nothing left to fight for?"

"How can we lose if there is nothing left for us to lose?" Shade replied back in a snide remark. "That is why we are here now, aren't we? Had the dead not started walking, this battle would have been over already. That is why the Yurikans still fight. They have no where to run and no where to hide. Why not at least die trying to protect your home?"

"Their home! Mine would have never been harmed if you damn humans hadn't gone looking for me! The Black Forest could have been completely overlooked if he didn't have reason to believe anyone was inside!"

"Then leave! Run like a dog with it's tail between it's legs and hide in your little hut deep within a forest by yourself. If you truly wished to be alone, you would have left before you were even involved, no matter where you lived. Face it witch, you need people to be around otherwise you will lost."

More fire blasted around the makeshift shield followed by the thumping of heavy footsteps. Damn Shade, damn him. Henrietta stood to her feet and clapped her hands together. As they separated, a wand appeared as if out of nowhere and landed smoothly in her hand. "You bastard. I pity whoever has to spend the rest of their life with you, or any amount of time."

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by UmbraSight » Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:19 pm

Queen Weiss

Vapor curled from her lips and it all seemed a mad little dream. She felt feverish. Her skin burned. There was a taste of bile in the back of her throat, the churning of acid in her stomach. She wanted to scream, to cry, to laugh until her throat was numb and the maddening chorus of wicked thoughts left her mind. Instead she remained still as the body of Mavis drew near enough to touch. Iliana could feel her body constricting, a desperate need to flee lurch into her bones but her muscles failed to move.

Then, with a rattling screech, the cause of her torment was thrown back and away.

“Queen Weiss, mother wanted you to know she loves you and she would not want you to succumb to this false image of her. This is not our queen!"

A small voice cut through the disarray in her mind, and a shudder rocked Ilyana's frame like her body was attempted to shake the stray thoughts away. She drew a breath, the air smelled of decay and rot, and with a jolt it felt as if her senses returned to her. Her gaze turned to the two children, and her head dipped into a slow nod.

“Your final torture Tyrus? This? You always were a peculiar sort of wretch.” She paused, a strained smile on her lips. “I see now my failing, I am no longer that girl you pushed to the bed and taught to hate herself. I am weaker than she was. Full of more regrets, more sins which cannot be absolved. But I will allow this to consume me no more. Mavis gave me a gift, a second chance I scarcely deserve, and I will not waste it over old ghosts.”

Her smile dissolved from her lips, and left behind only a cold resolve. “Killing you will not cleanse me of my crimes. But it will spare the world from your wretchedness, and I find that reason enough.”

Nephenee fell into a rhythm of parries and blocks, which each movement of her sword equating to another step of ground lost as the two men pushed her back. Eventually, Nephenee knew she would make a mistake. She would trip over some unforeseen object as she backed away, or the two men would corral her back against a wall. Or maybe Selehna, wherever she now was would attack from an angle Nephenee couldn't defend. Her mind worked feverishly to devise some means of escape, but she couldn't find any, and with each flash of steel and ring of metal against metal, Nephenee could feel her arms tiring.

In the edge of her vision Nephenee saw a flash of movement. Selehna she knew. Nephenee attempted to turn, in a desperate bid to stop a blow she knew she couldn't, when Selehna pivoted in place and her fist crunched into the jaw of the thin sin. Nephenee didn't bother questioning this strange change in her fortune.

“Thanks for that.” Nephenee said, pivoting her weight on the ball of her right foot, and she swept her sword at the thin man in a deadly arc at shoulder level, ready to remove his head.


Mercy could feel the passage of air as the blade barely missed biting into his cheek. He rolled forward bringing his own sword up, the tip of his sword sliding easily through the flesh under the sin’s jaw and up through the bones of his skull. The two remained locked for a long moment before the body of the dead man sagged and Mercy extracted his sword with a tug. That bought him a moment’s respite, the kid had done a good job keeping the dead thinned around them, but Mercy still found that they seemed almost endless in number.

He gave a dry laugh to Veronica’s response to his question. So long as the two of them kept the dead off the kid they might survive thi--

A scream cut through his thoughts, a sound pure as any bell and sharp as any knife. He turned quickly towards the noise, his heart lurching in his chest. A large man, clearly dead by the hole where his guts should be loomed over Eliona. He had snagged both of the little girl’s wrists and clasped them together in one of his massive hands, and he had yanked Eliona’s arms up over her head and held her so that her toes were barely scraping the ground. There was a twisted mirthful look on his face.

“My, my look what I caught. Why do you think it will break mommy’s heart if I return you to her broken and abused?” He asked, his voice an unsettling rasp.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by Authorlord » Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:46 am

Merry Mavis

"Hmf, then you should be even easier to kill than before if you are so much more weak as you say. You will die an unsettling death and haunt the earth with our restless soul, guilt keeping you from afterlife." The Dark King unleashed a wisp of black from his arm, but it didn't attack the group, rather it went to the embodiment of Mavis, a shell of their lost loved one. Why would he do that? He was purposely sending more and more dark magic into the body of Victoria, but to gain what?

"Queen Victoria Mavis, the Foolish Queen, I command you under my name to attack all those that get in my way. Leave Iliana Weiss to me. I will send her to the gates of hell, but even they will not want her by the time this is over." Before anyone could have time to react, Victoria hurled herself from the gaping hole in the wall at Merry and Celus. She wasn't going to deny it, but Merry screamed bloody murder in the sudden situation she was brought to. Celus make a less than calm whimper as well.

Getting the false image before them to leave Iliana alone for that one instant was simple, but this was darker and more scarring. The only thing Merry could think of doing was raising her arms up in fear. She felt the power in her action and a wall of trees and hedges mixed sprouted from the ground and skyrocketed instantaneously. Their former mother broke through due to the sheer momentum alone and came to a rolling crash at their feet.

"Mother..." Celus tested. What were they to do? This was their powerful mother against two children and... Merry recalled what her mother had spoken to her briefly about. All of mother's magic had been poured into her body like a glass to bring Merry back to life. Why hadn't she realized that until now? Even her Nature Magic was far more enhanced.

Before them was the dead, no pain could be felt, except in the case of Holy magic it would seem, and Celus had little to none, especially compared to Merry now. Mother's head jerked to life and glared at them behind those obsidian eyes. "You're father was wrong, about you. You will doom, this kingdom and it will rot like it deserves into the ground. Darkness will rein upon your heir and in the end, all of this will be for nothing. Lives lost in vein, a futile effort with no result in the end. You will suffer your madness with no veil for protection." Mother got to her feet, slowly walking to them.

Merry was frozen, petrified, unable to move no matter how much she begged herself to. There she was, their own mother, telling them exactly what they didn't want to hear, so why did it feel true? Why did the words sink in to her very core?

"Shut up!" Celus cried. He was reacting far more so than earlier. Perhaps the extra darkness she absorbed finally broke his defense. He lashed out all the Holy magic he could. Slivers, at best, simply sparked off the palms of Mother's hands as she effortlessly deflected them. Alas, he tried with all his heart, soul, body. He, as much as anybody, wanted this to end, here and now, with only the best possibly outcome to arise from these forsaken ashes.

Tyrus Rex

His new puppet followed his orders with only minute fault outside of its own. No matter, petty children wouldn't be able stand even in the same shadow of the darkness Mavis now possessed, although that girl, Mavis' damned daughter, was uncanny at her aptitude in Holy Magic. The Foolish Queen could never bear a prodigy.

Tyrus returned his attention to Iliana Weiss before him. He had corrupted her, broken her, used her to his every last satisfaction he could get out of her, and yet still she came back from the brink pure insanity all for a single woman!? She betrayed him, defied his orders, and made this long process that much more of a headache. It should have been instantaneous, not over a month in and here they stood, all of them. They had lived for to long, accepted Mavis' lies for to long! They should know what they followed, but they will not listen, thus they must die here and now.

"Iliana, you will regret the day you ever stepped foot out of line, that you never even became involved, and above all, regret not allowing yourself to die when you betrayed your kingdom. Now, suffer in eternal damnation!" Tyrus launched himself in the air with alarming height, clasping his fists to bring down onto the pathetic woman.

Veronica Flair

"Hey, dead bastard, get your grubby hands off that child or I will make you wish you never rose back from that hole in you chest," Veronica spoke with a deadly tone. She was fully to her feet, sword back in hand and the eyes of her former self. If only she had her magic. If only she had her other arm. Perhaps undead meet would have tasted great for Nala. Regardless of all she had succumb to, this was the look of a hard set will. She sure hoped she looked badass.

A single step was all it took for her to feel the pain inside her chest. By the gods it hurt, but this was not going to sop her. She would need to be dead to give up, and if she came back as one of these assholes, then she would be damn sure to protect eliona in that nightmare of a stage. She would find a way. "Darkness is not absolute, The light will never be forever," she whispered, thinking of her long dead father. He always knew just what to say... what would he think of her now?

Selehna Bellrose (pause)


Shade's blood was boiling after the second blast from the wretched dragon, making his magic extremely hard and dangerous. If he kept going, the puppet would be to heavy to continue with what he had left in his body. That would be a bad thing--especially now of all times.

"Are you finally going to do something? Whatever it is, we just need to buy as much time as possible. If everyone attacking the Dark King is still alive, then we still have a slim chance at ending this. Just hold on." Shade and Henrietta slit as the dragon whipped down it's tail. The path they once stood was now scarred from the sharp impact. There was no chance that Shade could block a physical attack, and another blast of fire would boil Shade dry, ending the puppet for a long time... if the body wasn't crushed.

Enough! Shade's thoughts had gone on a tangent. He needed to focus on avoiding all attacks and making sure the witch didn't succumb to any of them.

Shots of magic blasted against the side of the Dragon, tickling it like a feather. It cocked it's head to see Henrietta desperately trying to do something... anything. It wasn't easy to take down a dragon, but this was better than nothing.

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by UmbraSight » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:39 am

Vanessa Xias
Her gaze met Iliana’s for a fleeting moment, and to Vanessa’s surprise she saw no fear there, no anger, only a strange sort of peace. The Queen winked, and inclined her head towards the wall of trees Mary had created. Then she looked away, returned her attention back to the king. A directive clear enough, one Vanessa didn't need repeated. Protect the children. Vanessa turned, and without so much as a glance over her shoulder she ran to the broken growth or vegetation that the body of Mavis had crashed through. Through the gap Vanessa could see the dead queen? And her two children.

Vanessa could see sparks and flashes of light as the dead woman blocked some attack by Celus. Vanessa did not wait to see what would happen next. She rushed forward, her blade high and ready as she slipped through the broken trees, and the grasping vines. Vanessa did not slow as she broke through the treeline and came up quick at the corpse from behind. She sliced her blade upwards in a quick arc, aimed at the back of Mavis’s neck.

Iliana Weiss
“There’s a difference between power and inner strength. Though why am I not surprised that you would not understand?” Iliana shrugged, as she lifted her hands up in a ‘what can you do’ sort of movement. Her gaze narrowed as Tyrus spoke, a frown bowed her lips. In the back of her mind she could feel and old fear attempted to claw at the edges of her mind, but it felt so easy for her to let go of it. To feel a measure of, not peace exactly, but an old feeling of courage. Perhaps she was a fool to do this, perhaps she would fail, but she couldn’t feel that old fear causing her body to clench. Tyrus launched himself up high into the air, and Iliana’s hand snapped up above her head and the haze in the air drew in towards her.

She watched as the King reached an apex in the air, before he began his descent, gaining speed as he closed in. Her body dissolved into a mass of vapor as the King brought his fist down.

“Come now Tyrus, breathe it in. Do you not remember what my magic is? If you fall for such a simple trick, then I can’t help but wonder what it is I have been afraid of for so long.” Iliana said with a laugh as she leaned against a nearby pillar.

The dead man looked down at Veronica with a crooked sneer on his lips. “What? You kill me again? Look at you, you already have a foot in the grave. What the hell do you hope to do to me?” The dead sin growled. “How about I just break her skull now? Perhaps then -” Mercy’s sword caught the man’s arm at the wrist. Eliona yelped suddenly as the dead man’s grip faltered. The small girl landed onto the ground, before she quickly scampered back, attempting to put as much space between herself and the dead sin as quickly as she could.

“Hah. That that you-” Mercy’s taunt was cut short as the dead man twisted in place, slamming his fist into the mercenary’s gut. Mercy felt his air escaping his lungs as he was lifted up off the ground and sent flying back, landing on the ground with a solid smack.

“You call yourself Mercy, why? Do you think it will absolve you? Do you think saving some little girl will be your ticket into heaven? You can’t escape your past, and you can’t escape what happens to you next.” The sin growled.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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