Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by Authorlord » Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:40 am

(Feel like I made a waste with May's character. I'll have to implement a plan around that should I ever break from this demotivated curse. It's not even writer's block...)


Merry's heart was running in place, frantically trying to move but every pleading effort she made, her limbs rejected her. Even after her mother spoke to her, the thought, the very image standing before Merry now, made it impossible to get over the grave reality of their situation. Their mother approached closer and closer, practically ignoring Celus' futile attempts to stop her. Without an ounce of mercy or faint glimpse of the life that once inhabited the body, Victoria stocked with no emotion towards her prey. By the Dark King, she would end their lives.

Merry hardly noticed the vibration in her ears. Was someone speaking? She couldn't tell.

Victoria raised her arm into the air, hand extended as if to grasp the sky. An inky black orb flickered into a solid form slightly above her hand. Victoria was a predator, preparing to pounce and finish her cornered prey--Merry was that prey. All she had to do was swipe her hand down in an instant and Merry would be dead. Merry closed her eyes, afraid to see her mother strike her own child down--but her life never ended, no matter how much she wanted it to after that day.

Merry grunted as a force pushed her out of the way. It felt like she was hit with a door and then knocked off her feet. Her eyes blinked the spots from her vision and focused from the ground to the dripping blackness that slowly stained the marble floor next to her. She didn't want to look up at the source, but a compelling force dared her to look up. Before her stood Celus, a gaping hole through his chest and a blank look on his face. A moment later and he fell limp into his own blood.

A blood curdling scream erupted from Merry once she absorbed everything that just happened. A river burst from her eyes and her body lurched to life. She shook Celus desperately, forgetting to breath with every second passing. He did not move, stutter or cough a word. The twin Merry love and grew up with just lied there, lifeless in their own blood.

It was the sound of steal through cutting flesh mixed with ice that brought her attention away from Celus momentarily. Vanessa had gashed the back of Victoria's back and neck just seconds to late. Their... her former mother hardly felt the pain, but the reaction was staggering. Victoria's body stuttered and stepped away, quickly facing Vanessa to shield the weakness of the cursed body.

It was at that moment, the moment of betray and loss and a burning hatred for the Dark king, that the once blissful and joyous little girl Merry that everyone knew and loved, snapped. All the holy power she felt in her body boiled and burst out of her. She appeared on fire, the wood to a gold burning flame.

The body of Victoria looked to Merry just in time to see the wisp of gold stab through her heart. It was Victoria's turn to scream bloody murder, but Merry wasn't done. Blades and spears of light cut and pierced Victoria endlessly. The woman couldn't retaliate. Every attempt to block the holy magic, even with dark magic was hopeless. With each hit, Victoria was scarred skin deep but no other wound seemed to be resulting from the attacks.

Finally, as Merry ran out of steam, the holy magic dimmed away and the body of her mother just stood their for a brief moment, only to fall limp to the floor. Merry wanted to do the same, but her will to see this fight to the end was the only thing that kept her awake. She wanted to see Tyrus pay, to see Tyrus die, for what he has done to her and the rest of the Yurikans.

Tyrus Rex

Tyrus swiped the mist away as a rumble cleared his throat. Such a pesky little woman this was. He should have killed her the moment he was tired of her, or sooner. Tyrus stood to his full height and looked around. Iliana stood with her cheeky smirk next to a pillar, watching him like a cat to a spider. His magic was running thin, very thin. If he didn't end this soon he would--

The alarming cry of a small girl let out, defeating the brief silence that now vacated the room. Victoria had done her job well, and perhaps Tyrus fused to much power into his puppet to ensure the girl died--or so he thought. Barely seconds after the cry of the child, the distinct voice of Victoria let out her own wail of pain. What was going on? Tyrus would have to forget Iliana for now and go take the children on hims--

Tyrus let out a deep bellow as a large sword pierced through his back and out his abdomen. Warm crimson dripped from the blade onto the floor. Tyrus looked back to see the origin of the attack... it was the man who's wife he had killed. A quick glance up to the lifeless body of the woman, head still on, proved the weakness of Tyrus' remaining magic. The spell Betrayal had worn off. A swipe to the man should have done it, but he was able to hold his ground for the most part with a simply block.

It would appear the end truly was near...

Selehna Bellrose

The thin man stood no chance with Nephenee's blade. In a less than clear, but swift motion, his head separated from his body and bounced once off the ground before his corpse as it, too, dropped to the dirt. It did not move a muscle after that last blow. That left Nephenee and Selehna to deal with the big one by himself. It would be easy enough, despite no ounce of fear in the dead man's body.

The fat one charged forward, and Selehna took her opportunity. He swung his axe down, arcing throught the air for maximum force upon impact. Alas, Selehna was faster and easily side stepped the man's blow before striking her fist up under his chin and driving enough momentum to lift the fat bastard off his feet, but she wasn't done. In a single swift motion, Selehna had gripped the man by the back and used the moment to slam the Sin head first into the ground. His head popped like a watermelon, leaving blood and other bits and pieces to soak the ground.

That was the end of that.

Selehna's body, or what was left of it, relaxd and looked to Nephenee. "It would pain me if I was living to see myself in such a state. You're sight over the dead's truth brought me to be able to take back my conscience, 'else you'd be dead. Nephenee, I--" Selehna felt her body grow infinetly weaker in a single flash. The spell was lifting and soon all the dead will rest again. She needed to hang on a little longer. She had too.

Selehna stammered over to Nephenee slowly, mouth gaped open as if trying to breathe. "Nephenee... I'm... I'm sorry. Do-n't let the others know of my... betrayal." If she could cry, she would. Selehna's body stopped mid step and fell into Nephenee's arms, resting once again and for all.

Veronica Flair

"And he shouldn't have too!" Veronica spoke as she brought down her sword into the large man's collarbone once he turned to face her. He didn't die, but the sudden momentum was enough to make him fall to the ground. It took all of Veronica's strength to slice her sword from that point all the way through his neck and out the skull. It wasn't pretty, but it seemed to stop the man from getting back up.

Veronica huffed a sigh of relief and smirked at the mercenary catching his breath on the ground. "Good job. For a mercenary, you sure have a soft spot for childr--" Veronica winced as a spear caught her through the back and out the pocket of her left shoulder. Again, she wasn't sure to be thankful or not that it hit her on the side she didn't have an arm. The pain left her in temporary shock, just enough to allow a second lance to catch her in the lower back again.

She coughed blood, lots of it. It only took a glance down to see the dripping poles protruding through her body to make her realize what exactly was happening. The harsh reality hit her on the spot. "Y-you bastards. You can't face me head on, even in death? How pathetic.... You know, I had a promise to keep, but you bastards keep making it harder and harder."

Veronica looked to Eliona for a single moment and gave a weak smile. She felt tired, like she could go back into a coma again... maybe the afterlife would allow her to rest for a change. A turn in place revealed the attackers who failed at killing instantaneously. Veronica looked down to her blade in had, calculating how she'd go about this. With literally no free hand to pull the spears out, even if she could, fighting like this was all she could do. "Eliona... I kept my promise to the very end, now promise me to respect and obey your mother, be a good girl. Protect all those you love, ok? Don't fail like I did..."

Veronica wanted to run forward, she wanted to use her lost magic to annihilate these corpses on the spot; unfortunately, a single step was all she could take before falling to her knees. Her wounds no longer, she no longer felt tired, but there was no strength to get up.

"My love, wake up my love. It's time to go. You've lived your life, now come to your family. They've been waiting for us." Veronica looked up to find Selehna reaching down to her, arm extended to her. With a ginger touch, Veronica returned the gesture and grasped Selehna's hand before everything went dark.

Veronica's lifeless body did not move after her death. Instead, the dead surrounding her stood in place, like statues, before falling over. Like dominos, one after the other, the dead sins and Yuriksyns fell back to the ground, returning to the limp, lifeless state they originated from. Each side began with thousands, but now mere hundreds were alive. This was the end.

It was in that moment it was decided that the Yuriksyns had won. Silence fell over the field, filling the dusked sky with only the sound of the wind, only to be shattered by the clanking of weapons and armour as people let down their arms and fell to their hinds to rest, taking the first breath in a long time of relief.


Henrietta was batted away by the Dragon's massive arm. Shade caught her in his red strings to prevent her from rolling to far away. The two of them had been struggling to evade and land a single blow on the beast that could harm it, but neither of them had the strength or magic to do any real harm. They could only buy time, and that was only running out.

"Witch, when I say run, you run. My body is just about dry and I won't be able to help you for very long. I can shield an attack but then that's it. You need to leave." Shade stood in front of Henrietta, between her and the opponent they couldn't beat. "The dragon can't be stopped like this. Go and help wherever else you can, I'll try to distract the beast here for as long as possible."

Henrietta couldn't believe her ears. The man who cared so little of others was telling her to run? "Shade, I can't let you do that! You'll die!"

"No, I won't. You can see them can't you, Life Threads? That's how you knew when we first met that I wasn't in the tent. The body will die, but I'll live on. Don't worry about me. Now go! Run!"

Henrietta felt her eyes sting. "You bastard, promise to find me after this! I don't care if it's the real you or not, I need to know I didn't leave for nothing!"

"Going soft on us now, are we? Now run!"

She couldn't tell what compelled her to leave, but it would seem she was able to move despite how much she wanted to stay. She had to trust Shade and leave. He would be fine, he had to be! For the first time in a long time, Henrietta wasn't alone, and now she was forcing herself to leave so she could survive while someone stayed behind for her. "Damn you..."

The bright light illuminating behind her hinted that the dragon was still fighting Shade and to occupied by him to chase her just yet. Wasn't that supposed to be a good thing? it wasn't until she rounded a corner did she realize what was finally happening. Disbelief struck her as she watched hundreds of bodies start to drop to the floor. Each with a distinct cause of death. The dead were returning back to their lifeless states! That meant that Shade could still be alive!

Rocks scrapped in the dirt as her foot pivoted in place. Not to long had passed. He had to be alive. Shade was powerful, surely he held up his bargain and would find her, it was simple... right? What she found was not what she was hoping for.

Next to the dead dragon sat a leaning rest body, smoking. It was clearly burnt, but it hadn't been chard. The clothes it had been wearing had burnt away however, leaving a pink, fleshy body to remain. Henrietta only new it was Shade by the wooden jaw dropped open. "Shade?" Henrietta whispered, afraid to wake the dead dragon as if it would get back up and finish her off too. There was no reply. The corpse did not move, and, for some reason, had the dead still be walking, she didn't think this one would get back up.

Her only concern was: Was Shade really dead, or alive?

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

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(I know what you mean heh, I've been low motivation for a few weeks now.)

Vanessa Xias
As the body of Mavis toppled over, Vanessa remained frozen, stunned by the sight before her her gaze lingering on Celus. The boy was dead, she knew, there was no way to survive a wound like that. Still, she could feel some distant part of her tired mind almost attempting to will the boy back to life. To make him raise to his feet or open eyes. Her normally stoic expression wavered, and it was with an effort she brought herself back under control.

With a dry swallow, and a pull of air Vanessa turned her attention towards Marry. “Milady, do you still have holy magic left?” She asked, her voice soft, careful. “Now is the time to kill the wretched man who caused all this sorrow.”

Iliana Weiss
That predatory smile remained on her lips, she stepped away from the pillar towards the Dark King. Her gaze was predatory as she scanned the King to see how much fight the large man would have left in him. He looked ready to topple as is, from all the magic had used, and the vicious wound through his abdomen.

“You lost, Tyrus. Your armies are done, the dead have returned to their long slumber, and you will not escape.” She drew near the two men, moving like a cat towards a cornered rat. With a smooth movement of her off-hand Iliana drew a long but thin dagger.

She flicked the weapon up and pointed it in Tyrus’s direction, the movement producing a satisfying ‘swish’ as it cut through the air.

“Your wickedness ends here. Now, will you fight, or accept your fate with some modicum of dignity?”


Mercy collapsed down onto one knee while the dead around him fell, whatever magic which had reanimated them clearly coming to a sudden end. The image of Veronica reaching up into the air a moment before life left her body was burned into his mind's eye. With a wary sigh he ran his fingers through his hair, scraping his bangs away from his sweat soaked brow. Her cursed under his breath and looked back over his shoulder to Eliona.

“You alright kid?” He asked as a distant, ragged cheer made its way through the survivors. With a sniff, and a look to Veronica’s peaceful expression, Eliona nodded slowly. “You did good kid. She was proud of you. Here, help me up.” Mercy said. Eliona nodded again silently as she plodded over, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Ariana Rook

Ariana couldn't help but laugh as the army of the dead fell to the Earth. She didn't find any of what happened particularly funny, but still with the wave of relief that hit her made her want to laugh. She was alive when she knew she shouldn't be. Ariana dropped her lance and rested her back against that of the Yuriksyn soldier Laurent.

“Still alive?” The man asked, his own voice wavering from barely contained laughter.

“You can't get rid of me so easy.” She responded.

“Hell, I hope to never lose you,” Laurent chuckled.

“Well, you’re stuck with me then.” Ariana said, tilting her head back so it was resting against his shoulder. Laurent chuckled as he took hold of her hand and gave it a squeeze.
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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

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Merry Mavis

"Celus, wake up! Please wake up! You're next in line for the throne! You were supposed to be king! You and I were supposed to survive together! Please Celus! Brother wake up! We need to defeat Tyrus together." All these words bellowed in her head as she gazed to the corpse of her brother. Still, she didn't say the words allowed. It was pointless, futile, and yet the urge to drop to her knees and try to wake her brother up was almost swallowing her. Still she stood strong. Even if she could, bringing her brother back using sacrifice felt wrong. Could she even perform such a righteous effort? Unlikely in her situation.

"Yes, general... Just enough that is," she replied softly. Like a prisoner towing a ball and chain, Merry trudged forward, leading Vanessa over the rubble and through the hole of wall Merry had summoned. The passed through just in time to see Ceel stab through the Dark King from behind.

Her eyes narrowed in a cold star. The king deserved worse. Death wouldn't be enough for him and torturing him in the standard fashion could only please him--Merry was sure. No, there was one thing she could do.

"Insufferable wench!" Tyrus roared. He stifled through the pain and swung his body around, bringing Ceel with the hilt of the massive blade. Sparks burned as the dagger ricocheted, producing a shredding hiss as the blade connected with Ceel's armour. The momentum of Ceel allowed Tyrus to grab the man. He was just about to slam Ceel to the ground when Merry cut him off with a blade of light through the arm.

The Dark King dropped Ceel and clutched his arm. He dropped to a knee, having no time to react as Merry continued her barrage of Holy Magic attacks. Tyrus bellowed again as wave after wave of light sliced through him, scarring his body. The eyes of ice failed to flinch, drained of pity and sympathy, as they gazed upon the sight before them.

Tyrus collapsed to the ground, unable to move, now to tired to cry out in pain, but he was still feeling the sting of Holy Magic through his dark body. Again and again Merry lashed him without mercy. If the King didn't die of shock, then he would forever endure her wrath. Death was to good for the rotten bastard. She was beating a down and broken man.

Jessabella Collins

Jessabella sucked in the dry, dusty air with every weary breath she made. Her entire left side screamed. Tackling a man on fire, or made of fire to say more accurately, was not a good idea, but it was worth it a hundred times over. She touched her cheek gingerly and winced. Both her hand and cheek burned fiercely. No doubt half her face was as pink and scarred as her hand was. Her side probably was in the same boat.

"Thank you. I'm sorry you were hurt because of me." Deadrick still sat over his deceased brother. A deed needed to be done, but at a heavy price. Jessabella could scarcely imagine what killing a loved one was like, but she had done so against her knowledge. Deadrick knew for years this day would eventually come, and while she was sure he had made his peace with that fact, it didn't seem to hurt him any less. He seemed to have stopped crying for the moment.

"I uh... I'm fine, nothing that healing magic and time can't solve. Well, it doesn't compare to your pain though. I mean..." What could she say? 'Sorry for your loss?' That didn't sound any better than losing a dog to old age. Damn. Deadrick was hurting right in front of her and she couldn't do a damn thing about it. What would Karina say? She wou-

"It's ok. You don't have to say a word. In the end, he had his free will back and Enfiro left his body. Come, the others may still need our-" Deadrick winced mid motion to stand, resting back down to a knee.

"Deadrick! You mustn't move. I saw the Dark King treat you like a rag doll. Aside from that, you've been burned as well. It sounds like the others have it under control now... I hope so at least." Jessabella looked to the decapitated Fiona and then down to the silver scythes on either side of Blaze's corpse. Finally, her gaze rested to her left, a small boy's body rested in a staining pool of crimson. She had witnessed the event that took the young prince's life. She was powerless to stop it. Queen Victoria Mavis's reanimated corpse was now lifeless once again. What kind of sick magic forced the dead to rise back from their eternal slumber.

"I'm sure that the end is near. I wouldn't call this a victory however." Jessabella bobbed her head in agreement.

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

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Vanessa Xias

Vanessa did not move as the lances of light sliced through the King, causing the wretch to fall to his knees. She held her sword at her side, simply held it there as if she weren't certain what it is she should do with it. She had no desire to return it to its sheath, not until the king was dead and she was certain no further threat remained. Killing the King did not mean that the sins would surrender, nor did not mean that no threats would remain. So, she stood still, staring down at Tyrus, her expression unmoved as each successive lance bit into his flesh. Bid him to die and free the world of his wretchedness.

Vanessa looked up, and away from Tyrus, her gaze searching the room. There remained a feeling of wrongness in the pit of her stomach. Would the feeling ever truly go away? When this whole torrid affair was over, perhaps then she would be able to come to some sort of peace.

“You failed Tyrus. Die knowing that. Die with that as your final thoughts.” Queen Weiss said, her voice cold as she massaged the wrist which had held the dagger. “All the damage, all the ruin you have caused, and it shall be restored. How pathetic you are.”
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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by Authorlord » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:39 am

Merry Mavis

She wasn't remotely close to being finished with the bastard--the demon in a man's body. With every lash she sent, she compelled herself to make it stronger, more painful. More. More. More! More! Again and again she unleashed everything she had. Merry snarled, yelling at him ungracefully. With every bitter, passing moment, her hatred grew more into savagery.

Merry found her hand caught and looked back to the person who stopped her raging temper. "What do you want Lieutenant? I am busy punishing this man for his cri--." The echo of a hand smacking against skin ripped the air into silence. Merry crinkled her nose back and stared up at the man, glaring down on her with distaste in his eyes. "What is the meaning of this!?"

"Your mother would be disappointed in you," he looked up and to everyone in the room, "all of you. We are better than the sins, and yet you all watched like savaged as she continued to lash out like a spoiled child on a dead man. You were all to blind to see him die almost a dozen strikes ago. Hatred is a logical emotion right now, but what you all are doing is nothing shy of Darkness. Tyrus must be laughing in death right now, seeing you all carry on, letting your vision be clouded in red and your blood boil just at the sight of him. Queen Victoria Mavis was a wise, noble, and beautiful woman--she would not want her subjects to act like this. Respectfully, your highnesses and general, this is madness." Ceel finished his opinion before walking off and out of the throne room, but before he left, he turned to everyone again. "I'll accept any punishment later, but the others may still need help. By my wife's name, and the late queen's wish, I will see to it that this is all finished before the sun has fully set." Ceel fixated his sight to Merry. "Your highness, I understand your grief, but remember how you should strive to be."

Merry watched the man go. Her hatred had simmered down and felt like an old habit, a dimming flame. She would never forget nor forgive the man she slaughtered, but Ceel's words... those would be engraved into her soul as if her mother had said them; and, as Ceel silhouetted into the drowning sun, Merry could almost see the small frame of her mother walking into the light one last time.

Merry's heels turned in place. "I apologize for my un...professional behavior. I hope you all may guide me in the image my mother would want. I know little of kingdom politics and how to run one, but I do wish to be included in the affairs, despite others having to do most of the work." She bowed swift and cleanly, ladylike and well mannered. It would seem months of fighting back and scavenging for food had done little to erase her once polished attitude. Her heels turned once again, but this time, followed by a direction.

All this was wrong. In the end, her mother and brother should have stayed alive, her mother should have slain the wretched tyrant Tyrus and regained the strength of their once proud and great kingdom. Queen Mavis should be at the top, with Queen Weiss by her side, ruling with their gentle but iron fists, leading them back to glory and solitude. If anything, it should have been Celus to take the throne. He has always been more level and serious. He would have made a better ruler right off the get go... but fate was twisted so she took it. It was all wrong, but in the end, she sat on the throne. Her tiny figure would eventually blossom into a fitting size, but that was years away.

Jessabella Collins

Jessabella bared the pain that engulfed her very being. There was nothing she would have loved more than a cool bath right then and there, but one last measure was at hand. In the beginning, she found it hard to walk, let alone stand, but as she literally walked it off, she found her goal was able to make her forget the headaches and thorns in her side for just the moment alone. Air hissed through gritted teeth once her hand gripped the steel of the scythe before her. Thankfully, the coolness of the metal eased a little pain. She grabbed the other with ease.

"Where are you going? You heard the battle on the other side of the wall, it's over," Deadrick stated as he looked up to her. Concern still seemed to linger in his eyes.

"Relax, I'll be fine. I'm just going to look for Karina. She made a promise and I want to find out just how well she kept it." A smirk painted onto her face, but that's all it was... painted. Deep inside, her heart thud, her stomach sank. If something happened to her, Jessabella would--

Warm, soft lips matched hers and brought Jessabella back to the realm of reality. Deadrick's kiss eased her heart and allowed Jessabella to collect her thoughts, though this feeling was addictive and she almost didn't want to leave his side--almost. "You worry to much. You're also a bad liar. Be careful and go find Lady Levae." She could fall for this idiot.

"Thank you, Deadrick." One squeeze around his torso and she was off. For the first time in being through the palace, she sure found the exit pretty easily. Perhaps it was her focus that allowed her to ignore all the surroundings. Jessabella hardly felt her lungs working for air as she raced to the bottom of the sloped kingdom and towards where the battle should be.

"Karina! Karina!" Probably not the most methodical way of finding someone, but if she was nearby, perhaps she would call back; that, or someone might know where she is. By the gods, Jessabella really hoped to find her.

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by UmbraSight » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:51 pm

Queen Weiss

“What an odd little man.” There was a note of amusement in her tone as she watched Ceel leave. A chuckle escaped her lips, so faint and smooth it was barely louder than any other released breath of air. General Vanessa gave her an odd look, but Iliana paid it no mind as she turned to look down at Mary. Iliana studied the girl a moment as she apologized for losing control of herself, clearly embarrassed by what she had done.

“Tell me, do you feel regret for what you have done? If you do, then good. It means you can learn from this and grow. Change for the better so you might never repeat your actions. Always remember my dear, within all of us two natures dwell. Wickedness is not owned solely by men like Tyrus or women such as myself, nor is goodness by women such as your late mother. We all hold within us the same capacity for both. I can guide you through the hardships of rulership, but figuring out who you are and woman you will become is something only you can truly do.” Iliana stepped to the throne and held out a hand for the girl to take.

“Come, your people should see you now, and we have much yet to do. We need a team to gather wood for a pyre, a burial detail, set up a camp for resources while we start to rebuild the city.” She paused, and gave the girl a smile. “You will do well, my dear, that I promise you.”

Karina Levae


At the sound of her name, Karina looked up, her red eyes scanning the knots of soldiers who were sifting through bodies, attempting to find the wounded. At first she had simply thought that she had misheard a different call, when it came again, as clear as could be.


That was a voice that made her heart flutter. A smile curled her lips as she turned in place attempting to catch sight of the girl in the crowd, which was not as easy as she had hoped it would be.

“Jess! Over here!” Karina called back, cupping her hands around her mouth. “By the burnt tree!” With that she lifted her left arm above her head and waved it back and forth. She found it easy to move despite the fatigue in her muscles. The thought of seeing Jessabella again send a wave of energy coursing through her tired body, she could rest once she was certain that Jess had gotten through her fight safe and sound.
//… under her weight, the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Re: Anima Libera: A New Reign (reboot) (Umbrasight)

Post by Authorlord » Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:35 am

Her voice was the spark to Jessabella's tears and anchor to her relief. Her feet danced across the ground like a rock across water. The clank of metal was the only warning for Karina before Jessabella tackled her to the dirty. The only thing running through her mind was thanking whatever god or fate that spared her hardships and allowed Karina to live; or, was smart enough not to go up against a woman like her. Nevertheless, Jessabella was thankful.

"Calm child, why are you crying? I promised to survive, and it would seem you held your end too. I take it the king is dead?" Karina embraced the warmth of Jessabella, putting one arm around the girl's back and another to caress her autumn strands. There was a faint hint of burnt clothing...

"Yeah, we did it," she mumbled through layers of clothing as she burrowed her face deeper into Karina's chest. The woman's scent was comforting. "From what I saw, Ceel's wife, May, died, and Celus...." The bloody image she briefly saw before leaving the palace flashed back into memory. The boy died a quick, gruesome death--one that made her shutter to her very core. Jessabella could only hope that he died quick enough to not feel the pain.

"I-I see. It is a shame he passed. You faced the Dark King, so a life was expected to be lost, no matter how lucky you were. May the Maiden Goddess bless their journey to the afterlife. And what of Merry?" It was natural to hear that question. Without Merry beinj galive, who would be the rightful heir to the throne? A large debate about Queen Weiss may have unfolded if Merry, too, had died, but she was alive.

"She's alive. I don't know what she's doing now, but she is alive and well. I was with Deadrick, fighting a faction leader and he his brother, so I don't know how everything played out."

Karina stroked Jessabella's soft hair and didn't move. Perhaps she instinctively knew that Jessabella wanted nothing more tha to be in her arms. This sense of warmth and security was intoxicating, familiar and yet foreign... It was a love she had never felt before in all her memory. Perhaps from when she was a child? To young to understand or remember?

As if sensing her desire, Karina heeded to Jessabella's wishes. "We'll need to get up soon, but for now, I suppose we can relax here."

Several minutes of nothing but the sound of gravel beneath her feet and Nephenee had finally reached the epitome of where the battle occurred. The dead littered both sides of the ruined opening to the Yuriksyn main gate. Blood stained the earth in pockets, temporary in land, forever in memory. Only the living stood once again, as they deserved. It would seem that no orders were given to do anything with either dead just yet, but the chaos had stopped. Any remnants of the Sin side were to tired to fight or smart enough not to carry on. In all honesty, Nephenee wished she could just drop dead from how tired she was, but one last favor was in play, and she wouldn't dare stop until it was over.

The sound of sabatons clanking in a light jog suggested she had company. Two men rushed up and patted their shoulder above their heart to recognize their superior. "Nephenee, Ma'am, it's been instructed of us to receive your report and to carry it on to Advisor Markus Levae should he not meet you first. Were you-" The one talking cut off as he saw the wrapped body she was carrying. Their wasn't more to be said, but she still needed to say something, she supposed.

"Tell Master Levae that Selehna has indeed passed. She was barely alive when I found her and, despite her worse than death situation, she still fought with me against some Sins... She died shortly after--an honorable soldier of Yuriksyn. If nothing else, she deserves to be reunited with Veronica and buried only where the woman declares."

"Um... about the former general, Ma'am, she didn't make it. She was impaled multiple times with spears and died then and there," the other informed.

A twang of sadness sank like a rock in her heart. The woman wouldn't be able to see her beloved one last time, even if Selehna was dead. "Very well, I shall see to it that the two are buried together then. It is a shame, but with her disabilities, Survival was a losing bet with Death. Point me in the right direction and then carry on to the Advisor."

They patted their shoulders once again and gave the general's direction. A walk through a graveyard's number of bodies and a few glances around finally ended in finding Veronica's body. She was in a leaning rest, propped up by the lances protruding from her torso, unable to fully touch the ground.

A lump formed in Nephenee's throat as she choked back the words she was failing to say. One never truly realized what they had until it was gone--even if it was a leader. "Before you lost you arm and powers, I never could have imagined this. Even after you did, a part of me wanted to believe you were still unstoppable." Nephenee sniffed her runny nose. "I found Selehna. You should have seen her, ma'am. Her captor gave his all and sullied her almost beyond recognition, but she beat him. Selehna survived her cruel torture and even had the strength to fight off a couple sins. You'd' have been proud. She died shortly after. I'm sorry I failed my mission; but, I feel like, just this once, you'll forgive me."

Her eyes stung. Nephenee set down Selehna close enough to Veronica that their souls could touch. Two lovers deceased, died apart, and brought together in death. "I'll be sure to make sure the one I love is kept safe, too," if she was still alive, "and to make sure General Vanessa stays in line. I know how high your expectations are." She rose to her feet and pressed her fist to her chest. "It was an honor and pleasure to serve under you ma'am. May the Maiden Goddess take you to The Garden above."

Nephenee twirled in place and took her leave. She could almost feel Veronica looking down to her know, praise gleaming in her face. For once, a failure wouldn't burden her, even if all the dead came back to life and ridiculed her. Now, it was time to find the woman she loved.

Merry held a bleak expression on her face as she rested her eyes onto the bent over corpse of Tyrus. A miserable excuse of a soul and even worse of a man. He deserved a thousands deaths over and worse. Like hell did she regret her decision. She would do it again and again and again until every life he had violated, taken, tortured, was repented for. When he had changed his ways, right his wrongs and suffered for every last sin he had committed, in a world where Tyrus wasn't a tyrant, only then would she end her long sting of killing the bastard--after killing him once more, of course.

Her gaze shifted to the queen. Merry finally replied with an honest as possible reply. "Queen Weiss, I do not regret my decision at all, nor will I ever. That bastard of a monster deserved worse, tenfold, and death gave him mercy at my hand, even if Ceel stopped me. Do not get me wrong, there is a little shame in my heart, yes, but from how I went about the situation. Instead of gracefully killing the man who nearly murdered all of my kingdom, and from what I've heard, all of yours, I lashed out like some deranged beast. I would still kill him again, even if he were to rise now like the dead before him."

She caught a flicker of surprise in the woman's eyes, as well as general Xias, but the queen was as quick to recover as ever. "Merry, you mustn't think like that. That feeds the darkness within you. Everyone has darkness, but that doesn't mean you should cater to it. You must strive to be greater than tha-"

"Queen Weiss, I am aware of the darkness that is that ideology, but like I've said, I will never regret it and would do it again. That being said, I hold no other grudge or hate to anyone else--even the reanimation of my mother for killing my beloved brother. So, Queen Weiss, I entrust you will help guide me to become the picture of my mother, but I will always hold my grudge to that man."

Merry swung her feet up and pushed off the throne, landing on her feet, and began to head out of the palace. It was time to reveal the true heir to the Yuriksyn throne. The people would be most please to find the Dark King dead, but may fall grave at the news of Celus's demise. "One more thing. Only a select few are allowed to know of my mother's reanimation. Should word get out, the people of Yuriksyn may question her name and worth. let her legacy die as she lived."

"That is a wise judgment, and a considerate one at that, my Queen," General Xias acknowledged. Her words left a bitter taste in Merry's mouth. Being called queen at the age of 12 was maddening, but someone had to take the title....

The glow of the setting sun hiding behind mountains flashed as Merry stepped out of the palace, Queen Weiss and General Xias in toe.

Still, it couldn't be helped that everyone was forgetting something.

Two months later...

"I'm going to miss you, both of you." Jessabella released the two most important people in her life after a long embrace. Sure not a lot of people were in her life currently, but it was still meaningful to have Karina and Deadrick here.

After two months of rebuilding, resupplying and watching for any unknown threats that may reveal itself, the Wisemen had grown antsy--and subliminally considered re-changing their name. That was a matter for another day, however. Today was an important day for the people of Yuriksyn. In the two months since the kingdom of Yuriksyn was retaken, no dangers popped up, and because of that, it was deemed worthy that the mercenaries and Wisemen were allowed to leave--the former Corrupted Hydras were to stay with their queen along side Queen Merry Mavis. It had been a week since the mercenaries left, now it was the Wisemen's turn.

"And we'll miss you, to, Jess. Promise to stop by every now and then? Don't become a stranger," Deadrick insisted. They extended hands. His gentle touch warmed her colder hands. Of course he was warm, he literally was the embodiment of a fire demon. Still, she would miss him very much. Who would have believed, three months ago he kissed her by force to escape suspicion and captured her when she tried to follow. 'He's still in ass,' she thought, 'but I like this ass.'

Karina watched Jessabella and Deadrick. One a brother in arms, the other, almost like a daughter to her. Seeing the girl smile with such a genuine expression filled Karina with bliss. The child had lost a lot, they all had, but she overcame her difficulties and now was to go out and mature more in the world. Karina was oddly proud, but it felt like the right emotion to the girl. She guessed this was the best time to give it to Jessabella.

"Jess, sweaty, I was thinking, and... well just hold out your hand." Before Jessabella could even deny, let alone react, Karina grasped the girl's other hand and cupped it with her own sensing the small silver memento slip from her hand. The look in Jessabella's eyes gave away the surprise. No doubt the girl knew exactly what was just given to her before she even saw it.

"No! Karina I can't! This is-"

"Hush and take it. You have lost your hood to your best friend, and your scythe to defeat Fiona. You gave up all that you had to help others and move forward. You have nothing but memories of your life before Deadrick and me. So I'm giving this to you so you have something to remember me by. I need to be like you and move forward as well. So please, take it." She took her hand away, revealing the small silver ring she wore around her neck since her husband passed. A sprinkle of rain sized ruby rested at the top with slivers engraved on both sides of it. Simple, subtle, and what won over Karina the day her husband proposed.

"Wow, Karina. I can honestly say I'm even surprised," Deadrick chimed in. His face lit up like a candle when his hand received the other half of the pairing. If she was giving Jessabella her ring, it only made some sense to give Deadrick her husbands, not that these two were marrying each other, but it felt more right for him to have the ring than herself.

"Don't embarrass me, try them on." As fate would have it, Jessabella's was a near perfect fit. The early morning light gleamed off the red and silver, creating a fiery reflection. Deadrick's was a bit to big, so he moved it to his middle finger for a better fit. This one was a simple gold--her husband was always the bland time and never liked anything to flashy.

They looked at each other and then returned their gaze to Karina. "Thank you," they echoed.

"Just don't lose or break it in your travels Jess, same goes for you, Deadrick--even if you stay here in the kingdom." They both nodded, accepting the terms. "Now you will never forget each other, or me."

An awkward silence fell over them. No one wanted to say goodbye, no one wanted to be the one to separate first. It was Jessabella who was leaving, but once she was gone, Deadrick and Karina would see each other only when their now busy routines allowed--be it crossing paths or a drink to catch up. It was Deadrick who broke the thread of tension.

"Speaking of losing your scythe, I thought you hated metal scythes." It was true, she hated them, but he was curious to why Jessabella was still holding on to the weapons Fiona Jeager once owned. They dangled like ornaments on either side of her.

"I do, but I don't exactly have another weapon right now and I can always have a blacksmith warp it to have a grip, or perhaps weld some form of strapping for better grip. Worse comes to worse, I ditch them after finding another scythe to use, one with proper balance and control preferably.

"Good thinking. You're maturing already," Karina teased and they all shared a good chuckle, though Jessabella mad a face, trying to hide her amusement.

"Then this is it. Let this goodbye be only temporary. I expect to see you alive and well again before I croak of old age," Karina spoke, finally mentioning the elephant in the room.

"Right. Then this is goodbye." Jessabella leaned in and kissed Deadrick one last time. Then she turned to Karina and hugged the woman. Deadrick followed in pursuit. Only when they let go did they feel the absence of the hot headed girl from three months ago, and the gentle, strong one of today. They said goodbye one last time, finally parting on their own separate journeys.

Not even an hour later, the Wisemen stopped at the sight of Henrietta, the witch that had been fighting with the Yuriksyns as well.

"What do you want? I can't think of any reason for you to be out here," Jessabella inquired as she confronted the witch.

She only looked up to the people of the Wisemen, giving a good laps of time before answering Jessabella, clearly not finding what she wanted. "I seek Shade. Is he here? Have you seen him?"

It was a wiseman who replied, and a snobby one at that. "Shade? He's been dead for two months. Get it through your thick skull that he wasn't as strong as he said he was. The man was an enigma anyway, he barely served a-"

"Enough. Henrietta here has told me what he has done. He sacrificed himself to save her. Whether he really is dead or not, you should show the respect anyone deserves for sacrificing themselves for a selfless cause," Jessabella defended. "Henrietta," she turned her attaention to the witch, "I have not seen or heard from the man, but he had spoken of serving under me should he have survived. He claimed he couldn't be killed, and only you and I among us know why he said that. Perhaps he is only in hiding until he has recovered."

A dim flicker of life rested in Henrietta's gaze. She, herself, couldn't tell if she was a little more at ease knowing his ability, but still, something in her worried for the man. Why? "It has been two months, but should he still be alive, breathing, then please let him know that I thank him. He's opened my eyes that I never realize were shut for so long."

Jessabella let out a sliver of a sigh and bobbed her head. "Very well, if that is all you request, I shall see it gets done--assuming he is still alive." She placed a hand on her hip. "You sure have changed a lot in a little over two months."

Henrietta just smirked, guilty as charged.

(There are other things going on, but I'm tired and this last part is really the only real important thing)

Later that night...

"Good night, my queen. As always, sleep well," the guard who always stood outside Queen Weiss' room at night, not that there ever was a threat--let alone one that could even scratch her.

"Thank you, Simon, and you, too, Hector," Iliana mused back. The two had ceased to fail every time they stood watch. They had earned their respect and praise from her. Not that it mattered much, but she felt safe in company. With the Dark King, she had always feared being alone with him--but that was no more. The tyrant was dead and no one dared to attack the kingdom now, or, more accurately, no possible threat had appeared since. The peace felt alien.

Iliana passed to the end of her chambers and released the latch lock with a twirl of the finger to a small balcony closed off by double glass doors. A zephyr crept in, cracking the two doors open before she finished the minor task. It was a full moon that night. Milky silver illuminated the land all around them. In this atmosphere, one would have a hard time imagining a war that happened only two months prior. A silly thought crept in her mind. How would Victoria look in this light? Would her golden, wavy hair turn pale in the moonlight? Or perhaps glint like glossed fleece?

There it was again... That nagging feeling in the back of her head. What was it? She was missing something, something that was right in front of her face and yet hidden in the shadows. Iliana only noticed she was biting her lip in frustration when a warm trickle of blood ran down her chin. Instinctively, she licked her wound, tasting the iron flavored substance. That's when it hit her...

"About time you remembered. I was beginning to think Victoria had given you to much praise and that you were as incompetent as you were while the Dark King kept you as a pet. I'd say bravo, but it's been two months and I was almost about to give up on you."

Her heart ached with every skipping beat. Beads of sweat rolled over chilling skin, leaving Iliana frozen in place. How could she forget!? Before, she was never afraid of him, but now... now it felt like death had caressed her spine with a single finger, lusting for her soul. How could she forget, for two months, a man of illusion and more mystery than all the wonders of the world combined!?

Iliana whirled in place, lashing out a wave of acid mist, only to kill the silk drapes that caped the balcony doors. Her back was to the open world behind her, and his voice certainly came from inside, or so he made it appear at least. "Show yourself, Parder!" she demanded, voice pitching higher than she expected. She compelled herself to enter the lion's den to confront the man. What was she afraid of? Illusions could never harm anyone physically, and if she knew it was an illusion, then she should be fine mentally.

"How Victoria ever loved someone like you is beyond me. You're nothing but a hollow shell in her shadow." His voice was everywhere, but no where. Iliana passed around, constantly turning in place to ensure he didn't sneak up behind her.

"Shut up! Say what you want about me, but you know nothing oh Victoria. She was pure and fought for us all." Was this bastard trying to provoke her? If she could keep him talking, maybe he would be to distracted to notice her mist. If she could find him, she could kill him once and for all. Yes, she could almost feel him already.

"You honestly never knew, did you? That doesn't surprise me, but it is still amusing for you to believe Victoria was as innocent as she fooled you to believe. I knew her better than anyone ever has; enough so in fact that Tyrus was right about her. She caused every event from the day she let the man walk away into the darkness up until now. She has set forth a raging future of darkness that will kill thousands more, and eventually, consume the world. She lied to you all and not a soul alive can prove me right, or wrong." His chuckle echoed around her. "If only she listened."

"What are you speaking of!? Your words are lies, spoken only to deceive me! And what have you done with Anna? For years she beckoned to my call and no one else's, so why now can she listen to a man like you!?" What was his endgame? Where was he leading with this!? More and more questions filled her mind with each riddle he spat out. She needed to kill him now!

"You truly don't know?" His voice left no doubt of his amusement. "Only one type of blood is more addictive to a vampire than royal blood. As for what I intend to do with her, hmf, well I intend to set her free into the world."

Found him. If he found out she knew where he was, he would undoubtedly move. Her mist would give that knowledge away if she tried to attack. "You madman! She'll kill hundred of innocent people, and that doesn't mean her other half won't be worse! Kitten is unstable and won't listen to reason! Why would you do all this?" Carefully she moved to a set of dining wear and grabbed the steak knife--it's touch cool to her skin.

"I do all of this because I want to, my dear. Nothing in the world, no one in the world, can do what I can! And since I never lose, you won't possibly stand a chance to stop me. The world will suffer what I set in motion and feel the wrath that will always be inevitable. Victoria Mavis failed to understand that image and doomed you all from the start. Her decision has effected and set a motion in play that no one can stop. You thought you saw the end. Iliana Weiss," Iliana arched her hand back in anger, knife at the ready, "this was not the end, nor even the beginning." The mirror shattered before her as the knife dug into the wall.

Hardly a second later Gris, as well as Simon and Hector, burst through he door, weapons drawn. "Your highness!?" Gris exclaimed as he saw his queen and looked around the room for danger, only to find nothing but glass on the floor. "Are you alright?"

Iliana struggled to control her breathing. Her hair had become disheveled in the midst of her haunting encounter. What was the madman talking about? Victoria couldn't possibly have lied to them. She was the epitome of holy righteousness. What infuriated her more was that he also tricked her into thinking he was in the room. Knowing him, he was off somewhere else, cowering in fear.

She looked to Gris, knowing he had sensed her distraught. "They bastard's alive."


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